The Astrology Company: September 2019 by Bob Mulligan

September 2019

By Bob Mulligan

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This year September begins with seven planets, and the South Node of the Moon, in earth signs.  The earth herself will be our central focus. During the Sun’s sojourn through Virgo, our opportunity is to improve our skills, gather our tools, and analyze  our life situation. When the Sun moves into Libra (on the 23rd),  our opportunity shifts from personal concerns to improving contact with others.  

Just before this happens (on the 21st), Jupiter is Parallel Saturn and Square Neptune.  Both aspects occurred in January.  Jupiter in Sagittarius is the promise of a better future.  Neptune in Pisces is faith in things unseen.  Saturn in Capricorn is fear, but also discipline.  Civilization is at the crossroads. On one side we have the force of division, hatred, greed, and narrow-minded bigotry.  On the other side we have the force of conscience, compassion, and consciousness.  We each have a role to play, regardless of how small, insignificant, and helpless we might feel at times. You matter, and what you do matters.

The Full Moon is on the 14th at 12:33 AM EDT on 21 degrees of Virgo/Pisces.  With seven planets in the mutable mode, there can be much shifting of ground and polarization.  Mutability is associated with our mental life.  Jupiter is Squaring Mars and the Sun (destructive force) on one side, and Squaring the Moon and Neptune (psychic and sensitive insight) on the other.  We are pulled in two directions, and we can each make a personal choice to either be self-correcting, or finger pointing. Because Mars and the Sun are Trine Pluto/Saturn/South Node, and the Moon and Neptune are Trine the North Node in Cancer, we are pulled in two directions.  As a society, we will either move toward open-hearted compassion (Cancer), or fear and worry (Capricorn). Winning or losing, in its conventional meaning, is not important; when we take a stand on the Truth, we grow.

The Sun crosses into Libra on the 23rd at 3:51 AM EDT.  This is the Fall Equinox, i.e., equal hours of daylight and darkness, a balance point.  With the Moon in Cancer Conjunct the North Node of the Moon, we will see a new wave of energy confronting the darker side of Saturn/South Node/Pluto over the next three months. Venus Conjunct Mercury in Libra is Squaring the opposing forces lined up on the Lunar Nodes.  This configuration offers each of us three possibilities: 1) we can go on with our normal seasonal routines, 2) we can make peace with others through understanding, or 3) we can go beyond the surface of saying the right words and embrace our inner work, to get our head, hand, and heart all going in the same direction.  To do this we must be willing to break with old established habits and coping mechanisms. 

The New Moon is on the 28th at 2:27 PM EDT on 5 degrees 20 minutes of Libra, the sign of balance. Venus (ruler of Libra) is Conjunct Mercury, showing insight into other people’s points of view; these planets are Sextile Jupiter and Square Saturn/ Pluto.  This will supply both optimism and a stern “reality check” into what is possible. To make the most of the upcoming month, we need to keep moving, assert the truth, and always be willing to listen and understand.  Procrastination, resignation, and shortsightedness are the big enemies.  Mars in Virgo Trine Pluto in Capricorn supplies an abundant quantity of practical energy for our upcoming challenges. Action guided by a calm and reflective mind insures success. 

From the 1st to the 8th it is easy to get ahead of ourselves and become overextended.  Planning activities early, and then sticking to our plans, is one way to reduce tensions.  Discretion is needed to determine which details really must be handled. This is an amazingly productive time if we are able to separate the important from the ancillary.

From the 9th to the 15th applying a softer touch to all our various projects allows us to make rapid progress.  Finishing up a long- standing project creates a sense of peace and satisfaction.  It’s ok if we don’t have a definite picture of what we want to do next.  The routines of everyday life provide a meaningful framework that encourage us to keep moving. 

From the 16th to the 22nd time is most beneficially spent planning.  Yes, certain things must be done now, but our real need is to develop a comprehensive pattern of ideas, aimed at a distant goal.  Conversations have a conciliatory tone. Understanding and joint problem solving can become a community effort. 

From the 23rd to the 30th we can see a higher vision of the truth; we need the courage to embrace it if we want to live in a better universe.  Latching onto a more cohesive picture of the world means accepting our great differences and realizing that everyone has a role to play.  Our history reveals our prejudices. 

1st – Sunday –  Mercury Sesquiquadrate Pluto, Mercury Trine Uranus, Venus Trine Saturn – Mental innovation balances our emotional impulse for security.  With great haste we can clear up a smattering of details that have followed us over the last few days.  Relationships are great, but some things must be done on our own. 

2nd – Monday –  Sun Conjunct Mars, Venus Square Jupiter –  Our enthusiasm brings opportunity.  We are successful if we don’t take on too many activities.  Taking in new information is instructive as long as we remember what has to happen next, and to put first things first.

3rd – Tuesday –  Mercury Conjunct Mars, Sun Conjunct Mercury –  Attacking our most mundane tasks with gusto comes naturally to the energetic.  Concentrating on one thing at a time, and following the rules, carries us to safety with a degree of personal satisfaction. 

4th – Wednesday – Venus Opposite Neptune, Mercury Parallel Mars, Venus Contra-parallel Neptune –  Friction may be necessary to shake us out of complacency.  Life is not just about work; we need to create, to play.  We need time to see that life is more than just the material world.  Seeing creation from a higher perspective gives a satisfying “big picture” overview. 

5th – Thursday –  Mercury Trine Saturn, Jupiter Parallel Pluto –  Money changes hands; new accounts are set up.  Even though the material world is here, and necessary, there is something more important going on.  Staying in contact with world events is alright, but we need our attention clearly focused on our own lives.  “Better to do your own dharma poorly, than someone else’s well.” – Krishna 

6th – Friday –  Mercury Square Jupiter, Sun Trine Saturn, Venus Trine Pluto – “Beautiful theories murdered by cruel facts.” This is a time for accomplishment, not daydreaming, or asking ourselves, “What if?” Decisions made in the past determine our path now.  We have commitments; we must see our obligations through to completion. 

7th – Saturday –  Mercury Opposite Neptune, Venus Sesquiquadrate Uranus, Sun Contra-parallel Neptune, Mercury Contra-parallel Neptune, Sun Parallel Mercury –   Enthusiasm wanes as things become more complicated.  Reason alone can’t give us a viable strategy, but our instincts keep us penned to the basics. Physical contact with the earth can help us stay in tune with current circumstances. 

8th – Sunday –  Sun Square Jupiter, Mercury Trine Pluto, Mars Trine Saturn –   Even though we see a bigger picture of what is possible, we make things happen by staying grounded.  Taking care of the small details of life leads us toward victory.  Slow, steady progress is more meaningful than taking shortcuts aimed at a distant target.

9th – Monday –  Mercury Sesquiquadrate Uranus – New insights change the landscape. We are reminded of our common ideals through others.  Discerning truth from fiction is not so easy, because we have preferences.  Our history creates prejudices in our perceptions.

10th – Tuesday –  Sun Opposite Neptune –  An unobtainable ideal can still provide a guiding light.  The truth doesn’t always match recognizable facts.  Happiness follows naturally when we take what happens as a blessing. This fosters a belief in the inherent goodness of life.  Trust in ourselves grows when we hold onto our higher perceptions regardless of the outcome. 

11th – Wednesday –  Our quest for truth is rewarded when we share it with others, without expectations.  If we practice detachment, we experience freedom.  Right words may come slowly; however, we can understand and materialize a vision. 

12th – Thursday –  Mars Square Jupiter, Mercury Parallel Venus –  We solve problems by going beyond the confines of our environment.  We may feel lucky, but this turns into actual achievement if we know when to quit. Our world gets bigger by helping others. 

13th – Friday –  Mercury Conjunct Venus, Sun Trine Pluto, Mars Contra-parallel Neptune –  Tremendous effort is expended.  We are truly fortunate when we know what is worthy of our efforts.  Reaching our ideal picture of ourselves and life requires a sacrifice; we must see what really stands in our way, then let go of the artificial to embrace the artful.

14th – Saturday – The Full Moon is at 12:33 AM EDT on 21 degrees of Virgo/Pisces, Mars Opposite Neptune, Sun Sesquiquadrate Uranus, Mercury enters Libra, Venus enters Libra –  Meditation is always good, but turning inward now has great rewards.  Warm feelings for others need to be shared, even when they aren’t reciprocated.  Getting the right format for sharing may take some toning down.  Just because we experience being different from others, doesn’t mean that we are wrong. Diversity is the backbone of strength. 

15th – Sunday –  Mercury Contra-parallel Venus –  It’s time to reevaluate.  Is what we spend our life on of ultimate importance?  Self-analysis is powerful when it includes a probe into our motives.  What is the foundation of our life? This level of reflection will bear fruit. 

16th – Monday –  We may be all wound up with no particular place to put our energy; rest may not be an option.  There are a few things we have postponed, thinking we will get around to it when we have time.  Well, now is the time.

17th – Tuesday –  Mercury Quincunx Uranus, Sun Contra-parallel Mercury –  Good ideas emerge as if from out of the ethers. However, translating good ideas into good practice is not so easy.  This is a preliminary stage of self-development.  Over the next week, more factors surface making real change possible. 

18th – Wednesday –  Saturn turns Direct –  It’s time to enjoy the simple pleasures of life.  The work will always be there.  What is essential will come to us, without having to send out a search party.  Relax, release, and be at peace. 

19th – Thursday – Venus Quincunx Uranus, Mars Trine Pluto, Sun Contra-parallel Venus – Mars Sesquiquadrate Uranus –  Emotional turbulence can upset even seemingly stable relationships. Even well-meaning emotional intrusions into the lives of others will have unintended consequences.  It’s ok to shake things up a bit, but we need to be willing to live with the results.

20th – Friday –  Mercury Contra-parallel Mars –  We can act without thinking, or draw unmerited conclusions.  Even when our intentions are good and our motive pure, our messages to others are best directed to ourselves.  Hard work, correctly directed, brings meaningful results. 

21st – Saturday –  Jupiter Parallel Saturn, Jupiter Square Neptune –  Forces seemingly bigger than our own lives have a large role in shaping what happens to us.  Being confident, patient, and trustworthy is grounding; this also helps others. 

22nd – Sunday –  Mercury Square Saturn –  Our powers of persuasion may be low, but we do just fine if we can see clearly the true limits of our arena of activity.  Limiting our scope of activity allows us to conserve energy, and get the job done. 

23rd – Monday – The Sun crosses into Libra on the 23rd at 3:51 AM EDT, Mercury Parallel Neptune, Venus Contra-parallel Mars –  Everything looks brighter in our close personal relationships.  Romance is present, but so is the ability to make more equitable and more balanced alliances.  Our hearts may be aflame, but so is our consciousness.  With some forethought, wise decisions can be made now.

24th – Tuesday –  Mercury Quincunx Neptune, Mercury Sextile Jupiter –  We paint a big picture in bold colors.  The joy of life surrounds us if we just recognize it.  If we slow down, we can see an easy way through our next phase of life.  Higher, ethical insight is linked with logic and reason. 

25th – Wednesday –  Venus Square Saturn –  Fear of rejection can stop us from reaching out to others. If we remain strong in our determination, much can be accomplished by showing others how it is done. Leading by example may be the best we can hope for now. 

26th – Thursday –  Mercury Square Pluto –  We defeat ourselves when we make things harder than they need to be.  Shortcuts, deception, obsessive secrecy are all bad strategies.  Even when the tides of history seem against us, we need to be open to sharing our truth with others.  The flip side of this is to welcome other points of view. 

27th – Friday –  Venus Quincunx Neptune –  Music, art, drama all begin in the imagination.  Our heart and thoughts are united in a higher amalgamation; we honor this by giving ourselves time to dream, to let our fantasies infuse our daily lives with magic.  On the other hand, we need to know where beautiful illusions end and physical reality begins. 

28th – Saturday – The New Moon is at 2:27 PM EDT on 5 degrees 20 minutes of Libra, Venus Sextile Jupiter, Sun Contra-parallel Mars, Venus Parallel Neptune, Sun Quincunx Uranus –  On a global scale, the traditional pattern of relationships is being transformed.  In our personal lives, we have a unique opportunity to recalibrate the way we talk to people.  Artistic productions can uplift our spirits if we make time for them.  We need to try something new. 

29th – Sunday –  We can either build on past successes or just coast.  We have the wind at our back so there is no need to turn around.  The path of least resistance is the best for the moment.  Funny how easy it is when we are not pushing, or in a hurry.

30th – Monday –  Venus Square Pluto –  It is easy to fall into internal gridlock when we find things we counted on evaporating.  More energy doesn’t help. Disappointment is part of a larger plan of correction.  Interruptions are part of a grand intervention.  The forces of the universe have rallied to help us, we just have to accept and embrace them.

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 It’s hot here in Florida; it’s summer, it is hot everywhere.  Collectively, we are destroying the planet we live on.  The Brazilian rainforest is burning. These fires were started by farmers to raise cattle, to grow soybeans to feed to cattle to sell, to be butchered for meat.  Almost 40 years ago I stopped eating beef, pork, and chicken.  In the last few years I stopped eating dairy products.  Oh, there are health benefits for these dietary changes doubtless, but I did it to make my contribution to save the planet and to end this type of cruelty to animals.  There are people who will deny that we have anything to do with global warming; there are people who belong to the flat earth society.  Regardless of our political, religious, or national association, we all live on one planet.  If the planet dies, so do we.  Here are a few actions you can take:

Donate to one of the following organizations:

* Rainforest Action Network to protect an acre of the Amazonian rainforest.

* The Rainforest Trust to help buy land in the rainforest. Since 1988, the organization has saved over 23 million acres and counting.

* The World Wide Fund for Nature works to protect the countless species in the Amazon and around the world.

*Amazon Watch, an organization that protects the rainforest, defends indigenous rights and works to address climate change.

* The Amazon Conservation Team, which works to fight climate change, protect the Amazon and empower indigenous peoples.

* Amazon Conservation accepts donations (which can be tax deductible) and lists exactly what your money goes toward. You can help plant trees, sponsor education, protect habitats, buy a solar panel, preserve indigenous lands and more.

Here are a few other things you can do:

* Contact your elected officials and make your voice heard.
* Reduce your paper and wood consumption. Double-check with Rainforest Alliance that what you’re buying is rainforest-safe. You can also purchase rainforest safe products from the alliance’s site.
* is a search engine that plants a tree for every 45 searches you run.
* Explore petitions. A lawyer in Rio Branco has accumulated over 77,000 of his 150,000 signature goal to mobilize an investigation into the Amazonian fires.
* And lastly switching to a vegetarian/vegan way of life can help tremendously. Lowering demand for meat lowers the demand to make more livestock, which helps by not clearing more land for more livestock.  –

My Spiritual Master, Meher Baba, said in 1932 that Germany was undergoing “mass psychosis”.  This was when Hitler was coming to power. Today, we have some parallels.  Much of the world population lives under a dictatorship.  Even in supposedly free countries, the free press is under constant attack.  It becomes increasingly harder to sift through the mountains of extraneous information (available courtesy of the internet), to get the pertinent facts in any situation.  So, what are we to do?  First and foremost, we have to give up hating, fearing, and judging those we disagree with.  When you listen to radio, television, live speeches from people who are angry, it is easy to get emotionally activated; this bypasses your own reasoning and someone else is now doing your thinking for you.   This is bad for you, and bad for the planet.  We need to do what we can do to work in concert with each other to protect Mother Nature.  But not by hating even those, who through shortsighted ignorance, are exploiting her.

Whether or not you realize it, right now you are in the middle of a metamorphosis of consciousness.  The earth changes are going to intensify; they are a reflection of our collective consciousness cleansing itself.   This is necessary and inevitable.

My daughter, Katie, has a birthday on August 28th which we will celebrate here in Naples with a small group of friends.  The next morning I leave for India.  Because I have taken so many pilgrimages to India, it is easy to file this one away as routine.  However, this trip is special, unique even.  I wanted to thank each one of you, my reader, personally.  Thank you for your kind thoughts you have shared with me by email; it means more than I can express.  Until we meet again.  With much love – Adios!

 “What lies behind us, and what lies before us, are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson