The Astrology Company: June 2020 by Bob Mulligan

June 2020

By Bob Mulligan

(a personal note is at the end of the newsletter) 

Venus is still Retrograde as we enter June, and will remain so until the 25th.   On the 18th Mercury turns Retrograde so we will have a week with them both moving against the grain of the Sun.  Venus is in Gemini and Mercury is in Cancer. This particular week will be a golden opportunity to make sweeping changes to our attitude as we evaluate our recent actions.  The Summer Solstice on the 20th is bracketed by two Eclipses: the Lunar Eclipse on the 5th and the Solar Eclipse on the 21st.   Thus begins our summer.  Hot weather and long days rule in the northern hemisphere.  This summer will be hotter than normal and the weather more turbulent and destructive.

Jupiter is Conjunct Pluto on the 30th.   Pluto rules viruses and Jupiter expands; this shows the pandemic will gather strength, its full force being evident about a week later. The first of these Conjunctions took place on April 4th and the third one will be on the 12th of November.  All three are in the sign Capricorn, which rules structure and stability.  Even though much of the world is enjoying some reprieve from the ‘stay at home’ order during June, this very act will precipitate more outbreaks.  This is preliminary to next month’s shutdown as Saturn returns to Capricorn on July 2nd.  All month most people will be relaxed and less cautious.   Prudent people will continue to stay safe. Food, clothing, and shelter are primary as a continuation of the Capricorn theme. 

The Full Moon Eclipse is on the 5th at 3:14 PM EDT on the 15th degree of Gemini/Sagittarius.  Venus in her Retrograde motion is Conjunct the Sun and Opposite the Moon.  Mars Conjunct Neptune is at the base of a mutable T-Square with the Full Moon.  Mutable signs are where we make adjustments; they are the spiritualizing influences in our chart.  All five planets involved are in Mutable signs. We have an opportunity to rise above the misinformation of the moment and start seeing a clearer picture of our lives. 

The Sun enters Cancer (Summer Solstice) on the 20th at 5:45 PM EDT.  The most telling feature of this chart is the Moon in Gemini Square Mars in Pisces.  This shows the temperament for the next three months; the Moon rules the general public.  Nervousness, anger, and frustration are boiling over with the general populous.  When this chart is set up for Washington, D.C., Venus Retrograde in the 7th house (other countries) is Square the MC (our leadership).  There will be much tension on the world stage.  With the Sun in the 8th house (National Treasury) ruled by the afflicted Moon, there will be much finger pointing and lack of consensus over the exploding debt.  We all need to stay calm.

The New Moon Eclipse is on June 21st at 2:43 AM EDT on zero degrees and 21 minutes of Cancer.  This is the world point; every country and every person will be affected by it.  With five planets Retrograde and a sixth Stationary turning Retrograde, forward momentum will grind to a halt.  We have to go backward and undo some of the damage of the past.  The eclipse is Quincunx Saturn, showing us that real growth comes when we each accept responsibilities for our action, and work toward real solutions.  We are on one planet; there is no win/lose game that works.  Only by  seeing that we all win or all lose can we heal the planet. 

From the 1st to the 7th we are in an information explosion and each person must see what stays and what goes in our own lives.  An underlying nervousness keeps everyone and everything more or less up in the air.  Most people are caught between fear and hope as nostalgia for the “good old days” can easily grip us.   The world we used to live in is gone forever, but the new world being born will be even better. It just isn’t here yet. 

From the 8th to the 14th lots of money is switching hands.  Smart people are satisfied to just enjoy the show as the world chases things of no importance.  Large scale humanitarian projects are launched and it is a good reminder for all of us to be helpful and kind.  For all the chaos, basic social structure will hold in place. 

From the 15th to the 21st finding pleasure and being safe require an adjustment of attitude.  Inner resources are worthy of an inventory.  New habits and hobbies can be built on the shoulders of what we have been doing our whole lives.  Finding a quiet inner sanctuary allows us to make a correct valuation of what is important now. 

From the 22nd to the 30th the fog lifts, and we see more clearly what needs to be done.  Slowly, then more quickly, we get moving.  It is not so important to change directions, techniques, or perspectives.  What is necessary is to energize what we already know is right.  We can make great things happen if our beliefs are attuned to a higher truth. 

1st – Monday –  Sun Sesquiquadrate Jupiter –  It is all about intent.  Focusing on basic essentials of life is rewarding.  Remembering that survival might seem necessary, but this is not the meaning of life.  Within reasonable limits, we can have a really good time carrying out the most basic tasks. 

2nd – Tuesday – Venus Square Mars – Important news can come in a way that disrupts our normal rhythm.  We can soften our approach to our current concerns without surrendering a single principle.  Listening to others with an open mind, can not only cool a potentially hot situation, it can also teach us something about ourselves. 

3rd – Wednesday –  Sun Conjunct Venus –  A strong connection between our heart’s desire and our rational mind can aid in seeing more clearly what must be done.  People pass through our lives quickly.  Even those who enrich our lives may evaporate.  Even with love all around us we must do some work alone if we are to make any progress.

4th – Thursday – Sun Parallel Venus –  Reaching for things beyond our normal circle is not only exciting, but rewarding.  Our imagination can prompt us to take a big leap.  Even far distant goals can suddenly be in the realm of the possible.  Taking a chance requires some sacrifice, but getting rid of what we don’t need may be the purpose of taking a new excursion. 

5th – Friday –  Mercury Sextile Uranus, Full Moon Eclipse at 3:14 PM EDT –  Long lasting effects come from actions taken now.   New ideas and information change outlooks.  Our perspective can change our attitude.  However, we are still rooted in our history which can incline us to dismiss innovation as unnecessarily risky.  Letting go of the past is a step toward creating a better future. 

6th – Saturday –  Venus Contra-parallel Pluto, Mars Semi-square Saturn, Sun Sesquiquadrate Saturn, Sun Square Mars –   Knowing where our efforts are going to make a difference requires balance.  Our emotional interests can lead us far afield from the things and people we have relied upon for security.  Time spent with key relationships can be instructive. 

7th – Sunday – Venus Sesquiquadrate Jupiter, Mercury Semi-sextile Venus –   Big steps we take now may not be as grandiose as we thought.  It is a great day for an adventure with friends and family.  Conversation is fruitful and comforting. 

8th – Monday –   Regardless of the outcome, staying close to our assigned tasks makes good sense.  The major trick to success is to take care of obligations without drama or planning.  Being practical and dependable creates the most joy.

9th – Tuesday – Venus Contra-parallel Jupiter –  A desire for freedom can prompt us to move forward.  A lighthearted attitude casts a long shadow over our endeavors.  Help offered can be useful, but we need to be circumspect.  We are happiest if we don’t take our eye off the goal.

10th – Wednesday – Venus Sesquiquadrate Pluto – Overinvestment in some activity can leave us exhausted.  We need to be certain that we are seeing clearly and not being corralled by the residue of past emotional misfortune.  A careful review before acting can save us grief. 

11th – Thursday –  Sun Parallel Mercury, Sun Square Neptune, Venus Semi-sextile Uranus –  The muse of creativity encourages us to try something different.  Minor changes in routines can be more than satisfying.  It’s time to experiment and enjoy self-discovery. 

12th – Friday – Venus Contra-parallel Saturn –  The pace of life  has been moving at a steady clip for the last week; now it’s time for a pause.  Illusions are many, but in the midst of dreaming of a better life, we can latch on to a true purpose.  It is important to keep our health and spirits in good working order.  Keeping our eyes on long-term objectives can provide inspiration. 

13th – Saturday – Mars Conjunct Neptune –  We are all at a turning point.  Most important is to have courage and compassion.   We need grace to be inspirited.  There are many days ahead requiring stamina.  Feeling that we are not up to the task will undermine our abilities.  

14th – Sunday –  Sun Semi-square Uranus, Mercury Parallel Pluto –   Even though we can see shortcuts, the correct path forward requires diligent attention to basic processes.  Distrusting other people’s motives only divides us. We need to listen, even when harsh information comes from unfriendly sources. 

15th – Monday –  Impatience may be a virtue now.  So much needs to happen instantaneously.  Rumination can just be procrastination.  This doesn’t mean that we must do everything alone, but it is an option.

16th – Tuesday – Sun Quincunx Jupiter –  Long-term gain may require some near-term sacrifices. If we do something to help others we will be happy.  If we focus too much on our own life, chances are good that we will suffer from overreach.  We can all get better together.

17th – Wednesday – Mercury Contra-parallel Jupiter –   Disagreements and over-extension can have an unsettling affect on our day.  Taking other people’s point of view seriously can save us some grief in coming days.  We need to be quick while inventorying our direction and recent decisions.  Life is simpler when we admit mistakes and correct them. 

18th – Thursday –  Mercury turns Retrograde, Mars Sextile Pluto, Mars Semi-square Uranus – We have plenty of energy and great ideas.  Good results follow if we correctly scale the scope of our actions.  The smallest details can make an impact on our daily lives.  Gathering and checking facts can help prevent wasted effort. 

19th – Friday – Mars Parallel Neptune –   When our motivation for acting is compassion, we realize that we have all the information and direction we need.  Implementing what we already have learned is more meaningful than continuing to look for illusive answers.  Indecision and avoiding action can set us back.  Integrity comes by going forward with what we know is right.   

20th – Saturday –  Mars Sextile Jupiter, Sun enters Cancer –  A few personal chores soak up our time and attention.  We are easily caught between nervousness and a need for rest.  Life is easier if we have a way of relaxing both body and mind.  The emotional action of emptying out is freeing. 

21st – Sunday –  The New Moon Eclipse is at 2:43 AM EDT –  Clarification comes by sharpening our focus.  On one hand, we are all in this together; on the other, it is easy to feel we are responsible for problems created by others.  Sanity requires finding freedom through faith in things beyond the material world. 

22nd – Monday –  Mercury Contra-parallel Saturn –   Rechecking our facts can help us avoid tiresome mistakes.  Barriers can be guideposts showing the easiest way through the tasks we are given.  Horizons narrow and more options open up within a limited field. 

23rd – Tuesday – Neptune turns Retrograde –  We may have the feeling that we must go back to the planning stage for our current activities.  Some things that seemed achievable just a few days ago may suddenly look out of reach.  This is not a time for any of us to be discouraged.  There is work to do and each of us has a part to play in the grand design. Seeing how our energy is best utilized can give us a new footprint going forward. 

24th – Wednesday –  We each have something to contribute to the world environment.  Being sure of ourselves is not necessary in order to offer up what we have.  We need to let our light shine. 

25th – Thursday –  Venus turns Direct –  Amidst the great cares of the moment, this day presents an opportunity to take in the lighter side of life.  Pleasant interactions, a variety of amusements, and diversity in daily tasks can give us all a break.  Real obligations exist, but we don’t have to be on a strict timeline at the moment.  Tomorrow will do. 

26th – Friday –   Sun Semi-sextile Venus –  Satisfaction comes when we make real progress on career issues.   Once we identify significant details, the material steps necessary to complete our mission for the day are obvious.  When we can’t see the end of present circumstances, we need to keep moving forward, even if slowly. 

27th – Saturday –  Mars enters Aries –  Help comes to us if we know how to ask for it.  When anyone offers assistance, we must be able to give them some tangible description of things that can serve us.  As others come into our life, maybe for the first time, we will become clearer in our own thinking, and more self-reliant. 

28th – Sunday – Mars Sextile Saturn –  A cautious appraisal of the forward terrain, reveals the path toward concrete results.  Concerted effort and hard work may be necessary but affective. Our hypothesis about the nature of our world and immediate environment gets a strong reality check today.  Negotiations and corrections strengthen our position.

29th – Monday –  Pleasing everyone isn’t an option.  Staying sane means trusting our own intuitions; then we must release the results.  Decisions made now haunt us later if we take our position or opinions too seriously. 

30th – Tuesday – Jupiter Conjunct Pluto, Mercury Sextile Uranus –   The world seems on fire.  There is a bifurcation between people in one camp and those in another. At root the current conflict is a war between conscious and unconscious people.  When we relax and have faith, we can see the beauty even in the suffering. 

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Our question and answer session went nicely on May 3rd; even with my technical problems, people hung around for me to get back on line. 19 people requested the link and most everyone showed up.  We will have another Zoom Q and A session on June 7th from Noon to 1 PM EDT.  If you have questions, submit them in advance.  Let me know you are coming and I will send you the link. 

A relative of mine has died of the Coronavirus.  Some in my neighborhood have passed away; others are ill.  A dear friend of mine is seriously ill and is undergoing tests and treatment.  She is in my thoughts and prayers every day. 

Interesting things are happening on social media.  Twitter has said that they will be fact checking some posts.  It seems like a good thing. My interest in all of these discussions is not to convince anyone of my particular point of view.  My desire is that when people say things that are not factually correct, or even intentional lies, that whoever sees these posts has access to the actual facts of the matter.

Mary Weiss in Hawaii knows I love music; she sent me this and I thought you might enjoy it:

We have all suffered some from the pandemic.  In a nursing home a few blocks away 12 people died of the virus and 24 more are infected.  More will come in July and August. 

Perhaps the reduced burning of fossil fuel will allow us all to appreciate Mother Nature again. In northern India people can see the Himalayan Mountains for the first time in many years.  Air and water are fresher, cleaner, and pollution free in many places. 

My daughter, Katie, has been reading, “The Hidden Life of Trees” by Peter Wohlleben.  I heard him being interviewed on NPR and he is an amazing researcher into the ways that trees communicate and support each other in the forest.  One more step at understanding how we are all connected.  A genuine reverence for life, the planet, and creation is emerging in all of us.

My daughter, Juliana, sent me information on how some people in the Philippines are struggling for survival.  The recent typhoons have destroyed their dwellings, the pandemic lockdown have left millions without a way to make money, get food, or medical supplies.  The government is not helping.  These needs are immediate.  Juliana wrote me that her friend, Larry Thrasher, runs a community outreach program in the Philippines, and he got her involved in a GoFundM e platform to help these people.  Juliana and I talked, then she wrote me – “I am in direct communication with Maria, who is featured with her family on the GoFundMe page. All of the funds raised will go directly to buy food, medical supplies, farm supplies, and rent. Anything you can contribute helps, our money goes a long way there. Thank you!” 

If you feel inwardly prompted to help here is the link:

In my newsletter last month, I had suggested some things I found interesting on the internet, but they were taken down before you had a chance to view them.  I’m sorry about that. YouTube takes down anything that says that 5g is harmful; here is a short read not on YouTube: 

Here is a long read on something I found enlightening; you might find this interesting.  The author has something important to say on the way our prejudices develop:

Obviously, these are tough times.  We all have trauma in our lives.  There are those in our midst who vilify others, telling us who we should fear.  Regardless of beliefs, these are destructive thoughts and attitudes which promote destructive actions.  What I know for sure is that truth, understanding, and love for each other are values that move us in the right direction.  These are the principles upon which we can build a world that we would want to live in.  My own efforts have been through this newsletter, though the work with my clients, students, and writing for magazines.  It is my wish to continue as long as possible, anywhere I can, to make a contribution to the raising of consciousness on the planet.  Life is very short.  We can all do something good together. 

“Real happiness lies in making others happy.” – Meher Baba

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