The Astrology Company: March 2020 by Bob Mulligan

March 2020

By Bob Mulligan

(a personal note is at the end of the newsletter) 

Daylight Saving Time begins on March 8th.  Mercury turns Direct on the 9th at 28 degrees of Aquarius. 

For most of the month the planets are all in a tight bundle within 120 degrees of the Zodiac.  This shows an incredibly condensed pattern of interests and concerns.  This lack of a wider perspective means people hardening into their positions.  The Moon (general ruler of the public) is the only planet to break away, and does so; between the 1st and the 17th the Moon will be outside this tight grouping.

Saturn (the law) gives a preview of the future by briefly crossing into Aquarius (forward-looking) on the 21st.   This is a glimpse of happenings coming when Saturn goes into Aquarius to stay in December.  We will be moving slowing into a more progressive era.  Jupiter in Capricorn takes hold as we must put our values and beliefs (Jupiter) into tangible form (Capricorn). 

Venus (love) is Trine Jupiter (values) and Pluto (extremes) on the 27th and 28th.   Jupiter and Pluto are in Capricorn (sign of definition).  Venus is in Taurus (sign of consolidation).  This is a time of acting on our true beliefs and giving them tangible form, a recurring theme for the rest of 2020.   

The Full Moon is on the 9th at 1:48 PM EDT on 19 degrees of Pisces/Virgo.  The Sun in Pisces is Conjunct Neptune (idealized life).  Mars, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn are all in Capricorn (sign of brutal practicality). These four planets are all loosely Trine the Moon and Sextile the Sun.  The upshot is that we will tend to cling to our beliefs, without feeling that they have much of a chance of success.   However, if we eliminate the baggage from the past, we will be amazed at the progress made during the next two weeks. 

The Sun enters Aries March 19th at 11:50 PM EDT.  This is the Spring Equinox.  The chart tells a story for the next three months.  Mars (ruler of Aries) is Conjunct Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn.  This shows tremendous energy going into our values.  Mercury (planet of information) is in Pisces and Sextile Uranus (revolution).  Although we are receiving information from higher realms, we will need to rely on our feelings and intuition more than logic.  The two feminine deities, Moon and Venus, are Square each other.  Emotionally this shows that the general public has a struggle between what they feel is in the best interest of all and their own personal concerns.  Half of the planets are in earth (practicality).  Most people will have to confront fear in order to be detached enough to act for the common good.

 The New Moon is on the 24th at 5:29 AM EDT 4 degrees Aries.  This moment provides us with an opportunity to get simple and direct in our undertakings.  Help is available if our direction is clear and practical.  Saturn (lord of time) has just moved into Aquarius, and is in sextile to the New Moon.  This shows basic structures already put in place support our activities both mundane and grandiose.  Luck is with us and Jupiter/Pluto in Trine to Venus will give us a boost of confidence.  What we put into action now will bear fruit.

From the 1st to the 8th big plans gather strength, but there are obstacles in the path to their fulfillment.  Most of our difficulties now are self-created and can be eliminated by slimming down our options.  Some projects that have occupied our time need to be postponed or just dropped.

From the 9th to the 15th high sounding values actually pick up energy as we put our attention on the things that matter most.  Dreams of a better life become the backbone of our daily activity.  Our future has finally arrived, and if our preparation has been solid, we will take the next step forward.

From the 16th to the 22nd momentum gathers to manifest our long held ideals.  Still, we may see more than others around us.  We must understand what others are saying.  Unifying goals will elude us if we are so far removed from other people’s concerns that we end up judging them.  With effort, we can find common ground.

From the 23rd to the 31st luck is with us, and the bigger our dreams the greater the success.  Going for what we really want is so much better than aiming at our second choice.  Tangible results should be immediately evident even if our present goals are only a platform for future projects. 

1st – Sunday – Sun Parallel Mercury, Jupiter Parallel Pluto –  It’s time to expand beyond our ordinary limitations.  Nervous energy can stop us from focusing productively, but this still can be a great time for gathering new insights.

2nd – Monday – Big projects may be on hold, but this is a sweet moment for handling inconveniences in personal affairs.  Listening helps, pushing a point of view doesn’t.

3rd – Tuesday – Sun Semi-square Saturn, Venus Square Saturn, Venus Parallel Uranus –  It is easy to feel stymied as boundaries seem to limit our wishes.  However, new options are present if we have the ability to see what is being offered.

4th – Wednesday –  Mercury enters Aquarius, Mercury Sextile Venus, Venus enters Taurus, Sun Semi-square Venus –  If we get our timing right, much confusion can be cleared through pleasant and reassuring conversation.  Taking time with people we meet can be beneficial later on.  Besides, kindness is always in fashion.

5th – Thursday –  Sun Parallel Neptune –  Our imagination is sparked by higher aspirations.  The material world is there, but we are confronted with more important considerations.  Time spent contemplating the eternal has a cumulative effect. 

6th – Friday –  Mercury Semi-sextile Saturn –  In order to make an important change in our lives, we need to take stock of important information we already possess.  A new perspective on our current situation reveals that an obstacle is actually assistance. 

7th – Saturday –  Mercury Semi-square Mars – Impulsive actions or harsh speech can haunt us later.  Channeling energy into something productive may be difficult, but it is what is necessary.  With a little initiative we can be quite inventive.

8th – Sunday –  Venus Semi-square Neptune, Sun Conjunct Neptune, Venus Conjunct Uranus, Sun Semi-square Uranus –  Alright, this is a really creative day.  But with too many options, we may fritter away opportunities.  Just relaxing and watching a movie can be great.  However, with a little energy put into a personal project, giant strides can be made quickly.

9th – Monday –  The Full Moon is on 19 degrees of Pisces/Virgo at 1:48 PM EDT, Mercury turns Direct –  This is one of those really important days.  We benefit by thinking through what we are doing, where we are going in the long run, and what we want to change.  Promises made to ourselves can link us to an unbroken chain of progress.  Releasing past bindings instantaneously puts us on new and solid footing. 

10th – Tuesday –  We may have been working very hard, but now it is time to let others into our lives.  Opportunities abound.  Do we have the courage to partake of the offerings?  Sharing what we have comes back to us.

11th – Wednesday –  Sun Sextile Jupiter – Asking for what we want lifts our spirits regardless of the outcome.  Belief in ourselves, and in our inherent goodness, is a virtue which we need to fully embrace.  Our relationships are built on a combination of personality ingredients.  We are one of the contributors, and need to see the worth of our positive attributes. 

12th – Thursday –  Basic life conflicts intensify, and they can be a distraction.  Still, it is important to take note of mental tension in our inner world.  Messages from the cosmos, when applied to our own lives, help us grow in self-awareness.

13th – Friday –  If we have the emotional fortitude, we can jump into a creative mode, and then something wonderful emerges.  Regardless of our mindset, this is a lucky day.  It would be a shame to squander the beauty of the moment on mundane concerns. 

14th – Saturday – Mars Sextile Neptune, Sun Sextile Pluto –  Self-assertion is a help or hindrance depending on our level of consciousness.  With the right blending of the beautiful and the realistic, we can take ownership of something substantive.  Our job and our avocation move in tandem.

15th – Sunday – Mercury Semi-sextile Saturn –  The last couple of weeks have revealed a significant truth.  We have a new perspective we can now share with others.  Captured victories in our personal life can help shape the future destiny of co-workers, partners, and friends. 

16th – Monday – Mercury enters Pisces –  Whatever our well-trod path is, we should probably stay on it now.  Dreams, fleeting images, and disconnected memories can occupy our mind.  We do best to just keep our head down and keep moving. 

17th – Tuesday –   Love is more powerful than duty, but following up on promises and commitments brings joy.  Inspiration and hard work are necessary, but one way or another, our inner muse will find expression. 

18th – Wednesday –  Maybe years of dedication are paying off.  This wasn’t a quick fix, but a reward comes; we reap what we have sown.  Tremendous energy is released.  Our desires are tightly focused, for better or worse.  

19th – Thursday –  Sun Sextile Saturn, Sun crosses into Aries –  Forward innovation is favored.  The desire for freedom is so strong that we are going to express it in some form: weak, moderate, or powerful.   Comparing ourselves to others is a waste of time and energy; each of us is unique; we must find our role and what we are to do. 

20th – Friday –  Mars Conjunct Jupiter –  We need the feeling of productiveness.  Making practical use of our time is essential.  Great energy is channeled and released.  Unrecognized talents are seen, but only if they are creating something of value.

21st – Saturday –  Saturn enters Aquarius –  We need to have faith in our abilities and inner knowledge.  When our heart is in the right place, the right words just come to us.  Even when people around us seem quirky, they can be helpful.   Our destination may change.

22nd – Sunday – Mercury Sextile Uranus, Venus Contra-parallel Saturn, Venus Sextile Neptune –  Both mind and heart are prompted to follow inspiration and intuition.  Fear of: the unfamiliar, rejection, or failure can stop the flow of higher thoughts.  The universe is here to help; we just have to be willing to receive. 

23rd – Monday –  Mars Conjunct Pluto, Mars Parallel Pluto –   Aligning our small desires with the universal will-of-the-cosmos is the task at hand.  If we are able to transmute our lower impulses, tremendous potency will power any project we have going.  

24th – Tuesday –   The New Moon is at 5:29 AM EDT, the Sun Semi-sextile Uranus –  Although we may feel like going our own way, valuable insights are present in the environment.  Some of this may be discovered on our own, some comes from others.  It is more important to see our general direction than it is to make material progress right now.  The wind will be at our back in a couple of days. 

25th – Wednesday –  Large-scale plans need a little more shaping before they are ready for execution.  As long as we aren’t in too big a hurry, something wonderful can happen.  Artistic expression is abundant.

26th – Thursday – Mercury Semi-square Jupiter, Venus Contra-parallel Jupiter, Venus Contra-parallel Mars –   We know what feels good and want more.  Knowing the difference between mindless pleasure and extravagant overindulgence is an important key.  In personal relations in general, and romantic interaction in the specific, finesse means paying attention to your partner’s signals. 

27th – Friday –  Mercury Semi-square Pluto, Venus Trine Jupiter, Venus Contra-parallel Pluto –  This is a lucky day for new enterprises.  Beginning a project, or adventure, is favorable.  If we have done our homework, this is a time of reward. 

28th – Saturday –Mars Parallel Jupiter, Venus Trine Pluto –  A little extra push will mean the difference between nice and excellent.   What looks like profound involvement to us may look like addiction to others.  Putting aside other people’s misperception, we owe it to ourselves to be all in.

29th – Sunday –   We can vacillate between sparkle and worry. Gathering news from multiple sources can be enriching, confusing, or just diluting.  To keep our balance, we need to remain at the center of the storm, integrating facts as they appear.

30th – Monday – Mars enters Aquarius –  We shift from being overly concerned with results to being more fascinated by the process.  It is a time to just live and observe.  Dirty details of everyday life seem less interesting than they used to.    We are trying to spread our wings and fly.   There will be time to check our route and destination later. 

31st – Tuesday –  Mars Conjunct Saturn –  First we have to acknowledge that there are limits to our reach.  Next is the long road of figuring out where our efforts will matter.  Although there are objective obstacles in our way, our rational mind may be in a more subjective space.  Patience and emotional strength open interpersonal doors.


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My Spiritual Master, Meher Baba, was born February 25th 1894, in Poona, India at 5 AM.  Katie and I had a little celebration on His birthday with a couple of friends (Heidi and Tobey). We shared a delicious lunch and read some of Meher Baba’s writings.  Later in the day I lost my balance and had a blackout in a parking lot.  Luckily I didn’t fall down. Katie happened to be shopping at the same store and walked me back to my car.  It turns out my younger brother had the same thing happen a year ago.   For me it was reminiscent of an episode when I was last in India.

I’ve cancelled my trip to Myrtle Beach in May and to my family reunion in Birmingham also in May.  I’m older and physically less able than earlier in life, I do expect to rebound from this. 

The pandemic that is sweeping the globe is likely to go on until the end of the year.  This is a global health crisis; but also this will have an economic, sociological, and political impact.  We are confronted with all of the problems of learning how to live together in one world.  

 If my health improves I plan on going to India in September.  

Katie has been accepted into a study abroad program and will spend the month of June in Spain.  She is part of a very small group that managed to get through the approval process.  I’m so happy that all of her hard work paid off.  Teddy and I will miss her during her month long absence; I will have many of her tasks to perform for The Astrology Company. 

Thankfully, the problem with my website has been fixed.  I was surprised to find how many people get my newsletter through The Astrology Company website rather than having it sent to their email. 

My daughter, Juliana, is now back in NYC and very excited to be doing her work as an ibogaine counselor.  She has been very dedicated to this work for many years. 

Celestial Vibes Magazine editor, Aswin Balaji, interviewed me and that will be printed in the next issue. 

Thank you all for catching me up on things in your lives.  See you next month.

Bob Mulligan is available for personal appointments, astrology classes, and astrological material.  Call him at 239-261-2840 or by e-mail at  Visit our web site,

 “We but mirror the world. All the tendencies present in the outer world are to be found in the world of our body. If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him. This is the divine mystery supreme. A wonderful thing it is and the source of our happiness. We need not wait to see what others do.”  ~Mahatma Gandhi