The Astrology Company: February 2019 by Bob Mulligan

February 2019

By Bob Mulligan

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 What makes February such an inviting month is it clearly showcases all the themes for the year.  Neptune plays an inordinately large role all of 2019, making three Squares to Jupiter (space) and three Sextiles to Saturn (time).  February begins with the first Saturn Sextile Neptune having just occurred on January 31st. (The next one is June 18th, and the last, November 8th).  Both planets are in their own rulerships.  Neptune is the planet of culture, refinement, the arts, infinite bliss.  Saturn rules structure, authority.  Saturn rules the muladara, or root chakra.  This is our fight for survival, the planet of fear, boundaries.  The Sextile shows these planets working together and completing something this year.  At the beginning of February, several planets will trigger this Sextile, enhancing this influence which extends all year.  This is the distillation phase (as Saturn is returning to Neptune) of things put in motion at the Conjunction in 1989.  The Berlin Wall came down on November 9th, 1989.  This is a productive, practical, and sobering aspect.

Jupiter Square Neptune occurs –  1/13/19 – 6/16/19 – 9/21/19.  They are both in their own rulership and thus very strong.   The positive side, this aspect instills confidence; the negative side is unrealistic expectations, and over-extension.

Even though Saturn Conjunct Pluto is not exact until January 12th of 2020, these two remain close all year.  As I mentioned last month, the Eclipse on January 5th gives us all the news for the entire year, and Saturn (lord of karma)/Pluto (absolutes) is the backdrop, the umbrella for everything else.  This is “chickens coming home to roost”.

Mars enters Taurus on the 14th, which is Valentine’s Day.   For the rest of the month, our impulses and desires will be tempered by the practical and sedentary Taurean energy; this will be grounding, but potentially passive aggressive.

Both Saturn and Pluto are on their own South Nodes and close to the South Node of the Moon.  It is said that this brings drought and unusually harsh winters.  This influence is with us for the rest of the year.

 The New Moon is on February 4th, 4:04 PM EST at 150 45″ Aquarius, and is closely Conjunct Mercury (messenger of the gods) while being Sextile both Jupiter (optimism) on one side, and Mars (aggression) on the other. A confident and forward-looking spirit forms our outlook for the month. With Mars Conjunct Uranus, an immediacy and spontaneous enthusiasm for life pushes everyone to move a little quicker.  Of course, the backdrop to all this is Jupiter Square Neptune pushing us to “roll the dice” one more time, and Saturn Sextile Neptune encouraging us to be patient and practical.  Success only comes if our faith is tempered with reason, and service to a higher cause keeps us humble.

 The Sun enters Pisces February 18th at 6:05 PM EST.  With   Mercury (mind) Conjunct Neptune (idealization) Sextile Venus (heart) Conjunct Saturn (duty), we will be having to commit to a steady course of action and stick to it if we are going to get anywhere.  With the Sun (ego) Sextile Mars (desires) and Uranus (freedom), we are pushed beyond our limits.  The Moon (mother) Trines Jupiter (ritual).  We can “thread the needle” all month by observing what is acceptable to our culture, then moving forward as part of a group.

 The Full Moon February 19th at 10:53 AM EST is at 00 Pisces/Virgo 42″. Mercury/Neptune Sextile Venus/Saturn continues the theme of needing to balance the head and heart, the practical and the spiritual. However, with the Moon in Virgo Trine Mars in Taurus and Uranus in Aries, we are apt to see some practical steps being taken in the larger world.  In our personal lives, we need to discard irrelevant and unrealistic “pipe dreams” so we can get down to basics.

 From the 1st through the 3rd concerted effort opens the door to new possibilities.  If we are up to what is being offered, and willing to trust our intuitions, it is within our scope to take a giant step forward.  Correctly placed effort allows us to rectify some long standing issues with our partners.

From the 4th through the 10th we can bring others along with our new insight, but it is most important that we stay true to ourselves.  We are being pulled in two directions: we are encouraged by the opportunities, and at the same time, we have residual fear about the future.  Knowing when we have taken enough risk is prudent.

From the 11th through the 17th following our intuitions while staying practical is a balancing act.  Bursts of energy throw us into action.  We may suffer from nervous tension, or find ourselves amidst erratic behavior.  The cosmos demands change.  Our response needs to be measured and realistic to have a lasting effect.

 From the 18th through the 24th our ideals animate our actions, but we easily get out in front of ourselves.  Extending ourselves is totally appropriate, but to be consistent with our current direction, we may need to examine our values.  We get in our own way when we want two things that oppose each other.  When a consistent and practical mind guides our behavior, we are protected from the by-product of conflicting desires.

From the 25th through the 28th immense force can be coupled to every project.  We move forward by a careful review of our past.

Deep understanding of where we have been, and why,  provides opportunities  to make a real difference in our lives, and in the lives of people around us.

1st – Friday – Mercury Semi-sextile Neptune, Mercury Semi-sextile Saturn, Mars Square Pluto – Navigating the space between the mundane and the spiritual can lead us to disregard conflict and take a bold step.  If this is just lashing out from frustration, we will reap what we sow.   We have to live our ideals if they are to have any potency.

 2nd – Saturday –  Sun Semi-square Venus, Venus Trine Uranus –  Free spirited impulses rule.  Following our heart is never wrong.  New adventuresome avenues open and our life is blessed if we can separate the real from the illusory.

3rd – Sunday – Mercury Sextile Jupiter, Venus enters Capricorn, Sun Semi-sextile Neptune –  Listening to those wiser than ourselves can build a bridge to our own wisdom.  Meditation and quiet moments help integrate various pieces of information we have gathered.  We can manifest an ideal if we are patient and persistent.

4th – Monday –  Sun Semi-sextile Saturn, the New Moon is at 15 degrees of Aquarius –  It’s time for planting thoughts and allowing our imagination to fly free.  Over-confidence can spell trouble; however, exploring options without feeling compelled to take action is positive.  Setting intentions for the coming month is a good use of time.

 5th – Tuesday – Mercury Semi-sextile Pluto –  Limiting intake of information allows us to go deeper into current interests.  Thoughts devoid of feelings are dry and lack the ability to inspire.  Moving forward will require waiting for some missing ingredient.

 6th – Wednesday –  Sun Parallel Mercury –  Some radical reorganization may be necessary to gain consensus.   Deals can be struck, but only if everyone gives a little.  We can easily become stuck on our own perception of life; others may hold a valuable key if we can listen.

7th – Thursday – Sun Sextile Jupiter, Mercury Sextile Mars –  Positive moods and optimistic expectations require action to materialize into something useful.  It is a joyful day, a time to celebrate.  Rapid interchange brings great results.  Conversation can be far reaching; we communicate with people from many different cultures, countries, and backgrounds.

 8th – Friday –  Explosive action on the world stage sets the backdrop for much of what we are doing.  Our urge for freedom is not mere escapism, but a deep inner prompting for something more out of life.  The wise will respond to the call.   Moving forward is necessary.  We need honesty to be clear on what must change.  Grand sweeping changes may be inappropriate, but something must be different now.

 9th – Saturday –   Mars Parallel Uranus, Mercury Sextile Uranus –  Expect the unexpected.  Novel ideas sprout up everywhere.  Insight broadens our perspective.  We may have been debating a radical change, and now is the moment to act.

10th – Sunday – Mercury enters Pisces, Sun Semi-sextile Pluto, Mercury Semi-square Saturn –  We are reshaping our plans to be more in tune with circumstances which seem to change daily.  Really good ideas have wings and can fly if we make meaningful changes as we move forward.  There is no universal formula present in our collective consciousness that allows progress, so some controversy and misunderstandings are inevitable.  Conflict lessens for us by overcoming personal fears.

11th – Monday –   Staying calm and enjoying the pleasures of the day can seem inviting, even more pleasurable if we include others.  Sharing tangible symbols of affection improves understanding of each other.  Romantic feelings grow when we show others we really care.

 12th – Tuesday –  Mercury Contra-parallel Mars –  We tend to be a little too quick on the trigger.  It is easy to jump to conclusions, take offense, attract an argument.  Harnessing the mental energy to something useful takes trial and error, but worth the journey.

 13th – Wednesday – Mars Conjunct Uranus, Mercury Contra-parallel Uranus –   Both thoughts and actions are spontaneous and explosive.  Being in a hurry is not necessarily a bad thing, we just have to know where we are going, and why.   Electronic innovations are in the news; something important is emerging in this arena.  The way we communicate is accelerating – again.

 14th – Thursday – Mercury Semi-square Pluto, Mars enters Taurus, Mars Semi-square Neptune –  There are so many unexplored and unacknowledged feelings.  Our emotions require ventilation, an exit point.  We need to be self-forgiving for our own judgments and shortcomings; we have to give to ourselves before we can share this attitude with others.   Our idealism may be personally enriching, but not necessarily transportable.  Closely held beliefs may need examination.

15th – Friday –  Self-assertion is useful as long as we are kind to others.  Our ideals may include others, while our actions don’t.  If our behavior and our values are in harmony, personal inquiry can stop.  We have an opportunity to offer something needed to people passing through our lives.  To give time and energy to assist those less fortunate is rewarding.

 16th – Saturday – Sun Contra-parallel Mars –  Anger, fear, or self-indulgence can have us pushing others away, even those we wish to attract.  Love is never out of style, but may seem less tangible now.  Music can be emotionally soothing.  Creating harmony is an achievable goal, but may take several attempts. 

17th – Sunday –  Venus Sextile Neptune –  It’s a great day for taking in a live performance.  All artistic endeavors are favored.  We may build castles in the air, but we still have to maintain some domicile on the earth plane.  A personal relationship with God can be found in our physical environment, especially in nature with other creatures.

 18th – Monday – Sun Sextile Uranus, Venus Conjunct Saturn, Mercury Parallel Neptune, Mercury Semi-square Uranus, Sun enters Pisces –  Even though our world view has to be comprehensive in order to be satisfying, we need a central focus for our attention; otherwise we meaninglessly dissipate our energy chasing illusions.   Dreams are necessary and very productive, as long as we know the difference between potential and actuality.

19th – Tuesday – Mercury Conjunct Neptune, Full Moon at 0Pisces/Virgo at 10:53 AM EST, Mercury Sextile Saturn –  When we link our ideals to practical concerns, we bring one chapter to a close.  This is a chance to give meaningful structure to long held plans.  We are materializing our dreams, consciously or unwittingly.  Only faith in God can substitute for genuine self- awareness.

20th – Wednesday –  Sun Contra-parallel Uranus, Sun Semi-square Saturn –  Conflicting messages can enflame some latent inner confusion.  Spontaneous bursts of energy can strain against the shackles of the ordinary.  Caught between fear of risk, and boredom with routine, we may find comfort in moderate forms of rebellion.  “Don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater.”

 21st – Thursday – Venus Semi-sextile Jupiter –  We make the stretch to bring our feelings of good luck down to earth.  Progress is secure if we know what to ask for, then stop.  Multiple objectives breed confusion and dissipation.   Long standing obligations are always in the shadows, limiting our ability to see the good; they can’t be ignored.  Honor is won by being truthful.

 22nd – Friday –  Mercury Semi-square Mars, Mercury Square Jupiter, Venus Conjunct Pluto –   It is easy to say things we will regret, to promise things in the heat of the moment that are hard to fulfill later on.  We can eat too much, spend too much, over-exercise.  But even with all of this, today can be very fortunate if we put our attention of what is really important, while doing our best to spread joy.

 23rd – Saturday –  Mars Sesquiquadrate Jupiter, Mercury Sextile Pluto –  We are prompted to act quickly, then figure it out later.  The key to success is to recognize, then own, personal material desires; see how they match up with personal beliefs about life’s purpose.   Facing limitations helps expand beyond them.

 24th – Sunday –  Deep mystical information is available for the asking.  Emotional energy is the currency that buys our ticket to higher consciousness.  Getting our heart on board the train is a necessary step.  Without this there is no real progress.

25th – Monday – The best use of today is to stay in communion with people where our emotional bond is the most sustainable.  It is a time of high hopes and critical obligations.  Even when the mood is serious, we can still have fun.

 26th – Tuesday –  Sun Semi-square Pluto –  Our heart may be in the right place, but there are these pesky difficulties that won’t go away.  When someone is in our face, and radically disagreeing with something we are saying or doing, it is very hard to connect the dots and see how we created the situation we are in.  This is an article of faith for most, but infinitely better than blaming others, or pretending the situation doesn’t exist.  Acceptance brings growth.

 27th – Wednesday – Sun Sextile Mars – Holding to a point of view is strengthening when the tides of fate seem to be at odds with our intentions.  If our timing is good (meaning, in this case, prompt), we can make progress quickly.  Consolidation follows.  Others may take our advice; we should be taking it ourselves.

 28th – Thursday –  Slow plodding steps are necessary, but effective.  An inner joy emerges from a job well done.  After a blast of the unexpected, everything seems to stabilize into a predictable and expected routine.  Staying flat and on task with our schedule is the most productive.

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I’m going to India February 27th,  returning  March 18th.  The decision came up suddenly, even though everything had been in place for this date for a while.  It’s not that my health improved so much, I just figured I had to give it a try after receiving the inner prompting to go.  I’ll be at the feet of my Master, Meher Baba, then speaking at the 42nd annual  International Astrology Conference in New Delhi.  I’ll return to Meherabad until returning home on the 18th.

Two astrologers, Scott Silverman and Darlin Romeu, offered some valuable insights into my manuscript while attending a workshop in Ft. Lauderdale.  And Mary Weiss reread my latest rendering of the introduction and first two chapters.  Many thanks, my friends.

Winter weather – climate change is everywhere.  Even though Naples is usually immune to winter weather, we have had the coldest January in my memory and perhaps on record.  Going for a walk in the morning it is now often in the 40’s and not going higher than the low 60’s by mid-day. yuck.  I got rid of the clothes for this type of weather more than 30 years ago.

Mary Weiss sent me a link to the Smithsonian website showing January 20, 2019 –  a meteor striking the Moon during the Lunar Eclipse.  As an astrologer, this can be considered an omen, a sign from God, packaged in a unique occurrence.

In recent months, I’ve received so much help from people: editing, friendships, family.  Most of my time is taken up with either seeing clients or writing.  Last month I received more emails about my newsletter than ever before.  It is a great help to me to know someone benefited from something I said.  So, thank you all for sharing with me.  I deeply appreciate you taking the time.  See you next month.

“God, Who is in everything and in everyone, is deaf to formal rituals, ceremonies, prayers in mosques, churches, and temples.  But He hears the voice of the heart.  When you help others. God knows instantly and is pleased.  No amount of prayer or meditation can do what helping others can do.”  – Avatar Meher Baba