The Astrology Company: January 2019 by Bob Mulligan

January 2019

By Bob Mulligan

(a personal note is at the end of the newsletter) 

There are so many articles and postings on the internet about 2020,  it’s as if 2019 somehow got lost in the shuffle.  Whereas 2020 is truly a terminal year, 2019 reveals the circumstances that made these changes necessary.  2019 is the culmination and logical extension of our last hundred years.  Every effect has a cause; there is a consolidation of our past leading to this cultural turning point.

Since November 8th, we have been enjoying Jupiter in Sagittarius, where he will remain until December 2nd, 2019.  This is a period of optimism, joy, expanse.  However, with Saturn (planet of limits) and Pluto (lord of death and rebirth) in Capricorn (sign of practicality), Jupiter’s expanse will be confined to the world of common sense.  We are learning to do more with less.   In 1993 Uranus and Neptune Conjuncted. This happens every 172 years and begins a new economic cycle.  In 2019 the last of three semi-squares between these two deities occur.  This is an adjustment period for our new reality.  At the most practical level we will see underlying economic cycles adjust and this will mean a flattening out of housing and normal financial markets.  There will be expanse and opportunities, but only within very narrow ranges.  What is most important is that we will all have a chance to alter our personal direction, to go through a transformation in consciousness.

January 2019 promises some thrilling changes and lots of “palace intrigue” around the globe.  We have a Solar Eclipse on January 5th and a Lunar Eclipse on the 21st.   Pluto is transiting his South Node making him very prominent this month.  Pluto in Capricorn usually topples someone or something in power. 

The New Moon on January 5th is a Solar Eclipse at 150 of Capricorn.  This Eclipse will give us all the news for the entire year as it is on the South Node (meaning carrying habits and information from the past).  This Eclipse is Conjunct Saturn and Pluto while being on the direct midpoint between the two.  The Square between Mercury and Mars shows the tug-a-war that impulse and reason are having.  Mars (god of war) is in his own sign (Aries) all month.  There is tremendous gusto in everything that happens all month.  Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune are all in their own signs.  Disagreements will not be minor.  Everyone has an opinion. 

The Sun enters Aquarius on the 20th at 4:00 AM EST.    The Moon is Opposite Saturn and Pluto, Square Mars, and Trine Neptune. Venus is Conjunct Jupiter; Mars Trines both.  The Moon is the handle of a bucket chart showing a need to find the truth and share it with others.  The Moon in Cancer suggests we are pulled between family life and public involvement.  This will be a very active month of trying to overcome fear and limitation while concentrating on joy that can be found through exploring new options.

 The Full Moon is a Lunar Eclipse at 12:15 AM EST.  With the Sun and Moon at zero degrees of Aquarius/Leo, we are inclined to be fixed in our ways, even though these signs suggest trying something new.  Uranus is Square both from Aries, showing unexpected occurrences in the environment force change.  Mars Trines the Sagittarius/ Venus/Jupiter Conjunction from his sign, Aries. This indicates our willingness to take chances and to compete for what we really want.  Mars Squares Saturn (also in his own sign) indicating that we have to try several times in order to achieve our desired results.

 From the 1st to the 6th is a time of hope and renewal.  However, there is an underlying seriousness to the week and we look to focus our enthusiasm into the most practical channels.  Sparks of excitement come to us through our relationships both old and new.

From the 7th to the 13th we are propelled forward by wild enthusiasm and high idealism.  We may be moving against the grain of external events. Caution takes a back seat as we are off on an adventure or two.  It is smart to avoid situations where many people are pushing strongly held beliefs, even when we agree with the substance of what is being said.  Overreach can spell trouble for all concerned.   Having fun doesn’t have to mean being crazy.

From the 14th to the 20th romantic and fun-loving moments make life beautiful.  We need to be in the mood for interruptions and spontaneous changes of plans.  The key here is to expand our awareness without increasing responsibilities.  This requires discretion and close observation.  We don’t want to promise more than we can deliver.

From the 21st to the 27th we may struggle to get a balance between our values and our already aligned commitments.  We want to explore, to compete in life.  Only when our vision of a better world includes everyone else do we find any sustainable happiness.  Shortsighted alliances can leave us in the lurch.

From the 28th to the 31st finding the right words comes easy when our hearts are in the right place.  It is ok to hold a point of view that differs from our surroundings as long as we let other people hold theirs.

 1st – Tuesday –  Magnetic powers of attraction are working through people, circumstances, and feelings entering our lives.  Events now are instructive, giving us clues to our own unconscious desires.  If we are smart we will “connect the dots.”

2nd – Wednesday – Sun Conjunct Saturn, Sun Semi-sextile Jupiter –  Realistic expectations are rewarded with positive results.  Cautious development of plans leave us with a feeling of hope and empowerment.

 3rd – Thursday –  Seeing new territory, visiting undiscovered corners of our world, inspires us.  If we are attentive, premonitions of things to come filter into our consciousness.  Intuitions are a powerful motivator.  Our actions may be spontaneous, but they don’t have to be chaotic.  Sensation, reason, and intuition are on a continuum and fit together nicely.

 4th – Friday – Mercury Trine Uranus, Venus Semi-square Saturn, Sun Sextile Neptune, Mercury enters Capricorn –   Mind and heart do not easily agree with each other.  Feelings of guilt or sorrow over past mistakes sap the joy from current events.  Onward and into a new set of circumstances.  We are creating a new life.

5th – Saturday – The New Moon Eclipse is at 15 degrees of Capricorn at 8:29 PM EST, Venus Quincunx Uranus –  Our desires can have us in a terrible pickle.  Quick solutions for the most part don’t work, but the long slow path to wholeness doesn’t have to be joyless.  When we keep our spirits bright help arrives.

 6th – Sunday –  Uranus turns Direct, Sun Parallel Saturn –  Even though our routines are changing, having regularity in our lives helps us make a useful plan.  Success is built on past achievements, and on knowledge gained through mistakes.

7th – Monday – Venus enter Sagittarius –  We experience more than can be expressed in words.  Innovative methods of self-expression satisfy our need to communicate some of our current experiences.  It’s a moment of expanse; consolidation and understanding comes later.

 8th – Tuesday – Mercury Square Mars –  Our initial impulses can get us in trouble.  Anger, once expressed, has its effect.  Let others have space; it is the path to personal freedom.  If we understand our own motivation, we come closer to correctly evaluating other people’s actions.

 9th – Wednesday – Jupiter Sesquiquadrate Uranus – High hopes can power us to take great risks.  Much can be accomplished quickly.  While an optimistic mood is pervasive, there are some looming challenges; while not “deal breakers”, real issues put in motion last year can’t be completely ignored.  We are best off to proceed with caution. 

10th – Thursday –  Sun Parallel Pluto –   When our cause is just, the extra energy put into projects is not wasted.  The war being waged now has long standing consequences.  Having our moral compass pointing in the right direction allows each of us to contribute to the greater good of everyone for the long term. 

11th – Friday –  Sun Parallel Jupiter, Sun Conjunct Pluto –   Much is gained and the ambitions of the moment are realized.  Reflexive posturing is silly.  We need to be deeply and completely responsible for our own actions.  We need to be careful to keep our focus on what is truly important.

 12th – Saturday –   A burst of enthusiasm can send us off on a wild goose chase.  Putting our attention on building relationships help us in the long run.  Pleasant interactions in the present moment, aimed at immediate concerns, brings lasting joy.  Old friends and alliances can take on new meaning, with new directives.

 13th – Sunday –  Venus Semi-square Pluto, Mercury Conjunct Saturn, Jupiter Square Neptune, Jupiter Parallel Pluto –  We may not be overjoyed by the tasks at hand; we may suffer emotionally.  Still, we need to take care of some pressing responsibilities and avoid hiding behind the camouflage of high sounding ideals while ignoring their immediate manifestation.  This is the time to ask important questions of ourselves and implement our truth.

 14th – Monday – Mercury Sextile Neptune, Mercury Semi-sextile Jupiter –  We feel an urgency to accomplish more than is realistic.  Baby steps in the right direction are more meaningful than grand sweeping, yet hollow, gestures.  We balance our ideals with concrete circumstances. A productive strategy?  Show patience, but take action.

15th – Tuesday –  The ideal and the practical meet in concert.  Our better nature allows us to put aside disagreements in order to accomplish something of lasting importance.  If we are true to ourselves and act appropriately, others come along eventually.  It is never wrong to care for others; but being honest and expressing our feelings also has value.

 16th – Wednesday –  Hard work and common sense pay off.  It is not easy to discard long held beliefs in favor of the great unknown, but change is inevitable; this is how we learn.  Letting go now saves us grief in the immediate future.

 17th – Thursday –  Others may seem emotionally unstable.  Relaxing and taking time to explore options can help us “tune in” to the real needs of the moment.  Nervousness is a dominant theme in every group.  Our participation can be helpful, if we are calm.  Changes in the world affect everyone.  When we remember what’s important we are at our best.

18th – Friday – Venus Trine Mars, Mercury Conjunct Pluto, Sun Square Uranus –   Romance, adventure, and the urge for freedom are so strong that most everyone is prompted to take some uncharacteristic action.  If we keep our thinking cap on, we solve long standing problems in both public and private life.  Everything we really need is right in front of us.  Identifying distractions allows us to concentrate on the brutally hard truths so we can take appropriate actions.

 19th – Saturday –  Sun Semi-square Neptune – A new consciousness is emerging and it is easy to give way to anxiety or feelings of helplessness.  We are at a resting point before a great hoopla will set us, our community, and the world on a new course.  We can enjoy the simple pleasures of the moment and save our strength for the road ahead.

 20th – Sunday – Venus Semi-sextile Saturn, Venus Sesquiquadrate Uranus, Sun enters Aquarius, Sun Semi-square Jupiter, Venus Square Neptune –  Love exists in an infinite number of forms and expressions.  Even when we don’t know how to get our deeper feelings to the surface, we profit by doing something.  Quiet moments reveal what stirs inside us.  Relationship issues have a way of sorting themselves out by simply talking.

 21st – Monday – The Full Moon at 12:16 AM EST on zero degrees of Aquarius/Leo, Mars Square Saturn –  Obstacles do not need to deter us, or even reorient us.  Anger and physical tension are impediments blocking progress.  Overlooked minutia can haunt us, but we can leapfrog over them.  Barriers have a purpose.  Understanding this is freeing.

 22nd – Tuesday –  Sun Parallel Venus, Venus Conjunct Jupiter, Mars Semi-sextile Neptune –  A well placed release of passion can transform a pleasant day into an extraordinarily lucky one.  Everyone that we help now can become part of the universal tapestry of the good, the beautiful, and the true.  This moment is designed for sharing.  We are more potent when we all work together.

 23rd – Wednesday –  Mercury Square Uranus, Mercury Parallel Saturn, Mercury Semi-square Neptune, Mercury Parallel Jupiter –  Our mental life throws us a curve ball.  Getting our thoughts coordinated requires identifying a goal.  Writing ideas down can relieve sensory overload. Clarity does not require communication.  Even brilliant ideas will need revision soon.

 24th – Thursday –  Mercury enters Aquarius, Mercury Parallel Pluto, Mercury Semi-square Jupiter –  Digging deep into the details of our current situation allows the harvesting of important data.  Secrets surface.  We know more that we can convey.  Gestation of new information comes in spurts.  The ancient well of memory is a needed asset, but can’t be our guiding light.  Our past is only a platform to launch the emerging new ideas.

 25th – Friday –  Mars Trine Jupiter –  Physical strength and enthusiasm powers us.  Personal success follows from intense activity.  An overactive mind propels our actions.  Achievement may be singular, but this is not permission to “run roughshod” over everyone else if we want contentment.

26th – Saturday –  Mars Contra-parallel Neptune –  Our energy evaporates half way through a project.  Reevaluating before we cross the finish line is not a good strategy.  We are smarter to complete what we have in motion, or abandon it outright.  Indecision is costly and a waste of time.

 27th – Sunday – Venus Semi-sextile Pluto, Jupiter Parallel Saturn –  It is all a matter of making our plans to scale.  The world is changing around us.  It is easy to see the bifurcation of society into winners and losers.  What is important is to see that unless we all improve together, progress is an illusion.

 28th – Monday – Mercury Parallel Venus –  Aligning our feelings with our thoughts seems impossible, but this is fleeting.  Coming to terms with primitive impulses that push us in one direction then another automatically puts us on the common ground between head and heart.  Inner stillness is a meditative state that ushers in genuine peace.

 29th – Tuesday –  Mercury Semi-square Venus, Sun Conjunct Mercury –  Unconventional ideas may bring colorful conversations, but not much harmony.  Being right is not as important as listening to others, then filtering what they offer through the lens of what we already know.  We can learn from each other and expand our collective horizons.

 30th – Wednesday –  Cheerfulness is a state of mind available to each one.  Thoughts of faraway places enhance our expectations.  We dream in Technicolor and look forward to better times.  This is healthy as long as we can separate inspiration from fantasy; they both have their place, but we have to know the difference. 

31st – Thursday –  Saturn Sextile Neptune –  We are on the right path, we just have to keep attuning to the road signs.  Exactly what we need is always present.  We have the good luck to see what our next step requires of us. 

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Writing this newsletter every month, and to be able to distribute it to anyone who wants it for free, is a great joy.  I plan on continuing this as long as I’m able. The composing and correcting process is lengthy.  Without my daughter, Katie, helping me, the task might be impossible.  This newsletter was particularly problematic as the stellar circumstances are chaotic, and at times, seemingly contradictory.  My friends ask me to do things and I’m always tied up working on this during the last week or so of every month.  There is an important residual payoff for putting out the newsletter.  I get to “tune in” to the cosmos and confer with so many deities and our great mother, astrology herself.  My clients reap the benefits of this time I spend in this realm.

Christmas is such a commercial adventure.  People want to give some material representation of their love for each other.  But we can easily go too far, where the real significance gets lost.  My friends, Wendy and Mary, joined Katie and I at Noon on Christmas day.  We opened stockings, exchanged many presents, and shared lunch together.  It was great.  I was mostly ready (days in advance) so it was peaceful.  My living Christmas tree was one I got a year ago at Home Depot on Black Friday.  It made it through the year and still looks pretty good.   I got rid of about 2/3 of my Christmas decorations last year so this year was much simpler.  Although I’m simplifying now, some of the presents I received on Christmas are truly wonderful additions to my life.  Three new books about life with my spiritual Master, Meher Baba, will keep me occupied for a while. “Sparking Joy” is the second book by Marie Kondo (The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up).  Mary Weiss gave it to me as a Christmas gift and I started reading it instantaneously.

Christmas is a time for family.  I have three siblings and five children.  Katie lives here in Naples so we see each other almost every day.  Juliana lives in New York City, my other children live in Myrtle Beach.  My two sisters and brother are scattered around the country.   It was a joy to speak with everyone on Christmas.

New Years Eve is always a celebration, worldwide.  I plan to be asleep by about 9 PM.

My India trip hangs in the balance.  My health is up and down…when down, I wouldn’t be able to make it.  There are two important celebrations in the Baba community near the beginning of the year.   Amartithi is January 31st; this is the day that Meher Baba left His physical body.  February 25th is His birthday.   Both times lots of people descend on Meherabad, home of Meher Baba’s Tomb.  The last time I was at Amartithi was 1982.  All through the last 35 years,  I have been at Baba’s birthday celebration, but I missed it in 2018.  Generally I aim to go when it is very low crowding so I can spend more time in Baba’s Tomb, which is the reason I go to India.  I have made a commitment to be in Delhi to speak at a conference in March; we will see.

A special thanks to you who respond to my newsletter.  It is precious to know that after all this effort, someone else got something out of it.

With much love I’m sending you good wishes for the new year. Hang onto your hats, it’s going to be wild.