The Astrology Company: January 2017 Newsletter

January 2017

By Bob Mulligan

(a personal note is at the end of the newsletter) 

2017 begins on a note of caution.  Tension is building up on the whole planet and it is important that we keep our cool, so to speak.  Staying calm doesn’t mean to necessarily be indifferent to the cares of the world, it just indicates that we shouldn’t worry, have fear, or hatred. Our country and the world is very divided now.  There are hundreds of superficial divisions based on politics, religion, race, gender, economic circumstances, language, etc.  But, the only real division that matters now is the one in consciousness.  There are people who externalize and project everything they don’t like on to other people.  Then there are the conscious people who look within and reflect on what they can change about themselves.  These are the people who are connected to the positive change on the planet.  Despite this being a relatively mild year of planetary activity, we will still see some big changes in the world.  Financial markets will drift south.  Housing prices will come down.  Battles will be waged between people from opposing belief systems. We live in a very polarized world, but this is actually a good thing, as it will help us bring about a genuine elevation in human consciousness.

The whole month of January 2017 is relatively quiet.  There are storms brewing that will start taking effect next month.  January starts with Mars (god of war) Conjunct and Parallel Neptune (lord of culture) in the sign Pisces (universal container), so we will enter the new year with passions running high but energy subdued.  Mercury turns Direct on the 8th, ending this three week period of review and turbulence. Venus (feminine) is very active this January and with Mars (masculine) also in Pisces, most of the month we have an opportunity to seek peace and to improve relationships with all of the people that we are connected with.  On the 19th, Jupiter (lord of expanse) is Contra-parallel Uranus (infinite intelligence). There will be a beneficial, yet forced, course correction influencing all of us. With Venus Parallel Mars on the last day of January, the month promises to end on a happy note of compromise. 

The Full Moon comes on the 22nd degree of Capricorn/Cancer on the 12th at 6:33 AM EST.  With the Sun and Moon both Squaring the Jupiter/Uranus Opposition, we are encouraged (even forced) to put our ideas into motion.  Because this Grand Cross takes place in Cardinal signs, we will see lots of activity taking place on the physical plane.  The forces of revolution are afoot and we are making changes with no going back.

 The Sun enters Aquarius on the 19th at 4:24 PM EST.  The most amazing feature of this map is the Void of Course Moon on the 29th degree of Libra, but applying to a Contra-parallel to Uranus and a Parallel to Jupiter.  This suggests that we are going to be busy fulfilling interpersonal obligations before starting a new series of projects.  The unexpected happens; we have both relief and luck, as well as hard work ahead.

 The New Moon is on the 27th on the 8th degree of Aquarius at 7:07 PM EST.  As the ruler of Aquarius (Uranus) is in Aries (sign of initiation), the urge to establish a feeling of independence is very strong.  With Venus (goddess of love) in Pisces (universal sensitivity) Squaring Saturn (lord of doubt) in Sagittarius (higher standards), we may feel frightened, rejected, or unloved.  With Mercury (thinking) Conjunct Pluto (compulsion) we have the building of a perfect storm. But, as we are working to improve our lives by cleaning out our consciousness, we can use this New Moon to chart a new course as Jupiter (lord of optimism) stands alone, as the handle of the bucket, outside the confines of the Uranus/Saturn Trine.  This is a magic moment to start building a new world based on inclusiveness.  This requires making room for even the “blue meanies”.

 From the 1st to the 8th we enter the new year with great hope and enthusiasm.  We are strong, visionary, and feeling capable.  Most importantly, we can move forward by admitting past mistakes and correcting them.

From the 9th to the 15th our creativity is prominent and we feel like taking a big leap forward.  We progress smoothly when we refine our goals and streamline our expectations. We find practical ways to fulfill the impulse toward togetherness.

 From the 16th to the 22nd making decisions in a timely manner and refocusing our attention on achievable goals can increase our self awareness. We dance between what we must do and what we would like to be doing.  The art of living is to unite these two during this week.

From the 23rd to the 31st the challenges of our current situation settle into place. We need courage to move forward in the direction calling us now.  Adapting to our changing world environment, we must carry the light with us wherever we go. 

1st – Sunday – Mars Conjunct Neptune, Mars Parallel Neptune –  It’s a dreamy and easy going day.  Planning and looking down the road are favored but more information is coming in a few days; it is not a good moment to formalize our direction just yet.

 2nd – Monday –  Pleasant conversations and simple pleasures add color to the day.  Dream big dreams; reach for the sky, but wait a little longer to act on assumptions. The best way to further our cause is to seek universal harmony in all actions.

 3rd – Tuesday –  Venus enters Pisces, Mercury Sextile Venus –  Graceful and gentle interactions make fashioning our approach to each other pleasant.  There is a feeling of confidence which makes us all more secure with our current endeavors.

 4th – Wednesday – Mercury enters Sagittarius –  Plans unfold, or unravel, as more information impacts our ideas.  Expansion of our options can be inspiring or confusing.  It’s better to do nothing than to do the wrong thing.  Contemplation of our life’s journey is worthwhile. 

5th – Thursday – Venus Semi-square Pluto, Mars Contra-parallel Uranus, Mars Parallel Jupiter –  It is almost impossible to stand still, but caution needs to accompany enthusiasm in order to move in a constructive manner.  Pushing forward is really good when we know for sure where we are going.  Otherwise, self containment is a better strategy.

 6th – Friday –  We feel an urgency to complete some tasks and then relax.  There is an aura of creativity to be tapped into; this makes our closest relationships pleasurable.

 7th – Saturday – Sun Conjunct Pluto – A sustained release of the built up tension brings a golden moment of productivity.  If we uncover past mistakes, handling them immediately brings relief and a feeling of rightness. 

8th – Sunday –  Mercury turns Direct, Venus Semi-square Uranus –  Sudden recognition of the consequences of our actions  brings a course correction.  Outside influences create an abrupt, surprising, yet pleasant and necessary, change to our most important relationships.

 9th – Monday – Venus Sesquiquadrate Jupiter, Sun Parallel Saturn –  Expectations may not match reality. One we can control, the other not. Accepting, then working within prescribed boundaries, is the path to wonderful outcomes.

 10th – Tuesday – Sun Square Uranus – Expect the unexpected. Things initiated today may surprise everyone including ourselves.  The desire for personal freedom emerges as an unconscious and uncontrollable impulse.  Safeguards come by including others in all of our plans. 

11th – Wednesday – Mars Sextile Pluto, Venus Parallel Neptune, Sun Square Jupiter –  Love can mean many things; when it is pure, inconceivable bliss follows.  Whatever we do now will be done in a big way.  By piercing our illusions and focusing on that which endures brings indescribable peace.

 12th – Thursday – The Full Moon is on the 22nd degree of Capricorn/Cancer, Mercury enters Capricorn, Sun Semi-sextile Saturn, Venus Conjunct Neptune –  We are blessed if we are discriminating with our time allocations.   Not everything can be done now, nor does it have to be.  Love always matters so make time for people and for artistic pursuits.  Benefits come when we put our heart into whatever we do. 

13th – Friday – Sun Parallel Pluto –  We need to keep our long range goals in our sights while we pursue our everyday tasks.  Our willpower is strong and we must use our force for something intrinsically good. 

14th – Saturday – Sun Parallel Mercury, Venus Contra-parallel Uranus, Venus Parallel Jupiter, Mercury Parallel Pluto, Sun Semi-sextile Neptune –  Getting organized mentally and physically makes for emotional happiness.  Deep insight can spontaneously emerge through completing common tasks.  However, new insights can leave us without the security of our old beliefs.  Relax and allow time to settle into a new reality.

 15th – Sunday – Mars Semi-sextile Uranus – We can see more than is possible to achieve.  Lifting ourselves out of a rut and aiming toward the future is sufficient.  Abrupt decisions can catapult us forward but it will take some time to work out its particular manifestations. 

16th – Monday –  A myriad of details seek to uproot our good intentions.   Staying on task requires dedication, discipline, and right judgment.  Avoiding confrontations with unrealistic people while holding firm to our ideals is the formula for satisfaction and economy of effort. 

17th – Tuesday –  Overtures toward others in the spirit of friendship may not bring the results we wish, but it is still worth the effort.  Being connected to our colleagues requires some time commitment but it is better than working in isolation. 

18th – Wednesday – Mars Quincunx Jupiter –  Sharing our thoughts and feelings can set forth a pattern of events of unintended consequences.  There is no need to allow anxiety to wreck our rhythm.  Events unfold in a more pleasing manner than we might first expect. 

19th – Thursday – Mars Square Saturn, Jupiter Contra-parallel Uranus, Mercury Parallel Saturn, Sun enters Aquarius –  Hard work and unexpected luck brings more than satisfactory results.  Fulfilling old obligations brings us to new opportunities.  The kaleidoscope of options will sort themselves out if we just observe.  Some things need rational intervention; some things are a matter for higher mental functions; knowing the difference brings wisdom. 

20th – Friday – Venus Sextile Pluto –  Emotional commitment to a higher truth can be a uniting factor, bringing people together for a common cause.  We need to stretch beyond our personal lives in order to find lasting solutions to real problems.  There is joy in finding a common purpose.

 21st – Saturday –  Gathering the pieces of life’s present puzzle is easy if we let the answers to current questions emerge slowly from the resources we already have. We don’t need a grand quest to find meaning in the moment.  Be a magnet and let the good naturally come to you.

 22nd – Sunday –  Imagination soars to new heights as we look beyond our current situation.  Learning to use our new mental resources requires practice.  The first step is recognition, then definition, and finally integration. Once we have achieved a modicum of acceptance for our new reality, relaxation comes naturally.

 23rd – Monday – Mercury Sextile Neptune, Venus Semi-sextile Uranus –  When our heart is engaged it is easy to stay focused on the things at hand.  This is the moment to love what we do and to do what we love.  A comprehensive blending of head and heart is necessary to take a genuine leap in consciousness.

 24th – Tuesday –  Learning when we have had enough is a step in maturity.  Establishing our limits without relinquishing our goals allows us to make incremental progress.  Understanding and acknowledging other people’s greatness doesn’t have to distract us from the journey toward uncovering our own inner beauty and intrinsic worth.  Some things in creation are hierarchical and finding our place in “the great chain of being” leads to forgiveness and acceptance.

 25th – Wednesday – It is the calm before the storm. If we can take a moment to establish a routine and allow the river to flow by without intervention, we are able to go through the approaching challenges with grace.

 26th – Thursday –  Venus Quincunx Jupiter –  Slight adjustments in the spirit of cooperation can bring peace and light to all concerned.  Relish in the moment and tell your true feelings to those you care about most. “True love is no game for the faint hearted; it is born of strength and understanding.” – Meher Baba

 27th – Friday – Venus Square Saturn, the New Moon is at 8 degrees of Aquarius at 7:07 PM EST –  It takes courage to stand tall in the face of what can seem like arbitrary obstruction.  Overcoming feelings of rejection in the moment provides us with the courage to remain kind.  Let’s take the next step together.

 28th – Saturday – Mars enters Aries, Sun Square Saturn –  As Stephen Covey said, we need to be proactive. We must get in motion if we want to accomplish anything.  Then, as we move forward, we need to have clearly defined objectives.  Today we need to identify the target of our heart’s desire and make sure it is in tune with our life’s purpose. 

29th – Sunday – Mercury Conjunct Pluto, Venus Contra-parallel Mars –  Feelings of attraction without common sense can be a formula for disaster.  We have the makings for a pattern of new relationships.  Courtesy, commitment, and conversation go a long way toward establishing a new protocol for interaction.  Tell those whom you care about that you have genuine feelings for them, even if you have done so a thousand times before.

 30th – Monday – Sun Semi-sextile Neptune – We need to stretch beyond our limits in order to live from our better selves.  Strong psychic impressions can move us off our moorings.  It is alright to relinquish emotional and mental security in order to accommodate new input from the cosmos.  That doesn’t mean that we have to “drink the Kool-Aid”.  Watch the show as a bystander and be patient.

 31st – Tuesday –  Venus Parallel Mars, Mercury Square Uranus –  Love is universal; however, insight is not necessarily for everyone in every moment.  Grasping a new perspective may mean allowing others the space to reach their own conclusions.  Even when we see the facts from different angles, we can all live in the same world and accommodate a plurality of ideas.  Make time for romance.

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So much has happened in the last month.  Those who know me well know that I’m not one to complain about things, but let’s face it…this Retrograde Mercury period has been more difficult than most.  I have managed to stop the spamming to my website.  There are still a few difficulties to be worked out with the fact that most people access my website through which mirrors another  I am still locked out of the former but will have it up and running again within a day, I hope.  Also, during this period, one of my phone lines went out.  Parts are being replaced today.  So many other communication difficulties have come up, but Retrograde Mercury is always a time to revise and we will be better for having gone through this period.

 Katie started working as my assistant again. She discovered several hundred emails that had been directed to an address that I had not been checking. These were primarily your comments to my newsletter. I apologize for not replying to you. Your comments are most valuable to me.  Your words of encouragement, corrections and suggestions are always welcome. I’ll be working my way through these over the next week. 

The workshop, “Your Horoscope as a Spiritual Guide,” on December 17th and 18th was magnificent.  In my years of practice I have never given a workshop that I enjoyed this much.  I truly feel that every participant advanced in self awareness and in consciousness.  It was a love fest.  The upcoming workshops in Ft. Lauderdale and Miami February 2nd-4th and March 31st-April 2nd should be just as golden.

 Christmas was a blast with Mary Weiss visiting from Hawaii.  My dear friend Tobey joined Katie, Mary, and me on Christmas Eve and Christmas day.  There was such an expression of the love and excitement celebrating the birth of Christ.  Another Retrograde Mercury in action in my life was that I could not find a live Christmas Tree.  Every place was sold out days before Christmas.  First time in my life I ended up with an artificial tree.  I put the Nativity scene (that my parents got when I was born in 1948) underneath the tree.

 Tonight all of us (with a small group of local friends) will celebrate the New Year.  However, I plan on ringing in 2017 around 9 PM and then going to bed.  Perhaps in the future I’ll feel more like staying up to Midnight and partying. But now I’m exhausted.

 Good luck to all of you.  Remember this New Year 2017 can be exactly what we make of it. Please don’t be saddened by the things that didn’t turn out so well last year.  Treat others with respect and kindness; you will be surprised at what happened to your own consciousness.