The Astrology Company: April 2020 by Bob Mulligan

April 2020

By Bob Mulligan

(a personal note is at the end of the newsletter) 

This April is all about change. Jupiter is in Capricorn December 2019 – December 2020.  Capricorn is concerned with survival: food, clothing, and shelter.  Jupiter expands; these areas of life will expand during this time of contraction.

Jupiter Conjuncts Pluto three times in 2020: on the 4th of April; again on June 30th; and finally the last on November 12th.    Both Jupiter and Pluto are gods of immense wealth and power.  They rule signs that are in the area of other people (Sagittarius and Scorpio).  If we are conscious enough to include everyone else in our vision of the future, real progress can be made.  This will not be easy as Capricorn is determined for personal survival at all costs.  This Conjunction takes place in Capricorn.  Saturn (ruler of Capricorn) has just entered Aquarius (sign of friends). Saturn is in Aquarius from March 22nd until July 1st. Then Saturn will be back in Capricorn again until December 17th.   This ushers in real and lasting change for the better.  We are getting a preview now. 

Pluto has been in Capricorn since January of 2008, and will be there until March of 2023.  Capricorn is structure, form, traditional institution.  Last time Pluto was in Capricorn was at the time of the American and French Revolutions.  This was the beginning of the end of monarchies as a form of government (Capricorn).  Some governmental form is ending now.  What is ending, democracy or dictatorship?

From March 30th until May 13th Mars is in Aquarius.  Mars is our personal energy and Aquarius rules innovation.  We will find a way of living with the new normal during April.  The Sun enters Taurus, then Conjuncts Uranus (planet of spontaneity), on the 26th.  Interruption and original ideas define the last week of April. 

The Full Moon is on April 7th at 10:35 PM EDT on 18 degrees 43 minutes of Aries/Libra. Venus (ruler of Libra) is Trine Mars (ruler of Aries).  This is an opportunity to clarify and solidify relationships.  Mercury Conjunct Neptune is Sextile the Jupiter/Pluto Conjunction showing big ideas and bold moves will capture people’s imagination.  Mars has just separated from the Conjunction to Saturn (limitations).  We will feel that we have a freer hand to make a difference. 

The Sun enters Taurus April 19th at 10:46 AM EDT. Taurus is usually a time of hope, growth, and waiting, but not so much this year.   With the Sun loosely Conjunct Uranus (freedom), but closely Square Saturn (restriction), we will see a fight between the old ways and new methods all month; we are caught between hope for a miracle game changer and fear of moving on.  We see what needs to be done (Sun Square Saturn), but fear can have us falling back into what is comfortable and dependable, as the Sun Trines the South Node of the Moon in Capricorn (historical authority). The general public is largely in fantasy land, as the Moon in Pisces last crossed over Neptune (lord of illusion). The Moon Sextile to Pluto/Jupiter, gives the feeling we are at the effect of something bigger than our personal concerns.  Most people will look for escape, assuming someone else will deal with life’s bigger problems.  This chart is predominantly earth (material) and fixed (stubborn). The quest for survival will be mostly rooted in what has worked historically.  With Mercury (thinking) Sextile both Mars (personal assertion) and Venus (artistic beauty) new avenues open; some of us will make deep personal changes.  

The New Moon is on April 22nd at 10:27 PM EDT on 3 degrees 21 minutes of Taurus.  The New Moon is separating from a  Square to Saturn and applying to a Uranus Conjunction.  This intensifies the feeling that we have to let go of some things in order to move forward.  On March 21st Saturn first went into Aquarius, bringing to the surface the conflict between freedom and security.  Venus (love) Trines Mars (energy) and Squares Neptune (imagination).  These configurations show a burst of creativity and inspiration which will manifest periodically all month. 

From the 1st to the 5th a new direction calls to us.  We are easily confused by conflicting signals. Indecision can keep us frozen in place.  Relaxing and submitting to circumstances of the moment does not imply that we are giving up our dream of a better world.  Real improvement is possible when we take responsibility for our actions.

From the 6th to the 12th consistent and progressive steps can be taken.  We are on the road to real solutions, collectively and individually.   Our best ideas come from beyond reason and we get to our desired goal through intuition and focusing on the uniqueness of the world situation.  We are molded by it.

From the 13th to the 19th our self-assertion has accomplished what was achievable.  Now is the time to weather the storm and see what unfolds.  Seeing the direction of circumstances, and aligning with them, makes more sense than fighting the inevitable.  Adjustment to a new reality is easy if our minds are sparked by opportunities.

From the 20th to the 26th old roads are closed and new ones open.  We need each other, but when others can’t see what we are viewing, we still have to go with our own insights.  Destruction sometimes has to precede construction. 

From the 27th to the 30th what we think about colors our existence. We want to concentrate on the most pressing and practical circumstances of life.  Our perspective can change by facing what is, and asking for help. 

1st – Wednesday –  Mercury Semi-square Saturn, Mercury Semi-square Mars – With a little discipline and emotional continuity, we are able to get some intelligent thoughts out to others.  We may receive corrective information from friendly sources.  We benefit by being open. 

2nd – Thursday –  We aren’t receiving the response from others we hoped for or expected.  Tension builds up, if we let it.  Physical exercise is a good way of balancing our emotions. 

3rd – Friday –  Venus enters Gemini, Mercury Conjunct Neptune –  We see beauty or just an illusion.  Translating our visions into something tangible can happen, but now is just a great time for enjoying the show. 

4th – Saturday –  Sun Contra-parallel Mercury, Venus Trine Saturn, Mercury Semi-square Uranus, Jupiter Conjunct Pluto –   Our mental life gets a jolt and we start to juggle a lot of new information.  It is a time of action, even though waiting may seem more desirable.  Tempers flare when opposing viewpoints lock horns.  Keeping an open mind is difficult, but it is necessary for any real personal change to occur. 

5th – Sunday –  Although there has been a several month fixation on hygiene and health, today there is special emphasis on the long- term effects of the world health crisis.  For each of us, we have an opportunity to take care of the small details of our own lives. 

6th – Monday –  Mars Semi-square Neptune, Mercury Parallel Neptune –  Passion and intuition work hand in hand to carry us beyond the confines of finite logic.  If we have been diligent in the collection of data, the larger picture will make sense now. 

7th – Tuesday –  Mars Parallel Saturn, Mars Square Uranus, Mercury Sextile Pluto, Mercury Sextile Jupiter, the Full Moon is on the 18th degree of Aries/Libra –  We can have quite a bit, but we can’t have it all.  Now is the time for sacrifice, prioritizing, and elimination.  If we commit to following a higher path, the alignment between our conscious mind and our higher wisdom becomes clear.  Instructions are there, we just have to listen. 

8th – Wednesday –  Sun Semi-sextile Neptune, Sun Semi-square Venus –  Our urge to create something is a powerful motivator.   Past memories can flood our circuits and leave us a little off kilter.  If our primary relationships are in good shape, we need to put more juice into them. If there is difficulty on the home front, we need to expend the energy to do the repair work.  Love for one another heals the wounds of isolation. 

9th – Thursday –  Confusion may be there, but the heart knows the answer to life’s most pressing questions.  Our emotional response to events will tend to be either too hot or too cold.  Music, art, drama can lift our vibration, soothe our feelings, and fill our soul.  Take time for the finer and refined things of life. 

10th – Friday – Venus Semi-sextile Uranus, Mercury enters Aries –   A little excitement can brighten the day.  We must welcome the unexpected, and if it doesn’t arrive, seek it out.  The river must flow or it becomes stagnant.  Diversions are good for strengthening our resolve. 

11th – Saturday – Mercury Sextile Saturn –  Information comes to us and we can see most objectively.  Mental discipline brings results.  Any problem we tackle now will resolve quickly.   We can paint life in broad strokes and still have time left over. 

12th – Sunday –  Casual fun has a place today.  However, it is important that anyone in your daily life needs to be on the same page if you decide to clown around for a bit.  The world is in such a serious place that it is easy to unintentionally hurt someone with a careless stunt or remark. 

13th – Monday –  Thinking different may not come naturally, but it can help a lot to get out of a rut.  Embrace the unexpected help that may come packaged as an interruption.  There are real limitations in the external world, but our job is to be self-reliant and self-aware. 

14th – Tuesday – Sun Square Pluto, Mercury Semi-sextile Uranus –  If our actions reveal inner conflict, it is necessary to understand our own needs for power and control.  Are we living in fear of inadequacy?  Do we feel trapped by circumstances?  It is hard to see how we have created our situation.  Dig deeper, it is always there. 

15th – Wednesday –  Sun Square Jupiter, Venus Sesquiquadrate Pluto –  Progress can be made and there is some luck.  Overestimating our skills or our fortune can move us beyond our own safety zone.  It is easy to misread people and circumstances.  Those we love may not be on the same wavelength emotionally.  Spending the time to synchronize can spell success. 

16th – Thursday –  With effort, we can align our energy with the task at hand.  Very little is routine, but there are some things that must be done in the same old prescribed manner.  After getting the basic chores out of the way, we can break free and experiment. 

17th – Friday –  Venus Sesquiquadrate Jupiter –   Now more than ever, we need the strength of character to will one thing.  Being committed to a course of action, a line of thought, or a person brings satisfaction and growth. 

18th – Saturday –  Mercury Sextile Venus, Mercury Sextile Mars –   This is the time to seal the deal. Words flow easily and understanding comes through rapid exchanges.  As long as we know what we are committing to, and are good for our word, all will run smoothly.  Make sure you spend time with that special someone.

19th – Sunday –  Sun enters Taurus –  Our appetite is big and we can take a giant step forward if we have done our homework. Projects conceived to improve the world are powered by our dreams.  Our positive thoughts help others. 

20th – Monday – We may have been stuck in the planning stages, but now we are ready to lift off.  We are energized.  Difficulties that have blocked us before are there, but now we see new options.  Practice brings improvement.  Repetition leads to the goal.  Rhythm is power. 

21st – Tuesday –  Mercury Contra-parallel Neptune, Sun Square Saturn –  Being clear of where our standards have come from is very freeing.  Someone gave us rules that we are trying to live up to.  A marginal examination of our history can reveal a treasure trove of knowledge.  Working hard is better than feeling defeated, but understanding the origin of values helps us see what stays, what goes, and what just gets reformed. 

22nd – Wednesday – Mercury Semi-sextile Neptune –  Our mind is quick but needs to be harnessed to something of value, something lasting, if it is to carry us toward the truth.  Facts alone do not confer knowledge; honest objectivity starts by recognizing our own prejudices.

23rd – Thursday –  We seem ungrounded as the unexpected keeps changing the outcome of our well-chosen plans.  Riding the wave of current events is becoming the norm.  Having a safe outlet for unrecognized or unwanted feelings is a great counterbalance to uncertainty. 

24th – Friday –  Sun Semi-square Neptune, Sun Parallel Uranus –   Too much activity, too much information, too much insecurity can leave us with either a feeling of being disconnected from ourselves, or just shut down.  Now is not the best time to experiment.  We do best to get done with what must be accomplished, then rest. 

25th – Saturday –  Mercury Square Pluto, Pluto turns Retrograde, Venus Sesquiquadrate Saturn, Mercury Square Jupiter –  Fear, secrecy, and overestimation can bring us trouble.  Seeing clearly is difficult because our vision is easily distorted by negative emotions and prejudice.  Only by looking at ourselves can we share with others in a manner approaching authenticity. 

26th – Sunday –  Sun Conjunct Uranus –  Our self worth can be profoundly shaken.  This is not a bad thing, just time to take a second look at what rocks our boat.  Very slight changes in our approach to others can have a profound and lasting effect.  This is not a trick; a change of heart can occur between two people in the sincere act of putting our cards on the table. 

27th – Monday –  Mercury enters Taurus –  We first need to be detached and take care of business, then get personal.  Family, home, emotional attachments require attention.  Our ideas germinate slowly, with great deliberation, when they are truthful.  We look for material world applications to prove what we think about. 

28th – Tuesday –  Mercury Square Saturn, Mars Semi-sextile Neptune –  Pragmatic thinking can have us looking around the corner for any shortcut to our goal. At the same time, we may have the propensity to focus on the smallest details because we want what we do to be right.  Keeping our central focus on our higher aspirations reduces self-judgment and negative thoughts.  Our passions are easily directed toward the common good. 

29th – Wednesday –  Mercury Semi-square Venus – Heart and mind are on two different paths; uniting them requires limiting our number of interests, at least momentarily.  Physical activity can help ground and particularize our concerns while aligning head, hand, and heart. 

30th – Thursday –  Mercury Semi-square Neptune, Mercury Conjunct Uranus –  Inspiration and intuition work together.  Life goes on in other arenas, regardless of how inclusive our vision is.  Against the odds, we can carry the torch of brilliance beyond our personal passions, and contribute something to the universal good. 

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As an astrologer, I try very hard to just report the planetary news.  But I am also a human being and have feelings, thoughts, and prejudices as such.  These are troubling and transformative times for all of us.  For me, not too much has changed.  I see my clients, go for a walk three times a day, and carry on with most of my normal activities. Social distancing is not too difficult because I have been basically a hermit for the last few years.  Katie, Teddy (our family dog), and I went out for dinner on March 16th.  We only do this about every six months, but I felt it was important to do it one last time before the world shuts down.  We had a great evening of it.  I talk to people all over the world regularly.  Here in the States, people seem to have accepted the need for isolation and distancing.  As I have said, this virus will be with us all year.  Even when it lightens up, life will have changed permanently.

 As I said in my recent newsletters, the pandemic will last until the end of the year.  At the time of this writing, there have been 787,000 cases and 37,000 deaths worldwide.  This number will grow.  Our lives are changing and in the long run, we will all be better for this change. 

If you are doing what you should do, staying at home, then you might be interested in all the online offerings – Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, Showtime, Sundance Now,  and the British TV source Acorn (use code FREE30) have 30 day free trials.  Criterion Channel offers 14 days free. 

The Meher Center in Myrtle Beach is closed.  Meher Baba’s Tomb in India is closed.  These are the two places I go for spiritual retreat and renewal.   If the Indian government lets me in, I plan on going to Meherabad for a pilgrimage in September, regardless of my health.  At the moment my health is ok, but still sub-par.  My health has improved greatly since Katie has been giving me an Esoteric Healing treatment once a week. 

Katie will not be going to study in Spain in May, as the program has been cancelled for this year.  She has started teaching her yoga classes live online using Zoom.  Her website is

If we get the time in this moment of social isolation, perhaps she can teach me some online social networking skills to bring me into the 21st century.  

Would anyone be interested in having an online call-in talk once a month as an adjunct to my newsletter?  If so, let me know and I’ll make the arrangements.  I’ve thought that it would be fun to have a chat where people could ask any astrology question they wanted. 

Thank you all for catching me up on things in your lives.  I have really enjoyed hearing from all of you.  See you next month.

Bob Mulligan is available for personal appointments, astrology classes, and astrological material.  Call him at 239-261-2840 or by e-mail at  Visit our website,

 “This is the day which the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.”-  Psalm 118:24