The Astrology Company: June 2019 by Bob Mulligan

June 2019

By Bob Mulligan

(a personal note is at the end of the newsletter) 

June is operating under the backdrop of the South Node of the Moon, Saturn, and Pluto Conjunct in Capricorn. This has been the case for the last several months, and they remain close to each other until October. Mercury (thinking) and Mars (desires) are in Cancer most of the month; on the 21st, the Sun crosses into Cancer.  The tension between Capricorn (law and order) and Cancer (nurturing and family) pulls us in two directions: what we feel we must do, and what we would rather do.  This pressure will emerge in our personal lives, but also on the world stage. 

On the 6th, Jupiter is Sesquiquadrate Uranus.  This electrifying jolt of good fortune comes three days after the New Moon in Gemini.  Everyone’s central nervous system is driving at double speed, and the excitement will be there, but our attention moves from our personal lives to the culture as a whole as we approach mid-month.  

From the 14th to the 19th we are forced to make compromises between two competing courses of action…or take the higher road, which means accommodating both our impulse to expand, while understanding and integrating the root of our fears. Jupiter is Semi-sextile Saturn on the 14th right after the Mars/Saturn Opposition.  This Semi-sextile aspect between Jupiter and Saturn encourages us to take a step forward, to expand intelligently. 

Saturn (Fear) must be transformed into self-discipline while establishing and reinforcing boundaries. Mars (self-importance and grasping) can be transformed by identifying with the needs of a group (Cancer), then putting effort into fulfilling this perception.  The urge to expand comes full force with Jupiter Square Neptune on the 16th. But unless harnessed to some dimension of spiritual practice, these impulses can erupt in violence on the 19th when Mars (god of war) Opposes Pluto (life and death).  This month has its ups and downs, but the celestial gods are blessing us with deeper self knowledge. 

The New Moon on the 3rd at 6:03 AM EDT on the 12th degree of Gemini, occurs with Mercury at 27 Gemini.  Jupiter at 20 degrees of Sagittarius is Opposite both and on the inverse mid-point between them.  The bottom line, Jupiter demands that collected facts must have a clear purpose and serve some ultimate value.  Neptune in Pisces forms a T-Square with Jupiter on one side, and the New Moon/Mercury on the other.   Because this takes place in Mutable signs (our mental life), all month we will be forced to change plans, adjust methods, and accommodate unforeseen influences both from other people as well as the environment. 

The Full Moon is on the 17th at 4:30 AM EDT at 25Gemini/Sagittarius 53′.  Neptune is at the base of a T-Square,  Squaring the Sun on one side, and Moon/Jupiter on the other; all in mutable signs. This continues much of the excitement and tension begun at the New Moon.  The major difference: New Moons initiate, Full Moons complete and discard.  With Mercury Conjunct Mars on the North Node (positive collective action) Opposite Saturn/Pluto on the South Node (habits from the past), the struggle between having and detaching reaches a fever pitch and offers us resolution.  What do we really want?

The Sun Enters Scorpio on the 21st  at 11:55 AM EDT –  The Moon in Aquarius plays a dominant role.  The Moon is always important when the Sun enters a new sign, but even more so when the Sun enters the Moon’s own sign, Cancer.  Aquarius is innovative, Moon is the general public; for the next three months the global population will want change, personal freedom, to try something new. With the Moon Sextile Jupiter (luck) and Semi-sextile both Saturn (manifestation) and Neptune (ideals), real change is inevitable. Remember, all three cosmic deities are in their own sign, so they are massively strong; through the Moon they affect all.  Oppositions between Cancer and Capricorn show tension between what we want and what must be done.  Neptune in a T-Square with Venus Opposite Jupiter brings us much good if we know how, when, and where to harvest it.  Neptune (Infinite Bliss) Trining the North Node of the Moon in Cancer shows us that the way out is beyond the mind, and to help the larger public; this is true for the world culture, but more importantly, for each of us as individuals.

From the 1st to the 9th we can suffer from exhaustion as more is going on around us than we can assimilate. Mental stimulation is overwhelming; we may feel our mind is pregnant trying to give birth to a new way of being.  We must choose wisely from the smorgasbord of options.  We can’t digest all that we might ingest. Not only is some moderation called for, but we need to be capable of getting proper rest.

From the 10th to the 16th we need to pare down our belongings, commitments, and interests.  It’s all about sequencing.  We can accomplish much by doing one thing at a time until it is completed.  After finishing one thing, we need to celebrate and acknowledge a job well done before climbing into another activity.  We dream big, but we will ultimately be measured by what we are able to manifest.  Translating values into regular behavior takes effort. We learn something new.

From the 17th to the 23rd we make trouble for ourselves if we express our ideas with too much enthusiasm.  Avoid arguing; violent feelings lurk just below the surface of the collective mind. We can see what we need in order to get where we want to go, but getting our vehicle to match requirements of the journey can be challenging.  Facts and values don’t always line up.

From 24th to the 30th a flight of fancy can break the pattern that seems to descend around us.  We have strong preferences, and it is difficult to allow space for other points of view. Being committed to an idea or course of action is fine, but spells trouble if we don’t leave space for differences.

 1st – Saturday –  Venus Quincunx Jupiter –  Can we hold on to an ideal of freedom and keep gathering more material wealth?  Freeing our mind to contemplate what is truly important may be a lifelong mission, but lessons today make this abundantly clear.

 2nd – Sunday –  Venus Trine Pluto –  Choosing to focus on long lasting practical concerns is the most positive meditation.  Staying calm is a lofty goal, but difficult to achieve.  Sticking to the obvious and putting energy into measureable goals bring satisfaction.

3rd – Monday –  The New Moon is on the 12th degree of Gemini at 6:03 AM EDT –  We enter a time of gathering more information.  Discrimination is required to harmonize long term goals and values with our current preoccupations.  Planning for the future can set us on the right course.

4th – Tuesday –  Mercury enters Cancer, Sun Contra-parallel Jupiter –  Our nesting instincts can be at odds with our desire to reach out and see more of what life holds.  Our enthusiasm can encourage us to stretch beyond existing foundations.  A calm state of mind allows us to prioritize.

5th – Wednesday –  We search for balance between immediate desires and current responsibilities.  Burdens we have inadvertently created, force us allocate our time wisely.  Job and home pull in opposite directions.

 6th – Thursday –  Jupiter Sesquiquadrate Uranus –  We feel the earth shaking under our feet.  There are changes going on that may be difficult to comprehend.  In a few days we can integrate new information.  For right now it is best to just watch and wait.

 7th – Friday –  Mercury Sextile Uranus –  Our impulse will be to do things in a big way.  We accomplish more if we spot the uniqueness of the moment, see what applies to us, then take action.  Sharing our thoughts with others can be helpful if we are not grandiose.  It’s important to keep our footprint small.

 8th – Saturday –  Venus enters Gemini –  There are some things that need correcting.  Attention to detail, willingness to act, and patience all assist us to complete the day in joy.

 9th – Sunday –  Venus Semi-square Mars, Sun Square Neptune –  Life is more pleasant if we keep our conversations centered on things immediately pertinent to what we must do now.   Everyone has an opinion, but listening is more important than banter.

 10th – Monday –  Sun Quincunx Saturn, Sun Opposite Jupiter –  Our own authority can be challenged, not so much by others as by circumstances.  A new adventure awaits us, but to really benefit from it, we need to be willing to compromise.  We can be burdened by a misapprehension of what our true duties are.  Self reflection can resolve more issues than just hard work.

11th – Tuesday – Sun Semi-square Uranus –  Defending our relative freedom can be a waste of energy.  Spontaneous thoughts can reveal captivating possibilities.  It is best to keep our ideas to ourselves while they germinate.

 12th – Wednesday –  Venus Sesquiquadrate Saturn –  A wandering eye can carry us away from our responsibilities.  It’s best to deal with current circumstances, then live guilt free.  We can feel oppressed by prior commitments, but to live in fear diminishes us and makes our lives smaller.

 13th – Thursday –  Venus Semi-sextile Uranus, Sun Quincunx Pluto –  In the larger fluctuations of the day, we may feel our own passions rising.  Fighting for a cause is noble, but it is essential that we choose our battles wisely.  If we focus of the central cause of our current limitations, it is possible to turn a corner.

 14th – Friday – Mars Trine Neptune, Sun Parallel Mars, Mars Opposite Saturn, Mars Quincunx Jupiter, Jupiter Semi-sextile Saturn –  Our physical energy may not sustain our plan.  Take time to appraise circumstances and see what truly matters. We can accomplish much if we find a rhythm that matches what absolutely must get done.  We falter if we ask too much of ourselves or become competitive.

 15th – Saturday –  Venus Sesquiquadrate Pluto –  Even though our emotions are stirred to the max, our common sense carries us to our goal.  Paying attention to our higher inspiration makes the journey worthwhile, regardless of our destination’s conclusion.

 16th – Sunday – Mercury Trine Neptune, Mercury Quincunx Jupiter, Mercury Opposite Saturn, Jupiter Square Neptune –  Our dreams are gigantic; we can have more out of life than we currently experience.  However, molding our imaginary future into a purposeful strategy requires us to face real barriers, while not making difficulties where none exist.

 17th – Monday –  The Full Moon is at 4:30 AM EDT on the 25th degree of Gemini/Sagittarius, Sun Parallel Mercury –  We have to rearrange our thinking in order to remain true to our principles.  At the same time, insisting something tangible manifest in the physical world dilutes the potency of our vision.  Our idealism needs to meet the practical requirements of our job description.  It may not be possible to stay stationary; there is a certain amount of nervous energy that needs to go somewhere.  Stay happy, there is something great going on for all of us now.

18th – Tuesday –  Saturn Sextile Neptune, Mercury Conjunct Mars –  Even though there is an underlying restlessness, it is possible to manifest something needed and necessary for what we must do next.  Bringing something to light that we have been working is a joyful use of time.

 19th – Wednesday –  Mercury Opposite Pluto, Mercury Parallel Mars, Mars Opposite Pluto, Venus Contra-parallel Saturn –  Frustration can burst forth in anger and violence.  Being part of the solution to a problematic day means keeping our head down while completing doable tasks.  Both public and personal departments of life require some attention.  Happiness comes by putting other people’s needs ahead of our own.

 20th – Thursday –  Mercury Contra-parallel Jupiter, Venus Contra-parallel Pluto –  We may be out of sorts, or even in a bad mood.  Spreading joy requires taking small steps.  Our emotions are on a different page than our minds.  We think clearer if our immediate goals are within narrow confines.

21st – Friday –  Neptune turns Retrograde, the Sun enters Cancer, Mercury Parallel Venus, Mercury Contra-parallel Pluto –  It’s time to finish some activity.  Our personal life takes a positive turn when we spend time with our loved ones.  It is possible that we are overthinking a difficulty.  Our emotional intuitions  are a clearer guide for establishing better working relationships.

 22nd – Saturday –  Mercury Contra-parallel Saturn –  We can’t please everyone with our actions.  The best course is to take whatever time is necessary to get our own plans simple enough to be practical.  Next week is busy, so it is best to get some rest today.  Paying attention to domestic matters can be very fulfilling.

23rd – Sunday –  Venus Contra-parallel Jupiter, Venus Parallel Mars, Venus Opposite Jupiter, Mars Contra-parallel Jupiter, Venus Quincunx Saturn –  It’s a perfect time to be with the one we love. Romantic feelings are abundant; serious and fulfilling encounters are possible if we are kind, considerate, and unafraid. People around us are ready to take some risks, but we have to give everyone the freedom to choose, if we want enduring happiness.

 24th – Monday –  Venus Square Neptune –  A creative spirit infuses our activities.  Expecting too much from others brings disappointment.  Nervousness can throw our program off kilter, setting us back a bit.  Take the higher vision of love and beauty for what it’s worth; guidance comes when we pay attention to our permanent principles.

 25th – Tuesday – Venus Semi-square Uranus –  Just when we think everything is smoothing out, a wild card enters the mix.  We have options, but we are happiest if we don’t throw away what we have while chasing a fantasy.  When others seem unreliable, we need to examine our contribution to the confusion.

26th – Wednesday –  Mars Contra-parallel Pluto, Mercury enters Leo –  There is a difference between being brave and being dictatorial.  We have our own thoughts, opinions, and predispositions.  We need to give others permission to be in our lives in their own way.  Violent thoughts can enter our minds, but they don’t have to influence our behavior.  Staying calm is the best solution to the recurring ubiquitous tension.

27th – Thursday –  Venus Quincunx Pluto, Mars Contra-parallel Saturn, Sun Sextile Uranus –  Progressive ideas are easily incorporated into our lives when we keep our attention on what is intrinsically important.  Hard work brings results, but we must be willing to go the extra mile.  We are presented with a unique opportunity; we just have to embrace it.

 28th – Friday –  Let’s face it, there are no normal days now.  So many outside influences imprint themselves on our routines that it is difficult keeping our attention on the tasks at hand.  Welcome the interruptions.  New information comes from unlikely sources.

 29th – Saturday –  Mercury Sesquiquadrate Jupiter –  In a flash we can get a new insight into our lives.  Hard work pays off and we are collecting the benefits from our past efforts.  To make the most of the moment, we need to re-commit to our core principles.  Sharpened mental tools open new doors.

 30th – Sunday –  Sun Parallel Venus –  A little charm, coupled with real consideration for others, brings deep satisfaction.  Over-indulgence and over-extension can detract from an otherwise pleasant day.  Do what you can to spread joy, then relax.

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When we wake up in the morning, it’s like being born; when we go to sleep at night, it’s like dying.  Waking and sleeping are the two “bookends of the day”.  For many years I have started each day with reading spiritual material and meditating.  At night, regardless of how tired I am,  I meditate.  This gives good sleep and context to the day.

On May 3rd and on May 18th I got pulled over for a traffic violation: once for speeding and once for making an illegal turn.  Well, I may be a slow learner, but I get the message.  Now, I’m so careful when I drive.  I’ve always been a safe driver, but have had a tendency to speed, not anymore.  I have been known to make a turn that I shouldn’t when I could see that it is safe.  But this is Saturn’s time at bat; I’m not bucking the system unless I’m willing to take the consequences.   I’m extremely grateful to the officers who pulled me over. Saturn is always our friend.

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‎Many of you have been clients of mine; if you haven’t seen me for awhile, but plan on seeing me again in the future, let me know.  For privacy, all long time inactive clients will have their files and case histories destroyed right after the Summer Solstice.  It is my hope that when I leave this life, there is nothing left for anyone to clean up.  I’m slimming down; anything that doesn’t serve some real purpose now must go.

 While looking for the UAC interview with Michael Erlewine, I discovered this 4 minute casual video interview done at a conference in Sedona, Arizona in 2007.  I didn’t know this existed, so it was a real blast from the past.  You might find it interesting:

 I got lots of commentary of the G5 video last month; now I’ve done my own research.  Here is what looks like the bottom line.  Electricity is dangerous to your health, all cell phones have some negative effect on health,  G5 is already rolling out everywhere and it will not be stopped, or even slowed down.   My friend, Judy Luther, sent me this article:

Your 5G Phone Won’t Hurt You, But Russia Wants You to Think Otherwise.

Here is another article that I have found interesting:

Getting at the truth of any situation is quite difficult.  Many people seem to not really care about the truth.  This is unfortunate, but perhaps a necessary step in our evolution.  Astrological patterns describe this current state in human consciousness.  The Conjunction of Neptune and Pluto took place in 1891-2 in Gemini, sign of thinking, travel, communication.  Every 492 years these two planets meet and set the tone, direction, and development for the culture for the next five centuries.  This cycle has been unfolding and intermingling with other telling cycles (Uranus/Neptune, Uranus/Pluto).  We reached a critical turning point in May 2019.  It is my hope that each of us will become more honest, more loving, and more committed to living a life more attuned to the principles we all know to be the truth.  We must live without fear, and only take responsibility for our own thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Thank all of you for taking the time to share your thoughts with me…it means a lot.  See you next month.

 “The best years of your life are the ones in which you decide your problems are your own.  You do not blame them on your mother, the ecology, or the president.  You realize that you control your own destiny.” – Albert Ellis