The Astrology Company: June 2018 by Bob Mulligan

June 2018

By Bob Mulligan

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Emotional energy is ripe for alteration during the month; several challenging configurations show changes in the way we relate to each other.  Mercurial (mental) imagery is strong showing a clarification and rectification of our way of gathering information. So, our mental life is stimulated and our emotional life is a little stunted.  We can get some new ideas about how to live together. Uranus Semi-squares Neptune on the 16th and will be well within orb all month.  This shows a change in the marketplace as Uranus is in Taurus (sign of money) and Neptune is in Pisces (sign of universality). We can expect innovation and changes affecting everyone in all aspects of communication and commerce. From June 26th to August 27th Mars is Retrograde.  This can be an extended time of violence and upheaval.   We grow in important ways if we learn to correct our most basic impulses.

The New Moon is on the 13th at 3:43 PM EDT on the 22nd degree of Gemini.  Mercury (planet of thinking) is in Mutual Reception with the Moon (emotional processing), Opposite Saturn (boundaries), and Sextile Uranus (infinite intelligence).   We can expect to find our plans inhibited, but as this is a time of renewal and setting intentions, we can opt to take a new path, or at least edit our thinking.  If we are not too stuck on a direction and a point of view, now is a great time to change course.  With Venus (love and beauty) on the 29th degree of Cancer making a Square to Uranus, we may be very surprised by other people’s response to our current situation.  This may be a time of ending or reforming a long standing relationship.  To make the most of this New Moon, we must check to make sure that any changes we make really seem right both mentally and emotionally.

 The Full Moon arrives on the 28th at 12:52 AM EDT, on the 6th degree of Cancer/Capricorn. Full Moons are always a time of culmination, finishing up, and releasing.  With the Moon Conjunct Saturn in Capricorn, we may feel somewhat insecure and worried.  Release from the self-imposed prison of the emotional past is possible if we have the strength and fortitude to alter our key relationships.  Jupiter is at the base of a T-square with the Venus/Mars Opposition.  This occurs in fixed signs so movement is difficult; finding the emotional flexibility to deal with our relationship changes requires effort.  The payoff is that we can take a giant step forward in dealing with requirements that confront us.  We can choose to respond joyfully and learn something new.

 The Sun enters Cancer for the Summer Solstice on the 21st at 6:07 AM EDT.   With the Sun Opposite Saturn we have reached an important limit to growth in one direction. However, the Sun is also Sextile Uranus which promises there will be options to continue our forward progress, if we are willing to change our tactics.  Venus Conjunct the North Node of the Moon in Leo Opposes Mars Conjunct the South Node.  The Moon is applying to the Square to Pluto; Mars and Pluto are challenging the two female deities (Venus, Moon).  Male/female issues will take a turn.  There has been (and will continue to be) a strong resurgence of feminine energy which is changing every aspect of life, work place, home, religious life, and our collective belief systems.  The Grand Water Trine between Neptune in Pisces, Jupiter in Scorpio, and Mercury in Cancer gives us a higher path to truth by moving beyond our normal reasoning abilities to employing our inspiration and creativity.

 From the 1st through the 3rd relationships can grow and many things we strive for come to a happy conclusion.  We are both mentally and emotionally stirred into action.  We confront limitations; it’s best to choose our projects carefully while keeping one eye on the clock.

From the 4th through the 10th we are operating on two levels all week.  There is our personal life with the normal comings and goings, but there is also the cosmic level of everything else in the universe.  Normally these two things work in tandem, but now it is obvious that larger forces, impossible to ignore, are at play.  Our best strategy is to keep our attention on our personal life and avoid being swept up into society’s illusions.

From the 11th through the 17th growth through innovation keeps us moving toward our goals.  Our thoughts can gradually soften as our heart opens to some new dimensions of love.  “True love is no game of the faint-hearted, it is born of strength and understanding.” – Meher Baba

From the 18th through the 24th we have an opportunity to take a leap in consciousness.  Focusing on the long range ideals, and taking advantage of the higher love pouring onto the planet allow us to participate in this divine gift.  At a more mundane level this can be a lucky moment, but difficulties emerge if we force our personal affections onto the cosmic screen.  Transcendent thoughts come to us if we are truly trying to grow. 

From the 25th through the 30th so many fortunate things are in our environment.  Trying to capture and harness them into our personal lives can be tricky as it is a matter of timing.  We will all get new timesaving insight.  The big trick is to realize we can see something that we may not be able to convey.  Accepting the limitations of the moment is the way to profit from the week.

1st – Friday –  Mercury Trine Mars, Venus Trine Jupiter, Mercury Sesquiquadrate Pluto –  Great expectations fire us up as we progress along a well-trod path.  Emotional exuberance leads us to capitalize on some opportunities to clear up the stress in our personal lives.

2nd – Saturday –  Mercury Contra-parallel Pluto, Venus Trine Neptune, Mercury Contra-parallel Mars, Mercury Quincunx Saturn –  Ideas that have been brewing for a few days find manifestation.  Our creativity is prominent, and with a few attempts new approaches take us to a new level of understanding.

3rd – Sunday –  Sun Contra-parallel Saturn, Mercury Contra-parallel Saturn, Sun Parallel Mercury – Ideas fire within us but  limitations of time and resources prevent us from taking advantage of everything that is offered.  Clarity comes through prioritizing.  Deal with the most important things and then feel satisfied.

4th – Monday –  We all want freedom from the details of our current lives.  If we handle our responsibilities reasonably, emotional expanse is secured.  Some things must just be ejected in order to make room for better experiences.

5th – Tuesday –  Sun Quincunx Jupiter, Mercury Quincunx Jupiter, Sun Conjunct Mercury, Venus Opposite Pluto –  While we are mentally stimulated, there are some emotional limitations.  Creativity may require isolation.  We can see things that are unobtainable in the moment. If we take note, but stay on course, everything works out.

 6th – Wednesday –  Mercury Semi-square Uranus, Mercury Square Neptune, Mercury Parallel Venus, Sun Semi-square Uranus –  Even though great ideas arrive unexpectedly, it is best to make only small changes now.  We have a way of expressing common ideas with a flair.  Conversations can be lively and beneficial.  Listening is a way of learning.

 7th – Thursday –  Sun Square Neptune –  Our amplified imagination can lead us astray.  It is difficult to get an accurate picture of our world and options, so it is best to enjoy the show without getting too involved.  Enthusiasm is building up to make some changes. We have tasks in front of us; it is best to do the absolutely necessary before taking a new course of action.

 8th – Friday –  Mars Semi-sextile Saturn, Mercury Quincunx Pluto –  Careful reasoning and small forward steps can secure some partial victories. If we take one small step and then reevaluate, the path forward clears.  One more step can be taken, but we may feel that we are on our own.  This is fine as long as we haven’t taken any big risks.

 9th – Saturday –  Mercury Sesquiquadrate Mars, Sun Parallel Venus –  We are in a “hurry up” mode.  Letting the world come to us is the way to success now. Quick actions are likely to create more complications. Aggression is not helpful; letting the best side of our nature emerge is a winning hand.

 10th – Sunday –  It is difficult to consolidate gains.  An ideal is in front of us but slightly out of reach.  Finding a peaceful inner space is the best way to secure what we have already accomplished.  Actions can unravel our efforts.  Rest and allow the joy to come.

 11th – Monday –  Mercury Semi-sextile Venus, Sun Quincunx Pluto –  Taking care of the people closest to us, and attempting to understand their lives, is a way to alter our awareness fruitfully.  Pushing our ideas onto others can backfire, leaving us without the support we need.  Operating within our limits can give us important gains and much needed information.

12th – Tuesday –  Mercury Sesquiquadrate Jupiter, Venus Contra-parallel Saturn, Mercury enters Cancer –  More can be achieved through a softer approach than by forcing ourselves onto existing circumstances.  We know what we should do if we set aside fear and self-judgment.  Making sure that our actions match our feelings, we have a winning combination.

 13th – Wednesday –  Mercury Sextile Uranus, the New Moon is at 3:44 PM EDT on the 22nd degree of Gemini, Venus enters Leo –  Setting intentions for the month is easy and natural if we ruminate on what is really important to us.  Decisions must concur with our feelings in order to be fully engaged in our chosen direction.  We are happiest when we allow new information and new people to affect our actions.

14th – Thursday – Sun Sesquiquadrate Mars, Venus Contra-parallel Mars, Venus Square Uranus, Venus Sesquiquadrate Neptune – Difficulties arise when we try to accomplish two things at once.  Freedom and security pull us in opposite directions.  Artistic impulses need some expression; honoring our inner resources leads us to a higher synthesis and stops internal conflicts.

15th – Friday – Venus Contra-parallel Pluto, Mercury Opposite Saturn –  Saying goodbye to negative thoughts and feelings is very freeing.  Today requires discipline, determination, and commitment to a line of inquiry.  Forces larger than our personal lives impact our efforts.  We have to be willing to go with the intentions of the bigger picture of creation to benefit from new input.

 16th – Saturday –  Uranus Semi-sextile Neptune, Mercury Quincunx Mars –  Trying to bring harmony to a tense situation can be frustrating.  Avoid arguments and pull out if harmony is out of reach.  When there is a rough edge in conversation, we need to examine our motives.  We may be at cross purposes with others.  Taking the time to understand other points of view can be a remedy.

17th – Sunday –  We have a big picture of ourselves and of the day.  Pleasant interactions can be interrupted by some obligations that have either slipped our mind or that we were postponing. In either case, it’s time to handle responsibilities.  Minor adjustments to our schedule make our day more exciting.

 18th – Monday –  Neptune turns Retrograde –  Even though new inspiration come to us, lingering projects need to be completed.  It is possible to blend innovative concepts with existing obligations.

 19th – Tuesday –  Venus Quincunx Saturn, Mercury Trine Jupiter –   We may feel shy, lacking in self assertion, or just emotionally isolated.  At the same time we are linked in to others through a higher empathic bond.  When we reach out, forgetting our limitations, many problems can be resolved quickly. 

20th – Wednesday –  Sun Sesquiquadrate Jupiter, Mercury Trine Neptune –  We may be living in a dreamy unrealistic world, but we can take remedial steps to secure satisfaction.  First, we need to avoid over-commitment. Second, reaching out to others and embracing a feeling of oneness helps us to stay grounded in reality. Ideals inspire; a conscientious approach to correcting misunderstandings brings results. 

21st – Thursday –  The Sun enters Cancer, Venus Opposite Mars  –  Stress creates unnecessary misunderstandings.  Strong opinions can prevent finding common ground.  Meditation and self study become mechanisms for finding a way forward. A tide of new energies bombard the planet and social unrest seems to be a collective response.  A new day is dawning.

 22nd – Friday –  Much of the current stress smoothes out providing stimulation, inspiration, and emotional connection.  When we relax, our inhibitions can fall away.  When we are positive we attract optimistic people into our lives.

 23rd – Saturday –  Sun Sextile Uranus, Mercury Opposite Pluto –   Fortunate steps forward bring us into a coordinated relationship with our higher selves.  There are things that can’t be achieved right now, but we should not be stopped because we fear failure.  Self-judgment can be overly harsh.  There is magic in believing in our own ability and then trying our best.

24th – Sunday – Sun Parallel Mercury –  We don’t have to know everything to claim our authority over the domain of the things we do know about.  Others will hear us when we are authentic in our speaking.  Luck is with us, but are our values in tune with our true direction?  Before we take off for unknown destinations, some self-checking is in order.

 25th – Monday –  Venus Square Jupiter –  Emotional indulgence is good but we need to know our limits.  Too much of a good thing can have us waking up with a bellyache.  Where does our real freedom lie? If we choose wisely, we take a big step forward.

26th – Tuesday –  Mars Parallel Saturn, Mars turns Retrograde, Mercury Contra-parallel Mars –  Emotional turbulence can throw our timing off.  Still, inspiration lifts our spirits and energizes our thought process.  Some people may be argumentative, but we don’t have to contribute to the discord.  We can always be the voice of truth.

 27th – Wednesday – Mercury Contra-parallel Saturn, Sun Opposite Saturn, Venus Quincunx Neptune –  Even though there are limits to time, money, and energy, we have enough for what must be accomplished.  Sweet thoughts and artistic offerings can help organize our impulses and synthesize the best of the day.

 28th – Thursday – The Full Moon comes at 12:53 AM EDT on the 6th degree of Cancer/Capricorn, Mercury Contra-parallel Pluto –  An all or nothing attitude can lead us deeper into research, or just give us an adverse reaction to things we feel we have been addicted to in our past.  If we are able to discharge old feelings and judgments, we can experience more freedom.  Both work and home life are begging for our attention.  Writing things down is a good way to make sure that we don’t overlook important obligations. 

29th – Friday – Mercury enters Leo, Mercury Sesquiquadrate Neptune –  A dreamy idealism powers our thoughts. This is fine as long as we do a reality check on the practical implications of our actions.  Everyone seems to be more committed to their point of view than is usually the case.  Our job is to be willing to beam the light of the truth (as we see it) without having any attachment to how others receive it, if at all.  This is a tall order, but what the heck, let’s all grow into spiritual maturity.

 30th – Saturday – Mercury Square Uranus, Sun Quincunx Mars –  Ok, this is a test.  Can you hold onto an insight that others can’t see without losing it, or getting upset?  Some things can’t be shared because they are still actually cooking inside us and aren’t done yet.  How do you like being the one eyed man in the valley of the blind?  Hang in there; it gets easier. 

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On May 30th I took the airplane ride home from Chicago after attending UAC, the largest astrology conference in the world.  It was wonderful to see so many of my old friends and colleagues.  Also, I got to attend lectures given by the finest astrologers alive today.  There were more than a dozen talks going on at the same time, so I purchased lectures that I would have attended if I could have been at two places at once.  There is more than enough material to keep me in the learning mode for another year or two.  One surprise was a lunchtime talk, given by an old friend of mine, Mary Keswani, from Louisville, Kentucky.  Certainly the finest talk on the subject of the Moon that I have heard.  Long time financial astrologer, Grace Morris, gave a talk about the next few years in the Real Estate and Stock Market.  And yes, her research reflected what I have been saying for awhile.  Also, she revealed the same concerns I share about people having access to real facts.  She listed many sources for getting truthful data; her list dovetailed with mine.

My talks went well and I received lots of compliments and good thoughts.  Most importantly, I felt validated for all the years that have gone into writing my upcoming book.  My talks were from Chapter One and Chapter Eleven of this work.

Being with my youngest child, Bailey, and her mom, Kathryn, was an added bonus to the whole conference.  They are both astrologers; it was Bailey’s first conference.  We all agreed that this was a superior gathering of the tribes.

At the end of the conference, there was a memorial shown on a large screen, with acknowledgements of all the astrologers who had passed away since the last UAC in 2012.  I was shocked to learn that Swami Kriyananda had died recently.  Along with Doris Hebel, and Maureen Cleary, all of the Chicago astrologers I knew when living in Chicago in the 60’s and 70’s have now died.

As it turns out, the volcano eruption in Hawaii is the appropriate signature event for Uranus arriving in Taurus; an explosion of molten earth.  We have more earth changes to come.