The Astrology Company: November 2019 by Bob Mulligan

November 2019

By Bob Mulligan

(a personal note is at the end of the newsletter)

This is a very emotional month, with the emphasis on Scorpio and Sagittarius.  Water (empathy) and fire (enthusiasm) play a dominant role all month.  We have three heavyweights in the earth sign of Capricorn: Saturn (karma), Pluto (power), and the South Node of the Moon (the past).  Earth anchors us to material considerations. Near the beginning of the month, both Sun (self-identity) and Mercury (thinking) will Trine Neptune and Sextile Saturn.  There is a confrontation between our idea of a better future and the play it safe strategy of just sticking with what we know. Mercury (information) is in Scorpio (sign of the hidden) all month, so we look for secrets.  Mercury goes Direct on the 20th.  This will be a seminal moment when gathered information comes forward and is put to use.  Since Mars enters Scorpio on the 19th, there will be plenty of energy for getting things done.  A few days later on the 24th, Venus (goddess of love) Conjuncts Jupiter (king of the gods).  Our spirits lift brightening chances for a positive outcome, which now comes into view.  On this same day, Mars (god of war) is Opposite Uranus (revolution), while the Sun makes a Semi-square to Saturn.  This is a turning point and very explosive. The rest of the month will have a much lighter feeling, coupled with a sense of the inevitable. 

 The Full Moon is on the 12th at 8:36 AM EST at 19 degrees 52 minutes of Scorpio/Taurus. This is a time of releasing things from the past that have weighed us down.  Pluto, Saturn, and Neptune all favorably aspect the Sun and Moon by Trine or Sextile.  This shows that powerful external forces will affect our lives.  Mars in Libra is Sextile Jupiter and Square to Pluto.  Being courageous and lighthearted is not easy, but necessary.  World change is upon us.  It is important to avoid bursts of anger while accepting the inevitable.

 The Sun enters Gemini on the 22nd at 9:58 AM EST – The Moon in Libra is the only planet in an air sign.  This shows that the next month will require diplomacy from all of us.   Mars Opposite Uranus indicates many people will give way to rash impulsive behavior.  The Moon having last crossed over Uranus, and next to cross over Mars, indicates that unexpected changes come suddenly.  Personal commitment and energy are required to move forward.  With Venus Conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius, we are reminded to hold onto our true values and think positively. 

The New Moon is on the 26th at 10:06 AM EST on 4 degrees 3 minutes of Sagittarius. With no air in this chart, changes come swiftly with no forethought.  Venus (in Capricorn) Conjuncts Jupiter (in Sagittarius), blending our higher ideals with practicality.  Both planets Trine Uranus and Sextile Mars.  Circumstances change for the better, augmenting a higher purpose to current events. All planets are contained in half of the chart; we work best by concentrating on what we have rather than focusing on what we are missing.

 From the 1st through the 3rd excitement builds. Even though it is a weekend, we have some unfinished business that haunts us if not taken care of.  Still there is a lightness and idealism that can give us pleasure. Pacing ourselves means taking on the correct number of tasks and events.  This a pleasant time.

From the 4th through the 10th even though decision makers live with the illusion they are making things happen, the truth is, larger forces are at work.  Our human reasoning process seems disconnected from the divine will of the cosmos.  This can unearth destructive emotions.  Staying calm doesn’t mean to be avoidant. We can still observe.  Each is responsible for personal actions.

From the 11th through the 17th cleaning out our closets and reorganizing our physical possessions help us eliminate extraneous thoughts.  Being practical means being responsible.  This is a time of discovery, explanations, and transactions.  Regardless of the worldly concerns of others, we can be part of the solution by holding onto the hand of Truth.

From the 18th through the 24th escalating intensity can make this time exciting.  Seeing what other people make of the changing world circumstances is really entertaining.  For our personal consciousness to develop, we need to staying out of the collective world drama.

 From the 25th through the 30th every project is powered by added enthusiasm.  We all have momentum.  Our expectations may be out of step with what comes to us. Regardless, we are still on our way to a better life.  A practical eye for detail brings feelings of fulfillment.

 1st – Friday –  Mars Parallel Neptune, Venus enters Sagittarius –  Our spirits lift; we dream of travel to faraway places.  Putting our attention on immediate topics, we benefit from keeping a global perspective.  The relationship between actions and results becomes clearer.

2nd – Saturday –  Venus Semi-square Saturn –  Being responsible doesn’t mean avoiding revolutionary actions.  However, the well-trod path is the safest place to plant our feet.    Honesty comes from facing hard facts.  Integrity comes by avoiding fear and anger while holding true to our commitments. 

3rd – Sunday –  We get along best with others by appealing to their higher aspirations. A better version of life comes on the heels of group experiences: like being at a football game, a movie, or a live performance.  Inspiration is everywhere.  This is the “low hanging fruit” on our collective tree. 

4th – Monday – Mercury Parallel Venus –  Self-awareness allows us to correct recent past missteps.  Even one move in the right direction gathers supportive attention.  Joy comes from helping others to achieve their goals. 

5th – Tuesday – Venus Quincunx Uranus, Mars Square Pluto, Saturn Parallel Pluto –  This is a violent day.  We have an opportunity to examine what is most important in life when our material security is threatened. Waking up to a new reality comes in stages.  We are in the midst of a necessary process.

 6th – Wednesday –  Venus Semi-square Pluto, Mercury Semi-sextile Jupiter –  The emotional waters are either too hot or too cold.  Climbing off the edge of extremes comes through detachment and compromise.  Having meaningful relationships requires getting to know and accept people just as they are.  Helping the less fortunate improves our inner lives.

7th – Thursday –  Venus Semi-square Mars –  It may be easy to overlook conflict when we don’t have to deal with the immediate results.  Disagreement is ok.  Not every problem needs to be resolved now.  More dark truths surface; taking note of them is all that is required for us. 

8th – Friday –  Mercury Semi-sextile Mars, Sun Sextile Saturn, Sun Trine Neptune, Venus Parallel Saturn, Venus Parallel Pluto, Saturn Sextile Neptune –  Speaking our truth and taking a stand on principle is essential to building character.  This is a golden day for materializing our dreams. Hard work and commitment will be necessary in the days ahead, but we have a start.

9th – Saturday –  Mercury Sextile Pluto –  Finding the right side of a practical issue requires really listening to those who disagree with us.  Self-destructive behavior begins with giving way to impulses.  Persistence helps mold a point of view based on facts.

 10th – Sunday –  Unwinding and taking stock of where we have been is a preliminary step connecting us with our core.  A change of heart brings the whole world to a brighter vision of a possible future.  Our thoughts and feelings affect each other.  Are we part of the problem or part of the solution?

11th – Monday –  Sun Parallel Mercury, Sun Conjunct Mercury –  We can be so married to our own point of view that non-conforming information doesn’t penetrate.  However, this is the moment of recalibration.  We can be liberated, or just stuck in the past.  We can’t move forward unless we change some habits.

 12th – Tuesday – The Full Moon is at 8:36 AM EST on the 19th degree of Scorpio/Taurus, Venus Parallel Jupiter, Mars Sextile Jupiter –  Outside help moves us to quickly resolve issues with others.  We need to renounce certain cherished, yet confining, beliefs in order to purify our thoughts.  We are laying a new foundation.  What we hang onto now will either bring pleasure or pain.  Globally, we are getting ready for a massive realignment of material assets.  

 13th – Wednesday – Mercury Sextile Saturn, Sun Sextile Pluto, Mercury Trine Neptune –  We have a way of tuning into the future, gathering facts, and bringing others along with our insights.  Difficulties emerge because the world’s ubiquitous polarization has each side focusing on different possibilities. Together, we have just one world.  Harmony is a higher vibration than conflict.

 14th – Thursday – Mercury Semi-sextile Venus, Venus Square Neptune, Venus Semi-sextile Saturn –   Even when our intentions are honorable, we may be off on the wrong foot if our opinions and attitudes shift too much with the prevailing winds.  Wishful thinking will not alter the inevitable.  Being flexible is not the same as being spineless. 

15th – Friday –  Turbulence gives way to peace when we have our feet on the ground.  Gaining emotional stability comes with inner contentment.  Weather concerns cause interrupted plans for some of us.  Instant worldwide news coverage reminds us we are all connected.  There is a balance point between isolation and codependency. We need to find this place and stay there.

16th – Saturday – Venus Sesquiquadrate Uranus –  Flashes of insight come from unexpected sources.  Where we place our attention matters.  Winning requires sacrifice.  Concentration on the higher side of the current world situation has a positive effect. This is a time of harvesting what we have planted.

17th – Sunday –   Don’t be afraid to reveal your treasures to others.  Share.  We won’t build a better world in secrecy.  Transactional mentalities damage our culture.  We are all in this together, and must honor that.

 18th – Monday – Mercury Semi-square Jupiter, Venus Semi-sextile Pluto –  Swearing allegiance to a higher authority has merit, if your boss is in attunement with your own core values.  As always, our ultimate guide is our moral compass.  Any sacrifice made for a short term gain is bound to lead to more trouble.

 19th – Tuesday –  Mars enters Scorpio, Sun Semi-sextile Jupiter –   We plan for a near term move.  Travel arrangements unfold favorably.  Starting a new exercise program can strengthen resolve.  Gradually, life changes emerge.

 20th – Wednesday –  Mars Sesquiquadrate Neptune, Mercury turns Direct –   Just when we think we know what we want in the current situation, our energy runs out.  This is momentary. Dreams provide instructions.  New information surfaces.  Postponing action is fortuitous.

 21st – Thursday –  A myriad of details can leave us spellbound.  We are bombarded with a mountain of information. Sorting though it all takes time.  It would be prudent to take few days for digestion and reflection.

22nd – Friday –  The Sun enters Sagittarius at 9:58 AM EST –  Our spirits lift as we see possibilities.  A wakeup call may come through experiencing disappointments.  If we are headed in the wrong direction, turning around, even midstream, is advantageous.  Confidence is noticeably stronger in all.  Wisdom is harnessing the energy for something useful.

 23rd – Saturday – Mercury Semi-square Venus –  It is easy to say something in haste that we feel sorry for later.  We may have good ideas, but lack positive methods for conveyance. Thinking before speaking or acting helps avoid a social mistake.  Manners matter.

24th – Sunday – Venus Conjunct Jupiter, Mars Opposite Uranus, Sun Semi-square Saturn –  Making the correct choices now matter more than usual. Avoid heated exchanges and negative thinking.  Discipline and measured efforts bring us into alignment with the inherent luck of the day.

 25th – Monday – Mars Contra-parallel Uranus, Mercury Semi-square Jupiter, Venus enters Capricorn, Sun Quincunx Uranus –  We need the freedom of an unhampered mental life.  At the same time, emotional security is becoming more important.  Internal conflict can tumble out and manifest in relationships.  Alterations of life’s rhythm can run the spectrum from mild to wild.

 26th – Tuesday –  The New Moon is at 10:06 AM EST on the 4th degree of Sagittarius –  Raw enthusiasm can force us out of our normal routines.  The result?  We experience more of life.  There is an immediacy to all activities; what we put into motion accelerates.  We are on the move.

27th – Wednesday –  Neptune turns Direct –  Group activities are favored, but there is a strong need for independent movement.  Navigating the area between freedom and unity builds internal pressure. Intuition and inspiration open new arenas.  We can reach our full potential if we lead with our feelings.

28th – Thursday –  Mercury Trine Neptune, Venus Trine Uranus, Sun Semi-sextile Mars, Sun Semi-square Pluto –  Although this is a very fortunate moment, we may feel that we aren’t making fast enough progress.  Even the development of patience takes time. There is a spike in both our mental and emotional perceptions. By the linking together of our thoughts and feelings, a new consciousness is developing on the planet.

 29th – Friday –  Great ideas must take tangible form to have long- term viability.  Just taking a mental vacation from our routines is not sufficient. Our real mission needs to be our common concern now.

 30th – Saturday –  Mercury Sextile Saturn –  We find our position in the greater cosmic structure as we embrace and live out our true responsibilities.  Paying more attention to friends, family, and those who are really important in our lives helps us overcome the false promises of material happiness.

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50 years ago, the internet was invented.  25 years ago it first became accessible to everyone through a web browser (Netscape). We live in a new age of instant information, from everywhere. News sources bombard us with both facts and commentary.  It is really difficult for anyone to ferret out what is actually going on.  To the best of my understanding, we all carry prejudices and past experiences which color how we integrate new information.  There is great polarization, in our country and in the world.  Recently, Ellen DeGeneres was filmed sitting next to George W. Bush at a sports event.  They were laughing and seemed to be enjoying each other’s company.  Immediately there was an outrage on Twitter by people who felt she should not be with him.  She said that when she told people to be kind to one another, she didn’t mean we should be kind only to people who agree with us, but to everyone.  This is an important message for all of us.

It is so easy to lose perspective and to take the events of the world as being more important than they really are.  We all struggle to keep our focus on what is really important to our lives.  What will we take with us when we leave this life?

Little traveling is on the agenda for me now.  The two astrology groups in Ft. Lauderdale are putting on stellar programs with great speakers all through this coming season.  Still, I haven’t been able to make the time to get over there to see my friends and participate in the wonderful workshops.

In February I’ll be returning to India.  From February 6th to the morning of the 11th, I’ll be in Kolkata speaking at the 43rd International Astrology Conference.  I’ll spend a few days in Meherabad before then and a couple of weeks after.

For those who take the time to give me feedback on my newsletter, thank you.  Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  This year will be a quiet one.

Astrology is a science and contains an illuminating body of knowledge. It taught me many things, and I am greatly indebted to it. Geophysical evidence reveals the power of the stars and the planets in relation to the terrestrial. In turn, astrology reinforces this power to some extent. This is why astrology is like a life-giving elixir for mankind.  –  Albert Einstein 



Does anyone write something on a place

that has already been written over,

or plant a sapling where one already grows?

No; he seeks a blank piece of paper

and sows the seed where none has yet been sown.

          Sister, be bare earth;

be a clean piece of paper untouched by writing,

that you may be ennobled by the pen of revelation,

so that the Gracious One may sow seed within you.

– Rumi