The Astrology Company: August 2018 by Bob Mulligan

August 2018

By Bob Mulligan

(a personal note is at the end of the newsletter)

 Our good intentions envisioned in July unravel. Surprisingly, August turns out to be the central month in 2018.  The Solar Eclipse on the 11th gives an extra blast of energy, either squelching or boosting projects from last month. Mars Retrogrades back into Capricorn on the 12th, providing the stability we need in order to utilize our energy more efficiently.  Mars (god of war) is finally backing away from the South Node of the Moon (impulsive action) in Aquarius. It has been there for more than a month.  For a while, we will have a reprieve as disagreements won’t so readily lead to confrontations.  Mercury (messenger of the gods) turns direct in Leo (sign of the heart) on the 19thWe will have an opportunity to clear up misunderstandings, initiate new plans, promote our own projects.  Jupiter (king of the gods) Trines Neptune (infinite bliss) on the 19th; this culminates a period of spiritual blessing that started last November.  This month is the center of the bell curve of this aspect which has been with us, on again off again, sense starting.  Luck is on our side; if  we know its application, we fly under the radar and accomplish much.  Mars turns direct on the 27th.  We have a narrow window to accomplish practical tasks over the next two weeks.  We do best to keep our heads down while completing that big project.

 The New Moon is a Solar Eclipse on August 11th at 5:48 AM EDT on 18o 42’ of Leo.  Eclipses are always a powerful force for change; this one is very strong with the Sun in his own rulership, and at the fulcrum point of a finger of god aspect, being Quincunx both Pluto and Neptune.  This shows deep, fundamental changes going on behind the scenes; only the future will reveal its profundity.  With Mercury in Leo rising before the Sun, and Square Jupiter and Quincunx Neptune, our projections are apt to overshoot the mark.  Reining in expectations is a balancing act; we want to be practical without sacrificing our vision of truth. Venus (goddess of love) is in her own sign (Libra) Squaring Saturn (letter of the law).  Venus is also Trine Mars on the South Node of the Moon, showing our propensity to cry for freedom while running away from responsibilities.   This Eclipse is Semi-square Venus and Sesquiquadrate Saturn, pointing us toward tremendous underlying potential.  We need to assess what must be changed, then put our wheels into motion until the job is done.

 The Sun enters Virgo on the 23rd at 12:09 AM EDT.  Even though Mercury (planet of communication) turned direct a few days ago, with the Moon leaving a Retrograde Saturn and applying to a Retrograde Mars, all in Capricorn (sign of karma), we can expect many redoes between now and the Fall Equinox on September 22ndThe Sun in Virgo month is meant for concentrating on the details of work. With the Sun Trine Saturn we strive for efficiency.  Mercury in Leo Sextile Venus can give us the grace to take time with others.  Difficult aspects to Jupiter and Neptune remind us to be careful, to expect more from ourselves, and less from others.

 The Full Moon is on August 26th at 7:56 AM EDT at 3o of  Virgo/Pisces. During the transit of the Sun through Virgo, we are asked to examine the little things in our lives that may have big implications in our forward movement.  Every Full Moon is an opportunity to illuminate where we have been, what we have created, and to make changes. With Saturn closely Trine and Sextile this Full Moon, traditional procedures bring comfort while helping eliminate waste,  At the same time our distant ideals remain undamaged.  If we are patient and avoid overextension we make practical progress toward our overall objectives

From the 1st to the 5th only the most practical considerations seem to gain much momentum.  Taking a hard look at where we have been, what we have accomplished, allows us to plot a course forward.  Taking care of essentials gives us a solid foundation to stand on.

From the 6th to the 12th not only romance, but kindness in our everyday relationships, pays big dividends.  Organizing our thoughts, and expressing ourselves with clarity, have an amazing affect on everyone round us.  Overreach or shyness prohibits progress with our loved ones.  Healing old wounds and new relationships cleanses our perspective on life.

 From the 13th to the 19th the past is another country; its inhabitants are strangers to us.  Still, we receive invaluable wisdom from our history.  Straightening out misunderstandings is not so important, but learning what to do and what to avoid is.

From the 20th to the 26th  abstract thinking won’t move us forward; tangible results come from integrating new ideas with persistent tasks confronting us.  We have what we need; timing is essential to bring success.  Eliminate unnecessary stuff from the environment. This same tactic helps with our emotional and mental life.

From the 27th to the 31st our enthusiasm can be overwhelming.  Taking time to listen shows where our minds have hardened into untenable positions.  Others hold the key to change. Mental transformation lifts our emotional life.

1st – Wednesday – Mars Square Uranus –  Exercise can relieve built up tension.  Making do with what we already have conflicts with the desire to try something new.  If buying something new is just a reflection of our nervousness or anger, don’t do it.   Otherwise a fresh acquisition may be the way to go.

2nd – Thursday –  Much can be accomplished quickly.  Our natural inclination is to go for what is easy.  Why not?  Communication can be fun and lighthearted as long as we choose our subject matter.  Artistic and creative pursuits can gain our attention.

3rd – Friday –  Emotional eruptions come as a result of a long standing slow burn.   Innovative ideas abound; some are even good; anything deviating from the norm requires quiet self-isolating attention if it is to see the light of day.

 4th – Saturday –  Ideas for potential future projects linger, but the time for putting this in motion hasn’t arrived. However, we have received new information relating to old projects; this material also needs to simmer for a while longer.  Dreaming of a better life is good enough for now.  If the urge to act is overwhelming, take some notes.

 5th – Sunday – Mercury Quincunx Pluto – Some secrets are meant to be kept.  Self-analysis is worthwhile.  After reflection, some sharing can increase comprehension of our real situation.  We can’t build a house that stands without a good foundation.  Success comes through recognizing, then attending to, what really matters.

6th – Monday –  Venus Semi-square Jupiter, Mercury Sesquiquadrate Saturn, Venus enters Libra, Sun Squares Jupiter –  Careful observation, taking note of what needs to be done, then jumping into action can be rewarding.  The day’s journey gets easier as we roll along.  Gluttony at all levels can be our enemy.  Knowing when we have enough on our plate is a virtue.

 7th – Tuesday –  Uranus turns Retrograde, Venus Trine Mars –  We have had some concerns on our mind since last weekend.  Is there someone we would like to court, but haven’t reached out to yet?  All types of relationships can receive a refreshing boost simply by putting ourselves forward.  It’s ok to take a chance.

 8th – Wednesday – Sun Quincunx Neptune, Mercury Semi-square Venus, Mars Semi-square Neptune, Sun Conjunct Mercury –  Just because something is unobtainable doesn’t make it unworthy of our attention.  But knowing the difference between fact and fiction lets us know where to plant our feet.  We can be entertained, suspend judgment, and have a bloody good time without believing Tinker Bell is real.

9th – Thursday –  Venus Quincunx Uranus, Mercury Quincunx Neptune, Venus Square Saturn –  Let’s see! Should we fly away into fantasy or attack basic problems?   By imaginatively putting ourselves in another’s shoes, we can see how to unravel interpersonal squabbles.  When we put our attention on our obligations, what’s really important is staring us in the face. We can forget the rest.

 10th – Friday –  Mercury Parallel Uranus, Sun Sesquiquadrate Saturn, Sun Contra-parallel Jupiter –  When you can’t do what you love, love what you do.   We find solutions to long standing problems when we just give them another go.   Drudgery turns into spontaneous fun when we make consistent effort.  When the work is done there is still time to play.

 11th – Saturday – Mercury Square Jupiter, the New Moon Eclipse is at 5:58 AM EDT on the 18o of Leo, Sun Quincunx Pluto –  When we take shortcuts to obtain our objective, we find ourselves without a moral compass.  A war is being waged between our common sense and our higher guidance. It takes guts to hold onto what we know is right when it seems untenable.  Meditation and contemplation can bring us inner peace.

12th – Sunday –  Mars Retrogrades back into Capricorn –  Political activity around the globe stimulates our interest in the larger picture; what is happening in the world and to our planet?  At the same time, we have plenty to keep us busy in our own lives.  Finding our place means doing our own job well and ignoring the rest. 

13th – Monday –  Details of our daily lives keep drawing our  attention away from world events. Still we all have concerns for our fellow human beings.  A new burst of energy inspires beneficial conversations with our closest coworkers and family members.

 14th – Tuesday –  We communicate our ideas quite capably.  It’s a pleasant time for reminiscing and developing friendships.  We move forward with ease, once we get going.  It is easy to be distracted by things we can’t change and don’t like.  However, once in motion with our true purpose, much is accomplished.

 15th – Wednesday – Sun Parallel Mercury –  Some difficulties in close relationships can be resolved through continual dialogue. Staying in conversation flattens out differences and puts real issues in context.  We have some decisions to make.  To be effective, pick a course of action and stick to it.

16th – Thursday –  Our rhythm is disrupted by outside forces.   It’s not so easy to alter our daily procedures, and modification for its own sake is not helpful.  Innovation’s moment in the sun is coming, but for now the familiar route is the fastest and most productive method for completing our tasks.

 17th – Friday –  Getting prepared for some stellar changes is the best way to secure satisfaction over the coming weekend.  We should feel lucky.  If we have done our homework, the minor disruptions and little errors made along the way are nothing to worry about.

 18th – Saturday –  Mercury Sextile Venus –  As long as we have chosen our targets correctly, finding one piece of the puzzle after another follows automatically.  Strides in both professional and personal arenas are a foregone conclusion.  Our job is to keep moving while periodically checking that the keel of our boat is in steady hands.

19th – Sunday –  Mercury is Stationary turning direct, Jupiter Trine Neptune, Venus Parallel Neptune –  All expressions of love, including romance, find a happy conclusion. Emotional energy can warm without burning us.  Express something artistic; take in a live performance.  Work will always be there; the dishes will always need to be washed.  Do something fun, go out, relax, meditate.

20th – Monday –  After a few spirited salutes to the past weekend, we are buckling down to some serious work.  The more details we can handle, the more comprehensive our planning, the more productive the week.  Finish what is in motion; be very careful when making commitments; promises made in moments of wishful thinking can haunt us in a few days.

 21st – Tuesday –  Sun Quincunx Mars, Sun Parallel Uranus – Sitting still is impossible; we would erupt in nervous explosions.  So, where should our energy go?  Bleed off excess energy by helping others; this is a strategy for resolving old problems.  Contributing to the universe in the most practical way is to serve the needs of others.  We can give where it is needed most and where appropriate.

22nd – Wednesday – Venus Quincunx Neptune –   Our ideals may seem out of reach, but consistent effort with a careful eye for what is truly important, grants inner satisfaction.  The details we need for our present mission is right around the corner.  Continual focus along the most practical lines eventually gives us a useful harvest.

 23rd – Thursday –  Sun enters Virgo, Venus Semi-sextile Jupiter –  We may fumble around, trying to find the right tools for the work we are about to embark on.  We alternate between a desire for freedom, and a feeling of satisfaction that comes from completing our work.  Responsibility must win out or we suffer.  Blueprints are not the building, but allocating time correctly requires forethought.  This makes the difference between joy or frustration.

 24th – Friday – When we trust our emotional impulse for harmony, we create something beautiful.  The external environment itself transforms the context through which friends and co-workers perceive our commitments.  We just have to recognize this gift.

 25th – Saturday –  Sun Trine Uranus, Sun Trine Saturn –  We are participating in a cosmic change, which occurs over a long window of time.  Finding practical application for our ideas, while acknowledging the foundation of our history, allows us to bridge the gap between our two worlds; one symbolized by the past and the other, the future.

26th – Sunday – The Full Moon  is at 7:56 AM EDT at 3o of Virgo/Pisces, Venus Square Pluto, Mercury Quincunx Neptune –  Reason alone can’t help us decipher what to save and what to throw out.  Even though our instincts have a narrow frame of reference, we have to trust them.  We want to create something new using the materials at hand.  Do we want gradual or abrupt transition?  Compulsiveness is only problematic if we linger or have chosen incorrectly; now is the time to rid ourselves of what holds us back.

27th – Monday –  Sun Contra-parallel Venus, Sun Sesquiquadrate Pluto, Mars turns direct –  It takes more than good intentions to feed a hungry child.  You can’t buy a carton of milk with bitcoin.  We need immediate tangible results.  If we are willing to make personal sacrifices, we can heal some aspect of our personal universe. 

28th – Tuesday –  Mercury Square Jupiter, Mercury Sesquiquadrate Saturn –  It’s time to start making sense out of the pattern of recent decision making.  For the last week or so we have been overusing our instincts and feelings; this is not usual for us.  Course correction is easy when we invest honest energy in our decisions; we need to be powerful and self-assured without being overly stubborn.  Good luck.

 29th – Wednesday – Mercury Quincunx Pluto – People are busy and involved in their own lives.  We may feel some isolation, but coming to terms with our own demons is better than inflicting them on others.  We have an opportunity to reform some aspect of our own thinking.

 30th – Thursday –  Venus Contra-parallel Uranus –  We all want freedom; but freedom from what?  Excitement is good but not for its own sake. Still, life without variation becomes monotonous.  Any lasting change now must enhance our stability and security.  It’s easy to have a fling with fate, but then we need to come back to earth.

 31st – Friday –  Sun Semi-square Venus –  All month our emotions have been in counterpoint with what we need for ego gratification.  Just as neighbors who seldom speak come together in the midst of a debilitating snowstorm, the different components of our personality coalesce under pressures from the most basic areas of life; our country, our world is searching for methods to regain some semblance of balance.

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My eye surgery on July 10th went very well.  It was a good day astrologically. In the end, I kept silence.  In two weeks I see the surgeon again for recommendations.

The three day workshop, “Your Birth Chart as a Spiritual Roadmap” taking place the last weekend in September, filled even before the July newsletter went out.  I may do another workshop next year.  This has been such an outpouring of energy, preparing for all the workshops over the last few years, and of course UAC was a central focus for so long.

Kathleen Burt was my closest friend in the early 70’s.  We were both living in Hyde Park; she was my Indian history professor in my last year as an undergraduate at Roosevelt University; she was in the PhD program in history at the University of Chicago.  We both eventually became professional astrologers.  Her two astrology books, “Archetypes of the Zodiac” and “Beyond the Mask” are easy reads and a constant source of inspiration.  She just let me know that she is writing her autobiography.  I’m so excited and can’t wait to read it.

I’ve been asked to speak at an international conference in Calcutta next March.  I’ll make a decision within a week or so.  Although my health has been steadily improving, even the relatively short flights to Myrtle Beach and Chicago earlier this year, knocked me out for several days.  I have a few more years to go before my chart enters absolutely healthy territory.

On September 24th I turn 70.  I had planned on being in India but complications of health, timing, and logistics made this moot.  My two oldest children, Hannah and Sylvan, will go with me when I finally manage to get my plan together.  Every year I have made at least one pilgrimage to Meher Baba’s Tomb; 2018 may be an exception.  Life is very short; how we spend our time is extremely important.

Several months ago my friend, Judy Luther, sent me a book, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up”; it changed my life; I suggested it in my newsletter.   The author, Marie Kondo, doesn’t do personal consultations anymore, instead she has certified consultants doing it for her in 23 countries.  Time Magazine named her as one of the 100 most influential people.  Her book has sold over 10 million copies in 40 countries, and she has written three other books. She has launched a product line and has an upcoming series on Netflix; they ordered eight episodes.

My daughter, Katie, took two young girls, age 9, to a environmental learning center last weekend.  The girls got to pet some sea creatures and reptiles.  One of the girls, Diana, commented that she didn’t know that meat came from animals.  She decided to be a vegetarian.  I was reminded of my daughter, Juliana, walking past a McDonalds in 1997 and her saying to me “Dad, will you support me in being a vegetarian?”  I asked her why she wanted to be a vegetarian, she replied, “Because the idea of raising animals for food is gross.”  During this most segmented period of human history, it is good for us to gather information about food sources, the climate, history.  It’s time to be part of the solution.

Thanks for taking the time to read this newsletter.  See you next month!