The Astrology Company: May 2019 by Bob Mulligan

May 2019

By Bob Mulligan

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 Life is like a river that is ever changing.  As each month passes, the world is changed and never the same.  However, this truism will have a deeper and more pressing meaning now. The month of May begins with the final of three Uranus Semi-square Neptune aspects.  The first two (June 16, 2018 and December 15, 2018) started expressing the meaning of this Conjunction occurring back in 1993.

Saturn, Pluto, South Node of the Moon travel together all month and will augment fear, isolation, and clinging to traditional structures which are passing away.  For the conscious people, this is a time of discipline and accepting responsibility for our situation.

 The New Moon on the 4th at 6:45 PM EDT – 140 Taurus 10′ is very near the world point indicating the potency and importance of this New Moon for all of us. With Trine Saturn (hard facts) on the South Node (collective karma) in Capricorn (Saturn’s sign) and Sextile Neptune (lord of culture) in Pisces (Neptune’s sign), we have the opportunity to lift our awareness to a new level and put our lives on a new plateau.  Mars is Opposite Jupiter (becoming exact on the 5th); although this is an aspect of competition, the real struggle for growth oriented people is inner.  There is a conflict between momentary interests and long term values. This struggle goes on until the 15th when Mars enters Cancer and the pressure is released.

 The Full Moon on the 18th at 5:11 pm EDT at 27 degrees of Taurus/Scorpio, is Trine Pluto (lord of life and death) in Capricorn (sign of endings).  Infinite power to create is present, and what is set forward now will bear fruit.  With Venus (goddess of love) Conjunct Uranus (infinite intelligence) both Sextile Mars (desire), we can find a new way of being in relationship with each other.  Regardless of what we do, our connections with close ones will alter over the next couple of weeks.

The Sun enters Gemini on the 21st at 4:00 AM EDT. The Ruler, Mercury, is on the 29th degree of Taurus – the Moon is zero Capricorn Trine Uranus, Opposite Mars at 3o Cancer.  This map shows that we are led or forced into a new way of thinking over the next solar month.  At the same time, relinquishing old habits will not be easy or pain free.  On the physical plane, as one person dies, another is born.  As one thing leaves us, something new enters our life.

 From the 1st to the 5th is a time of high adventure. Nervous enthusiasm propels events forward. A competitive spirit may push many to reach a new record of personal achievement. We are learning some important lessons and we will have to do things in a new way.

From the 6th to the 12th real innovation comes through the most practical channels. Our creativity takes on a reflective tone, and we are looking back at where we have been; the thrust of the new world order has us moving into undiscovered territory.

From the 13th to the 19th hard work, earnest effort, and complete honesty bring progress in the work-a-day world, but also warmth in our personal lives.  Both love and money are on the increase and we can get what we are due, for better or worse; this is karmic cleanup.

From the 20th to the 26th we need to put on our “thinking caps”.  We must recalibrate our thought process.  At the same time, we are having more trouble than usual shaking loose from old routines.  Unfulfilled emotional needs run counter to the urge to find mental freedom in up-to-the-minute technologies.

From the 27th to the 31st a mystical glow covers all that happens, even while many practical decisions are made, and put into action.  To the less aware, this can be confusing or even annoying; to the unconscious everything seems to just be bland.  For growth conscious people, this is a time of deep insight and transformative creativity.

1st – Wednesday –  Mercury Contra-parallel Neptune, Mercury Sextile Mars, Mercury Square Saturn, Mars Quincunx Saturn, Uranus Semi-square Neptune –  We feel the cosmic unrest; this may materialize as personal nervousness, dampened enthusiasm, and impulsiveness. We can work at cross purposes with our own declared goals.  If we keep looking up, we will see a higher way through the current labyrinth of options.

 2nd – Thursday – Mercury Square Pluto, Mercury Trine Jupiter –  Some limitations are actual, some self-imposed.  When we operate from a higher station, a position of conscience, we easily see how to navigate on the road ahead.  When we see only difficulties and limitations, we miss unique opportunities. Talking to someone outside our current situation helps.

 3rd – Friday –  It’s time to do something new.  Although there are interruptions, we need time to contemplate in order to establish and maintain inner peace.

 4th – Saturday –  The New Moon is on the 14th degree of Taurus at 6:46 PM EDT –  It is time to plot a practical course for the next month.  What we put energy into now will materialize in some form.  It may not be exactly what we had in mind; forces beyond our reach and out of sight are having an impact.  We should make room in our lives for the obvious repercussions of past actions; the effects are cumulative and building momentum.

 5th – Sunday –  Mars Quincunx Pluto, Venus Semi-sextile Neptune, Venus Contra-parallel Neptune, Mars Opposite Jupiter –  Although it takes a certain amount of energy and attention to accomplish any task,  nurturing our creative spirit, and acknowledging the good in our culture, matter more than raw assertion.  Little by little a new doorway opens.  Current facts may not match our theories, but time will change our perceptions.

 6th – Monday –  Mercury enters Taurus –  We take stock of where we have been.  It is useful to reevaluate what we have, what we want, and what our heart tells us will make us happy.  Progress is slow, but can be permanent.

 7th – Tuesday – Venus Square Saturn –  Looking closely at what we need to accomplish (and where our responsibilities lie) can free us from unnecessary self-criticism.  Changing self limiting habits gives a new perspective on life.

 8th – Wednesday – Mercury Semi-square Neptune, Mercury Uranus, Sun Sextile Neptune –  There is a unique interplay between our personal lives and the culture at large.  Opportunities are present to take a step forward if we assess our lives accurately.  We are challenged to hold onto our dreams against the odds, but it is worth the effort.

 9th – Thursday – Jupiter Semi-sextile Pluto, Venus Trine Jupiter, Venus Square Pluto, Mercury Parallel Uranus –  Circumstances develop so quickly that we must decide what events to embrace, and which ones to give a pass to.  Actions we have taken over the last few days need to be recorded if we are going to take advantage of the full spectrum of what is happening now.  We have an opportunity to take a genuine leap in consciousness.

 10th – Friday –  Mercury Sesquiquadrate Jupiter –  We want to present something of our own creation to others.  It is ok to be practical and flamboyant simultaneously. The real action is to look at what we embrace and what we discard.  Are we living in accordance with our own conscience and highest ideals?  If we are, then we win.  If not, we know where our work has to be.

 11th – Saturday –  Sun Trine Saturn –  Discipline and hard work bring the reward of a job well done;  a quiet satisfaction comes from fulfilling our responsibilities.  Inertia is a good thing if we are moving, even if we are moving in slow motion.  However, if we are inert, it’s time to focus on that which brings us inspiration.  

 12th – Sunday –  We may bend over backwards taking care of details.  We all need to know when we have done our best, and then move onto the next frame of experience.  Sudden new insights can emerge as we go onto the next thing.

 13th – Monday –  Mercury Semi-square Mars, Sun Quincunx Jupiter, Sun Trine Pluto –  When we drive toward our goal we progress rapidly if we harness all available resources intelligently.  Others may not support our cause and we are best if we don’t waste time arguing or trying to change anyone’s mind. People are dug in to a point of view and a truly open mind is a rare commodity.

 14th – Tuesday –  Venus Sextile Mars – Our attractions can be fruitful if we communicate directly with those that really interest us.  Excitement and enthusiasm build as our energy merges with the people most important in our lives.

 15th – Wednesday –  Venus enters Taurus, Mercury Sextile Neptune, Mars enters Cancer –  A softness and easy going demeanor lifts our spirits and makes dealing with others pleasurable.  Our creative energy pushes us toward new insights. New information can solve old problems.  A door opens.

 16th – Thursday –  Mercury Trine Saturn –  We know what we must do; now is the time to put forth sustained effort and to stay focused.  Patience comes in solitude.  Looking for practical results for our effort is meaningful if we maintain the long view of circumstances.  We take a step forward, but not everything has to be accomplished now.

17th – Friday –  Mercury Quincunx Jupiter –  Our values are put to a test.  Some important facts don’t match our general picture of life.  Wishful thinking or over-extension can be costly.  Decisions we make now can affect our material life.  If we are headed in the right direction, some significant items in our lives will have to be put on hold.

18th – Saturday –  Venus Semi-square Neptune, Mercury Trine Pluto, Venus Conjunct Uranus, the Full Moon is at 5:12 PM EDT on the 27th degree of Taurus/Scorpio –  The flurry of activity can be a reflection of a general dissatisfaction with our direction.  We have to let go of what is in our hand if we want to pick up something else.  This is a great time for spiritual renewal.  Being receptive to higher forces is more important than acquiring something material, but that is a choice that each must make.  Both are available.

 19th – Sunday –  Can we just glide for a while?  A day of rest is a good plan.  Recharging our internal batteries will help for what is coming. Writing, planning, looking down the road ahead are all meaningful.

 20th – Monday –  Sun Parallel Mercury, Venus Sesquiquadrate Jupiter –  We can be playing our cards too close to our chest, then suddenly taking a leap and being disappointed. Reaching for things beyond our foundation can set us back…another learning experience.  If we take a moment to review options, we come up with tangible strategies for making sustainable progress.

 21st – Tuesday –  Venus Parallel Uranus, Sun enters Gemini, Mercury enters Gemini, Sun Conjuncts Mercury –  Excitement can sweep us off our feet.  Change is coming regardless of whether or not it is welcome.  Arguments can break out as everyone has an opinion.  What is really at stake is a new way versus the old way.  People can disagree for emotional reasons and the underlying cause is not evident.

 22nd – Wednesday –  Mars Sextile Uranus –  Even though innovation is all around us, we are better off keeping on a consistent and reliable path today.  We are happiest and safest by taking a conservative approach to problem solving.  The world is full of so much information now, we can get lost in detail.  The sanest strategy today is to focus on the practical information that, when applied, keeps the train on the railroad track.

 23rd – Thursday –  Mercury Contra-parallel Saturn, Mercury Semi-sextile Uranus, Mercury Semi-sextile Mars, Mercury Contra-parallel Pluto, Mercury Sesquiquadrate Saturn –  A mental balancing act allows us to concentrate our attention on a few things.  Routine obligations can be accomplished with a certain panache.  We are caught between the traditional way and the call of innovation.  It can be “hurry up and wait”.  Finding our natural rhythm makes exploration fun and safe.

 24th – Friday –  Mercury Sesquiquadrate Pluto, Mercury Contra-parallel Jupiter –  Harvesting the bounty before us is dependent on knowing where to look.  We may feel too much in a hurry to interpret what our higher self is telling us.  Acting in accordance with our conscience brings satisfaction, but not rest.  Circumstances keep changing.

 25th – Saturday –  Sun Semi-sextile Uranus –  We can find freedom by developing a new relationship to the material world.  We need to find the midpoint between monotony and chaos.  Life improves by breaking with the past. 

26th – Sunday –  Sun Sesquiquadrate Saturn –  By enforcing limits on the flow of information, we achieve stability and security. The mental separation, between the practical and the imagined, points to the complexity of the moment, but also the two aspects of our nature that are being stimulated.

27th – Monday – We needn’t be afraid of that which we do not understand.  So much help comes pouring into our lives.  We must receive.  Yes, we can just relax and enjoy the show, but we are so much better off if we are creating something.

28th – Tuesday –  Mercury Semi-sextile Venus –  We can listen, and we can express ourselves, but still not feel empowered to promote what we really want.  Even though life is much more than survival, it is important to make sure that we take care of basic necessities.

 29th – Wednesday – Mercury Parallel Mars, Sun Contra-parallel Saturn, Sun Sesquiquadrate Pluto, Mercury Square Neptune –  Conflict emerges between what we want and what we must do.  Mechanical actions bring results even when our heart is not into it.  However, if we can quell our nervousness, and steady our thoughts through contemplation, we will see a larger purpose behind our current struggles.

 30th – Thursday – Mercury Semi-square Uranus, Mercury Quincunx Saturn, Venus Sextile Neptune, Sun Contra-parallel Pluto, Mercury Opposite Jupiter –  We can have great ideas without any chance of translating them into activities.  There are great resources hidden within; today (more than most), it is possible to access distillations from past experiences.  This residue of personal history illuminates our current journey.  Art, music, literature, dramatic performances all have the ability to lift our spirits.

 31st – Friday –  Venus Trine Saturn, Sun Semi-sextile Mars, Mercury Quincunx Pluto –  Once a decision has been made, a deal has been struck, it is best to stick to the terms and conditions.  Thoughts will wander and options will be entertained.  Regardless of everything else, we must feel really comfortable with the direction and attitude we have in life.

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At the time of the Full Moon (with the Sun in Taurus and the Moon in Scorpio), we celebrate the Wesak Festival.  This year it occurs on May 18th at 5:12 PM EDT on the 27th degree of these signs.  According to tradition, this is when the Buddha returns and renews the planet.  The Buddha was born, obtained enlightenment, and left His physical form at the time of this Full Moon.

 The reason I don’t comment much on politics is that my job is to raise consciousness, to bring people together.  Politics tend to divide people.    Politics is the social mechanism for how we live together.  Recently, I felt inspired to write an article for the ISAR Journal which will be published in August.  The article is a short astrological study of a political figure, Alexandra Ocasia-Cortez, and how she became the Congresswoman from the 14th district of  New York.  If you would like an advanced copy of it, write me.  The article is called, “The Rising Star”.

Melinda Gates wrote a new book which I haven’t read yet, “The Moment of Lift”.  I’ve read excerpts of this book and several recent interviews with Melinda.  The stories of her visits to villages in the developing nations (and the discussions with women about their lives) was very enlightening and shows that there are many good things happening to improve life on the planet.

Someone gave me a subscription to Time Magazine, apparently as a Christmas present.  I took it as a gift from God and I have been reading it.  The latest edition was on the 100 most influential people.  I was surprised, the majority of the people listed were strangers to me.  But now I’m reading the short biographies of these people and learning more about our world.

My friend, Dagmar, who lives in France, sent me a link to a video about the dangers of G5, which is coming to the internet and our cell phone services now.  This video seems to be very well documented, but I just received it and haven’t had a chance to research these claims.  However, I have been very interested to study every possible manifestation of Uranus Semi-square Neptune, which is the unfoldment of the 1993 Conjunction between these two planets, which was the start of the internet.  Here is the link:  It is frightening to watch, but worth the trip.  As I was saying, I received this video just yesterday and I’m passing it along.  Over the next month I’ll study this.

There is hidden meaning in music.  So many songs are composed preaching love.   But the love that is professed in most songs is about a romance between two people.  Really all love songs are about the love for the Divine.  The Divine Romance is often hidden, even from the composer.  One easy example of this is in a song called “Green Eyes” by Kate Wolf.  If you are so inclined, give it a listen:

When at the astrology conference in Delhi, I met Aswin Balaji.  He sent me a copy of his magazine, “Celestial Vibes.”  I was impressed.  All the articles in this magazine are high caliber.  Aswin is playing a role in bringing the eastern and western worlds closer together.

We like each other;  he asked me to speak at his online conference.  Further, he liked my talk at the conference in Delhi and asked me to do an expanded version of this talk, “The Five Gifts of Astrology” which is the first chapter of my book.  Over the last many years, I have edited this material many times, and it seems to take a quantum leap forward every time I present it live.

Many of the other speakers are people I know to be insightful in the field of astrology.  Some are people I will be hearing for the first time.  Regardless, I trust Aswin has put together something meaningful and beautiful.  Speakers are from all over the world.  Aswin, who organized the conference/symposium, lives in Chennai, India.

Celestial Vibes Symposium June 14th -16th 2019 –

Live streaming link is at:

You can subscribe to his wonderful magazine at :

The Conference is free – but you must register in order to receive a link that will get you in.  Take a look at the conference page –

When: June 14th 4:30 PM EDT to June 16th 2:00 PM EDT.