The Astrology Company: November 2017

  November 2017

By Bob Mulligan

Our year is divided into quarters by the Spring and Fall Equinoxes and the Summer and Winter Solstices.  Fall is the time we gather, inventory, and share our resources.  Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius is the time to relate, eliminate, and transfigure. This November, Jupiter (ruler of Sagittarius) is in Scorpio (sign of life and death).  Jupiter (god of expanse) blesses us with the ability to breathe extra life into our desire nature.   Do we express, extinguish, or transform what it is that we crave?  With Saturn (lord of tradition) Trine Uranus (god of infinite possibilities), and both in Trine to the North Node of the Moon (dharma); we have a unique opportunity to promote a new idea, create a new direction, or take a giant step forward on our chosen path.

 The Full Moon arrives on the 4th at 1:23 AM EDT on the 12th degree of Scorpio/Taurus. With Jupiter (god of abundance) Conjunct the Sun and Opposite the Moon, we are sorting out what to embrace and what to let go of.  This brings to fruition the New Moon in Libra from two weeks ago.  This has been a time of innovation, disruption, and new relationship opportunities. Now we have a moment of consolidation and elimination, taking what is good and forgetting the rest.

 The New Moon is on 18th at 6:42 AM EST on the 26th degree of Scorpio. With the majority of planets in water (empathy) and fire (enthusiasm), this will be an extremely emotional month.  The Venus /Jupiter Conjunction (which is Trine Neptune in Pisces) is rising before the Sun. This is an extremely artistic, passionate, and creative combination.  Mercury in Sagittarius is in a Grand Trine with Uranus (innovation) and the North Node of the Moon (life path).  As a consequence, what we think about will tend to come about.  Mercury rules how we take in and process information; in addition to this Grand Trine he is also Sextile Mars (desire) and Square Neptune (imagination).  It will be very important that we harness our thoughts to our most pressing issues and avoid getting sidetracked by the interesting but ancillary concerns.

 The Sun enters Sagittarius on the 21st at 10:05 PM EST.  This next solar month will be a time of cautious measured steps based on what has already been accomplished.  With Mercury (messenger of the gods) coming to the Conjunction of Saturn (limited time) and the Trine to Uranus (lord of uniqueness), our mental skills can be polished to a new level of perception and integration.  With the Moon in Capricorn between Saturn and Pluto, we are reticent to innovate but the Sextile to Neptune in Pisces encourages us to keep looking up (accessing our higher guidance) and to utilize the resources we already have.

 From the 1st to the 5th we are influenced by opposing urges.  While idealism and positive impressions about the world situation create the framework for our actions, we are apt to use realistic external measurements for evaluation.  Refusal to act leads to stagnation; still, testing our hypothesis against immediate results is better that thoughtless outbursts.

From the 6th to the 12th there is an opportunity to blend the tried and proven methods with profound new techniques.  Unique situations need both innovation and the steadying hand of continuity supplied through what we have already learned.

From the 13th to the 19th is a moment in time to remember what we once were, when we were at our best, and when freedom and creativity were in our hearts and on our shoulder.  It was not a bygone fantasy but the inner prompting that life is more than this.  Share the love; all relationships can move to a higher octave.

From the 20th to the 26th we can come out of our shell and live a larger life.  Groundwork has been laid; we can see further because of what we have already accomplished.  Acting quickly is important as this moment will not last.

From the 27th to the 30th is a time of hard work and consolidation.  It is prudent to take another look at our long-term plans now.  We already know what must be accomplished; now we just need the faith, energy, and tenacity to see our plans through.

1st – Wednesday – Sun Semi-square Saturn – Long range goals are not in exact alignment with our current endeavors.  However, it is possible to make some adjustment to our plans and discover aspects of our own inner nature in the process.  We are going forward in spite of recurring obstacles.

 2nd – Thursday –  Mercury Semi-sextile Saturn, Venus Parallel Neptune, Mercury Quincunx Uranus –  With a little effort we can lift anything in our lives to a higher level of manifestation.  Inspiration and creative urges color our actions now.  We help our cause if we get involved with life, although we can be tempted to just sit and watch the show.

 3rd – Friday – Venus Sextile Saturn, Sun Trine Neptune –  We can put our relationships on a more stable basis. Our emotional impressions are powerful and we owe it to ourselves to focus on what we really feel.  Honestly sharing can have a purifying effect on our deeper impulses.

 4th – Saturday –  Venus Opposite Uranus, the Full Moon is on the 12th degree of Scorpio/Taurus, Venus Sesquiquadrate Neptune –  Rapid changes come whether we want them or not.  Operating from a secure place with a definitive and determined mindset can help eliminate confusion and vacillation. 

5th – Sunday – Mercury Parallel Pluto, Mercury enters Sagittarius, Venus Contra-parallel Uranus – We may see further and entertain more options than we have in the past.  This can have a catalyzing effect on our direction.  Clarity of vision is no guaranty of success for our current enterprise, but at the very least we are headed in the right direction.

6th – Monday – Mercury Parallel Saturn –  By eliminating unrealistic options, we are able to apply our energy in a more productive manner.  We can correct a difficulty by drilling down to its origin.

 7th – Tuesday –  Mercury Semi-square Pluto, Venus enters Scorpio –  Both emotions and thoughts run hot and cold.  By focusing on the positive qualities in ourselves and others, we bring an ideal closer to our lives.  Accomplishing a task can seem harder than it really is; negative thoughts can keep us from even trying to move forward, but we surprise ourselves once we are in motion.

8th – Wednesday –  Struggling to complete our given tasks can leave us exhausted.  Our personal lives can be at cross purposes with our professional responsibilities.  Organizing our use of time can be problematic, but not debilitating if we are honest with ourselves; we need to identify our real obligations then see what is required.   

9th – Thursday – Sun Sextile Pluto, Mars Quincunx Neptune –  We can tune into the cosmos and bring our efforts to a conclusion.  Consistency is our friend; procrastination is our enemy.   There is a reward for continuing in the direction we have been going.

 10th – Friday –  Mercury Semi-sextile Jupiter –  We have great ideas but not much raw data to back them up.  Testing theories before committing to them is smart.   Enthusiasm we have, now we must be open to compromise, clarity, and correction.

11th – Saturday –  Saturn Trine Uranus –   The big ideas are in place; now patience, commitment, and discipline are necessary.  Many ideas being born will take years to materialize but we are on the road.

12th – Sunday –  So much information is generated we may be buried in facts, data, and random ideas.  It’s fun to just toss thoughts around, share them with others, and look at the myriad of possibilities jumping around in front of us.  This is a moment for gestation.

 13th – Monday – Mercury Sesquiquadrate Uranus, Venus Conjunct Jupiter, Mercury Square Neptune, Venus Parallel Jupiter –  Too much information and too many choices can be as frustrating as limited options.  We can navigate our way through the details if we allow our emotional impressions to set our direction.   Positive feelings unfold slowly but do provide truthful guidance.  We will push the boundaries of current circumstances.

 14th – Tuesday –  Other people’s involvement is critical if we want to create anything lasting now.  Good conversation can help smooth the way for some new activities and help us finish up on projects already in motion.  We are best off if we check and recheck to make sure everyone has the same information.  Getting agreement on what has been decided is essential.

15th – Wednesday –  Being flexible and understanding of other people’s point of view is the best way to prepare for the inevitable series of interruptions.  New circumstances dictate attitude adjustments.

16th – Thursday –  Venus Semi-square Saturn, Venus Trine Neptune –  Doing the right thing is easy when everything in our environment is going our way.  However, our real character shows when we are able to do the right thing, even when the winds of fate seem to be against us.  Overcoming fear and operating out of a higher love and a faith in life brings us a personal victory.

 17th – Friday –  Sun Quincunx Uranus, Mercury Sextile Mars –  We may feel impelled to innovate, to take a new course, to do something different.  We are anxious to express an aspect of ourselves that deviates from the norm.  Iconoclastic changes will lead us astray; still, a breath of fresh air brings us a new long-range perspective.

 18th – Saturday – The New Moon is on the 26th degree of Scorpio at 6:42 AM EST, Mercury Semi-sextile Pluto, Sun Semi-sextile Saturn –  It is important to take the next step even when circumstances don’t look promising for success.  We are moving into a time of emotional extremes.  When our feelings are very positive we should act, putting an abundance of energy into our higher values.

19th – Sunday –  Mars Square Pluto –  Anger can be a stumbling block.  Taking the high road now may mean just waiting.  Acting impulsively can cause problems.  If someone has acted poorly, it is better to talk with them rather than fight.  With some skill, a real difficulty and misunderstanding can be eliminated. 

20th – Monday –  Plans laid down now have gravity. A balance between the visionary and the brutally practical can help us shape a promising future.  Working to include everyone else in our picture of what is to come is immediately rewarding, and will have long- term positive consequences.

21st – Tuesday – Venus Sextile Pluto, the Sun enters Sagittarius – Although our mood is lightening, there are still some serious issues on the table. Time spent addressing basic structures will be most beneficial.   We don’t have to do everything ourselves.  Being self-reliant is fine, but others would like to be included in our picture of the world.

 22nd – Wednesday –  Neptune turns Direct – If work seems like more of the same old thing we have been dealing with for oh so long, it’s time to change things up.  Yes, we have real responsibilities, but our personal relationships can brighten up our day.  Reach out.

 23rd – Thursday – Venus Semi-sextile Mars – With a little work we can get much closer to a special someone today.  Freeing others to do things their own way also gives us freedom.  Responsibilities can be shifted in a mutually gratifying way. Happy Thanksgiving!

 24th – Friday – Sun Semi-square Pluto, Mercury Semi-square Jupiter –  It’s a great time to plan and to raise our sights to take in a larger horizon.  There is some minor conflict over priorities.  We need to be careful to not promise more than we can accomplish.  Some of the most important time constraints are out of our control.

25th – Saturday – Mercury Trine Uranus – We are truly inspired  and plans unfold smoothly. It’s a wonderful moment to just enjoy each other. Access to new opportunities can be exactly what they appear to be.  Take a chance and have fun.

26th – Sunday – Warm feelings and a slower pace of life can be the hallmark of a day well spent.  Regardless of the company, it is fairly easy to adjust to the changing circumstances. An inner joy is available when we turn our attention toward it.

 27th – Monday – Venus Quincunx Uranus – We need to have strength and courage to allow our passions to have a tangible focus and propel us forward.  Unexpected interruptions coupled with self- doubt can upset established plans.  Ignoring peripheral issues gives us the freedom and energy to put our attention where it will do the most good.

28th – Tuesday –  Mercury Conjunct Saturn, Mars Parallel Neptune –  A gentle touch and graceful acknowledging of others can raise the inspiration in many people simultaneously.  We can all get stronger and effective by working together.

29th – Wednesday – Venus Semi-sextile Saturn –  When we assert what we feel is correct, we reach others, connect with them, and have a positive effect on their lives.  Casing off the confines created by past actions gives us new options.  Will we need to survive another round of starting over?  By harvesting the abundant support that pours in from so many sources, we are able to keep our current projects on course. 

30th – Thursday –  Mercury Semi-sextile Venus, Sun Parallel Pluto –  A personal question of values emerges.  What is truly worth our time and effort?  Emotional impressions intensify and we are influenced by the extremes in our own nature.  It’s alright to change directions, or methods, we just don’t want to do it precipitously.   Changes enacted now must come from a deep intuition of the heart or they will not have meaning.  Our world is transforming, and we with it.

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On Saturday, October 14th, I received a book in the mail as a gift from my long time friend, Judy Luther, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo.  I put aside everything else and read it right away.  When I was done, I immediately started applying her techniques for managing my home and personal possessions.  The process of setting one’s environment in order has a profound and important affect on own one’s inner state.  To my amazement, almost everyone that I tried to share this book with already had it and was using it.  If you haven’t seen it yet, get it and apply it. 

 Buying a self-help book is one thing, reading it is another, and implementing its advice is the final, and oftentimes, most challenging step. (I felt inspired to bypass the stack of books waiting to receive my attention, to read this one.) Even with my diminished eyesight, physical health concerns, and difficult schedule, I went straight through. I finished it and immediately began to apply the principles. I haven’t gotten done with discarding things and reorganizing my apartment yet.  Everyone that I’ve spoken to about this book has read and started acting on the instructions.  No one is finished.  This is like the spiritual path.  We start with great enthusiasm; the theory is the easy part, but no one progresses in consciousness without turning good theory into practice.

 Putting the techniques into practice does several things; it changes our thinking, helps us remember that we are not our possessions, and allows us to live more consciously.

 Remember the August Eclipses?  Many astrologers speculated on the exact meanings of both the Lunar and especially the Solar Eclipse that went across the USA.  Well, we have had three hurricanes, massive wild fires, and gun violence since then.  Even though the destructiveness is most evident (and there is more to come), a new emerging consciousness took root as the Eclipse plowed across the continent.  For the next several years we will see this unfold.  

 The month of October ended with a four day Part One Esoteric Healing class given by my daughter, Katie.  She did a great job. I’ve taken this class many times before but it is always good to refresh this material as it is so detailed, and so useful.  Over the last twelve years, my astrology work with my clients has dramatically changed through the exposure to Esoteric Healing.  Just simply learning to align and attune to each client before I see them is a great gift and dramatically speeds up the work. 

Thanks giving has always been my favorite holiday.  This year it is on the 23rd of November.  I hope that each of you has a wonderful experience during this most American celebration.  On years when I have been in India on Thanksgiving Day, I have always gotten together and celebrated with Americans living there.  However, the idea of getting together with friends and family just to give thanks is a remarkable experience people from anywhere can appreciate.  Enjoy!