The Astrology Company: July 2018

July 2018

By Bob Mulligan

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Last year on November 11th, Saturn Trined Uranus; they are within orb of this Trine all month (and next month too), but they never reach exactitude again.  We are trying to balance our urge for innovation, even revolution, with our need for stability.  With Saturn in Capricorn, his own sign, and Uranus in his fall in Taurus, Saturn is strong and Uranus is weak. Tradition, fear, and conservative thoughts patterns will dominate world consciousness.  This is a learning experience. Short-sighted strategies, fueled by collective fear, create limiting points of view.  Courage may be in short supply; Mars (personal assertion) is now Retrograde until late August. However, forces for deep personal change, in motion for the last three years, continue to build pressure. We must construct comprehensive solutions.  With two Eclipses this month, and Mercury turning Retrograde on the 26th, we’re likely to have fundamental assumptions challenged and changed.  Both Eclipses promise violent upheavals.  Our response can be through self-editing during Mercury’s three week backward motion. Is this sufficient? With the Sun in Cancer until the 22nd, the Trine between Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces is emphasized; empathic bonds are strengthened, first with family, and next with a widening circle of people in our lives.  This gives us a firmer foundation to take advantage of the Mercury Retrograde period.  We express ourselves with greater clarity in the last 9 days of July. 

The New Moon Eclipse on July 12th at 10:48 PM EDT at 20 degrees of Cancer (family), reveals a pattern of coming turbulence.  Pluto in Capricorn (government) is Opposing the Eclipse. There will be a continuing struggle between personal rights and public concerns.  The Sun and Moon complete a Grand Trine in Water with Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter in Scorpio showing deep underlying emotional energy which Pluto releases. Because Pluto (lord of the underworld) carries us to extremes, this combination ushers in a month where we do things all or nothing.  Mercury (perception and reasoning), while Squaring Jupiter (expanse), sits near the midpoint of Neptune/Pluto; this forces a gigantic advance in the mental arena.  Advice?  “Don’t bite off more than you can chew.” Venus in Virgo forms a Grand Earth Trine with Saturn in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus. We need some tangible expression for our feelings. With Mars (energy) Conjunct the South Node in Aquarius, our desire for change can be overwhelming; avoid a “revolution for the hell of it” mentality.  There is enough violence in the world.  Our love of beauty and harmony applied to practical issues helps overcome impulsive reactions to the recurring insanity of the world situation.

 The Sun enters Leo on July 22nd at 5:01 PM EDT.  With the Sun very close to the North Node as he crosses into Leo (his own sign), we are reminded to be true to ourselves.  Earth and Fire dominate the chart; this solar month requires us to focus on our own lives, our own plans, to move practically toward our goals. Venus (love) is Trine Pluto (power) and Sextile Jupiter (abundance).  There will be winners and losers in the financial market.  Each of us can do our part to raise the world perspective toward an attitude of win/win, where we all improve together.  Mars on the South Node is Square Uranus; abrupt earth changes will surprise us all month.  Our personal lives can be stable if we stay on a regular schedule, approaching every task methodically.

 The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse July 27th is on 4 degrees of Leo/Aquarius at 4:21 PM EDT.  Hard choices need to be made now, what to keep what to throw away?  With Moon Conjunct both Mars and the South Node while Opposing the Sun, we have an explosive combination. Uranus Squares the Sun and Moon. This pattern is emotional, tense, profound, chaotic, and unrelenting.  Procrastination is not an option. Venus (goddess of harmony) in Virgo (eye for detail) plays the pivotal role in our consciousness now.  She is Opposite Neptune, Trine Pluto, and Sextile Jupiter.  Luck comes through careful analysis of factual situations and correct timing.  Saturn in Capricorn, Neptune in Pisces, Sun in Leo are the three planets of synthesis in their own rulerships. This is a unique moment for organizing and committing to spiritual principles as the guiding force in our lives.

 From the 1st to the 8th cautious pragmatic steps toward a goal open new possibilities. A higher dimension is revealed; we get more than we were asking for. Focus on positive people; ignore upending personal attacks.

From the 9th to the 15th there are no external safeguards.  Remedial steps for the series of coming crises are meaningless unless they directly affect our attitudes.  Even though barriers can impede our forward momentum, new ideas, information, and opportunities emerge directly from our efforts.

From the 16th to the 22nd indecision has its own consequence.  It is easy to get caught in the middle.  Practical is good, but selling out, or selling our ideals short is bad.  How to take a stand on Truth?  Finding peace with one’s own inner world leads to contentment.

From the 23rd to the 30th great art comes from getting rid of what doesn’t belong anymore.   We are backing up; self-correcting acts improve our relationships.  However, virtue really is its own reward.

 1st – Sunday – Venus Quincunx Pluto, Venus Sesquiquadrate Saturn –  Navigating the emotional minefield in romantic relationships can lead to frustration.  Progress comes in all interactions when we are openhearted and willing to address other people’s concerns.

 2nd – Monday –  Mercury Quincunx Saturn, Sun Contra-parallel Mars –  A little bit of extra effort in the right direction supplies the oomph to get us across the finish line.  Our difficulties are with judgment; what are our obligations now?  Righteous indignation or obsequious resignation, both miss the mark.  We need to act efficiently and with candor.  Self correction is not a sin, it may even be necessary.

 3rd – Tuesday –  Life is good and offers many blessings.  Overcoming insecurities comes through love.   We can be positive without taking a radical change of direction.  We do best to stay with our instincts and enjoy life.

 4th – Wednesday –  Sometimes the best advice is to keep quiet; watch the world go by without fighting. Because there is so much subconscious conflict in the world, we may all feel liberal amounts of physical tension.  Relaxing may require some insulation from the ongoing celebrations around us.

 5th – Thursday –  Venus Contra-parallel Jupiter, Sun Trine Jupiter, Mercury Opposite Mars –  We naturally want to share our good feelings and good luck with everyone around us.   We need to be aware of how we share as many people don’t participate in our positive outlook.  Sometimes the cosmos send us a message through people who we find disagreeable.  We need to listen without reaction.

 6th – Friday –  When inspiration is in short supply, and our heart’s desire seems out of reach, it’s time to find a new outlet for our energy. We find a balance between patience and persistence.

 7th – Saturday –  Sun Contra-parallel Saturn –  Disruptions can make the day seem more interesting, but we seem to be pulled back into our humdrum activities. Still, staying in the well-worn grooves are necessary, even when boredom seems just around the corner.

8th – Sunday –  Sun Trine Neptune –  Our emotions are channeled through our physical body.  If we are happy we should feel it.  Our vision of a better world provides us with a series of instructions; we need to pay attention.

9th – Monday –  Mercury Square Jupiter, Venus enters Virgo – All too easily this becomes a day of missed opportunities.  Right attitude leads to correct shaping.  If we are addicted to our ideas of how things should be, we end up avoiding how they are.  Our own stubbornness can interrupt the flow of consistent love and beauty pouring in from on high.  We just have to be willing to recognize and receive.

10th – Tuesday –  Jupiter turns Retrograde –  We can feel that something is getting ready to change, but it hasn’t quite surfaced yet.  Good day for conversation; postpone decision as much as possible.  New information is arriving shortly.  Relax: nervousness and impulsiveness clouds our vision.

 11th – Wednesday –  Venus Trine Uranus –  If you have been struggling with conflicting details of daily life, this can be the time to pull all of the pieces together into one all-encompassing whole.  It’s a good time to develop and immediately implement a new strategy for living.

 12th – Thursday –  Mercury Quincunx Neptune, Sun Opposite Pluto, Venus Parallel Uranus, the New Moon on the 20th degree of Cancer is at 10:48 PM EDT –  Consolidating gains and preparing for a new direction is only sane.  It’s time to dream; both taking stock of our assets as well as writing down our intentions are projects for the day.  Conflict between business and family are easy to resolve.  Temporary plans of action can be refined over the next two weeks.

 13th – Friday –  Sun Contra-parallel Pluto, Mercury Contra-parallel Jupiter –  If we have the courage to heal old wounds, we will let go of hurts from the past that have imprisoned us.  This may require some physical actions, but it all begins and ends with a state of mind.

 14th – Saturday –  Venus Trine Saturn, Venus Sesquiquadrate Pluto –  Everything important goes through a process of discrimination.  Concentrating our attention on a few things that are necessary gives us a firm foundation.  Where we choose to spend our time reveals our true values.

 15th – Sunday –  Mercury Sesquiquadrate Saturn –  Basic tasks absorb the lion’s share of our attention.  Obstacles are friendly persuasions from the universe directing our thoughts back to essentials.  Others can’t hear us unless we are “tuned in” to their frequency.  Take a leap when the opening occurs.

 16th – Monday –  Venus Quincunx Mars, Mercury Quincunx Pluto –  We misunderstand each other.  Straightening out difficulties would be simple if it was just a matter of words.  Coming to a comprehensive meeting of the minds requires moving beyond our attachments to being right, to winning.  After an honest sharing of our objectives, real progress comes through careful examination of the details.

17th – Tuesday –  Building bridges requires effort.  If we spend time discussing plans, it makes everyone’s job easier.  Self-reliance is a necessary cornerstone for genuine teamwork. Both sharing and isolation work in alternation.

 18th – Wednesday –  No matter how hard we may try, we can’t please everyone.  Tidying up the environment can be a step in gaining a modicum of mental organization.  Timing is critical; we can thread the needle if we pay close attention to what we want and what is necessary. By creating more space, we enlarge our sense of wellbeing.  Enjoying life is contagious.

 19th – Thursday –  Our psychic wiring seems to be picking up signals from many different directions.  Our imagination becomes fertile ground for exploring the realm of the possible, as well as the impossible.  Sometimes we have to just let go and sort the pieces out later on.

20th – Friday –  Mercury Parallel Uranus –  Our intuition is finely tuned to a bigger picture.  Much can be accomplished quickly.  If we are certain about our objectives, success is secure.  Doubt takes a back seat and it is full speed ahead.

 21st – Saturday –  Formalizing our plans allows the momentum of the moment to move us along nicely.  We work in private, but can bring others onboard as things progress.  Inner adjustments for rapid changes in circumstances give us an added lift.

 22nd – Sunday –  Venus Sextile Jupiter –  By eliminating extraneous details we can take a giant step forward.  There is magic in simplifying.  Our efforts are rewarded when our intent is clear.

 23rd – Monday – Sun Sesquiquadrate Neptune, Venus Contra-parallel Neptune –  Creative awareness is powerful, but it is hard to tell genuine insight from fantasy.  Collecting ideas, writing them down, and then extracting the achievable, gives focus to our vision.

24th – Tuesday – Venus Opposite Neptune –  Narrowing the scope of inquiry provides continuity for our actions.  We can see things at a distance if we let our hopes override our fears.  Time limits help us separate the primary objectives from ancillary consideration.

25th – Wednesday – Sun Square Uranus, Venus Sesquiquadrate Uranus –  Unusual ideas and feelings propel us forward. New options come our way; if we foster our progressive instincts, life is full.  Stubbornness sucks the life out of brilliant dreams. We need to be open to new information even when it runs counter to our expectations.

26th – Thursday –  Mercury turns Retrograde, Sun Quincunx Saturn –  Reappraising our commitments can free our time.  There are some routine tasks and projects that are not so much to our liking.  If we have made a promise, it is good to keep it.  It is possible to make life more complicated than it needs to be.  Mental simplicity creates effective action.

 27th – Friday –  Sun Opposite Mars, Venus Sesquiquadrate Mars, the Full Moon is at 4:21 PM EDT on the 4th degree of Leo/Aquarius –  Tension runs high.  It’s a good time to meditate. Our inner struggles will manifest in the external world as opposition and strife.  We need to handle our own difficulties without inflicting them on others if we want to be part of the solution and not more of the chaos and instability in the world.  Common sense and self-restraint help.

 28th – Saturday – Mars Semi-sextile Saturn –  Constructive action, when carefully measured, leads to positive results.  Hurt feelings and resistance are signs that we must slow down and take the time to clarify.  Misunderstandings can upset the rhythm of our actions.  Spending time with those that matter most is healing.

29th – Sunday –  An optimistic spirit opens our awareness to new possibilities.  Heart-centered actions always promise useful results, even if the window of manifestation is distant.  Sharing positive feelings most practically, mean taking the time to listen.

30th – Monday – Mercury Semi-sextile Venus, Sun Semi-square Venus –  Expressions of love are most meaningful when they take some tangible form.  In order to connect, we need to forget our own self interest and just be with others.  It is possible to visit great heights of elation when our emotions are untethered from the ego.

 31st – Tuesday –  Giving breath to imagination opens the door to new possibilities.  Words cannot convey our feelings. Silence is an avenue reaching across boundaries.  We can find and support each other without any great fanfare. 

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Being at UAC in May was such a blessing.  Fond memories linger from my many meetings with old friends.  Arlan Wise told me that she is reading “The Better Angels of our Nature,” by Steven Pinker.  She uses one of his other books, “Sense of Style”, in her writing workshops.  It’s a great read, informative and inspiring.  Thanks, Arlan.

 My friend Sally Herr sent me this link.  It is a very short, condensed view of what Steven Pinker was talking about in his book “Better Angels of our Nature.”

 Finally I’m getting eye surgery on July 10th.  This is Silence Day.  Meher Baba started keeping silent on July 10th, 1925 and I have observed it every year but two, up til now.  The surgeon’s assistant told me I must talk on this day and I wasn’t able to get another day until late August.  And yes, this is a good day for eye surgery.

On September 28-30th I’m giving a three day workshop called “Your Birth chart as a Spiritual Roadmap”.  This event is limited to seven participants; using techniques from my upcoming book, we will construct a daily plan for each person.  There will be a detailed analysis of each person’s chart and life situation.  This is the final flowering of my efforts over the last 14 years.  Yes, the book is in its final editing and will be completed soon.   Let me know if you are interested in coming and I will send you a flier.

If you have Netflix, “Accidental Courtesy” is a documentary well worth your time.  There is always a way out of hatred.  This month I have struggled with knowing how much to share; what is helpful?  There are difficult days ahead and we can all help to lighten other people’s burden by striving to be our better selves.

See you next month!


There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting.” ― Buddha