The Astrology Company: February 2020 by Bob Mulligan

February 2020

by Bob Mulligan

(a personal note is at the end of the newsletter) 

February 2020 is a time of permanent transition and reflection.  Saturn (responsibility) and Neptune (ideal) continue to rule all in the heavens.  We are in the midst of a many years’ process of accommodating both what we believe to be the case, and the hard facts of everyday life.  Mercury turns Retrograde on the 16th, ushering in a three week period of review.  This is not the best time to initiate new activities, but is great for reflection and self-correction. Interestingly enough, Mars enters Capricorn on this very day.  Mars is energy, and Capricorn (sign of his exaltation), provides structure and direction; we will make great progress wherever we put our attention.  This burst of focused energy tips the balance of our collective interests clearly toward the practical, as we will now have half of the planets in earth (practical) and four of them ruled by Saturn (lord of karma).  We will find ourselves compelled to complete something we have already started.  Jupiter Sextile Neptune on the 20th provides us with an opportunity to remember what is really important.  Mars will Conjunct the South Node of the Moon on February 25thThis will encourage more direct physical activity.  If our energy is directed by our higher intelligence, we can achieve much in a few weeks.  In December 2020 we begin another 20 year cycle of expansion with the Jupiter/Saturn Conjunction. In February we clean up past mistakes in preparation for events at year’s end.

The Full Moon is on the 9th at 2:34 AM EST on the 20th degree of Aquarius/Leo.  Mars (action) is in Sagittarius (adventure), Trine the Moon, and Sextile the Sun.  The urge to dump everything and strike out in a new direction can be overwhelming; however, the wave of the moment is against taking unconventional or initiating steps right now.  Releasing pent up tension is a great use of our energy over the next couple of weeks.  It is necessary to let go of old dreams in order to have new ones.

The Sun enters Pisces on the 18th at 11:58 PM EST. The most telling feature of this map for the next solar month is that the Moon and Mars are both Conjunct the South Node of the Moon, which sits halfway between them.  Our emotional energy is more stirred up than usual.  With the Sun Sextile both Mars and Uranus, we are apt to be looking for a quick fix to move us further on down the line.  However, with Mercury Retrograde, and no clear path for our higher values, we are perhaps best off doing no harm, and tending to our own garden of responsibilities and concerns. 

The New Moon is on February 23rd at 10:32 AM EST on the 4th degree of Pisces.  Venus and Jupiter are Square. Sun and Moon sit mid-way between the two, being Semi-square both.  This gives a boost of optimism, but maybe beyond what is realistic.  Mars and Uranus are Trine, and this New Moon is Sextile both, and on their midpoint.  This gives unbelievable power.   Mars is Conjunct the South Node of the Moon in Capricorn, bolstering the idea that our efforts make a difference.  Results come by being practical.  This is one powerful New Moon.  New Moons are the time of renewal, to start again.  Pisces is the sign of breaking down barriers and finding unity with everyone and everything.  This means relinquishing structures that separate us from others.  But, our structures provide identity.  Pisces is the sign of sacrifice.  Knowing what to give up and when provides knowledge for conscious living.  Mercury in Pisces (sign of his detriment) Conjunct the New Moon indicates the need to leap beyond our normal reasoning faculties.  Denial of the obvious brings suffering. Facing our truth head-on brings relief. 

From the 1st to the 9th catching up with events around us will require several changes in direction.  Changing circumstances require more effort than usual just to get normal tasks completed.  Wishful thinking offers a pleasant but temporary release from responsibilities.  It is best to see what can be discarded, then let go.

From the 10th to the 16th steady progress on our normal tasks can be made, but we need to stay focused.  This isn’t easy as enticing world events keep interrupting.  Slowly we are waking up to a new reality.  Practical steps require eliminating everything not essential.

From the 17th to the 23rd natural consequences emerge.  Decisions made earlier can’t be undone, but we can do something to improve our lot.  Real learning starts by facing the fact of our current situation.  It is a time of reevaluation.

From 24th to the 29th if we are quiet and listen to our inner voice, we can make very significant changes.  Inspiration and imagination are greatly enhanced.  Luck follows if we put our efforts into the things that signify our true values as they are manifesting in the environment. 

1st – Saturday –  “Old habits die hard”.  We start the day with new inspiration.  There is some conflict between the inertia of the past and the promise of an exciting future.  Neglected tasks have a way of waking us up.

2nd – Sunday –   Venus Sextile Pluto, Mercury Semi-square Jupiter –  Our feelings are powerful.  Our desire is to translate our impulses into actions.  Our thoughts jump ahead of unfolding physical circumstances. Getting ahead of ourselves causes problems.  Good fortune follows us if we are optimistic but realistic.  A fresh vision of our personal truth provides strength. 

3rd – Monday –  Mercury enters Pisces, Sun Semi-sextile  Jupiter, Mercury Contra-parallel Uranus, Venus Sextile Saturn –  The pace of life picks up.  Choices made now may be reversed later.  There is a twofold aspect to positive forward momentum now.  We need to have one eye on the achievable and one eye on our ultimate values.  To lose connection with either is to suffer later on. 

4th – Tuesday –  We stay sane and grounded in our convictions by being open to new possibilities.  Too much information can obscure our view.  Studying the roadmap can help us stay on the main road. 

5th – Wednesday –  Mercury Sextile Uranus –  Even though daydreams are unrealized fantasies, they can be a doorway to treasures from the past.  That which was hidden can suddenly become tangible.  Sharing insights with others can reinforce their productive quality. 

6th – Thursday –  Sun Semi-sextile Neptune, Mars Semi-sextile Pluto –  Self-assertion doesn’t get us in trouble if we are measured in the steps we take.  Something has to change; we need others on board if our path is to be smooth.  Being stuck by preconceptions brings frustration.  Regardless of how big the task looks, it is achievable if taken in small doses. 

7th – Friday –  Venus enters Aries –  Our feelings don’t directly match the responsibilities in front of us.  Life is easier if we handle the duties we have been given, then turn our attention to the more refined aspects of family life.  Impulses to create something new can lead us in a fresh direction.  

8th – Saturday –  The concerns of the world can seem overwhelming.  We create more space in our lives and live happier if we get rid of things we don’t need.  Time spent evaluating our next steps brings immediate rewards. 

9th – Sunday –  The Full Moon at 2:34 AM EST is on the 20th degree of Aquarius/Leo,  Mercury Semi-square Pluto –  It’s a great time to finish big projects and then to release them.  Not every detail can be handled now, but this should not be problematic.  After the picture has been painted, we can deal with the results through time, if we have chosen wisely. 

10th – Monday –  Venus Semi-sextile Uranus, Mars Semi-sextile Saturn –  Others may hold the key to our next move.  When we are willing to listen, new information can help us frame what is next.  Now is the time to move forward, even without approval of those who are influenced by our actions.

11th – Tuesday –  Practice over a long period of time brings results.  Harmony doesn’t have to be universal agreement.  Joint endeavors require compromise.  In the process of accommodation, something new emerges. 

12th – Wednesday –  Mercury Semi-square Saturn, Sun Semi-sextile Pluto –  Other people’s needs and wants pull us in one direction, our own perceived interests lie in another.  Compromise is usually possible, but sometimes we just can’t be at two places at the same time, or stand up and sit down simultaneously.   Indecision or passivity is worse than taking steps to fulfill what needs to be done. 

13th – Thursday – Mercury Parallel Neptune –  Sometimes seeing the best in others is more helpful than delineating what is wrong.  A vision of the beautiful can be inspiration for achieving something great.   

14th – Friday –  Digging into the hidden dimensions of a situation can reveal profound truths.  Hard work brings progress.  An open heart increases our chances to find joy. 

15th – Saturday –  Sun Semi-sextile Saturn –  Building consensus is meaningful and can make for real pleasantness.  A whole group can head in the same direction, and have a great time, if there is a designated leader.  There needs to be a goal, something to be accomplished that everyone can participate in. 

16th – Sunday –  Mars enters Capricorn, Mercury turns Retrograde, Mercury Contra-parallel Venus –  When we face what is and what isn’t, we find a way forward.  We have to be sure  that when we desire to help others, we are actually seeing what they see.  Projecting our insights and values onto others is a mistake.  Sometimes it is difficult to hear things that don’t match our picture. 

17th – Monday – Sun Contra-parallel Uranus –  A taste for the unusual can add some sparkle to the moment.   A fling into an abnormal mindset can free our thoughts.  Today’s adventure doesn’t have to make sense in the larger picture.  This moment of escape may merely be refreshing. 

18th – Tuesday –  Mercury Semi-sextile Venus, Sun enters Pisces –  A flurry of activity lets us accomplish lots in a little time.  Settling back down to an ordinary and familiar routine gives us a way to share recent discoveries and accomplishments with friends. 

19th – Wednesday –  Venus Contra-parallel Neptune, Mercury Semi-square Saturn –  Inspiration comes in a flash, but execution takes discipline and time.  Frustration evolves only when there is too wide a gap between our head and heart.  Self-analysis builds a bridge between what we see and what we believe. 

20th – Thursday –  Jupiter Sextile Neptune –  We are presented with an opportunity to translate our ideals into practice.  This is the time that we must stand up and make ourselves available. Any service we can render to others will have meaning when it stems from the heart.  

21st – Friday –  Mars Trine Uranus –  We are in a hurry and lots is being offered.  It’s time to expand.  Luck follows focus.  Keeping our attention in fairly narrow parameters allows joy and progress.  Knowing when to be satisfied and grateful is the key to happiness. 

22nd – Saturday – Sun Semi-square Jupiter, Sun Sextile Uranus –  Pleasant, relaxed feelings boost an almost contagious sense of freedom.  As long as we aren’t overextended (time, money, energy), we can enjoy the day, risk free.   

23rd – Sunday –  Venus Semi-sextile Neptune, the New Moon is on the 4th degree of Pisces at 10:32 AM EST, Venus Square Jupiter, Mercury Semi-square Pluto –  Writing down thoughts, meditation, and setting intentions all have meaning.  Do we want to grow in our inner world or in the external world?  Vanity, a grandiose picture of one’s self, will waste the abundant offerings of the day.  The mind can wander unproductively; real guidance comes from listening to the promptings of our inner voice.    

24th – Monday –  Sun Sextile Mars –  As long as we are able to keep fear, doubt, and feelings of insufficiency at bay, we are in for smooth sailing.  We can execute new plans with vigor. It is not important to get everyone else in our lives on board our projects now, but it is important to have a clear direction. 

25th – Tuesday –  Sun Conjunct Mercury, Sun Contra-parallel Venus –  Fine tuning of our thoughts can take the form of writing.  Conversations may be less rewarding.  If we want to include others in our thoughts, we need to listen to theirs.   

26th – Wednesday –   Mercury Sextile Mars, Mercury Semi-square Venus, Mercury Parallel Neptune –  Our passionate exploration of today’s offerings can put us in a bind.  Being careful with our words can prevent needless misunderstanding.  Others may not share our enthusiasm, but we can include them if we don’t keep them at arm’s length. 

27th – Thursday –  Be creative.  We may have to work alone or just be misunderstood, but progress is ours for the asking.  Pushing projects is more productive than pushing people.  Take note of what is going wrong and what is working.  Self-correction pays big dividends. 

28th – Friday –  Sun Semi-square Pluto, Mercury Semi-square Jupiter, Venus Square Pluto, Mercury Sextile Uranus –  Patience and curiosity opens our minds to new possibilities.  Imagination harnessed to tangible results sends us in a direction where we are able to measure the outcome in negotiable terms.  Emotional self-control is necessary to allow good thoughts to surface. 

29th – Saturday –  Being relaxed and participating in activities that reduce stress set the stage for a new chapter in life. Now is not the time to be in a hurry.  It is a time to enjoy life’s little pleasures as they come our way. 

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As some of you know, I postponed my trip to India.  If my health improves, I will go in September.  I’m sorry to miss the time of spiritual renewal, and to miss speaking at the conference in Kolkata. 

On January 11th, Tobey Burton and I went to see Nadiya Shah at the NCGR meeting in Ft. Lauderdale.  She is part of the group of young astrologers that I haven’t been in contact with.  She gave an entertaining workshop, we visited, and I got a copy of her most recent book.  It was a fun-filled day, but I was really exhausted when I got home. It was very good that my trip to India was postponed. 

Katie is waiting to hear back on her application to spend a month in Spain.  She will go at the end of May to the end of June.  I’m excited for her.  Teddy and I will miss her. 

Some of you mentioned that my website has been hacked and some people were redirected to a different site.  We are trying to solve the problem and hopefully it will be corrected soon. Thank you for letting us know. 

January 31st 1969, my Master, Meher Baba, dropped his physical form.  Every year we celebrate this anniversary date called Amartithi.   Katie and I host a small gathering on this day for celebration and remembrance. 

My daughter, Juliana, has been living in Berlin and is returning to live in New York City at the beginning of February.  Although we talked frequently when she was out of the country, it is good for her to be back in the US.  

On January 1st, the Chinese government shut down the seafood market that is at the epicenter of the Corona virus.  By then it had already spread beyond the borders of China.  The pandemic of 1918 killed about 50 million people worldwide. In 1820 another pandemic killed 100,000 people on the island of Java alone; how many worldwide? We don’t know.   News travels almost instantaneously.  So do people.  We are all connected and the spread of this virus points this out. 

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) had a 45 minute conference call on the 29th of January.  It was very informative.  They have convinced hundreds of companies to stop animal testing.  This call was very informative.  We are changing.  We will get to the Promised Land. 

Beyond Meat and Impossible Burgers are a big hit.  Meat substitutes had a 400% growth over the last year.  Now even big food companies (like Tyson) are starting their own plant-based lines to take the place of the dwindling beef, pork, and chicken industry. Yes, consciousness is rising on the planet. 

Thank you all for your kind words.  I try my best to respond to every email.   I got a little behind this month because I had a few publishing deadlines.  The editing of my book is coming along better than I expected.  See you next month.

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“When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful.” – Malala Yousafzai