The Astrology Company: November 2018 by Bob Mulligan

November 2018

By Bob Mulligan

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 Astronomically, November 2018 is unique.  Mercury turns Retrograde, Venus turns Direct, Mars changes signs, Jupiter changes signs, Uranus changes signs, Neptune turns Direct, North Node of the Moon changes signs, the New Moon is on the World Point, and the Full Moon is at zero degrees.  All of these things happen periodically, it is exceedingly rare for so many to happen in the same month.  In 45 years of professional practice, I don’t think I have ever seen such an overwhelming scream from the heavens for fundamental change.  So what does it all mean????

 First, the North Node of the Moon moves from Leo to Cancer on the 6th; a potential shift from ego (Leo) to empathy (Cancer). Uranus Retrogrades back into Aries on this same day; this is spurs in our side, prompting us to get going.   The next day we have a New Moon at 150 of Scorpio (the World Point). This indicates that something happening now will directly affect everyone; the stage is set. On the 8th, Jupiter moves into Sagittarius (sign of higher knowledge); our pent up frustrations over the last year bubble to the surface.  On the 16th, Venus turns Direct while Mercury turns Retrograde. This shows a shift in our collective attitude.  For a few weeks, golden opportunities present themselves.  We can establish positive diplomatic connections; we may reevaluate our most fundamental assumptions about life.  Real growth in consciousness is possible.  Everything seems to culminate on the 23rd with the Full Moon at zero degrees of Sagittarius/Gemini.  This is an opportunity to wipe the slate clean and start over.  Neptune turns Direct on the 24th encouraging us to bring our inner feelings to the forefront.

 The New Moon is on November 7th,  at 11:02 AM EST, on 150 Scorpio.  The significance of this New Moon can’t be overstated.  The New Moon, which is on the World Point, Trines Neptune; Jupiter is Trine the North Node of the Moon; all of these placements are in water signs.  Water rules empathy; emotional energy rules supreme for the next 28 days.  Even though New Moons encourage beginnings, Jupiter on the 29th degree of Scorpio suggests a bridge to the past.  We will complete important things long in motion.  Venus in Libra (her own sign) is Retrograde and Opposite a Retrograde Uranus.  This shows separation from past relationships. However, Mars in Aquarius shows a higher way out of misunderstanding as he Trines Venus while Sextiling Uranus. This indicates harmony can be found through transformation.  The Mutual Reception between Mars and Uranus encourages bold spontaneous actions.

 The Sun crosses into Sagittarius on the 22nd at 4:02 AM EST.  With the Sun and Jupiter close to a Retrograde Mercury, we have the danger of projecting beyond our foundations.  This is reinforced by virtue of Mercury being Square a Retrograde Neptune in Pisces.   Illusions spring up everywhere. Until the Sun crosses into Capricorn, we must be careful of our promises;  we need to get our facts straight.  With Mars Square Jupiter, we may be too quick on the draw; our best intentions end up not bringing us the good that seems so available.  Mars is Sextile Saturn showing that if we are measured in our actions we can manifest joy, even if we have a little difficulty with timing.  With the Moon (habits) in Taurus Trine Pluto (the root of things) in Capricorn, we accomplish much by following our practical instincts.

 The Full Moon is on the 23rd at 12:39 AM EST on zero degrees of Sagittarius/Gemini.  Full Moons denote culmination of whatever we are working on.  The very beginning of a sign suggests initiation of something new.  We may be passing the baton from one project or person to another.  With Mars Squaring the Sun and Moon we have lots of energy; Mars is in Pisces (ruled by Neptune) so we will only be able to maintain our passion if we have compassion.  Mutable signs rule adjustment;  with six planets in these signs, changing circumstances will pressure us into a pattern of continuous adaptation. With Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune all in their own signs for the next year, this adjustment factor can force a splintering of our attention over a vast array of options.  We need to adjust now since these three planets will be exerting an outside influence on our disposition for such a long time.

 From the 1st to the 4th we spend time shoring up our love life.  People (as well as principles and ideals) we love, need extra attention.  Both addictions and anger can get us in trouble.  Finding harmony comes through sharing information, patience, alternating between contact and isolation.

From the 5th to the 11th even though passions are bubbling over, it is possible to reach consensus on a variety of topics.  Changes in circumstances can leave us out in the cold, or in the warm embrace of community;  the choice is ours.  What is most important now: people, principles, or our own project?

From the 12th to the 18th nervous tension runs amuck in our local communities.  There is a dividing line between jubilation and depression.  Friends are either happy or dower, depending on their feelings about the current world situation.  Our smartest strategy is to learn what we can, while keeping our heads down.

From the 19th to the 25th our hopes for the future can encourage us to live beyond our means, or project impossible scenarios.   Old types of solutions will not work.  Creative thinking is necessary.  The world may look the same, but we have been through a profound, if unrecognized, paradigm shift.  Self honesty and willingness to take an intuitive leap put us on the right side of history.

 From the 26th to the 30th recreation gives us a reprieve, a breather from normal tasks.  Relationships deepen when we relax.  It is easy, but unproductive, to become annoyed over things we don’t control. Give up worry.  We find fulfillment through people who reinforce our higher selves.  Romance, cultural pursuits, and the quest for freedom are personal themes now.

1st – Thursday –  Being in a hurry is counter-productive.  We meet resistance when we move faster than circumstances merit.  The universe is here to support us.  We just have to listen, then luck follows our every endeavor.

 2nd – Friday – Venus Sesquiquadrate Neptune, Venus Semi-sextile Jupiter –  When we enjoy something, it may be very good for us.  This doesn’t mean anyone else in our lives will have the same interests or fascination.  Really listen to others, then be willing to do your own thing.  This is the path to contentment.

 3rd – Saturday –  Mercury Semi-square Pluto, Sun Parallel Venus –  We need to follow our heart when mental roadblocks emerge.  Help comes to us when we bring joy to others.  Confusion lifts when we free ourselves from excessive data.

 4th – Sunday –  If we plan carefully for the coming week, we can enter it with assurance.  However, circumstances will change, we will alter our direction.  Still, it is important to know what we want to accomplish and have an idea of how to proceed.

 5th – Monday –   Sun Parallel Mars –  Vibrant ideas illuminate our consciousness with thoughts of the possible.  Innovate and consolidate.  Others come to our aid if we take the time to build consensus.   Much can be accomplished in the blink of an eye with sustained effort.

 6th – Tuesday –  Sun Trine Neptune, Uranus enters Aries –  Spiritual upliftment is within reach and as natural as breathing.  An excitement fills the air and our intuitions are working just fine.  Remember when we used to feel this way all the time?

 7th – Wednesday –  The New Moon is at 11:02 AM EST on the 15th degree of Scorpio –  Meditation brings us to the center of our lives.  In the inner stillness, if we reach out to our higher authority, we can learn something new about ourselves, our current situation, and the real meaning of life.  This day is infused with secrecy and real potency.

 8th – Thursday – Jupiter Quincunx Uranus, Jupiter enters Sagittarius –  An optimistic spirit fills the day with joy and light.  Thinking along positive lines writes the ticket to personal achievement. Compromise and harmony, while goals in themselves, are also the mechanism for bringing about cherished results.

 9th – Friday –  Venus Trine Mars –  Romance doesn’t have to be red hot; sometimes the easy sharing of beautiful thoughts can be fulfilling.  We feel adventuresome and are willing to take some risks we wouldn’t have entertained even a few weeks back.  Others seem charming and we can certainly participate by putting our best foot forward.

 10th – Saturday – Mercury Semi-square Venus –  Even when our intentions are honorable we may use clunky phrasing when getting our point across.  Our best solution?  Think before speaking; back up when misunderstood, and be forgiving of others when they put their foot in their mouth.

 11th – Sunday –  Sun Sextile Pluto –  We may have recreational plans, and that is ok.  But this is a solemn day; quiet work alone can be most productive.  There is much to digest from recent events; without quiet time we don’t learn from our actions.

 12th – Monday –  Even though we look to fulfilling some long held ideal, we need to consolidate our recent gains, then integrate what we have extracted into our daily lives.  Beautiful ideals not lived are relatively meaningless.

 13th – Tuesday – Sun Semi-square Saturn –  Just because we have a slowdown doesn’t mean we were on the wrong track.  Sometimes a missed opportunity is fortuitous.  Everything works for our benefit; there is genuine luck now; we just have to know how to recognize, then access it.

14th – Wednesday –  We need other people’s involvement to complete certain things long in the making.  This is the last train out of the station.  Many things not completed now will be jettisoned. It’s ok; anything really important but undone will return later, in a different form.

 15th – Thursday – Mars Sextile Uranus, Mars enters Pisces –  Our energy changes, brilliant insights give way to a deep empathy.  The heart is closer to the truth of our current situation.  Knowing all the right answers doesn’t satisfy a profound longing for a permanent Truth.

 16th – Friday – Venus turns Direct, Mercury turns Retrograde –  It’s a changing of the guard.  If we are smart, we let our mind take a rest in an inner sanctuary; we review where we have been.  Honest self appraisal requires a comprehensive overview that only an enlightened heart center can provide.  What we have been doing is obviously not working; progressive steps means following our intuitions. 

17th – Saturday – Venus Contra-parallel Uranus, Sun Semi-sextile Venus –  Reaching for something new and magnificent doesn’t require rejecting everything from our past; however, we do have to carefully select the baggage we want to take on the next leg of our journey.

 18th – Sunday –   Bold steps can be beneficial; our emotional needs are aligned with our quest for individual recognition. Even when everything goes swimmingly, we aren’t truly happy if we have left others behind.  Reigning in our enthusiasm, so we can more clearly focus on completing our responsibilities, paves the way for more productive connections with everyone in our lives.

 19th – Monday –  Mars Square Jupiter – When we are on a crusade to change the world, we have to look at our own attitudes and corral our enthusiasm.  Painting our picture of life in bold colors provides an enlightening insight into our basic nature.

20th – Tuesday –  Lots of effort can lead to a standstill.  Appreciation for past accomplishment reveals our path forward.  Our world is changing; we need a breather.  Even though our focus is on obtaining practical results, we may not get closure.  Important considerations are put on hold while we gain a new perspective.  Different options appear over the next few days and, once again, everything is up for modification.

 21st – Wednesday –  Sun Quincunx Uranus, Sun Parallel Jupiter –  Change for its own sake is relatively meaningless.  Explosive feelings can put us in an uncomfortable spot.  Optimistic feelings emerge if we are patient.  Reacting in anger to things we don’t like will have long lasting effects. This is not a carefree time,  but we need to have a balanced approach to life in order to be productive.  A lighthearted attitude, even in the midst of great difficulties, can help improve our quality of life.

 22nd – Thursday –  Mercury Semi-sextile Venus, Mercury Parallel  Saturn, Mars Semi-square Pluto –  To be fair while maintaining a degree of honesty, we must be able to express our true feelings.  Others may not reciprocate, but it is still the right way forward.  We have great strength, now we need courage to match.

 23rd – Friday –  The Full Moon is at 12:39 AM EST on zero degrees of Sagittarius/Gemini, Mercury Parallel Pluto –  Discarding the things that don’t really matter allows us to see what is really important.  When we face the facts, we are able to present ourselves to others in a clearer light.  Communications are easy, but we want to make sure that what we share is the whole truth.

 24th – Saturday –  Mars Contra-parallel Uranus, Neptune turns Direct –  Volatile emotions can lead to sudden bursts of anger.  Violence in the outer world is a reflection of our collective inner disharmony.   Being reasonable requires thoughtful evaluation before moving forward.  When actions seem to be spontaneously generated, it is difficult to squeeze our mind into the tight space between impulse and behavior.   Finding a safe outlet for our feelings can solve the immediate problem.

 25th – Sunday –  Mercury Semi-sextile Saturn, Sun Parallel Mercury –  Wisdom gained from past experiences can be  systematically applied to our current life drama.  Confidence abounds and is the source of our actions.  Useful and effective results emanate from a strict adherence to factual truth.

 26th – Monday –  Sun Conjunct Jupiter, Mercury Square Mars, Sun Semi-square Pluto –  We need a higher vision of the truth in order to recalibrate our thinking.  Good fortune emerges when we put the needs of the larger group ahead of personal consideration.  Genuine happiness arrive in our lap when we least expect it.

 27th – Tuesday –  Mercury Parallel Jupiter, Sun Conjunct Mercury, Mercury Semi-square Pluto, Mars Sextile Saturn, Mercury Conjunct Jupiter –  Do we want refined sugar or brown rice?  We can get either today.  We are at a lucky moment.  Fortunate are those who aim for what will be good for us in the long run.  Today can be a lot of fun; our higher mind and our thoughts align.  We benefit immensely by assuming our position in the grand scheme.

28th – Wednesday – Venus Parallel Mars, Jupiter Semi-square Pluto –  Confidence is reaching a high note.   Old wounds can be healed.  Overextension, or breaking the law, will have unnecessary but natural consequences.  We do best when we express ourselves but still paint within the lines.

29th – Thursday –  Sun Semi-sextile Saturn, Venus Sesquiquadrate Neptune –  Baby steps, with an eye for detail, carry us to a new plateau.  Correctly handled, some hidden talent unfolds.  As a vision of beauty floods our senses, we get excited;  new possibilities come to us.

 30th – Friday –  Venus Opposite Uranus –  Even though there is excitement in the air and we feel adventuresome, actually, we have been here before.  We have an opportunity to redo a relationship, an impulse, or a decision.  Dealing with people we know very well, now is the time to innovate.  We use past knowledge to create a different outcome.

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My trip to Myrtle Beach was great.  I was comatose for the first three days and gradually got my grounding back.  Spiritually it was very fulfilling.  Most of the time I was there I kept to myself and just read some of Meher Baba’s writings.  Venus was Retrograde;  a former romantic interest whom  I hadn’t seen in many years was there at the same time.  We had a short meeting which provided an opportunity to clear the past.

For quite some time I have suggested that the only way to get factual information about current world events is to either have a very wide variety of sources for information, or to unplug from all news.  I’ve unplugged.   Cancelled my subscription to the daily newspaper which I’ve had for more than 30 years, cancelled XM Radio, cancelled Business Week and all other magazine subscriptions.  Been without TV for many years.  That about covers it.  It’s a bold experiment.

While at Myrtle Beach, I had a revelation to go back and reread Meher Baba’s four discourses called, “The Qualifications of the Aspirant”.  In the second of these discourses,  “Some Divine Qualities” contains advice on things I have been currently working on.  One aspect of this is learning to accept the world as it is. This I have found most difficult.  So, disconnecting from outside influences will hopefully bring about some relief from my own negative emotions that arise in response to the foolishness in this world of illusion.  Still, I work for the betterment of the world; I vote, stay active in the community.  But now I avoid symptoms of the disease of ignorance and do my best to just tackle my own personal ignorance.

Fall has come; many days pass with the doors and windows open; no need for heat or air conditioning.  Just fresh air and the sounds of the great outdoors.  The days are getting shorter and I get out for my morning walk later, usually.

Each one of the seven participants at last month’s workshop is a precious gem.  Every person took the time to share valuable suggestions about the material I have been working on all these years.  But most importantly, we all grew in spirit, getting closer to our real selves.

Katie has been an invaluable resource in helping bring my book to completion.  Now, my good friend, Deborah Smith,  has been reading the manuscript and offering extremely valuable insights.  We keep progressing.

“Holding onto anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.” ~Buddha