The Astrology Company: December 2018

December 2018

By Bob Mulligan

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Mercury turns Direct on the 6th, enters Sagittarius on the 12th,  then Conjuncts Jupiter on the 21st.  This will be the third and final Conjunction of these two until January 2020.  Mercury, Jupiter, and Sagittarius all have to do with information, travel and expansion. December will be adventuresome and exploratory.  We are apt to concoct big ideas, make plans, and initiate new endeavors.  Success is dependent on getting our details handled correctly.  Many great ideas can be thrown off kilter through overreach.  Mars is in Pisces all month, conveying an aura of idealism to all our plans. On the 7th, Mars is Parallel and Conjunct Neptune.  Reason takes a backseat to passion.  

Jupiter Semi-sextile Saturn on the 27th foreshadows the coming events of 2020 (as Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto will all be in Capricorn).  Both gods are in their own signs (Jupiter in Sagittarius and Saturn in Capricorn). They easily work in harmony with our outlook if we keep our spirits up and play by the rules. Progress is incremental.  Uranus is Semi-square Neptune on the 15thInnovation is favored in response to the necessary earth changes coming about.  We will see this reflected in our economy as both the stock market and real estate move sideways with some recurring blips.   We are happiest if we remain still; watch and wait.

Emotional energy drives decision; reason is in short supply.  People are more likely to hold tenaciously to ridiculous beliefs and be unusually combative.  Our best strategy is to remain light hearted, avoid arguments, be cautious with expenditures, and wait till mid-January to make major changes.

 The New Moon December 7th at 2:20 AM EST is on the 15th degree of Sagittarius. With the New Moon Squaring the Mars Neptune Conjunction in Pisces,  big ideas will be promoted with abandon. Over the next month we are apt get ahead of ourselves.  We can spend too much, take on too many activities, and wander from one celebratory activity to another.  The real purpose of this month is for us to recharge, rest, plan, clarify our beliefs.  Some powerful idealism or belief can animate much of the population.  With Mercury just having turned Direct at the tail end of Scorpio, good ideas abound; but unless we are appealing to feelings, most people will not listen.  Venus Opposes Uranus with both Squaring the Nodal axis; interruptions and unexpected intervention into our plans by outside forces can keep us on the edge of our chair all month.  Enjoy the excitement but don’t drink the Kool-Aid .

 Sun enters Capricorn (the Winter Solstice) December 21st at 5:24 PM EST.  This chart shows world events until the first day of spring.  With Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune all in their own signs, this will be a powerful period of change.  The two feminine deities are in aspect to Neptune: Moon Square, Venus Trine.  Some key changes in female leadership in government is likely.  This is a time of seeking harmony (Venus) quietly but firmly, as  Mars in Pisces is Trine the North Node in Cancer; we are ruled by our feelings as our emphatic responses open us to other people’s lives.  With Mercury Conjunct Jupiter and Square Neptune, our Higher Mind and the voice of conscience is working overtime.  Saturn Sextile Neptune (with both in their own signs): a new and promising vision of relationships begin to manifest. The building will begin in the material world over the next three months. We become more attuned to the world’s new direction.

The Full Moon is on the 22nd at 12:48 PM EST at 00  Capricorn/Cancer.  The Tibetan (who gave all of the books to Alice Bailey) said in “Esoteric Astrology” that the doorway into creation is 00 Cancer; the doorway out of creation is 00 Capricorn.  Venus in Scorpio is Semi-square the Sun, Sesquiquadrate the Moon and Trine Neptune.  Venus in Scorpio is strong, but can be fixated on the wrong thing.  Inevitably, her voice will be heard on every project (great or small) over the next two weeks.  Artistic expression during the holiday season should be astounding.

 From the 1st to the 9th is a ground clearing time.  We should get rid of everything that has outlived its usefulness.  The past is frozen, but there are a few lingering considerations that we can put to rest; it’s time to get closure.  A clean slate helps us recognize genuine opportunity.

From the 10th to the 16th creating harmony against the tide of the natural world is achieved with difficulty.  In the process of working through difficulties in our public life, relationships in our private lives improve.  Innovation opens many doors.  Taking time to thank people for assistance brings a boon.

From the 17th to the 23rd giving and receiving love is the dominant theme. Taking in a live performance will lighten everyone’s sprits.  Music, drama, acts of kindness put us in a progressive frame of mind.  We get further if we are sure of our goal.  This can be a pleasant moment to just float.

 From 24th to the 31st balancing enthusiasm with responsibility moves us closer to our real selves.  We may see the best and the worst of people simultaneously.  The whole world improves and our own lives in particular when we think more of other people’s positive qualities and forget the rest.

1st – Saturday –  Mercury enters Scorpio, Mercury Semi-sextile Venus –  Even though our habits may be fairly fixed, we need to be certain that we are progressing along the right lines.  If corrections are needed, now is the time.  Getting our ideas across will go smoothly if we take the initiative.   A little kindness and understanding go a long way.

 2nd – Sunday –  Mercury Quincunx Uranus, Venus enters Scorpio, Sun Parallel Pluto, Sun Square Mars –  Standing firm on our opinions can further our cause as long as we don’t use them as a weapon.  Others may say things to us that they later regret.  It is a blessing if we don’t overreach.  Our initial impulses may be missing the mark.  We get further if we are patient.

 3rd – Monday –  If we take a moment to imagine a better world, a creative thought process promotes  real understanding.  Passions are powerful; when correctly aimed, they will bring real results.  An attitude of collective problem solving brings a new cohesiveness.

 4th – Tuesday –  Artistic pursuits are favored.  Limiting the scope of activity to the most important subjects promises success and a feeling of satisfaction.

 5th – Wednesday –  Sun Square Neptune –  Meditation is better than escapist activities.   Playfulness is healing; our responsibilities will still need to be taken up later.  But what the heck.  Life is too short to work all the time.

 6th – Thursday –  Sun Sesquiquadrate Uranus, Mercury turns Direct –  Taking bold steps may seem like a good idea.  We will be happier in the long run if we plan, but keep our thoughts to ourselves until the weekend.

 7th – Friday –  The New Moon on the 15th degree of Sagittarius is at 2:20 AM EST, Mars Parallel then Conjunct Neptune, Sun Parallel Saturn, Mars Semi-square Uranus –  We are apt to be influenced by other people’s enthusiasm.  Assessing ideas on their own merit is better than moving with the tide of the culture.  Harnessing the passions of the moment to something that really matters can be most beneficial.  New Moon days are a good time for outlining plans for the coming month.  This one is especially promising.

 8th – Saturday –  Venus Contra-parallel Uranus –  Trying something new is not only rewarding, but may be necessary.  Change for its own sake is meaningless, but if it gets us out of a rut, it may have served its purpose.  We can cement bonds with co-thinkers, then our public life enriches our private affairs. 

9th – Sunday –  Resting today will be more productive than pushing into the world of practicality.  Down time is a blessing; when we are required to perform mundane tasks, the smartest thing is to execute them in the prescribed traditional manner, and stay emotionally neutral.

 10th – Monday –  Life is an adventure; nervous tension propels many people forward.  Staying relaxed and on task keeps us in a joyful mood.  We have our own ideas which may not involve others. Establishing our independence could be the first step to a new life.

11th – Tuesday – Mercury Quincunx Uranus, Sun Semi-sextile Pluto –  Trying to accomplish too much can drain our vitality without paying any dividends.  Distrust of others brings isolation.  Trouble is brewing when unrecognized and unprocessed emotions power our thought process.  This is a great time for probing our feelings as we reflect on recent history.

 12th – Wednesday –  Mercury enters Sagittarius –  Having faith in life is a big step in achieving harmony with the universe.  When our cause is just, help arrives in time.  Self honesty comes in stages; each step allows us to realize more of our potential.

 13th – Thursday –  Sharing our dreams brings more people into our world.  When our focus is on one person or project we find fulfillment.  When we are spread too thin, not much is accomplished.

 14th – Friday – Venus Semi-sextile Jupiter –  Passion is a power to be reckoned with.  We are lucky if we know what winning really looks like.  A lot of progress is made quickly.  This is one of those reflective moments where we must be careful what we wish for.

 15th – Saturday – Uranus Semi-square Neptune –  The stage is set for a large scale surprise. Cultural changes emerge from this starting point and will manifest throughout the rest of December and on into the new year.  We experience tension between our emotional needs and our goals. It’s best to not take eruptions in family life too seriously; they will pass.

 16th – Sunday – Sun Semi-square Venus, Venus Sextile Saturn –   Helping others by asking more from ourselves is a bridge to a quieter future.  Collective expectations create a grand stage for us to play out our own private dramas.  There are so many nice people in our lives; we just have to look around and acknowledge them.  

17th – Monday – Mars Sextile Pluto, Mercury Semi-square Pluto –  Less talk and more action puts us in tune with ourselves.  Arguments come as a byproduct of being in a hurry.  Many people struggle with mixed emotions; the best we can do is to project happiness, be forgiving, and make sure we clear with everyone around us.

 18th – Tuesday –  Everything seems to take longer than it should.  We easily float into fantasy.  This is really ok, but we do need to accomplish a few tasks today, which can’t happen until someone or something else arrives.  Hopefully, we pass time with comfortable and pleasant things while we wait.

 19th – Wednesday –   Some difficulties in romantic relationships emerge when we have inner conflict. We can’t project clarity to others when we are working against ourselves.  Taking time to really know what we want energizes us.  Great force enlivens every relationship when we follow our heart with courage. 

20th – Thursday –  Sun Trine Uranus –  The price of freedom is surrendering our need for attachment.  Liberation comes as we embrace the spirit of the moment and are willing to put thoughts into actions. Talking a good revolution is different than actually becoming involved.

21st – Friday –  Venus Trine Neptune, Mercury Conjunct Jupiter, Sun enters Capricorn –   This is why we are here.  Unforgettable love, creativity, luck, abundance; it is all available.  We just have to know how to ask.  Rapid real progress can be made if we are brave enough to act.

 22nd – Saturday –  Mercury Semi-sextile Saturn, the Full Moon is at zero degrees of Capricorn/Cancer –  Consolidate gains.  Enough has been achieved for the moment.  Wise people will relinquish the need for material security in order to achieve something much more permanent.  We are at the turning point.

 23rd – Sunday –  This is the time for heart opening.  Happiness comes from sharing our true feelings.  Artistic expression is amplified; it’s a great time to create and enjoy.  Take in some uplifting performance and you will feel its transformative power.

 24th – Monday – Mercury Parallel Jupiter, Mercury Sesquiquadrate Uranus, Mercury Square Neptune –  Thoughts are flying everywhere, lifting us to great heights.  This is an inspirational moment; we need to relish in it.  There will be time for a comprehensive assessment later.  We are able to drink deep from the pool of past experiences and still create something fantastically original.

 25th – Tuesday –  This is a pleasant day for spending time with the people who matter most in our lives.  Self expression comes easy; big ideas emerge.  Right now seems disconnected from yesterday and tomorrow.   Living in the moment can be either liberating or just plain nuts.  In any case, this is ok as we will concentrate on practical concerns later in the week.

 26th – Wednesday –  Mercury Parallel Pluto –  We have a propensity to either ignore some irritation or to dive deeply into it.  This is a wake up call.  Avoid situations where your criticism is aimed at others.  And by the same token, be easy when people seem a bit touchy.

 27th – Thursday –  Jupiter Semi-sextile Saturn –  It is better to err on the side of caution when we are trying to measure our options.  Optimism and fear of limitation play off against each other.   This is not the moment for self doubt; even if plans have to be modified in motion, it is important to keep some forward momentum.

 28th – Friday –  Venus Sextile Pluto, Mercury Parallel Saturn – Some genuine limitations confront us.  However, with disciplined thought and concentrated effort, this can still be a fun day.  Colleagues benefit from encouragement.  Many relationships need transformation; today requires us to apply some extra oomph to make these changes.

29th – Saturday – Mercury Semi-sextile Pluto, Mars Semi-sextile Uranus –  In order to grow we need to be empirical.  Gathering information from many sources, some of them new, allows us to see a more comprehensive picture of the world and our life in it.  We have to take baby steps to open new horizons. 

30th – Sunday –  Nervousness and indecision can rob us of the beauty of the day.  The die is cast.  Vacillation and procrastination are worthless.  Peace comes by acting definitively. In the process of kissing the old year goodbye, we can move through an archetype of letting go of our own past selves.

 31st – Monday –  Mercury Semi-sextile Venus, Sun Parallel Mercury,  Mars enters Aries –  After taking so many cautious steps and evaluating so many alternatives, we suddenly plunge forward with a great splash.  We are on fire and the optimism of our most cherished beliefs can catapult us toward our next adventure in 2019.

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 Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday.  In keeping with the aspects of the day, this year Katie, Teddy, and I spent a quiet evening with Tobey and Wendy celebrating.

Plans for  Christmas are taking shape.  My friend, Mary Weiss, is coming from Hawaii to be with Katie and me.  Tobey will join us a few days later after her return from Kentucky, where she will be visiting with her two sons.

New Year’s Eve will probably be a quiet affair with a few friends, playing games and sharing our intentions for 2019.

Being grateful:

The  editor of Natural Awakenings, Sharon Bruckman, wrote about the importance of gratitude in her column at the front of the magazine. We all have so much to be grateful for and I’m glad to be reminded of this.

What about  technology?  I had planned on becoming competent in some online social networking things during November.  I did replace my computer and telephone patch cord  as well as getting a new recorder.  I seemed to have eliminated any recording problems.  I have a couple of clients that have trouble receiving the downloads from my service Hightail.  I haven’t found an alternative yet.  In terms of Facebook and such, I’m not quite there yet.

I have an article to edit for a group in India, due on December 15th, so the next few weeks will be busier than normal.

In the morning the sun rises in the east and I have the habit of listening to eastern music when getting up. This is my current favorite:


The Sun sets in the west and I like listening to western music before sleep.  Give this a try:

“God alone is Real, and the goal of life is to unite with him through love. ” – Meher Baba