The Astrology Company: May 2020 by Bob Mulligan

May 2020

By Bob Mulligan

(a personal note is at the end of the newsletter) 

The whole month of May 2020 has two important astronomical occurrences.  First – The North Node of the Moon moves backward into Gemini on the 5th where it will stay for the next 18 months.  Ostensibly, this would give us freer communication and mobility.  Certainly, lots of new ideas will circulate over the next year and a half.  This will really pick up steam in December. As the Corona Virus settles in, freedom of movement will be an illusion until next year.  Pluto rules viruses and in Capricorn what he brings is long lasting.  Neptune is the ruler of deception, which will play a large role in the month.  The economy will open in May and close back down in July.

Second – Venus is Square Neptune all month.  Venus rules money and Neptune illusion. The world economic matters will be built on smoke and mirrors.  Short term fixes may be necessary, but make no mistake, the side effects from the stimulus money will cause damage.  This “helicopter money” is pure fantasy.  In our personal lives, Venus rules self-worth.  The Square to Neptune makes it harder to feel good about ourselves.  It will be difficult to get honesty and reality in our relationships, but handled correctly, new options and creative thinking can work hand in glove to further our dreams.  If we are looking for someone to save us, we can be led “down the primrose path.” We have responsibilities to address and a need to take care of others.

Venus turns Retrograde in Gemini on the 13th, and will be in Gemini for four months.  Usually Venus is in a sign for about one month. Gemini is ruled by Mercury (thinking ability). Mercury is in Taurus until the 11th which shows slow but practical thoughts.   Mercury is in Gemini from the 11th to the 28th and will scatter information everywhere. From the 28th to the end of the month, Mercury is in Cancer.  Cautious optimism can carry us into next month.

A word to the wise, the stimulus money was approved on the New Moon in Aries (March 24th).  This looked and sounded hopeful.  Two days before, Saturn (lord of karma) went into Aquarius.  More hope.  However, Saturn Retrogrades into Capricorn again on July 2nd and will be there until December.  This will be a time of more isolation, a shrinking economy, and collective fear. The virus will be a real global crisis until next year.

The Full Moon is on the 17th degree of Taurus/Scorpio on May 7th at 6:45 AM EDT.  This chart has no fire and half of the planets are in earth signs.  This suggests that we will focus on practical results.  Mercury in Taurus is Trine Pluto/Jupiter and Sextile Neptune. This indicates great progress being made on fundamental bread and butter issues.  Our ideals (Neptune) are grounded in sound thinking, shown by virtue of Mercury, Jupiter, and Pluto all being in practical signs.  Hope can illuminate our basic concerns.  The North Node of the Moon has just backed into Gemini indicating that we will solve fundamental problems by taking direction from new information.  Venus in Square to Neptune indicates nervousness about how to make the right decisions.  Two streams of information come to us and we are caught between them.  Going for safety and long term viability runs counter to what we might wish for.  This is the time of the Buddhist festival of Wesak.  The Buddha returns to earth to give a boost to creation; it is a time of renewal.  This is the most important Full Moon meditation of the year.

The Sun enters Gemini on the 20th at 9:50 AM EDT.  The Moon in Taurus is Conjunct Uranus, Square Saturn, and Sextile Mars.  The next month we are all doing our best to ignore what doesn’t match the comfort of our personal lives.  The underlying energy is toward consolidation.  With both Mercury and Venus Square Neptune, we need to be cognizant that our wishful thinking can lead us astray. This ingress happens just two days before the New Moon.

The New Moon is on the 2nd degree of Gemini on May 22nd at 1:40 PM EDT.  The New Moon is Trine Saturn and Square Mars.  This is a reminder to follow the line of discipline and common sense. Our irrational impulses could mislead us at this time.  We can mean well and still not have the strength to carry our intentions to a conclusion.  With Venus Retrograde, Conjunct Mars, and Square Neptune, we can see an end result that we want, but somehow eludes us.

From the 1st through the 3rd Mother Nature, the environment, the world supply chain all have a big impact on our day to day lives.  We locate inner resources to artfully change with the new reality. Longing for a world that is passing away is not useful.  Life is fun if we embrace the revolution.

From the 4th through the 10th new information can be healing if we are open to moving with the obvious.   There are moments in life where we can find a shortcut through the jungle of everyday problems.  This is one of those times where logic does not serve us, but our higher inspiration can teach us as to how our own stubbornness gets in our way.  Mental flexibility and emotional kindness save us.

From the 11th through the 17th we have an opportunity to make a difference.  For the last period, so much of our lives have been dictated by things beyond our reach.  Now we have a feeling of relative new found freedom.  The wisest of us will stay close to a balanced schedule, and not get caught up in the hoopla.

From the 18th through the 24th certain things happen all by themselves.  Others, we put into motion through our actions.  We can’t control the external environment, but we can control the atmosphere of our own thoughts and attitudes.  The real inner enemy is our own obstinacy, inability to accept the obvious, and a revolt to having to live without normal external distractions.  Physical, mental, and emotional movement is necessary to stay healthy, but we need to be measured in our activity.

From the 25th through the 31st our attention naturally drifts toward our family and personal lives.  There is much to be accommodated in our corner of the world where we can have a direct affect.  Wisdom comes by finding the correct way of being involved with the whole world while being responsible and engaged with our loved ones.

1st – Friday – Mercury Parallel Uranus –  We can all feel the underlying excitement lifting our mood.  Yes, emotionally charged arguments can point to pent up frustration.  Still, as focus shifts more to our own immediate needs, we are prompted to lean on our inner resources.  The world is changing.

2nd – Saturday –  Sun Contra-parallel Mars – There is a feeling that we must do something, anything.  Most of us are looking for options to improve our daily lives.  Other than physical exercise, most external actions will be wasted.  Real innovation starts by changing our thoughts.

3rd – Sunday –  Mercury Contra-parallel Mars –  There is a difference between determination and stubbornness.  Good conversation can lighten our spirits if we accept the concept that alternative viewpoints are enriching.

4th – Monday –  Sun Conjunct Mercury –  We have a challenge to find the balance point between dogma and tenacity.  Mental clarity arrives by holding onto what we know.  A closed mind leaves us unreceptive to information we need.  Ingenious solutions to real problems emerge when we are focused on tangible results.

5th – Tuesday –The North Node of the Moon Retrogrades back into Gemini, Mars Semi-sextile Pluto –  Our self-confidence and strength increases.  The will to innovate is there, but new opportunities are just barely visible.  Regardless of how smart we are, the end results of our actions must have a material root to have meaning.

6th – Wednesday –  Tension builds to a fever pitch.  Most people will be best off to have a physical outlet for the buildup of energy.    Being calm is good, as is meditation.  It is time to release, let go, and relax.

7th – Thursday – Mercury Sextile Neptune, the Full Moon is at 6:46 AM, Mercury Semi-sextile Venus –  We get a chance to balance our mental life through a healthy dose of art and beauty.  As thoughts accelerate, we may blaze a new trail.  Alternative viewpoints may not seem so odd now.

8th – Friday –  Mars Semi-sextile Jupiter –  Projects and people may come and go as we search for the proper fit.  Fussiness is prelude to success if we are forthright and disciplined.  Faraway places and visionary projects inspire us to expand our horizons.

9th – Saturday – Mercury Trine Pluto, Mercury Contra-parallel Saturn –  Painstakingly narrow focus can achieve clarity of vision.  This leads to a sense of purpose.  If we lack a direction  for our energy, we can become depressed.  It is most important to remain hopeful and feel useful.

10th – Sunday – Mercury Trine Jupiter, Sun Sextile Neptune –  Philosophical insights matter most when our basic assumptions can be tested in the physical world.  Regardless of how high our mind will soar, we need our feet on the ground to have meaningful accomplishments.  We are most visionary today, and when insights are attached to things we already have in motion, we find our way through.

11th – Monday – Saturn turns Retrograde, Mercury Contra-parallel Jupiter, Mars Contra-parallel Uranus, Mercury enters Gemini –  After months of rather depressing news, everyone’s spirit gets an infusion of lighter information.  Lots of backroom deals come forward and look promising.  We are all ready for a change.  We need to take advantage of real opportunities as they arrive.

12th – Tuesday – Sun Semi-sextile Venus, Mercury Trine Saturn –  Cautious and persistent investigation of the facts can help us move from serious to lighthearted.  Our truly creative instincts need to be free in order to work, but only boundaries and rules can give the focus to manifest our best ideas.

13th – Wednesday –  Mars enters Pisces, Venus turns Retrograde, Mercury Contra-parallel Pluto –  If energy seems to drop through the floor, it is time to reevaluate where the mind wanders.  Great and beautiful ideas float through the collective consciousness, and yet it is possible to follow the current stream of logic to a destination, only to see it evaporate in front of us.  Actions need to be tentative if there is hope for a positive outcome.

14th – Thursday – Jupiter turns Retrograde –  We can have the feeling that our legs have been swept out from under us.   Finishing projects over the next week will provide a sense of satisfaction.  We can see clearly what things are worthy of our attention.

15th – Friday –  Sun Trine Pluto, Mercury Semi-sextile Uranus, Mars Semi-sextile Saturn –   An abundance of energy needs to be molded into something useful.  A change in approach can make something hard, easy.  The alchemy of consciousness can break up the stagnation of the current situation.

16th – Saturday –  Mercury Sesquiquadrate Pluto –   If our timing is excellent, we can take advantage of a breakaway opportunity.  Fear of the unknown can have us giving a pass to things that could bring improvement.  Still, keeping our feet on the ground keeps us safe when we switch directions.

17th – Sunday – Sun Trine Jupiter, Mercury Sesquiquadrate Jupiter –  Building on a solid foundation, we can push something across the finish line now.  Because our thinking is attached to results, we are ready to harvest.  Finding stability in a rapidly changing world is difficult at best, but really hard during these exceptional times.

18th – Monday –  Because conditions develop faster than is comfortable, thinking before acting is necessary to be safe.  To avoid mistakes we need to check our facts.  We can reach harmony with others by making time to listen and explain.

19th – Tuesday – Sun Parallel Saturn –  Changing direction requires energy and investment of our time.  Regardless of our activity, seeing it through to success requires patience and caution.  Moving beyond our foundation leaves us top-heavy.  There is a difference between fear and prudence.  Corralling our energy before moving forward allows our efforts to be meaningful.

20th – Wednesday – Mercury Sesquiquadrate Saturn, Sun enters Gemini, Venus Square Neptune- There are some good ideas floating around, but so much of the common world view is pure fantasy.  However, it is possible to grab inspiration from the universal imagination of the moment, and channel it into something useful.  Building castles in the air is fine if we don’t try to live in them.

21st – Thursday –   Gathering insights from our past and sharing with others is good during this time of reflection.  This is a great time for writing, talking, and all forms of communication. It is especially important to allow others to come into our lives and have their say.  Unfinished business comes full circle.  This brings closure.

22nd – Friday – Mercury Conjunct Venus, Sun Trine Saturn, Mercury Square Neptune, the New Moon on the 2nd degree of Gemini is at 1:40 PM EDT –  Wishful thinking is not all bad.  We must be able to envision a world that we would like, if we want to participate in bringing it about.  Still, separating fact from illusion keeps us sane.  Setting intentions for the next four weeks provides an outline for actions.

23rd – Saturday – Mercury Semi-square Uranus – Adjustments to our plans can allow us to expand our expectation.  Even though our vision can be unique, it is important to do some reality checking.  Most importantly, avoid arguments.  We can all be more fixed in our version of the world than is healthy.  This requires a balanced mind and emotional outlook because we must still take a stand on our own truth.

24th – Sunday –  Sun Contra-parallel Jupiter, Mercury Parallel Venus –  Our spirits lift.  A sense of humor can brighten even the darkest recesses of our minds.  We are on the road to success by doing our part.  Approaching life with the proper attitude helps others.

25th – Monday – Mercury Quincunx Pluto, Mars Sextile Uranus –  We may find that we have more energy than brains.  Being safe requires having a safe outlet for even our craziest obsessions.  There are real tasks needing completion.  Effort here is better than the alternative.  However, escape is still better than creating more difficulties that will need to be undone later.

26th – Tuesday –  Mercury Quincunx Jupiter –  Information and ideas don’t seem to match common sense.  We need to develop more trust in ourselves.  This comes as our ability to decipher fact from wishful thinking improves.  Finding harmony between our beliefs and our immediate course of action can be time consuming, but worthy of the investment.

27th – Wednesday –  Mars Semi-square Pluto – Our immediate impulses encourage us along lines that are less productive than we would wish.  We should wait and negotiate with the new territory.  We need to find common ground that includes our desires and our real purpose.  Useful information comes to the whole world during the next week.  Doing nothing is better than heading in the wrong direction.

28th – Thursday –  Mercury enters Cancer – Nostalgia moves our thoughts and feelings toward our past. We want to rescue aspects of the world that is passing away.  In order to fit into the direction of mass culture, we need to practice mental flexibility and moral certainty.

29th – Friday –  Sun Semi-sextile Uranus, Venus Sesquiquadrate Saturn, Mercury Quincunx Saturn –  We can take a step forward in our personal lives by releasing people, ideas, and circumstances that no longer fit our higher values. This is a moment of clarity for the brave, and confusion for the fearful.

30th – Saturday –  Sun Sesquiquadrate Pluto, Mars Semi-square Jupiter –   We have reached a moment aptly called a “crisis in consciousness”.  We can move forward in a real sense by correcting past mistakes.  Reevaluating the way we implemented our intentions a week ago can be clarifying.  Our sense of time and timing can be a little off.  On one hand everything seems to be moving so slow; and at the same time we can be experiencing a need for going slower.  Self healing takes time if it is to be real and lasting.

31st – Sunday –  Sun Contra-parallel Pluto – Tremendous potency is at our disposal; we just have to correctly isolate our real mission, our real responsibilities.  More personal sacrifice may be required.  Honesty comes by facing what we have done, what we are doing, and what we intend.   Preparation for the coming months requires a fundamental change in attitude and awareness.

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There are always some personal challenges in writing this newsletter.  It is my job to be part of the solution and not part of the problem.  As Dr. King said, “You don’t drive out darkness with more darkness, only light can do that.”  Politics is divisive.  Why I don’t comment much on the political situation is that our personal biases easily lead away from the astrology.  Also, it is easy for me to become angry, which is certainly not helpful.

As a human being, I have things that I believe in: animal rights, saving the planet, honesty, facts, and that character is destiny.  The world is a better and kinder place than it was when we were born.   Still, we are at the tail end of the twenty year cycle of Jupiter/Saturn.  This is a cleanup phase where lots of our collective poison is coming to the surface.  So we see that much of the world is living under a dictatorship.   Here in the USA, our national karma dictates that we have a mentally ill president who perfectly magnifies every conceivable personality flaw.  Things will have to get worse before they can improve.  The emperor has no clothes.

What is America?  Is it the land? The people? America is an idea that is always striving to perfect itself.  Freedom of the press is the only institution, the only business protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution.   Dictators always call the free press the enemy of the people.

When I hear friends of mine repeat something patently false that they heard on the one and only news source that they listen to, I’m reminded that Merriam Webster added a new word to their dictionary this year –  “Sheeple”.  “True ignorance is not the absence of knowledge, but the refusal to acquire it.” – Karl Popper

Many people responded to my suggestion of a call in Zoom meeting.  It will be May 3rd from 12-12:30pm EDT.  If you want to attend, email me for the link:  If people like this I will continue to have one every month, with more allotted time if necessary.

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Nothing is real but God.

Nothing matters but love for God.” – Meher Baba