The Astrology Company: September 2018

September 2018

By Bob Mulligan

(a personal note is at the end of the newsletter)

 The whole month of September is colored by Jupiter Semi-square Saturn on the 4th.    Saturn is in Capricorn (his own sign); Jupiter is in Scorpio (where he is weak).  Saturn restricts, is conservative, is blind justice; this is the natural meaning of Capricorn.  Jupiter multiplies; Scorpio eliminates.  Thus Jupiter is weak (meaning uncharacteristic) in Scorpio.  This is the final closing Semi-square between the two until they complete their Conjunction at the time of the Winter Solstice  (December 21st) in 2020. Saturn (lord of karma) reigns supreme during the next couple of years.  Because the Conjunction between the two represents a new beginning of their cycle, this last period is a chance to clear up old difficulties, and complete unfinished tasks.  Mars (god of war) reentering Aquarius (sign of freedom) and Conjuncting the Moon’s South Node will slowly bring tempers to a fever pitch before the end of the month.  Knowing this we can place extra attention on staying calm. 

The New Moon is on September 9th at 2:02 PM EDT on 17 0 of Virgo.  The New Moon is Opposite Neptune showing the strong pull of our visions of a better life. However, with Mercury (planet of reason) in his own rulership, and ruling the sign of the New Moon,  common sense and practical considerations play a major role in how we internalize the inherent conflict between what we have and what we would like to believe is possible.  Mercury is Trine both Saturn (discipline) and Uranus (spontaneity); all three are in earth signs; Saturn and Mercury are in their own rulerships.  Common sense and practicality will be the leading force.   Mercury is in loose Sextile with Venus in Scorpio; for several weeks we have been eliminating what stands in our way, and this process will continue over the next month.

 The Sun enters Libra on September 22nd at 9:55 PM EDT.  This is our Autumnal Equinox and sets the tone for the next three months.  Today we experience equal hours of daylight and darkness.  Balancing an egg on its long end at this moment shows the great equilibrium established.  Mars is back on the South Node and Trines the Sun/Mercury Conjunction.  Also Mars forms a T-Square with the Venus/Uranus Opposition. During this  period we are testing our emotional sensitivity.  Each of us can make necessary adjustments in our personal lives through an act of will.  The world is very polarized; we will likely see more violent upheavals.  With Sun and Mercury Square Saturn, completing any major project will require hard work and compromise.  We struggle against a sense of isolation.  Pluto sits on the midpoint between Jupiter and Neptune, Sextile both.  Plans are far reaching but unrealistic.  Monitoring the scope of our own projections is only prudent; it is also true that other people’s expectations tend to be wildly inflated.  The Moon is Trine Venus and Sextile Saturn indicating hard work is necessary, but emotional equilibrium is achievable.

 The Full Moon September 24th at 10:52 PM EDT, at 10 59′ of Libra/Aries, is in a T-Square with Saturn in Capricorn.  The rule of law and a sense of justice will tend to be the reigning influence.  The rule of law means applying principles that already exist, not creating new ones.  Venus and Mars are Square; they rule the Sun and Moon; compromise seems out of reach.  It’s a curious mix, Sun and Mercury Trine Mars on the South Node, while the Moon Trines the North Node in Leo.  Raw mental assertion pushes in one direction, emotional impulses push in another.  Decisions made now seem final. 

From the 1st to the 9th we are in a scramble to complete summer activities.  To achieve our most important objectives we must: abandon some part time hobbies, limit our involvement with others,  and pare down our expectations.  This may seem like a sleepy period, but the scope of changes we make now will have great impact later in the month.

From the 10th to the 16th although the spirit of adventure is strong, we get further by limiting our options and staying practical.  Small accomplishments with an exacting eye on details can be a source of immense joy.  We just need to have our microscope focused correctly and to be patient.

From the 17th to the 23rd traditional patterns and our common ways of doing things are interrupted, altered, and set on a new track.  Completing some routine tasks frees us mentally.  It’s time for something new; real innovation comes now, not by implementing some goofy idea, but by thoroughly understanding why things are the way they are, then finding more efficient methods.

 From 24th to the 30th it’s all about improving our relationships and learning more about ourselves through our interactions.  This is a great time for mental and emotional expansion.  To create the most positive outcome, our focus needs to be on the most primary issues in our lives; this is a time favoring fundamental shifts. 

1st – Saturday –  Trying to thread a needle when wearing a blindfold is not the best use of our time.  We have desires and feelings that would be hard to fulfill.  Keeping our heads down while taking practical steps on unfinished tasks, leaves our hands free tomorrow.

2nd – Sunday –  Nervousness and big ideas make this an interesting day.  Be surprised; a few kind words can change the dynamic in key relationships.  Others have a valuable contribution to make, listen. There is a big commotion in the world, but it doesn’t have to directly affect your life; that is a choice.

 3rd – Monday –  Mercury Sextile Venus –  Knowing just the right thing to say is a passing gift; grab the “brass ring”, it won’t come around again for awhile. Art, music, and conversation can raise our vibration.  It all depends on where our attention gravitates.

 4th – Tuesday –  Jupiter Semi-square Saturn, Mercury Contra-parallel Venus –  Our imagination can run away with us, but this can be a good thing.  What is important is that we let our flights of fancy be just that, grist for the mill.  Overcoming fear, while keeping an eye on the inevitable outcome of shortsightedness, frees us to dream the impossible, and use it to create a new direction.

 5th – Wednesday –  Sun Contra-parallel Neptune, Mercury Quincunx Mars, Mercury enters Virgo –   Something that looks great may be an illusion.  We need to be careful what we say we will do.  We can promise things that will require more work than we first realized.

 6th – Thursday – Saturn turns direct, Sun Sesquiquadrate Mars –  Rash actions may actually be right on the mark if we are following our intuitions.  A major test comes, we need to decide what is practical and achievable. 

7th – Friday –  Mercury Trine Uranus, Mercury Trine Saturn, Sun Opposite Neptune, Mercury Parallel Uranus –   Manifesting our ideals comes through hard work and efficiency.  It is possible to plan for projects that move beyond our foundations.  Higher visions of life are fine, but we have to tread the path we choose; common sense is an essential ingredient in order to complete our mission. 

8th – Saturday –  Mercury Sesquiquadrate Pluto, Venus Square Mars –   We are stimulated to bridge a gap in our relationships.  A compromise is necessary as everyone is fairly well dug into a point of view.  Conversation can be thought provoking and healing.

 9th – Sunday –  Venus enters Scorpio, Venus Sesquiquadrate Neptune, the New Moon is at 2:02 PM EDT at 170 Virgo, Sun Sesquiquadrate Uranus –  It is easy to fall into a pattern of regrets.  Recent past actions may haunt us, but we can cut a new course to change our future, not our past.  The simplest way to move forward is to make amends for recent missteps and then not dwell on our history.  Fulfilling promises (especially ones we made to ourselves) before moving forward will give us a sense of completion.

10th – Monday – Mars Semi-square Neptune, Mars enters Aquarius –  Including others in our plans helps focus our passions correctly.  What we want is likely to change in some fundamental way.  If we put our whole heart into our actions, and take care of underlying details, success follows.

11th – Tuesday –  Sun Sextile Jupiter, Sun Trine Pluto –  With our eyes clearly focused on the big picture, we can venture toward our goals with confidence.  Taking care of essentials in a practical manner leads us far and fast.  We hit the target if we take time to aim.

 12th – Wednesday –  Jupiter Sextile Pluto, Venus Opposite Uranus, Venus Parallel Jupiter, Venus Sextile Saturn –  Reaching for the stars and keeping our feet on the ground is a winning combination.   Emotional turbulence comes in the wake of unfulfilled promises.  Emotions are potent and don’t always surface.  Saying what is really on our minds is productive if we are kind.

 13th – Thursday –   Mercury Opposite Neptune –  Just because others don’t come through for us doesn’t mean all is lost.  Keep the faith; expressing an ideal isn’t an indication that we, or others, are flakey.  We are rewarded for being true to ourselves.  Capturing our thoughts in words is tricky.  If we are misunderstood, taking a moment to get clear with others is appropriate.

 14th – Friday –  Mercury Sesquiquadrate Mars, Mercury Contra-parallel Neptune, Mercury Sesquiquadrate Uranus –  Sometimes brilliant ideas take time to gestate. Angry interchanges occur if we feel rushed.  So much mental activity is bound to produce some instability both internally as well as with the world at large.

 15th – Saturday –  Mercury Trine Pluto –  Mysteries unfold before us if we keep our research hat firmly in place.  Just because something isn’t obvious doesn’t mean others are intentionally trying to fool us.  Be brave and go deep.

 16th – Sunday – Mercury Sextile Jupiter, Mercury Semi-square Venus –  We see things that we can’t easily explain.  It doesn’t mean we are wrong, or others are.  This moment may require us to go it alone.  Once we see our truth, emotional equilibrium is necessary to include others in our vision.

 17th – Monday –  Slowing down is an important stage for integrating higher insights into our everyday affairs.  Quiet time allows us to find inner peace.  Meditation and staying on a routine can help us gather the strength for the coming challenges and opportunities.

 18th – Tuesday –  Mars Square Uranus –  Explosive energy is all around us.  Staying calm and collected is not easy, but important to be effective.  Finding a safe way to blow off steam can help us be part of the solution rather than just adding more weight to the problem.

 19th – Wednesday –  Holding onto our personal thought process is a good thing, but it is worthwhile doing a reality check. It may be that our own views have become excessively narrow, or we are only taking in information that reinforces our already held beliefs.

 20th – Thursday – Sun Conjunct Mercury –  We gather facts from our environment.  But what to do with them?  One step at a time.  There is a process of gestation taking place if we can but recognize it.  There is a time to think and a time to act.  A new day is dawning and we want to be ready to participate.

21st – Friday –  Mars Semi-sextile Saturn, Mercury enters Libra –  We can rest easy if we finish the project at hand.  Responsibilities weigh in on us.  Baby steps, one after another, is all that is required.  We don’t need closure, just a little progress.  This requires being proportionally practical and thorough.

 22nd – Saturday –  The Sun enters Libra at 9:55 PM EDT, Mercury Quincunx Uranus –  Kindness goes a long way toward bringing harmony to our world.  Grandiose visions of new possibilities emerge.  If we are self-correcting, our shared thoughts can contribute to a comprehensive vision of a better world. 

23rd – Sunday –  Sun Contra-parallel Mercury, Mercury Square Saturn, Mercury Trine Mars –  Combustible fits of anger won’t bring understanding or resolutions to difficulties. Personal frustrations can add fuel to an already volatile situation.  However, patience and commonsense can help.  We all do have the ability to see the world from other people’s perspective if we take time to digest the back story and integrate the underlying thought process.

 24th – Monday – Sun Parallel Mercury, Sun Quincunx Uranus, the Full Moon is at 20 Libra/Aries –  Feelings are powerful and we need direction to pull others toward us; we must be willing to take steps toward them as well.  Powerful thoughts can show us comprehensive solutions.  The world is too small for us to not get along.  Some projects, while brilliant, just don’t fit into the current program and must be set aside. 

25th – Tuesday – Mars Conjuncts the Moon’s South Node, Mercury Semi-square Jupiter, Sun Square Saturn –  We only see part of the picture now.  Discipline is good, but can be done to excess.  Both quiet contemplation and exercise are useful to release internal pressure.  Correct allocation of time is very important.  Both work and personal lives demand attention.  Pacing is required, handle obligations first. 

26th – Wednesday –  Quick changes in direction and attitude make for interesting dialogue, while keeping everyone on their toes.  Overindulgence and stubbornness can spell trouble.  Today is fun and easy if we are flexible.

 27th – Thursday –  Mercury Semi-sextile Venus, Sun Trine Mars –   We would like company, but gathering people together and getting everyone on the same page may elude us.  Conversation needs to be short and to the point.   Moods fluctuate, but we are happiest if we stay calm and stable.  Slow steady progress works well, if we just accept the limitations of the moment.

 28th – Friday –  A wide expanse of possibilities is in front of us.  By choosing a direction and sticking with it, much groundwork can be laid for future progress.  If the horizon seems to stretch beyond our abilities, we can grow by just drinking in new observances and taking some notes.  Big ideas emerge one step at a time. 

29th – Saturday – Mars Parallel Saturn, Sun Semi-square Jupiter –  Quiet application of energy and attention reveals new insights.  We can get in front of ourselves if we leap to the obvious conclusions.  Our desire for stability clashes with our need to expand our vision.  We see what must be done; now is the moment to take the next step.

 30th – Sunday –  Mercury Quincunx Neptune, Pluto turns Retrograde –  Nervous intensity powers us from one idea to another.  We can progress by connecting the dots; honesty is the shortest journey to our goals.  Casual conversation can reveal basic truths that help us on our way.  If our mind is open to change, new possibilities emerge.

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Usually I get up a few minutes after 6 AM; my alarm is set for 6:30 but I almost always wake before this.  I go out for my morning walk about 30 minutes before the Sun rises.  It is such a beautiful, pristine time of day.  Occasionally I meet a few people walking their dogs.  The lighting, the aromas in the air (night blooming jasmine is prominent until almost daylight).  This is simply the best time to commune with God and nature.   How we start our day, sets the tone for what will happen; how we end our day determines what we take with us.

When in graduate school, I worked at the University as the night receptionist at the music college.  My job was simple and I had plenty of time to study.  I knew all the teachers and students.  One night a graduate piano major came to get the key to his teacher’s studio.   He was studying with a grand master, a famous concert pianist, she only had very advanced professional musicians as students and no one was allowed to have access to her studio except her own students.  This particular student came back to my desk in outrage.  Some beginning student was in her studio playing her piano.  It was my job to kick them out.  I knocked on the door to her studio, and to my surprise, she answered, “come in”.  I opened the door and there, at the piano, was the grand master herself.  She smiled at me and said, “when I am by myself I always play the slow finger scales to stay in practice and remember.”  I have never forgotten that moment; and now many years later, I find that I gravitate automatically to very basic principles of practicing signs, houses, planets and aspects, when I’m by myself, so I never lose sight of my foundations; I continue to learn from astrology’s basic principles.

 Music is so important to me that I have something playing on one of my computers, all the time, even when I sleep.  (Sometimes I just listen to the sound of rain, or a choir chanting OM for 9 hours.) Musicians purify the atmosphere; they can uplift and inspire us.  My taste shifts with my mood and activity of the moment.  Classical, jazz, rock, country,  bluegrass, new age all enter into my life.  Jerry Garcia, one of my heroes, said that ragas were “fireballs from heaven”.  I remember being in graduate school, sitting on the floor with my friend and colleague,  Kathleen Burt, and meditating to various Indian ragas many nights.  We were most fond of  rages played the grand master of  the sarod ,  Ustad Ali Akbar Khan.  I still listen to his music by myself  from time to time.  Enya’s music has lifted us for decades.  Many years ago, while in Dublin, I met a woman who was born the same day and year as me.  I was staying with her while speaking for the Irish Astrological Society.  She grew up in a rich suburb, in the mountains just outside of Dublin.  She  drove me up the mountain to her old neighborhood. Now Enya lives there;  And guess what, Enya’s home is perched  overlooking the valley; it is a small castle; on this day there was a ring of clouds around it.  Perfect. It was like being in one of her videos.

 After three years of living in my apartment, I finally got some new lighting.  Funny,  I knew after a week in my new place, the lighting in both office and bedroom were inadequate.  It’s just,  I really hate shopping; there’s always something more urgent.  My daughter, Katie, is responsible for getting me to sit at the computer with her and look at lighting on line.  After about an hour we ordered lights for my office and one for my bedroom.  I sit in my bedroom early in the morning and read writings of my Master; I do the same at night before retiring.   My clients never complained about the lighting in my office, but the new additions make a big difference for me.

 My workshop at the end of September filled with a waiting list before it was out to the general public.  Because this workshop is so intensive and I must do advanced preparation work on each person’s chart beforehand, I haven’t committed to repeating it.  This is the final presentation of the material I’ve been working on since 2004.   We will see how it goes.  If possible, I may do some other workshops next year.

On September 24th I turn 70. I was planning on being in India with my two oldest children, but my health wouldn’t permit it.  I’m having a few small gatherings around this date to celebrate.  However, India is never far out of sight.  From the 8-12th  of March in 2019, I will be in New Delhi speaking at a conference.  I will spend a few days after this event back at Meher Baba’s Tomb just outside of Ahmednagar.  Hannah and Sylvan (my oldest children) may spend a couple of weeks in Meherabad before the conference.  I try to not break a promise so I’m committed to this pilgrimage.

 My friend and colleague, Tobey Burton,  called me on August 8th early in the morning and asked me (of all things) if I had read the sports page of the Naples Daily News.  “No I hadn’t”.  She told me to get it out and read it.  (I look at the sports page and the want ads about once every 10 years).  But here on the front page was “Former Dolphins RB Williams high on astrology”.  The article was quite lengthy and very fascinating; it even included his birth information and his interpretation of things going on in our culture.  He now lives in Venice, California, teaches astrology, and sees clients.  He studied with Steven Forrest who had glowing comments to make about his talent.  Yes, the times are changing.  Thank you Tobey, I might never have discovered this without you.  If you want to see the whole article is was in USA Today and here is the link:

 Katie found this on the internet;  you may find it interesting.  While at UAC Michael Erlewine interviewed me.  He recorded it and posted it on Youtube.  I didn’t know he was recording us for more than his own interest; you might enjoy this; it is probably more than you wanted to know about me.  What I personally found fascinating is that he allowed me to question him for the last half of the interview;  He revealed many events from his history;  he is a truly amazing an unique astrologer.  You may want to skip to the last half hour, it is really incredible.

There is always more….look forward to visiting with you next month.  Keep the faith.  Courage.  It gets better.

“….and in the end, the love you take, is equal to the love you make.” – the Beatles