The Astrology Company: January 2020

January 2020

By Bob Mulligan

(a personal note is at the end of the newsletter) 


The year 2020 

2020 starts with a very packed and transformative January.  This is not a new direction, but a continuation of what has been put in motion over the last few years.  However, the Eclipse on January 10th concretizes the effects of the singular (it only happens once) Saturn Pluto Conjunction on the 12th.  The middle of the year will be a direct extension of events in January.  That is until December.  The Eclipse on the 14th points a new direction which will be plotted out by the Jupiter Saturn Conjunction on the 21st at zero Aquarius, just hours after the Winter Solstice.  This promises that 2021 will be very different from 2020, more progressive, more optimistic, and more hopeful.  I should add it will be a very detached individual that will be entirely happy with the outcome of 2020.

Here are some highlights of the year.  Saturn Conjuncts Pluto January 10th at 220 of Capricorn, sealing our fate.  This points to a crisis of authority.  Capricorn favors stepwise progression along a path already laid out.  There are three Jupiter/Pluto Conjunctions in Capricorn occurring: 4th of April at 240 of Capricorn, 30th of June at 240 of Capricorn, and the 12th of November at 220 of Capricorn.  This brings an accumulation of wealth and power into the hands that already possess it.   Saturn enters Aquarius December 17thA gradual change in direction comes, followed by Jupiter entering Aquarius, and Conjuncting Saturn on December 21st at zero degrees of Aquarius.  This sets the tone and the direction for society for the next 20 years.  We will enter a period of expanse and optimism.

The 2020 Eclipses 

Meditation and saying prayers at the time of an Eclipse has tremendous potency.  There are six Eclipses in 2020.  Put these times and dates in your day planner now so you won’t miss them.  All times are in EST.  In the spring, daylight savings time will go into effect.  When this happens, you need to add an hour to get the correct clock time.  Also, since you don’t all live in the eastern time zone, you will need to adjust the time to your particular time zone.

  1. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse of January 10th is on 20 degrees of Capricorn/Cancer at 2:22 PM EST.
  2. The Lunar Eclipse of June 5th is on 15 degrees of Gemini/Sagittarius at 2:14 PM EST.
  3. The Solar Eclipse on June 21st is at zero degrees of Cancer at 1:43 AM EST.
  4. The Lunar Eclipse on July 4th is at 13 degrees of Cancer/Capricorn at 11:46 PM EST.
  5. On November 30th we have a Lunar Eclipse at 8 degrees of Sagittarius/Gemini at 4:31 AM EST.
  6. The Solar Eclipse on December 14th is at 23 degrees of Sagittarius at 11:18 AM EST.


 The month of January 2020 

2020 begins with a certain amount of enthusiasm which accompanies every start of a new annual calendar.  However, we are still carrying over the projects, attitudes, and baggage from 2019.  That is until a turning point between the 10th and 12th.  This is a time of the Lunar Eclipse, Uranus turning direct, and Saturn Conjuncting Pluto.  We are dumping past issues and really greeting the new year.  With every planet direct, this will be a time of much activity.  My advice is to get physical exercise, overcome fear and negative expectations, while still embracing careful and detailed planning for the year.  Economic downturns and some material world setbacks are staring us in the face.  However, this is not a time for pessimism.  Opportunities abound, but they will come in ways unexpected. Plans will alter in motion.

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is January 10th at 20 degrees of Capricorn/Cancer at 2:22 PM EST.  The Sun is on the South Node and the Moon on the North Node. With Mercury (thought) Conjunct the Sun (ego) and five planets in Capricorn (past habits), self-assertion can get us into trouble.  Being free of a need for recognition allows us to follow our higher impressions, powered by empathy and emotional instincts. This is shown by Neptune (higher perception) Trine the Moon (the public), both are in water signs (empathy). Insights can be practical but burdensome when not in tune with our higher “true north” principles.

 The Sun enters Aquarius on the 20th at 9:55 AM EST.  With the majority of the planets in Capricorn, our mind is likely to turn to well-worn grooves of the past.  However, with the Moon applying to the Conjunction of Mars in Sagittarius, the spirit of adventure is the best antidote for resignation, defeat, and boredom.  We can try something new over the next solar month without ignoring the obvious.

 The New Moon on the 24th is at 4 degrees of Aquarius at 4:42 PM EST.  We are encouraged to leave the past behind and experiment.  Mentally we are revved up with Mercury (thinking) Sextile Mars (energy).  With Venus (love) Conjunct Neptune (bliss), it is easy to let our feelings run away with us.  Uranus Squares the New Moon.  This indicates at least one surprising turn of events.  It may be hard to see, but we ourselves are responsible for the sharp departure from our plans.  It is best to avoid anger and blaming.

From the 1st to the 5th a positive mental attitude lifts our spirits.  Practical concerns and responsibilities are there, but the forward momentum of the week can make even the most mundane tasks seem joyful.  Writing, talking, and all forms of communication get an extra boost and an optimistic twist.

From the 6th to the 12th staying on task is difficult.  There are so many distractions on the world scene; focusing on our personal considerations seems beside the point.  This may be the longest week in history; each day seems like a chapter in a novel. Worry destroys our rhythm.  Staying positive and cheerful is the best remedy.

From the 13th to the 19th not everything we experience is communicable; nor does it need to be. Avoid the frustration of communication gone wrong.  Trying to convey information to those who are shut down is a waste of time.  Besides, some of our brilliant ideas will not seem so great later on, even to us. 

From the 20th to the 26th action is good; impulsive action, not so much.  Silence is better than confrontation.  Personal love relationships need attention.  Listen and just be there for others.  We don’t need to have solutions to be empathetic.

From the 27th to the 31st creative inspiration comes to a fever pitch.  Having an artistic outlet is very healing.  Even when our passions are very strong, our impressions may not match the external reality.  Small steps that reflect our values are more important than sweeping grandiose gestures.

1st – Wednesday –  Faith in the future is somewhat muted by an ironic foreshadowing of immediate unfolding events.  The gradual changes in life, culture, family, institutions over the last few years reaches a tipping point. We are prompted to act. 

2nd – Thursday –  Venus Semi-sextile Neptune, Mercury Conjunct Jupiter –  When we are honest with ourselves, we know what the right thing is.  Well established habits keep us on task, while we take in fresh ideas. It’s time to reach out to others.  A leap forward promises a reward. 

3rd – Friday –  Mars enters Sagittarius –  Going into new territory stimulates the spirit of adventure.  Our creative juices are flowing, giving shape to a beautiful idea.  This may mean performing, taking in a theatrical production, or just spending time with others, sharing thoughts and feelings from recent events. 

4th – Saturday –  Our desire to manifest an ideal gets a boost when we relax and partake of the moment.  Slow is the key to success.  Something new and unexpected adds fuel to the fire; an unhurried attitude allows for integration.

5th – Sunday –  Spending the day gathering thoughts, visiting with family, and celebrating life is relaxing in its own right.  We have something to share; so do others.  Now is a time for contributing to the common good, one person at a time.

6th – Monday –  Movement for its own sake is seldom productive or rewarding.  Even when inner nervousness prompts us, it is important to have a direction before taking the first step.  Information from others may not be all that helpful.  We have to know our own mind.

7th – Tuesday –  Sun Sextile Neptune, Venus Semi-sextile Saturn,  Mars Quincunx Uranus, Venus Semi-sextile Pluto –  Much of our difficulties with other people stem from conflicting values.  We can achieve our goals if our means for obtaining them aren’t out of step with a higher truth.  Ends and means have to agree.  Negative or unrealistic expectations can prevent us from transforming our relationships.  Be kind. 

8th – Wednesday –  Venus Semi-square Jupiter, Mercury Sextile Neptune,  Sun Parallel Pluto – Enthusiasm propels us forward, but our emotions tend to be out of step with our thoughts.  Reason, common sense, and higher intuition light the way for a new direction which is slowly taking form.  Finding common ground and fostering critical alliances give us new insights and a path toward shared interests. 

9th – Thursday –  The bigger picture of life alludes us, but this is a good time to nurture our family relationships. Taking in information regarding the road ahead will help us in coming days.  Rest and regrouping our energies sets the foundation for the coming period.  Knowing what to hang onto and what to let go of is the path of knowledge.

10th – Friday –  Sun Conjunct Mercury, Mercury Semi-square Mars, Sun Semi-square Mars, Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is at the 20th degree of Capricorn/Cancer at 2:22 PM EST, Uranus turns direct –  Being addicted to our own thoughts can be energizing, but also leads to arguments.  Being clear in our own thinking is instructive for ourselves; corralling our emotional impressions is the best way to avoid disagreements.  Releasing negative ingredients brings peace.       

11th – Saturday –  Progress requires embracing change and accepting the inevitable.  Demanding recognition leads to unnecessary suffering. Many people are dissatisfied with the turn of events, but we don’t have to be swept up in the hoopla of the moment.

12th – Sunday –  Mercury Conjunct Saturn, Mercury Conjunct Pluto, Saturn Conjunct Pluto –  The feeling of compression can be overwhelming.  The world will change now and we must adapt in order to stay balanced.  There has to be a ground clearing in order to plant a new crop.  Practical and measured steps move us in the right direction. 

13th – Monday –  Sun Conjunct Pluto, Sun Conjunct Saturn, Venus enters Pisces, Sun Parallel Saturn –  It is darkest before the dawn of a new day. Options may seem limited, but we just have to keep to our designated responsibilities, regardless of the results. We can always see the lighter side of the moment when we remember the purpose that drives us. 

14th – Tuesday –  Mercury Parallel Jupiter, Sun Parallel Mars, Mars Semi-square Pluto –   Only careful thinking can safeguard us against fighting a hopeless battle.  Even when our intentions are honorable, we can still make a mess of things when we try to help others without understanding the subtleties and the gravity of the situation.  We help make a better world when we see our own job, and do it without interruption. 

15th – Wednesday –  Mars Parallel Saturn, Mars Semi-square Saturn, Venus Sextile Uranus, Venus Contra-parallel Uranus –  We can try something new by harnessing our initial impulses.  Male/female relationships have quite a shake-up, but this is not necessarily destructive.  If we follow the logic of our recent past actions, we can stand on the edge of change, and take a leap.   

16th – Thursday –  Mercury enters Aquarius, Mercury Parallel Pluto –   New thoughts and new information come on the heels of deep introspection.  Others will tell us all kinds of things; we need to sift through the offerings carefully to see what is useful. 

17th – Friday –  Mercury Semi-square Neptune, Mercury Parallel Mars –  Inevitably we will translate our thoughts into actions. Monitoring our own mental experiments is a mechanism for isolating our true passions.  Putting them into practice may be the goal of a lifetime, but at least now we can see ourselves clearly.  When we are free of personal desires, we see the beauty of the present moment.

18th – Saturday –  Mercury Square Uranus, Mercury Parallel Saturn –  Integrating the new, the individual, and unique perceptions into commonly understood concepts will take work.  We need to be at peace with interruptions and other people’s confusion. Patience and study brings clarity.

19th – Sunday –  Mars Semi-sextile Jupiter –  By analyzing our beliefs, we come to certain conclusions.  Now is not the time for talk, but for action.  If we are not prepared to live for what we truly believe, we need to go back to the drawing board.  Concepts, passions, and actions have to match or we suffer.

20th – Monday –  Venus Semi-square Pluto,  Sun enters Aquarius, Venus Semi-square Saturn –  Some of our attractions bring suffering.  We simplify our life if we honestly face things that damage us. We can see a better way now.  Information needs to guide our actions; today is a start. 

21st – Tuesday – Mars Parallel Pluto –  Extra energy encourages us to try again.  We bring results by both having consistency of effort, and by varying our approach to life’s challenges.  If we remain cheerful and maintain hope, a way becomes clear. 

22nd – Wednesday –  Sun Semi-square Neptune, Sun Parallel Mercury –  The foundation of any successful life is established through our core values.  Taking practical steps, while promoting our cherished beliefs, takes courage.  One step in the right direction brings inner peace. 

23rd – Thursday –  Sun Square Uranus, Venus Sextile Jupiter, Mercury Semi-sextile Jupiter, Mercury Semi-sextile Venus –   A major correction is appropriate if the end result is a feeling of integration.  Luck is with us.  Much can be accomplished quickly if we trust our intuition.  Experiment! A new vocabulary is necessary to explain insights. 

24th – Friday – The New Moon is on the 4th degree of Aquarius at 4:42 PM –  Meditation is centering.  Overlooked options open doors.  People we care about are on a different wave length, but still have something of value to offer. The ending of one chapter is the beginning of a new one.  We must first empty our glass if we want to put something different in it. 

25th – Saturday –  Mercury Sextile Mars –  Our mental faculties are sharp; we can respond to current situations without much forethought. Life is fun and we need to indulge in what it offers.  As we grow, some people are left behind.  It is important to allow time for closure. 

26th – Sunday –  Mercury Semi-sextile Neptune, Venus Square Mars –  It’s a time to dream.  Letting our imaginations have exercise is a method for preparing to deal with real problems.  In some relationships, hope has been undermined through the gradual disintegration of trust.   However, healing comes through effort to find common ground.  Practical solutions cement cohesiveness and unity of purpose.   

27th – Monday –  Venus Conjunct Neptune, Venus Parallel Neptune –  We have reached the height of romantic, idealistic, and creative imagination. Our inspiration is at an all time high; we might as well do something with it.  Share the love; express the beauty. Embrace your positive aspirations. 

28th – Tuesday –  Mars Square Neptune, Venus Semi-square Uranus, Mars Parallel Jupiter –  Forcing our desires on another will dissipate energy to no avail.  Regardless of our positive intent, we need to create space for others to be themselves.  Knowing when self-assertion will have a positive affect is an art form.  Incorrectly presented, our passion for a cause can undermine the very project we want others to recognize. Emotional control benefits everyone. 

29th – Wednesday –  Mars Sesquiquadrate Uranus –  Impulsive behavior can put us in danger. Focusing our attention on the task at hand brings results.  Taking off in a new direction leads us back to the starting gate, exhausted. 

30th – Thursday –  Mercury Semi-sextile Pluto –  Time is best spent looking at where we have been, and deciphering what it means.  The journey in front is long and requires courage.  Knowledge comes through digesting experience and self study.

31st – Friday –  Mercury Semi-sextile Saturn –  Consolidating gains before moving forward allows a new foundation to settle.  We can build on the progress now, over the next few months.  Slowing down gives time for others to catch up. 

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Every year there is a growing excitement from Halloween to New Year’s. This is a season of remembrance. The decorations, the music, the crowds of people shopping, the churches are packed.  Special programs are on television, radio, the internet.  The collective atmosphere changes, brightens up.  People seem happier.  I like this time of year.  Lots of Christmas cards arrive, which I read with great interest.  Some friends take this opportunity to catch me up on the year’s activities. 

This year has been different.  The world is changing and so are our habits.  More shopping is done on the internet.  Stores are less crowded.  Messages and cards are more secular, more generic.  A spiritual atmosphere is still present, but you must look for it.  Celebrating the birth of Jesus can easily become an afterthought, or no thought at all.  Personally, our Christmas was a blast.  Friends and family spent a quiet day exchanging gifts and enjoying a potluck lunch.  With so many planets in Capricorn, the mood was a little subdued, even somber. Still it was celebratory and precious. 

It is a sign of the time – Dell Horoscope folded.  I’ve been a subscriber to this astrology magazine for many years, and I was sad to see them go.  There were many columns that I read every issue.  Print is waning.  I don’t take many magazines anymore.  Many that I used to take have closed up shop.  My daily newspaper is ancient history.  Ok, I buy a Sunday copy about once a month. 

Well, I leave for India on January 30th.  Most of my time will be at Meherabad for spiritual renewal.  From the 6th to the 11th I’ll be in Kolkata at the International Astrology Conference.  The February newsletter will go out just before I leave. March will go out immediately when I return. 

Thank you for letting me know that you receive and read my newsletter.  Some of you have been clients of mine for a long time, and I always enjoy catching up of the current details of your life.  Also, I enjoy making new friends with readers who haven’t written before.

 “The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future, or anticipate troubles. but to live in the present wisely and earnestly.” – Buddha


Bob Mulligan is available for personal appointments, astrology classes, and astrological material.  Call him at 239-261-2840 or by e-mail at  Visit our web site,