The Astrology Company: August 2019 by Bob Mulligan

August 2019

By Bob Mulligan

(a personal note is at the end of the newsletter) 

Our greatest challenge in August is to overcome fear.  Fear has us acting out of the weaker side of our nature. Saturn is in Capricorn very close to the South Node of the Moon. This pulls us toward a personal need for survival.  Neptune in Pisces stays in loose Sextile to the South Node of the Moon while in Trine to the Moon’s North Node.  We are reminded to remain compassionate and true to our ideals.  On the 11th Jupiter turns Direct and Uranus turns Retrograde.  We may be tempted to take a great leap forward, but the coming Square between Jupiter and Neptune spells trouble if we expand beyond our base.  Mars enters Virgo on the 18th ; we will be inspired to take care of details for the rest of the month.

 The Full Moon is on August 15th at 8:29 AM EDT at 22 degrees Leo/Aquarius 24 minutes.  With both Pluto and Saturn Conjunct the South Node of the Moon in Capricorn, this will be a time when discipline and self-honesty direct us to get rid of everything not needed. With the Sun Conjunct Venus, we are encouraged to value what we have and to be generous.  Acting with discipline and kindness, new friends can be made in some neglected corners of our life.

 The Sun crosses into Virgo August 23rd at 6:03 AM EDT.  Even though the Moon is in Taurus, a sign compatible with Virgo, she is Void of Course (not making any major aspect until entering the next sign).  This indicates that the whole month of the Sun in Virgo will lack cohesion.  Consequently, it is not favorable to start new projects or initiate radical change. However, with Mars (masculine) and Venus (feminine) in Virgo Conjunct the Sun, this month does favor coupling.  Virgo is the month of perfection and this is a great time to take care of the little things that make our world better.  The Trine of the Sun to Uranus and his Sesquiquadrate to Saturn in Capricorn: the practical is favored.  Also, we may be able to “thread the needle” and integrate our positive solutions to old problems.  With seven planets in earth signs, whatever we accomplish now will last.

The New Moon is on August 30th at 6:38 AM EDT on 6 degrees 46 minutes of Virgo.  With five planets in Virgo, focusing on details will be important.  Our task is to separate the useful from the frivolous, and put our energy where it will really make a difference. With the Virgo planets all in a Trine to Uranus in Taurus, we are able to innovate.  Practical solutions emerge when we are diligent. 

From the 1st to the 4th changes in relationships come through our actions and reactions.  If we are able to put the needs of others before our own, all goes well.  This is an emotional time and it is difficult to think through situations clearly.  We can be forceful at the wrong moment or blame someone else for our own shortcomings.  Self -confidence is necessary but can be overdone.

From the 5th to the 11th  a few lucky breaks can carry us further than we have anticipated.  We are very fortunate, but may struggle to see how tasks should be divided between various people in our lives.  We benefit by taking care of circumstances in our own lives.  Concern for others is appropriate, but we need to be sure that our boundaries are intact.

From the 12th to the 18th others can see us in a most positive light.  We aid every situation when we focus on the positive qualities in others.  Common ground is discovered when we allow everyone to express their true feelings without judgment. 

From the 19th to the 25th rejoicing in life has real meaning when we embrace our differences.  There are many colors to a rainbow, and the multitude of different shades are like the various perspectives that each of us brings to the party.  We are happiest when we see beyond the ordinary and envision a productive future.

From the 26th to the 31st even though there are obligations to fulfill and jobs to be completed, now is the time to try something new.  Setting our intentions has meaning when we are able to gauge what is appropriate.  Our aim can be perfect if we let our talents match our tasks. 

1st – Thursday – Sun Parallel Mercury –   Snap decisions put into action can bare immediate results.  Confidence in one’s own opinions becomes the guiding light for action, but not necessarily for discussion.

2nd – Friday –  Venus Square Uranus –  A momentary whim can end up being costly.  We are ripe for an adventure; change is inevitable. Freedom from the norm is not sufficient reason to jump into something new. There is only value in switching directions if our heart is really in it. 

3rd – Saturday –  Some confusion arises when we turn our attention away from what really matters.  Too many details can clog our thinking. We benefit from choosing things with long-term viability.  There is only so much time left to complete tasks that are our real responsibilities.  We need to put them first on our list.

4th – Sunday –  Mars Quincunx Pluto – Genuine self-control does not mean suppressing our emotions; hostile feelings need to be diverted into safe channels.  Real change may be in the future, but at least we can prevent the creation of more complications through gaining some detachment now. 

5th – Monday –  Mercury Parallel Venus –  When we are authentic, a natural beauty shines through. We have a knack for putting our best self forward. All interactions can be uplifting.

6th – Tuesday –  We can miss opportunities by either being inattentive or by being too stubborn.  Daydreaming can keep us adrift from the real flow of life;  unwillingness to entertain a new perspective can leave us isolated and alone. Openness and patience are the keys to success.

7th – Wednesday – Sun Trine Jupiter, Sun Quincunx Saturn –  We harvest much goodness because we have shared what we had with others.  Imaginary obligations can have us investing time and energy in unworthy projects.  Resources are bountiful, but not unlimited.

8th – Thursday –  Venus Trine Jupiter –  Optimism attracts goodness. We can have the finer things in life now.  The trick is to know what the ‘finer things’ really are.  The Sun is shining on everyone; knowing how to be open to the benevolence is a blessing.

9th – Friday – Venus Quincunx Saturn –  Desolation comes if we  become too self-absorbed.  Generosity does not mean giving everything away to everyone without discretion. Our enthusiasm is contagious.  Others can follow us, but it has to be at their own initiative.

10th – Saturday – Sun Quincunx Neptune –  Emotional currents are so strong we are easily swept away.  Clinging to our perception of life’s potential is a good thing, even if the moment doesn’t live up to personal expectations.  What is most important is that we fill our cup and learn.

11th – Sunday –  Mercury Sesquiquadrate Jupiter, Jupiter turns direct, Venus Quincunx Neptune, Mercury enters Leo, Uranus turns Retrograde –  It is as if everything gets turned on its head and then right side up again.  Integrating new circumstances with our current routines takes awareness and effort.  Some creative statement can lift our spirits: movies, plays, musical performances are all good ideas. 

12th – Monday –  Everyone seems to have a serious attitude.  This doesn’t have to be sad or even melancholy, just no nonsense and focused. Once we are committed to being responsible, practical, and specific, lots of help comes in to support our effort.

13th – Tuesday –  It takes a little work to get our ideas across to others.  It is best if we take the time to really understand what motivates the people we wish to influence.  Even when we know what has to happen better than anyone else, we are happiest when we are open to something new and spontaneous. 

14th – Wednesday – Sun Quincunx Pluto, Venus Quincunx Pluto, Mercury Sesquiquadrate Neptune, Sun Conjunct Venus, Mars Parallel Uranus –  Even when our motivation is pure, it is hard to get the information we need from others to include them in our plans.  Working from the outside in, we approach the heart of the matter.  If we stay centered in what we actually can count on, others find us.  Leading with our feelings is more beneficial than attempting to decipher conflicting reports. 

15th – Thursday – The Full Moon is on 22 degrees of Leo/Aquarius at 8:29 AM EDT –  The price of freedom is to let go of our attachments.  Regularity is more a habit than a conviction.  True inspiration comes by putting aside basic assumptions and looking at our life anew.  It is a time of learning to be satisfied with our emotional center of gravity. 

16th – Friday – Mercury Square Uranus –  This is a moment when we have to be able to accept that others will not always understand what we are talking about.  Worrying makes matters worse.  World circumstances create a big picture that doesn’t fit neatly into our everyday lives.

17th – Saturday – Mars Sesquiquadrate Saturn, Sun Parallel Uranus –  Our chores take extra attention, but there is a feeling of liberation on the other side of completion.  In the process of fulfilling ordinary responsibilities, we can undergo a change in attitude.  Our spirits lift. 

18th – Sunday –  Mars enters Virgo –  Organizing our environment can make our routines simpler.  Our big mission now is to eliminate waste and become more efficient.  The trick is to keep everything in perspective so we don’t get lost in minutia. 

19th – Monday –  Jupiter Semi-sextile Saturn –  This is a time for formulating.  We lay a new foundation.  Things we plan on doing now may not actually be put into motion until next year, or even later. However, all manifestation starts with an idea.

20th – Tuesday – Venus Parallel Uranus, Venus Sesquiquadrate Saturn –  We are caught between the exciting and the necessary.  We grow if we can embrace both commonplace duties and the thrill of a new adventure.  Self-improvement comes by obeying  the rules and staying in motion. 

21st – Wednesday – Venus enters Virgo, Mercury Trine Jupiter –  Fascination with little difficulties can lead us away from the main themes.  Going big can help us manage the small details of life as they are incorporated into the stream of larger problem solving.  Bold actions can put us in alignment with our true self.  Our conscience points the way to our next adventure.

22nd – Thursday –  Sun Sesquiquadrate Saturn, Mercury Quincunx Neptune –  We may not see what the future holds for us very accurately, but if we follow the traditional path in front of us, we reach our goal.  Dimly envisioned ideals can carry us far afield.  Stubborn insistence on getting our own way can block our path to the obvious.  Taking care of real responsibilities unlocks hidden resources.  

23rd – Friday –  Sun enters Virgo –  Slowing down and taking stock of our situation can help us see the direction for our daily lives.  Resistance to our actions is the universe’s way of showing us options.  Calm assessment can build personal strength.

24th – Saturday –  Venus Conjunct Mars, Sun Parallel Mars, Mercury Quincunx Pluto –  Tiny gestures of kindness can cement more tenuous relationships.  Our feelings are a better guide for action than trying to reason our way through the options.  We may have more strength than we are used to wielding.  We may know what is right for us without having a clue as to what others should do. 

25th – Sunday – Venus Parallel Mars, Venus Sesquiquadrate Pluto –  Attractions to people who are close in work can set us on the right track if we are able to stay emotionally balanced.  It is possible to misread other people’s motivations.  It is best to just stay in a practical mode and see what can be accomplished.

26th – Monday –  Venus Trine Uranus –  The light goes on.  A new direction doesn’t have to mean a radical departure from our current interests. We receive well-intentioned help.  The die is cast and we can relish in some well-deserved relaxation.

27th – Tuesday –  Sun Parallel Venus, Mars Sesquiquadrate Pluto –  A soft, considerate approach to others brings happiness.  Hanging tough or being overly forceful brings isolation.  We have material tasks that must be completed, but this isn’t all that there is to life. 

28th – Wednesday –  Mars Trine Uranus, Mercury Sesquiquadrate Saturn, Mercury Parallel Uranus –  A flash of inspiration can work wonders.  Old problems are solved and new opportunities open in front of us.  Innovation seems obvious once we see it.

29th – Thursday –  Mercury enters Virgo, Sun Sesquiquadrate Pluto, Sun Trine Uranus –  It’s time to get physical.  This may be the perfect day to connect with nature.  Meditation and elimination of un-useful material things can be an aid to steadying our mind.  Any quiet time can prepare us for the next leg of the journey.

30th – Friday – The New Moon is at 6 degrees of Virgo at 6:38 AM EDT –  Getting a picture of what we want to achieve during the next lunar cycle automatically puts us on the road to success.  We come together with others over the most mundane tasks.  When we help each other in the most down to earth ways, we discover hidden treasures.

31st – Saturday –  In the final analysis, love is all that will propel our consciousness forward.  Trying to think through the pieces of our current situation breeds confusion.  Positive feelings for others, and allowing assistance to reach us, is the way to establish harmony. 

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Tem Tarriktar (the founder of The Mountain Astrologer) passed away.  Since TMA is the largest and most influential magazine in the astrology world, this is a most tragic loss, and the end of an era.  His vision of a most useful and truer astrology has made a difference in our world.

It’s hot here in Florida. To go outside in the middle of the day is like entering a sauna, it is so humid; we have much rain this time of year.  It was 109 degrees in Paris; hottest recorded temperature there ever.

Bailey, my youngest child, is visiting from Myrtle Beach.  She is here for a week which is great.  I haven’t seen her since the UAC conference in Chicago in May of 2018.

If you have any interest in learning more astrology, consider getting a subscription to Celestial Vibes magazine.  It is published online 6 times a year and cost $21.99.  This is a real bargain as the magazine is full of fascinating articles and interviews with top astrologers.  Aswin Balaji, (the owner and editor) published my article “Astrology, Yoga, and Service” in this last edition. This is an updated version of something I wrote back in 2012.  Aswin has asked me to write a book review column for the magazine and that should start appearing  in the next issue.

Rabbi Jeffrey Myers wrote an article in the summer issue of Southern Poverty Law Center magazine.  He is the Rabbi for the Tree of Life synagogue where there was a mass shooting October 27, 2018.  He lays out the obvious in his article, “Stop ‘H’ Speech, and Let Goodness Prevail.”  It was good to read something that pointed the way – “You would think that something as simplistic as The Golden Rule would be easily accepted by all human beings: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Conversely, you would not do to others what is hateful to you.  If you do not want to be treated in a certain way, just don’t do it to someone else. Simple. End of Story. Move on. Alas, this is not the case….”  Each of us has a choice to make.

On August 29th I begin my 59th pilgrimage to be at the feet of my master, Avatar Meher Baba.  This afternoon I will fly out of Ft. Lauderdale.

I’ve been asked to speak at a conference in Calcutta, India next February.  I’m working out the details now.

“The correct motivation for an astrologer is none other than compassion – without that, astrology falls to the level of the ordinary disciplines. ” (Tibetan Astrology, Philippe Cornu, page 40)

There is a candle in your heart ready to be kindled.  There is a void in your soul ready to be filled. – Rumi