The Astrology Company: March 2019 by Bob Mulligan

March 2019

By Bob Mulligan

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March holds some surprises.  Mercury turns Retrograde on the 5th then direct on the 28th.  Mercury is in Pisces (sign of his detriment) all March making logic less certain.  This can be a month of real fantasy, but it is a grand opportunity to create a vision of a better world.

Saturn and Pluto are in the same degree of declination all month; this Parallel becomes exact on the 9th.  They are both in Capricorn (sign of limitation).  This will be an ironic foreshadowing of what is coming economically, socially, and politically.  Even though Jupiter (lord of abundance) is in his rulership, Sagittarius, we are moving into a time of conservative and practical thinking.

Uranus enters Taurus on the 6th, ushering in a seven year period of Uranus (lord of infinite intelligence) being in the sign of his detriment.   Taurus is an earth sign, when Uranus transits Taurus we see changes to the earth itself.  When Uranus briefly dipped into Taurus in May of 2018 before Retrograding, the volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii exploded and poured lava everywhere for a month.  In 1934 when Uranus was in Taurus, we had the Dust Bowl which devastated the farm lands of the country.  The good news is that over the next seven years we will address global warming, for real.

The New Moon is on the 6th at 11:03 AM EST,  at 150 Pisces.   The Sun and Moon are Conjunct Neptune (god of higher vision) and Sextile Saturn (karma) in Capricorn (sign of industry), and Sextile Mars in Taurus (sign of containment).  

We will all have dreams we want to follow.  The New Moon is the perfect time to initiate new activity.  If we follow practical guidelines, while holding true to our vision of truth, much can happen for each of us that is fulfilling.  Hard work is meaningful, but only if we put our picture of reality into practice.  With Mercury Stationary Retrograde on the 29th degree of Pisces, we can be tempted to retreat into our own imaginary universe.  This is ok if we do it intentionally, but bad if we are just walking off the edge of a cliff without seeing where we are going, or why.

The Sun enters Aries (the Spring Equinox) March 20th at 5:58 PM EDT.  This is the astrological New Year.  Circumstances on earth for the next three months are described by this chart.  The Moon (the public) just Trined with both Mars and Pluto, but is now without aspect until it enters Libra, later in the day.    Mercury in his Retrograde motion is closing in on a Conjunction to Neptune.  Mercury rules the Virgo Moon; we will see some elected officials correcting former statements.  With Venus (feminine energy) in Aquarius (sign of the future) Sextile Jupiter (abundance) we see more gains made by women, and the ascendency of positive feelings.  Love and beauty become a larger part of our common culture.

The Full Moon comes on the 20th at 9:42 PM EDT at zero degrees Aries/Libra.  Both the lights have just switched signs; being right at the beginning of the new year this can be a very powerful time to let go of our personal past baggage.  Venus (love) is Square Mars (desires).  Venus in Aquarius rules Mars in Taurus.   Where conflict exists between men and women, the women hold the power.  This shows that we have to be in touch with our progressive, forward looking, gentle nature in order to make progress now.  This may be difficult in personal relationships; we all tend to be dug in to our emotional habits and points of view.  Venus Sextiles Jupiter while Mars Quincunxes him; we can transform our aggressive instincts through understanding.  Values clarification reveals what is truly important.

From the 1st through the 3rd relationships and innovative modes of expression occupy our time.  Normal conventions go by the wayside as we experiment with whatever grabs our attention.  We find our baseline for emotional involvement by linking together many different threads of knowledge.

From the 4th through the 10th every impulsive change provides an opportunity to function from a higher vibration.  We can operate from a more elevated and enlightened perspective.  Interruptions can spell trouble, if we become belligerent.  However, this is a fantastic time of learning, and for spiritual upliftment.    If we avoid overreach and over-commitment, we make real progress working together.

From the 11th through the 17th we can follow the path to truth if we are led by our hearts.  Mental confusion and mistakes are with us, but not terribly undermining if we make major decisions beyond the domain of the intellect.  Success comes by keeping our focus on a few main things; avoid being spread too thin.  We need to dive deep.

From the 18th through the 24th amazing things can be accomplished in a flash, if we are self- reliant and honest.  Measuring achievement by material results is necessary, but only half the picture.  We need to see the highway in front and plot a course regardless of how seemingly unlikely our vision will come to pass.  Personal relationships may be tough going as we need to bypass the logjam of stubbornness.

 From the 25th through the 31st holding on to a higher vision of life pays off.  When our rational mind is subservient to our emotional life, the pieces of a complex puzzle come together.  Being creative gives full vent to our imagination.  Sharing thoughts with others can be clarifying.

 1st – Friday –  Venus Square Uranus, Venus enters Aquarius –  Our desire to try something new can put our feet firmly on new soil.  We can easily be swept away in the spirit of the moment.  Our higher aspirations get an airing and at the same time we need to limit our involvement with anything that takes our attention away from the task at hand. 

2nd – Saturday – Venus Semi-square Neptune –  An untethered heart stirs the mind to think in new ways.  Others may disappoint us if our expectations are unrealistic.  Something new and beautiful can emerge by allowing our intuition to set us on the right course.

 3rd – Sunday –  Arguments and negative feelings only present themselves when we are too attached to the past.  How things used to be can’t meaningfully guide us at this juncture.  Kindness and lightness of spirit are the keys to open the door. 

4th – Monday – Sun Parallel Neptune –  Artistic, cultural, and spiritual pursuits bring a deep healing, a synthesis of thoughts and feelings.  Well timed actions allow us access to a higher vision of our purpose, unleashing our passions. 

5th – Tuesday –  Mercury turns Retrograde, Sun Semi-square Uranus –  Unfinished business gets jettisoned or completed.  Our pending file is emptied.  Still there are some people, circumstances, projects that seem to linger.  Everything turns on a dime, we have new eyes for every situation, so even the old seems new.

 6th – Wednesday –  Uranus enters Taurus, the New Moon is on the 15th degree of Pisces at 11:04 AM EST, Sun Conjunct Neptune –  It’s time to set our intentions for the coming month.  Progress comes by validating our vision of a better life, a better world.  There are forces at work beyond our personal lives, but we still have responsibilities for our own thoughts and actions.  Reaching for a ideal is never wasted energy.

 7th – Thursday – Jupiter Semi-sextile Pluto, Mercury Semi-square Mars, Venus Semi-square Jupiter –  We are threading the needle.   It is impossible to account for all contingencies.   Frustration can have tempers flaring, but if we stay on our well-chosen course, the path becomes smooth, even joyful.

 8th – Friday –  Bold actions bring quick results.  Our passions are engaged; it is possible to heal misunderstandings with carefully crafted words.  Leadership comes to those willing to rely on history while expanding personal knowledge. 

9th – Saturday –  Sun Sextile Saturn, Saturn Parallel Pluto –  Hard work along traditional and proven lines of approach brings results.  It is easy to feel overworked or stressed.  It all boils down to pacing.  There are certain things we must do, but it is important to know when we have adequately met our responsibilities.  Maximum efficiency comes by focusing on basic structure, finding our place, and keeping in motion.

 10th – Sunday – Venus Contra-parallel Mars, Mars Sextile Neptune –  Strong attractions and romantic feelings boost our enthusiasm.   Commitment to an ideal can lift everyone’s spirit.  Important past memories supply guidance. We are sustained by the historical triumphs of an ideal. There is power in goodness.  It’s time to remember. 

11th – Monday – Mercury Semi-square Venus –  Friction doesn’t always mean discord.  Other points of view expand our outlook.  We learn.  With a little work we can get our feelings aligned with our activities.  If we are slow, methodical, and careful we can achieve mutual understanding with our current milieu.  Integrating new people and information requires concentration, but is worth the effort.

 12th – Tuesday –   There is much to take note of, as the landscape of life changes once again.  Holding onto bad habits can cause trouble; it is best to release what doesn’t bring us joy.  Rendering service to others is generally a positive step;  today requires discretion; we need to have a clear idea of where our energy will matter.

 13th – Wednesday – Sun Sextile Pluto, Sun Square Jupiter –  We may be tempted to take a wild risk, a shot in the dark, escape into fantasy.  Hard work, careful planning, and keeping an eye on what is tangible is the best path.  Yes, there is good fortune, but best to let it find us rather than going on a search.

 14th – Thursday – Mars Trine Saturn, Sun Conjunct Mercury –   Even when our foundation is solid, it is difficult to be logical.  We need to lead with our intuition, even when what seems obvious and natural is right in front of us.

 15th – Friday – Venus Semi-sextile Neptune, Mercury Square Jupiter –  Matters of the heart flourish, and the range of our mental  territory multiplies.  We need to be confident, optimistic, and truthful in order to harvest the glory of the moment.

 16th – Saturday – Mercury Sextile Pluto –  Kind words further our cause.  Narrowing our attention to what is most important brings progress.  Our job is to make sure that our mind contemplates something with long term meaning.  Forces beyond our own lives can interrupt our rhythm; this may be a blessing.

17th – Sunday – Venus Semi-sextile Saturn, Mercury Sextile Mars – Commitments made now will have staying power.  Conversations can go around in circles; sometimes our communication is clear, but not much is really being said.  When feelings are locked up, it is difficult go beneath the surface.  However, there is a wellspring of past material to be digested, if we can be truthful with ourselves.

 18th – Monday – Sun Parallel Mercury, Mercury Semi-sextile Venus –  We tend to say exactly what we mean, for better or worse.  It is all in the interpretation.   Our words may have an impact we don’t intend.  Getting our ideas across to others may mean waiting a while.

 19th – Tuesday –   Taking care of details requires more attention than usual.   Slow steady progress is more meaningful than attempting to jump forward in haste.  Moments of confusion can be  punctuated with flashes of inspiration. 

20th – Wednesday – Mars Trine Pluto, Mercury Sextile Saturn –  Aspirations are realized through concerted effort and sustained reasoning.  Hard facts can be gathered through disciplined and systematic thinking.

 21st – Thursday – Venus Square Mars, Venus Sextile Jupiter, Sun Semi-sextile Uranus, Mars Quincunx Jupiter –  We energize our key projects.  The spirit of compromise is present, but we still may be working alone.  With a little planning we can help others and still accomplish our own tasks.  Attraction to unusual ideas and procedures prove promising.

 22nd – Friday –  A straight line is not always the shortest distance between two points.  Many things we work on now will take extra oomph and even changes in approach.  Staying sensitive to the needs, even whims, of others can be the key to finding help in unexpected places.  A lighthearted positive attitude unleashes a hidden treasure.

 23rd – Saturday –  Embracing things that refine our inner life brings joy.  Some problems can’t be solved by more thinking.  Unpacking the emotional intensity around current circumstances gives new insight.  Eliminating unnecessary and unhelpful items in our lives reveals something important about our ultimate values.

24th – Sunday –  Mercury Conjunct Neptune –  Confusion can follow us if we are not aware and attuned to the larger crises plaguing our culture.  Trying to solve personal concerns in isolation from the collective will leads us to a series of cul-de-sacs.  Dreaming of a better world, and imagining a time of personal contentment, helps us get closer to this reality. 

25th – Monday –  Simplifying our lives does not mean ignoring responsibilities.  Life is more than tasks, we need balance.  A feeling of sufficiency emerges when we work toward what is really important. Turbulence comes through drifting away from our main objectives.

 26th – Tuesday –  Venus enters Pisces –  Thoughts of kindness do not need to be shared in words. Actions are important; translating  sentiment into concrete behaviors may take some planning; having and maintaining the right attitude is a good first step.

 27th – Wednesday –  Our heart holds the key to current circumstances.  We are prompted to follow a new pursuit.  Spontaneous responses to interruptions make the day exciting; a new adventure awaits us.  With a little effort we can uncover forgotten assets right in front of us. Now if can only recognize them.

28th – Thursday –  Mercury Semi-square Uranus, Mercury turns Direct, Venus Contra-parallel Uranus –  Take note and see what needs to change.  We are better off if we can wait a few days to act; this is not the best moment to upend our habits or routines.  Thoughts that percolate over the next two days may end up being a game changer.

 29th – Friday –  Mercury Semi-square Uranus –  Even though we see limitations coming to us in the future, today we envision strategies for dealing effectively with these difficulties.  However, good sounding ideas don’t necessarily mean we’ve uncovered real solutions. We do best to wait before sharing.  Reality testing can separate fact from wishful thinking.

30th – Saturday –  Venus Semi-square Saturn –  Fear of rejection can stop us from approaching others.  Authority figures can symbolize current self-blockage.  Willingness to share can get us unstuck. If talking to others is not an option, journal.  Small steps in the right direction help us complete important tasks while cementing us to our ideals. 

31st – Sunday –  Mars enters Gemini –  Taking time to rest is the way to recharge.  We want to move forward, but standing still is meaningful if we really relax.  Even when we are full of nervous energy, time to integrate is necessary in order to be effective in the coming week.

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I’m on my way to India with the transiting Moon just having passed over natal and transiting Jupiter.  I’ve just completed my Jupiter return, a 12 year cycle.  I return home on March 18th.

A few weeks ago I stumbled onto a vendor selling chaga mushroom tea.  I tried it and liked it, and have started drinking it every day.  It seems to make me feel better;  Katie did some research on the internet and found that Sloan Kettering website reports chaga tea has anti-cancer properties (as well as many other health benefits).

Richard, my brother, and his girlfriend, Natalie, came for a visit over a long weekend.  They live in Michigan.  A week before they arrived, we were talking on the phone.  I was walking. It was 6 PM.  I told him to make sure he brought some warm clothes.  He asked “Bob, what is the temperature there?”  “670”  I answered (cold for us).  He said it was  -220 with two feet of snow where he was.  Luckily the weather was perfect during their visit.

Georgia Stathis (an long time colleague of mine) gave a workshop for NCGR in Ft. Lauderdale on Saturday the 23rd.  Her talk was on the upcoming Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto Conjunctions of 2020.  Georgia always has something meaningful to say, and this topic is the center piece of astrological thinking these days.  The whole audience was engaged with lots of people offering up real life examples.  I got a copy of her new book, “Pushing through Time”.  It looks great and I will read it in the next couple of weeks and report back on it next month.

While at the workshop with Georgia, my laptop stopped working.  Going to India without my laptop didn’t seem like a good option.  After talking to my tech person and fiddling with it Saturday, Sunday, and Monday…on late Monday evening Katie got it working again.

Meher Baba’s Birthday is February 25th. A few followers living in the area got together with us to share stories and memories. It was a real love fest.