The Astrology Company: October 2018 by Bob Mulligan

October 2018

By Bob Mulligan

( a personal note is at the end of the newsletter) 

Venus turns Retrograde on the 5th of October and reenters Libra on the 31st.  As Venus rules Libra (sign of relationships), this backward motion will give us an opportunity to reevaluate how we relate to others.  With Mars in Aquarius still close to the South Node of the Moon at the beginning of October, we are seeing residual anger surface.  This gradually dissipates as the month goes on.  We will all have an underlying feeling that something big is going on without being able to put our finger on it.  This is really the calm before the storm, as next month is a 10 on the scale of 1-10.  “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable.” – JFK.  Next month starts a pattern of irrepressible change that will last well into 2020.

The New Moon is on the 8th at 11:57 PM EDT is at 150 of Libra. With Pluto Square and Neptune Quincunx the New Moon, a note of caution will be with us all month.  With Mars on the South Node of the Moon, a deep and often unspoken dissatisfaction is stirring beneath the surface.  Mars is Square to Retrograde Venus (ruler of the New Moon) in Scorpio (sign of extremes); any step to move in a new direction, will be met with belligerence.  Uranus is Square the Nodal Axis showing that attempts to get our lives on a positive footing will be interrupted by unforeseen and uncontrollable forces of nature.  Our most responsible solution to all the unrest is to follow the basic nature of Libra: seek harmony and compromise.  Venus Retrograde in Scorpio is Trine Neptune and Sextile Pluto.  If we remain practical and are able to uncover and rectify emotional mistakes of our personal history of the last couple of years, this can actually be a pleasant time.  Blaming others or circumstances for things not working out in our own lives will just pull us into the chaos. Forgiving ourselves and others allows us to start over with a clean slate.

The Sun enters Scorpio at 7:23 AM EDT on October 23rd .  The Moon (public) in Aries is Sextile Mars and Square Pluto.  This shows a Solar Month with people very energized, but frustrated. There are hard barriers to our progress.  With half the planets in water signs (empathic bonds) we lead with our emotions.  Mercury is Square Mars; we are apt to say things in haste and then need to clean up our remarks later on.  This is an unusually volatile time.  We do best to not take ourselves, other people, or the world situation too seriously.

 The Full Moon is on October 24th at 11:45 AM EDT on 10 degree of Scorpio/Taurus.  Pressure that has been building for a while will bubble over.  Uranus is Conjunct the Moon and Opposite the Sun.  With the Retrograde Venus Conjunct the Sun, we can get caught in a stubborn deadlock between what we want, and an unconscious prompting to escape, or just ignore, our real circumstances.   Saturn is Sextile the Sun and Trine the Moon;  honesty and hard work allow us to fulfill obligations; this is the road to freedom.   Mercury (lower mind) is Conjunct Jupiter (higher mind) in Scorpio (sign of extremes).  They are Sextile their ruler (Pluto); he is in Saturn’s sign, so our concentration comes down to doing our duty.  Full Moons are always a culmination and a chance to complete tasks and to discard things we no longer need.  With seven planets in Fixed signs (inertia), letting go of anything is emotionally difficult, but this is necessary now.

From the 1st to the 7th  relationships can garner most of our attention.  Our minds may be unusually clear and balanced; our communications are right on point.  The really salient feature of the week is that diplomacy works best behind closed doors.  When our attention is to do what we believe is best for everyone, much is achieved quickly.

From the 8th to the 14th  our attention fluctuates; we may find ourselves changing attitudes, direction, and even interests several times in rapid succession.  New information and new opportunities can encourage us to leave one situation and embrace another. This is all ok, provided we maintain some continuity of purpose.

From the 15th to the 21st  we can be blessed by finding the correct words to convey our feelings in every situation.  We will feel basically good about ourselves and life, as long as we stay focused on what is truly important.  This is the tranquil moment for catching our breath before the coming period of intense activity. Even though we must still go through some collective cleansing, this is a wonderful opportunity to reignite our commitment to a higher truth.

From the 22nd to the 31st gratitude is the magical attitude that allows us to really appreciate how fortunate we are.  As some closely held possession is swept away, we have the good fortune to see that our attachments to things in the material world stop us from progressing.  If we know what to look for, this is the luckiest of times.

 1st – Monday –   Emotional impulses carry us forward.  Time planning is essential.  Practical opportunities come our way but we may not be able to capitalize on all of them.  Efficiency requires being selective.

 2nd – Tuesday –  Mercury Square Pluto, Mercury Parallel Neptune –  Being flexible does not mean having no point of view of our own.  There is a split between the events in our lives and our beliefs.  We are confronted with hard facts and at the same time, there is an encouragement to find a higher way to deal with our personal struggles.  The moment is ripe for growth.

 3rd – Wednesday –  Mars Parallel Pluto, Sun is Semi-sextile Venus – We wish to make faster progress than conditions allow. Small steps in the right direction are better than forcing an immediate change.  We may feel energized, even empowered, to make sweeping advances. Kindness and forethought is a better approach to conflict.

4th – Thursday –  If we can see clearly what we have in front of us, the path is clear.   Confidence in ourselves is important, but so is a belief that life will give us what we need.  Our job is to recognize genuine opportunity.

5th – Friday – Venus Parallel Mars, Mercury Semi-sextile Jupiter, Venus turns Retrograde –  Turning our attention toward our whole pattern of relationships is the start of an important change.  Analysis of our past behavior brings understanding of our fluctuating feelings.  A more profound level of interpersonal involvement opens.  People from the past resurface over the next forty day period.  Beneficial rewards come as we clear up our past.

6th – Saturday –  It is easy to become overextended.  Promise can limit our options, even imprison us.  Our emotions run ahead of our practicality.  Amongst the many directions we could possibly take with others, some offer more than others.  Sorting through the details of every situation can be time consuming; our heart knows what is right.

 7th – Sunday –  Sun Quincunx Neptune –  What looks like opportunity may be just wishful thinking.  Taking time to meditate, or just being quiet, puts us in the frame of mind to evaluate.  Where will our efforts be most effective? We need to be ready to act without “acting out”.  Specific plans unfold over the next few days.

8th – Monday – The New Moon is at 150 of Libra at 11:47 PM EDT –  When we treat others kindly and with respect, good comes back to us.  We need to base our most basic decisions on long term viability.  We can easily get caught between strong emotional impulses and endless procrastination.  Things we believe in may seem out of reach.  If we are frustrated, it is not wise to make others the target.

9th – Tuesday – Mercury Contra-parallel Uranus, Mercury Sesquiquadrate Neptune, Mercury enters Scorpio –  Trying to make everything rational is a long hike to nowhere.  Accepting our higher intuitions as somehow valid can be the first step in making sense of our confusing circumstances.  Instinctively we know what the right direction is for us now.  Staying on course requires reliance on things unseen.

10th – Wednesday –  Mercury Opposite Uranus, Venus Square Mars –  Unkind words come from two sources: misunderstanding of the true situation, and stubborn insistence on getting what we want.  The urge for freedom conflicts with the desire to keep everything just as it is.  We need to stop projecting in order to be our better selves.

11th – Thursday – Sun Parallel Neptune, Sun Square Pluto – Some sacrifice is required; our time is our most valuable commodity, some of it will be given to others now.  If our attention is on what is most important, we win, so does everyone else.  Being fair doesn’t require surrendering our higher values; what we give to others returns.

12th – Friday – Mercury Sextile Saturn –  It’s amazing the ground we cover by focusing on just one thing at a time.  Joy, freedom, and options follow on the coattails of a job well done.  A break between tasks is most restorative.

13th – Saturday –  As long as we aren’t asking for too much, life is generous.  It’s a great time to explore.  Adventure leads to deep thought.  Expanding our horizons increases our vision.  Our knowledge grows proportionally to our ability to adjust, and our lightness of being.

14th – Sunday –  Gathering our resources allow us to make an accurate inventory.   Freedom follows responsibilities well handled.  We all have someone that we must report to; honesty in communication gives a more profound allegiance to our personal truth.

15th – Monday –  Mercury Conjunct Venus –  We express ourselves easily and with force.  We achieve our goals; it’s important to make sure that we see clearly where we are aiming.   Our thoughts are most productive.  We move a long way down the road; we are headed for our destination.

16th – Tuesday –   Everyone seems more serious than usual.  We get further by remaining in our comfort zone.  Adhering to our standard routines is the best strategy at the moment.  Finding use in things we have set aside long ago sets us on a course we judged as impractical.  By revisiting old projects, we restore a piece of our inner landscape.

17th – Wednesday –  Enthusiasm is a powerful force for good.  Do we step out front or protect our privacy?  Healthy boundaries allow us to discriminate intelligently.  Regardless of inner conflict, trying something new is worthwhile.

18th – Thursday –  Mars Semi-sextile Neptune, Sun Semi-sextile Jupiter –  Physical objects, ideas, and pleasantries are easily exchanged with many people in our network.  We are setting the tone,  doing the groundwork, preparing for new opportunities.  There is an artistic flair to all projects initiated now.

19th – Friday –  Mercury Trine Neptune, Mercury Square Mars –  We finish one thing and start another.  The conflict between freedom and security evaporates if we focus exclusively on love and appreciation for others.  Taming our thoughts comes by contemplating higher truths.  Artistic and cultural pursuits lift our spirits.

20th – Saturday –  It is very easy to tune into higher vibrations.  It’s time to spread our wings and fly.  Dreaming big dreams awakens new potential.  Acknowledging where we have been doesn’t indicate where we are going.  A new day is dawning; we can be part of the parade.  We have an obligation to let our true colors show.

21st – Sunday –  Mercury Parallel Jupiter, Mercury Parallel Mars –  Reading, writing, developing new ideas have brought us to this moment; now is the time for putting thoughts into motion.  Take action. We manifest an ideal situation by putting muscle into our dreams.

22nd – Monday –  Sun Sesquiquadrate Neptune, Sun Contra-parallel Uranus, Mars Parallel Jupiter, Mercury Sextile Pluto, Mercury Semi-square Saturn –  Our enthusiasm only carries us so far.  We have the light of truth, but it doesn’t illuminate our path; listening to others and being willing to compromise is a method for avoiding costly mistakes.   Even sitting still, or taking the day off, is better than forcing changes against routines when we don’t have a complete picture.

23rd – Tuesday – Mercury Parallel Venus, Sun enters Scorpio, Sun Opposite Uranus –  Relating one area of knowledge to another gives us a different perspective on life.  Abrupt changes in circumstances can throw us off balance.  Impulsive and erratic behavior has terrible consequences.  Finding a wholesome outlook and implementing a safe program of stress relief, is a good direction for our pent up energy.

24th – Wednesday – Venus Sextile Saturn, the Full Moon at 10 of  Scorpio/Taurus is at 12:45 PM EDT –  Trusting the people we have relied on in the past is a good start.  We need to be brave enough to step forward, even if our thoughts run against the current trend of the moment.  Unfortunately, most people are living in an “echo chamber”, only taking in information that supports already adopted conclusions.  We help others if we stay calm.

25th – Thursday –  Venus Parallel Jupiter –  Putting our best foot forward comes naturally.  We can present ourselves in the best light, but we have to give this same consideration to others in order to contribute to a positive outcome.  Allowing others to be their best is a winning hand.

26th – Friday –  Sun Conjunct Venus –  Social events can be fun if we avoid having our attention pulled in too many directions.  We all participate in a certain radiance; for some this glow will deal a winning hand in mating rituals.  It is best to keep our objectives narrowly focused and cross the finish line before scouting around for other options.

27th – Saturday –  Mars Semi-sextile Pluto,  Sun Sextile Saturn –  There is a well worn path in front of us.  We don’t need to ask about the next step; it is obvious, and follows naturally from where we have just been.  Rewards come by simply fulfilling our duty.

28th – Sunday –  All our recent mental activity has meaning; we just need to let it settle.  Taking time to enjoy life is a way to let the different trains of thought come together.  Friends, family, lovers, all need attention; there is plenty of time for everyone.  People we live with get “up to bat” first.

29th – Monday – Mars Semi-square Saturn, Mercury Conjunct Jupiter, Mercury Parallel Pluto, Venus Parallel Mars –   It’s all about timing and intuition.  We have difficulty getting in sync with the moment.  Our conscience keeps us in tune with our purpose.  Traditional structures are at odds with unique visions of what is possible.  Taking time to schmooze with others can heal old wounds.

30th – Tuesday –  Love of adventure can prompt us to throw aside something wholesome in order to express, or just assert, our uniqueness.  Change for its own sake is really counter-productive.  Like Odysseus strapped to the mast of his ship, we can listen to the sirens, if we have made arrangements for our safety.  A better adventure is around the corner if we can corral our restlessness.

31st – Wednesday –  Mercury enters Sagittarius, Venus Opposite Uranus, Mercury Semi-sextile Venus, Mercury Quincunx Uranus, Mercury Parallel Saturn, Venus enters Libra –   While our mental life moves in fairly regimented channels, our emotions are off wandering the seven seas.  We need a break; it’s coming soon.  Getting a balance requires integration of many different avenues of thoughts and feelings.  A rollercoaster is exciting if we are prepared, and in the mood, not so good if we are trying to sleep.

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There was an article in the newspaper quoting from the financial report issued on September 17th by  New York State comptroller, Thomas DiNapoli.  It turns out the average annual Wall Street salary in 2017 was $422,500.   If you work in the financial industry, the fact that we have inflation now will probably not worry you personally; and professionally this might even be good news. And for the rest of us?  It could be much worse if we lived in Argentina, Venezuela, or Turkey.  However, we are noticing a mild impact showing up that may create some real concern in the future.

Lynne Palmer’s guide for 2019 is $24.  For as long as I can remember her guide has been $20.  At Publix where I get my water, it is now $.35 a gallon.  Until recently it was $.30 a gallon.  My chiropractor has just increased her rate from $50 to $60.  Massage Envy increased what they charge for massage.  Even simple things like peanut butter filled pretzels at the grocery store went from $3.99 to $5.99.  I’ve lived in the same apartment for three years; the rent has increased three times.  My accountant just increased her rate.  I’m not complaining, just explaining.  We have inflation; it’s for real; it affects some of us more than others.  It hurts those least able to afford it.

For almost 25 years now I have had the same housekeeper.  She comes in every Monday to keep my home in shape.  She is Cuban; she and her husband work full time at various jobs.  We are very open with each other. A few weeks ago she mentioned that she didn’t have money for food.  She takes care of three of her grandchildren, one lives with her.  I told her to take as much of my food as she wanted. (I’m always buying ahead when things are on sale, a habit that I picked up from my mother.)   She refused  my offer, and seemed embarrassed for having even mentioned it.  She is open with me but very self-reliant.   How do people living at the bottom rung of the economic ladder survive inflation, which just exacerbates this pre-existing problem of terrible inequity?  When will we outgrow our individual and collective greed that creates scarcity and suffering in our garden of paradise?

The Florida Legislature voted to make Daylight Savings Time in Florida year round.  Astrologers hate Daylight Savings Time.  It’s another arbitrary rule to keep track of, which can be changed by a vote.  Humans messing with Mother Nature is always a mixed blessing.  Of course, Standard Time Meridians are a virtue.  Before the dawn of the 20th Century, all times were local, which was terribly inconvenient for making any kind of collective arrangements.  It would be quite confusing if clocks in Miami were set to a different time than clocks in Naples, or New York for that matter.

Reading and traveling are two ways of expanding our awareness.  I like to read and also to meditate.  Information is so available on the internet that I don’t even have to go to the library that often.   And I can order books online and have them sent to me.  Traveling is becoming less enjoyable.  As the Moody Blues said In Search of the Lost Cord…”thinking is the best way to travel”.  There are still reasons for travel.  I’m going to Myrtle Beach to the Baba Center on October 2nd.  I’ll be there until the 10th.  Not only will I get a long needed rest and spiritual recharge, I’ll see my children who live there, and my two grandchildren.

Years ago a friend and local Naples astrologer, Roi Barlowe, took time away from his practice to study technical stuff online. He became quite proficient at the internet and social media.  Roi passed away in 2006; I miss him.  I need to thank him for his encouragement.  Further, I need to take a page from his book and learn some technical things I have missed.  Katie does Facebook and other things for me on line.  However, time has come to take stock of some of this myself.  While checking out at Lucky’s (a grocery store), the man at the cash register asked if I was a loyalty member.  I said “yes” and starting reciting my phone number (Katie and I run our accounts together with a phone number at most stores.)  The guy behind the counter told me I needed to show my membership on my smart phone.  Well, I have a semi-smart phone, no apps.  Now that Whole Foods is owned by Amazon, Prime members get a significant discount; we have a Prime membership.  The catch? You need the Prime app on your smart phone to use it.  My phone works fine, no complaints at all; it just doesn’t do apps (it’s an iphone3).  This was only a minor inconvenience before now, like not being able to get an electronic boarding pass for the plane.  Ok; I’m behind the times.  In November, I’m designating some time each day to start coming up to speed in Post Industrial Age.  The astrology community doesn’t need another well meaning dinosaur.

One of the many blessings of the internet is that you can get access to vast amounts of information on any topic.  In some areas the large amount of data can breed more confusion than knowledge.   Take for instance, diet.  What we eat changes from time to time depending on our health, age, what’s in vogue, also what is available.  We all have difficulty in making informed choices for our diets; there is so much conflicting information.  Also, setting aside the many cultural and genetic differences, every person has a different body chemistry.  Ostensibly, we each need a different diet…but if that wasn’t confusing enough, when I was in California and we were all having our morning smoothies (the principle ingredient being kale), a research scientist with us revealed that it was the worst thing because kale pulls the heavy metals from the soil and that ends up in our bodies when we eat it.  A further worry, as it turns out, mosquitoes have been eating tiny dots of plastic in the water they are born into.  Birds get this plastic in their systems when they eat the mosquitoes.  Yikes, how can we be healthy?  By thinking good thoughts?  What about our bodies?  The fruits, vegetables, and grains I eat are organic.  It is possible to make more informed choices for healthy food now, than when we were growing up.  It is still confusing.

As I write this I’m making the final preparations for the workshop, “Your Birth Chart as a Spiritual Roadmap”.  I’m excited!  Four of the seven participants have traveled a great distance to be here.  This is the most important workshop I have ever done.  Everyone seems outrageously committed to the process.  On the other side of this, when I go to Myrtle Beach, I’ll spend time ruminating.  It is now a question of direction.  How to  best fulfill my life mission?

Thank you for spending a little time with me.  See you next month.

“Beware you be not swallowed up in books!  An ounce of love is worth a pound of knowledge.” – John Wesley