The Astrology Company: April 2019 by Bob Mulligan

April 2019

By Bob Mulligan

(a personal note is at the end of the newsletter) 

Mercury (god of communication) plays an outsized role through April. At the end of March, Mercury turned direct; he was in the sign of his detriment (Pisces) and very near Neptune (lord of illusion and inspiration).  This combination of influences finishes this cycle (more or less) with Mercury Conjunct Neptune on the 2nd ; this cycle started last month on the 22nd.  Slowly our mental life will become clearer and all the gears start to mesh on the 17th with Mercury going into Aries (ruled by Mars).  Simple and direct, Mars is in Gemini (ruled by Mercury) all month.  With Mercury and Mars in each other’s signs (mutual reception) our aggressive mental spirit is strengthened.  We become more forward looking.

 Jupiter (king of the gods) turns Retrograde on the 10th.  He is still strong in his own sign (Sagittarius), but the benefits that he brings materialize more slowly in his Retrograde motion.  This is the time for looking within.  Jupiter rules values; what is important to us now?

 The New Moon is on April 5th at 4:50 AM EDT on the 15th degree of Aries.  Saturn in Capricorn Squares the New Moon while Jupiter is Sagittarius Trines it.  Saturn in his own sign will get his say, but that doesn’t have to be the whole story, as Jupiter promises benefits as long as we follow our moral compass. The New Moon is Semi-sextile the Mercury Neptune Conjunction in Pisces, encouraging us to hang on to our ideals, but only taking step wise actions going forward.  This is a balancing act. 

The Full Moon is on April 19th at 7:12 AM EDT at 29 degrees Aries/Libra.  Full Moons are a time of completion.  The 29th degree of any sign signals finishing up something.  Spring is the time of new beginnings.  This is a moment of letting go of the past  so something new can emerge. Pluto in Capricorn forms a T-Square with Sun and Moon.  This suggests a certain extreme restructuring of basic supports.  Jupiter is Trine the Sun and Sextile the Moon; we are likely shielded from the worst of the fallout of these changes.   With Uranus (lord of spontaneity) Conjunct the Sun and Opposite the Moon, unplanned events will bring unexpected results.

Sun enters Taurus April 20th at 4:56 AM EDT.  With Venus Square Jupiter we are likely to extend ourselves beyond our foundation.  Excitement comes via the Sun Conjunct Uranus.  The whole transit of the Sun through Taurus is likely to be a rollercoaster ride.  Moon Trine Neptune shows the general mood of the public will find relief through entertainment.  Conscious people will be looking within for meaning.

 From the 1st to the 7th it is easy to fall into negative thinking as our imagination can run wild.  Clarity comes by remaining steadfast.  Bit by bit we see more clearly what is really at stake in our lives. Although others can help, so much of what needs to be accomplished now seems entirely dependent on individual effort.

From the 8th to the 14th creative, artistic, and dramatic performances reveal a new layer of meaning, lifting everyone’s spirits.  Even the most mundane events can elevate us beyond the ordinary.  Success comes by limiting expectations, narrowing focus, and taking our winnings off the table.

 From the 15th to the 21st we have the privilege of seeing how persistence brings results. After many weeks of confusion and uncertainty, the fog finally lifts.  More energy and single minded determination goes into every project.

From the 22nd to the 30th critical information coming from unlikely sources can spare us much grief.  A spontaneous urge to express our own uniqueness doesn’t necessarily mean we are on the right track.  It is time for a change; obstinacy blocks meaningful progress.

1st – Monday –  Emotional energy and suppositions tend to power interactions.  Everyone is a little too quick to react to circumstances.  Our own suspicions and fears easily get projected onto others.

2nd – Tuesday – Mars Semi-sextile Uranus, Mercury Conjunct Neptune, Venus Semi-square Pluto –  We are caught between a higher vision of life and what looks like a narrow path through a maze of practical concerns.  A few overtures in the right direction are more meaningful than half-hearted allegiance to a theoretical truth. 

3rd – Wednesday –  Mars Contra-parallel Saturn, Sun Contra-parallel Mercury – Even though progress may be slow, we speed things up if we take time to check our basic assumptions.  Getting in tune with the will of the cosmos can guide us toward greater economy of effort.

 4th – Thursday –  Mars Contra-parallel Pluto,  Sun Contra-parallel Neptune –  Even though we experience tremendous energy, there is conflict between immediate gains and long term viability.  Contemplation and meditation can bring us deep inside ourselves which prepares us for the next step.

 5th – Friday –  The New Moon is at 15o Aries at 4:50 AM EDT –  It’s a time of planting.  We will benefit by taking stock of where we are, where we have been, and where we want to go next.  Although we may feel inspired to take a quick jump into something new, our time is best spent making sure our compass is working correctly.

 6th – Saturday –  The unexpected keeps arriving; stability is in short supply.  Taking time to just enjoy the show is more meaningful than trying to control the flow of events.  Organizing our thoughts around practical concerns can give much needed structure to our whole mental lives.

 7th – Sunday –  Mercury Sextile Saturn, Sun Semi-sextile Neptune, Mars Sesquiquadrate Saturn, Sun Contra-parallel Venus –  New information has to be organized if it is to be useful.  Patience is necessary as there are no quick solutions to the difficulties stretching out in front of us now.  The good news is, what we are building now is built to last.

 8th – Monday –  Our lives are flooded with new ideas.  But the information is only significant when it is attached to a value. Agricultural innovations point to our inherent connection to nature and to each other.

 9th – Tuesday –  Venus Semi-square Uranus –  Our enthusiasm captures the attention of others.  With other people involved in our lives, our normal activities are disrupted.  Changes bring options. A higher form of love evolves through casual contacts.

 10th – Wednesday –  Venus Conjunct Neptune, Sun Square Saturn, Jupiter turns Retrograde, Venus Parallel Neptune, Mercury Sextile Pluto –  Creativity is reaching new levels making life more beautiful.  We are prompted to respond to life situations with joy; this increases the positive effect in our lives.  By observing established boundaries, we are able to drill down to what is most basic.  Limitation can bring depth.

 11th – Thursday –  Mercury Square Jupiter –  We have the information and the ideas; overly optimistic projections can carry us wide of our mark.  Good ideas can flounder because our expectations, promises, or our tools are not appropriate for our mission.

 12th – Friday – Mars Sesquiquadrate Pluto, Venus Sextile Saturn, Mars Contra-parallel Jupiter –  We have the energy, the enthusiasm, and the commitment to make real progress on something important. It is all about the timing and regulating how we use our energy.

 13th – Saturday –  Sun Square Pluto –  We may be stymied as inner conflict prohibits growth.  It is worthwhile evaluating where we make our commitments.  The world is changing and there is no value in continuing to invest in worn out forms.

14th – Sunday –  Sun Trine Jupiter, Sun Semi-square Mars, Venus Sextile Pluto –  The pieces all come together and forward motion is secure.  We must keep moving even when common sense indicates that we should stay put.  It’s one of those moments when our heart knows better than our heads.

 15th – Monday –  Venus Square Jupiter –  Aiming at a big target is a good thing; being able to hit our mark requires breaking our moves down into a series of intermediate steps.  All goes well when intellect and intuition work together.

16th – Tuesday –  It is a blessing if we can simply feel content.  Going slow while observing makes more sense when the tools and the projects don’t match.  This is a time to practice patience.

 17th – Wednesday –  Mercury enters Aries –  The gears start to mesh and we can see more clearly what needs to be done.  Others have information we need; this is a great time for sharing and summarizing our immediate goals.

 18th – Thursday –  Mercury Semi-sextile Uranus –  We may hear things that are uncomfortable, even disruptive.  We are eliminating some things from our lives; this is necessary.  Cleansing ourselves of the past allows more space for that which is truly important.

 19th – Friday –  The Full Moon is on the 29th degree of Aries/Libra at 7:12 AM EDT –   We are caught between wanting to complete our own projects and not wanting to disappoint others.  Interruptions may decide the case.  Having a measured response to changes in circumstance allows us to keep working and to be detached from the outcome. 

20th – Saturday –  Sun enters Taurus, Venus enters Aries –   As we establish inner balance, we help others.  Progress is slower than we would like, but we do manage to keep going.  Sedentary moods and erratic actions seem to stretch us in opposite directions.  Alternative ideas, while breaking our traditional patterns, still need to be judged on their own merit. 

21st – Sunday – Sun Parallel Uranus, Sun Semi-sextile Venus –  Lightening our load means finding a new way of handling responsibilities.  Life is an adventure when we continue to take delight in unique strategies at every step of the way.  Every moment has its own special gift.

 22nd – Monday – Venus Semi-sextile Uranus, Mercury Contra-parallel Venus, Sun Conjunct Uranus –   Circumstances change rapidly and we can see some new opportunities.  Our enthusiasm doesn’t necessarily translate into action for others.  Innovation may be for our eyes only.  Still, it is worthwhile communicating what we know.

 23rd – Tuesday –  Sun Semi-square Neptune –  Our inner resources get a boost.   Plan carefully, then relax.  Generosity flows naturally from a feeling of abundance.

 24th – Wednesday –  Pluto turns Retrograde –   A pensive and cautious mood colors what we do.  Some doors are closing.  It is time to take stock of what we really want, what will really help us in the journey in front of us.

25th – Thursday –   Staying on a straight course with few alterations is the best plan.  Our prescribed  chores can be handled without much fanfare.  Even though our tasks may be humdrum, we can still be cheerful even if the mood is solemn.

 26th – Friday –  Just because something is unconventional doesn’t make it better than everyday logic.  We will get further by taking note of profound insights while keeping our own behavior on the straight and narrow.

 27th – Saturday –  Mars Semi-square Uranus, Mars Square Neptune –   An underlying nervousness and disquietedness animates people’s behavior.  Change for its own sake is meaningless and even counter-productive. Take time to listen to others, gather information, and be patient.  Friendly conversation can reveal more than shows on the surface.

 28th – Sunday –  Dreams, visions, creative imagination are all important.  Our finer thoughts come through with less definition than normal, but may have profound impact none-the-less.

 29th – Monday –  Sun Sesquiquadrate Jupiter, Mercury Semi-sextile Neptune, Saturn turns Retrograde –    Logic takes a holiday and we have more fun, go further, and sleep better if we follow our intuitions.  Hunches are often correct.  Enduring values exist outside of time.  Past experiences illuminate our current situation, not by repetition, but by revealing hard won lessons.

 30th – Tuesday –  Painful experiences from the past fade in significance when we bring our attention to what is basic in our belief system.  Our spirits lift as we put energy into the things that bring us joy.  This is to water the roots of our tree of life.

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My 58th pilgrimage to India (from February 27th – March 18th) was life changing.  After arriving back in Naples,  I had planned on taking the next day off.  I ended up having a session with a client who needed immediate attention on the afternoon of the 19th.  On the morning of the 20th  I had another client session, went to my chiropractor, massage therapist, then my health collapsed.  I must have picked up a virus on the return flight.  It has been 20 years since having a cold or flu but I got a doozy.  The 22nd– 25th I was in bed…I did see a client over the phone on Monday the 25th.  I started seeing clients in person on the 27th and 28th.  Other than having to postpone many things, getting my newsletter out became challenging.  I slept for 11 hours over the night of the 28th and 29th, then another 11 hours the night of the 30th and 31st.

The very good news is that my overall health on my flights going over and coming back to India was fine.  So much so, I’ve already started planning my next pilgrimage.

While in India I read my diaries from past trips, starting with my first one in 1976.  Six of my pilgrimages ( between 2000 – 2003) were at home in handwritten form so I wasn’t able to review them.  Now that I’m home I’ll be able to give them a reading.  This was a particularly difficult period in my own inner journey.  It is good to take a cold, honest look at where we have been every so often.  I’ve spent the last five years in this type of review.  Hopefully, I’m more conscious because of this.  Life is very short; the past is frozen; the best we can do is recognize our mistakes and do better going forward.

From March 8th to the 12th I was in New Delhi at a big international astrology conference.  I met people from Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, Slovenia, Belgium, Los Angeles and Chicago, Mauritius, and several states in India.  The hotel the conference organizer put me in was beautiful with all Western conveniences, including easy access internet.  The conference itself was interesting.  They had so many award ceremonies, I’ve been garlanded and awarded many times over.  I was glad for the experience and very happy to make the trip back to Meherabad for the last part of my pilgrimage.

My two sisters are in Bhutan.  They like to travel together and have seen many foreign countries.  They get home on April 7th and I’m excited to hear of their adventures.

My oldest child, Hannah, got married in February.  She and her boyfriend, Justin, eloped.  They married on Maui and told us all when they got home.

Two of my closest friends, John and Natalie, are in chemo-therapy. There is a fundraiser for Natalie today (March 31st) and some kind soul has offered matching funds.

I took Georgia Stathis’s  book, “Pushing through Time,” to India with me.  It is well written and well conceived.  For those of you who are interested in what is happening in our society and why, this is an important book.  She takes time to explain how synodic cycles work, this is angular separation between planets.  Many cycles are illustrated with historical examples; but particularly timely are the Jupiter/Saturn cycle, Saturn/Pluto cycle, and the Jupiter/Pluto cycle.  These three cycles are all winding up this year and starting over in 2020.   This work fills an important missing link in astrological literature, describing how large planet cycles affect society and our personal lives.  It is easy and fun to read.  It is possible to apply this material directly to your own chart, even if you are not particularly studied in astrology.  Bravo, Georgia!

Asked by a news reporter to summarize his philosophy in three words, Gandhi replied “renounce and enjoy.”