The Astrology Company: July 2020 by Bob Mulligan

July 2020

By Bob Mulligan

(a personal note is at the end of the newsletter) 

The ongoing saga we carried over from June continues to unfold in July. Not that there won’t be some surprises, there will be.  Mars went into Aries on the 27th of June, and Jupiter Pluto made their second Conjunction on the 30th.   They released the power of the Eclipse on June 21stMore chaos and destruction continues to follow.  The Eclipse on the 5th is exactly Conjunct America’s Sun at 13 Cancer.  This follows the Solar Eclipse last month at Zero Cancer (the world point), the same place of the Eclipse before September 11th, 2001. 

Saturn Retrogrades back into Capricorn on the 1st and will remain there until December 17thCapricorn is procedural and practical.  Saturn is the lord of Karma.  We enter a period of resignation. 

Mars is in Aries all month and will be there until January 2021 (six months).  Mars can spend as little as 5 weeks in a sign.  When he turns Retrograde, it is possible for him to be in one sign for a long stay.  Both Mars and Aries indicate beginnings so things can develop quickly; this is a time of wanting to be first; people tend to be impulsive, energetic, and impatient.  It is important during this period for us all to be attentive and direct our energy intelligently.

Mercury turns direct July 12th on the 5th degree of Cancer, so from this point going forward, communication is clearer, with less confusion, and less chance of things going wrong.  Cancer is the sign of home, family, and memories. Our best communications will be sincere and focused on our history.  

Jupiter is Sextile Neptune on the 27th.  This is the second Sextile between these two, in a series of three.  The first was in February and the last will be in October.  The purpose of this closing Sextile is to materialize the promise of their last Conjunction, December of 2009 in Aquarius.  This was the time that we were just coming out of the recession and people were in an optimistic mood. It also prepares us for their next Conjunction in Pisces in April of 2022.  This closing Sextile is a pleasant aspect, helping to further manifest our good intentions.  While bringing benefits, it also stimulates wishful thinking.  We can come together for a common cause and the love of humanity. 

The Full Moon Eclipse is on July 5th at 12:44 AM EDT on 13 degrees Cancer/Capricorn.  Meditate, eliminate, and rejoice in small gains.  Any Full Moon is a great time to get rid of what we don’t need; Eclipses always carry an intense infusion of new energy.  Uranus in Taurus is Sextile the Sun and Trine the Moon, showing unexpected turns of events can work out favorably for us if we focus on basic material circumstances. Mercury is still Retrograde and in close Semi-sextile to Venus; this favors taking the next logical step in our relationships.  Emotional bonds and kind words can help everyone get along. 

The New Moon is on the 20th at 1:32 PM EDT on the 28th degree of Cancer.  Because the New Moon Opposes Saturn in Capricorn, we may find it difficult to accept external limitations imposed on us.   It is easy to become bored with our routines and attempt to try something new.  For the most part, this is a bad idea.  Staying safe is paramount.  New Moons are a time for initiating; Cancer is the sign of the familiar and the past. Love and nurturing are always good, even though changes in the environment bring unwanted complications. Mercury (messenger of the gods) is Sextile Uranus (freedom) and Square Mars (impulse); we are impatient; others tend to be argumentative.  We look to escape restrictions.  Better to integrate boundaries than to resist them.  

The Sun enters Leo on the 22nd at 4:38 AM EDT.  The Sun is Opposite and Contra-parallel Saturn; this shows that the next 30 days will require effort, and obstacles will be encountered in most projects.  With the Moon (the public) Quincunx Jupiter (abundance) in Capricorn and Neptune (compassion) in Pisces, we easily overestimate what can be done.  Still, there is no getting around it, the optimistic spirit will lift us.  Mercury (thinking) is Sextile Uranus (innovation) in Taurus.  If we keep our mind on practical solutions, new options emerge.  Venus (goddess of love) is in Gemini and is the only planet in an air sign.  Her Sextile to Mars in Aries shows that people tend to be in an accommodating mood, but may be fickle or short on follow-through.  But, we add to the universal goodness and help ourselves when we are good for our word.

From the 1st to the 5th the whole world seems energized to do something, but what?  Even though we can all be a bit nervous, some choices have to be made; some tasks have to be completed.  Time, money, and energy must be measured.  We have plenty when we prioritize correctly.

From the 6th to the 12th we scramble to get everything done.  Tempers flare; we can suffer from overreach.  The best way to be safe is to take a step back and survey what the general landscape is telling us.  Regardless of our lack of method, we are on the right track when we admit mistakes and look for solutions. 

From the 13th to the 19th we are split between what we want and what we feel we must do.  If you are immune to this tension you are either a saint or an idiot.   What will genuinely matter later on?  Peeling back layers of misguided values can be the foundation for setting a new course. 

From the 20th to the 26th   we may make “New Years” type resolutions; they will have great significance.  We will need to write them down and hold ourselves to them.  This next period requires backbone.  Pacing is difficult but important.  We must move at times when we feel like sitting still, and exercise restraint when we are apt to be too impulsive.

From the 27th to the 30th hope and idealism shine a guiding light on our path.  We may feel and act overly generous. Commitments should be fulfilled; we need to be careful what we promise. 

1st – Wednesday –  Sun Sextile Uranus, Saturn enters Capricorn –  Regardless of how interesting life’s various diversions are today, they must relate to something practical in order to hold our attention.  Just ignoring the world is not a good strategy for coping with difficult news.  It is better to face what is.  Without detachment it is difficult to find a productive way forward. 

2nd – Thursday –  The problem with isolation and monotonous routines is that until we settle into them, we have a tendency to fight against the inevitable.  We have the ability to envision things beyond our immediate wherewithal.  Having a picture of what we would like to become gives us a road map.

3rd – Friday –  Just when we were making sense of changes in our circumstances, we wake up.  Our engine is revving and ready to go, but somehow is not engaged.  Attaching our vitality to something productive is not so easy.  Getting physical exercise, then relaxing may be the best strategy. 

4th – Saturday –   A few kind words go a long way and help us establish real harmony. When we desire to help others, our thought process clears up.  Something new occurs.

5th – Sunday –  The Full Moon Eclipse at 12:44 AM EDT, Mercury Semi-sextile Venus –   When we eliminate the unnecessary, we can truly appreciate what we have.  Taking time to correct past mistakes frees us to do more important things.  This is the moment to clarify, then take a stand on our own truth.

6th – Monday –  Breaking away from the pack can be exhilarating.  At the same time, going it alone is not always comforting.  Reflection leads to modifications. 

7th – Tuesday – Venus Sesquiquadrate Jupiter –  Integrating new found enthusiasm into our daily lives takes some hit or miss.  Just because something worked before, doesn’t mean it will have the desired end result now.  At a core level, the cosmos is asking us to change.

8th – Wednesday –  Mercury Square Mars –  Tempers flare when we are caught between our desire for the security enshrined in our memory of days gone by, and the impulses of the moment.  Others may seem pushy or just unreasonable.  When we can see our own contribution to misunderstandings, we know what to do. 

9th – Thursday –  Sun Contra-parallel Pluto, Venus Sesquiquadrate Pluto –  Emotional guidance can keep us on track.  Escapist moods and physical nervousness can propel poor decision making.  It is just fine to be determined and one hundred percent committed to a cause.  If you are really on the right track you should be calm.

10th – Friday –  A feeling that we must accomplish something right now may force us to act.  Not every impulse leads to destruction.  However, we do need to delineate our objectives before we start to move.  Sticking to our commitments does not mean closing off doors to new information. 

11th – Saturday –  The urge to accomplish something new should take a back seat to the need to finish our present tasks.  The impulse and energy to strike out in a new direction will be with us for a few more days.  “Haste makes waste” is a reasonable motto.  If we are patient and get our procedures correct, real progress is made. 

12th – Sunday – Mercury turns Direct, Sun Contra-parallel Jupiter, Sun Trine Neptune –  If our goal is self mastery, today presents a brilliant opportunity.  There are a few domestic tasks and family responsibilities that can grab our attention.  The easiest way to free ourselves is to do what needs to be done then forget it. 

13th – Monday –  We have all witnessed the grand sweeping changes in everyday life brought on by the pandemic and mass movements like “Black Lives Matter”.  These are not accidents, or flukes, or bad luck.  Because we are conscious, we don’t pine for what we can’t do, but instead look at what we are being offered, and what we are asked to accomplish.  Our real work today is internal. 

14th – Tuesday –  Sun Opposes Jupiter –  Just because something looks easy doesn’t make it wrong.  This is a lucky moment, but knowing when we have enough is wisdom.  The tension between private and public life forces either compromise or synthesis.

15th – Wednesday –  Sun Opposes Pluto, Mars Semi-sextile Uranus –  Accidents come if we are careless.  Keeping our attention on what we are doing from moment to moment sounds easy; it isn’t. Being self-aware requires intentional focus.  Periodic checking of our emotional pulse gives further insight.

16th – Thursday –  Stretching beyond our current limitations is wonderful; but first we must handle life’s basic factors.  This is a time to create while painting within the lines.  Putting our heads together leads to real solutions and a lot of fun. This type of activity has been in short supply; this materializes when we get involved with people we trust. 

17th – Friday –  Playful activity can be timed to relieve the pressure of work.  There are many factors that we can’t control, but must be dealt with.  Still, we can make time to simply be with others without needing to accomplish anything.

18th – Saturday – Venus Sesquiquadrate Saturn –  We all struggle to get balance.  Some things or some one may feel out of reach.  If we don’t ask, the answer is always “No”.   Fear of rejection or failure can stop us from putting our best foot forward.  As long as we are responsible and sensible, we can take productive steps toward our goal. 

19th – Sunday –  Sun Contra-parallel Saturn –  We can easily overburden ourselves with things that are really someone else’s to deal with.  This is a time for inner enrichment; our most productive thoughts naturally gravitate toward “what” and “who” really matter to us.

20th – Monday –  New Moon 1:32 PM EDT, Sun Opposite Saturn,  Sun  Parallel Mercury –  Just a little tweaking and a clear agenda points us toward a new pathway.  We have an inner resonance with some people and some situations; by moving closer to them, our life’s journey accelerates. 

21st – Tuesday –  We run the gauntlet trying to see what really fits in our lives now.  So much of our current world situation has been with us since March.  Separating out what stays and what goes is an ongoing process.  Daily procedures need to be edited, again.  Does it get any easier? Yes, when we just accept what is and wait.  Real relief is at the end of the year, but things improve a bit tomorrow. 

22nd – Wednesday –  Sun enters Leo, Mercury Contra-parallel Saturn, Mercury Sextile Uranus –  Home, family, personal finances are on our minds.  There are ways to improve our outlook.  New ideas can free us from a stale situation.  We must be willing to take the important steps, marrying our innovative thinking to the reality of our lives.

23rd – Thursday –  Taking care of those who can’t take care of themselves is an empowering act, be it a person, animal, or mother earth.  To be involved in a cause larger than our own concerns is stimulating, freeing, and rewarding.  If at all possible get outside; put bare feet on the ground; connect with the larger environment. 

24th – Friday – Optimistic movements in the larger economy have a dual effect on the general public.  Both fear and jubilation are present, and hard to corral.  It is difficult to be calm and remain practical when so many other people are not.  Contractions are the sign that a long pregnancy is coming to an end; we are giving birth to a new world.

25th – Saturday –  Getting along with others comes through meaningful conversation.  This process is enjoyable and requires some flexibility in our thinking.  This doesn’t mean that we should forget where we are going, or surrender our values. Reversing climate change is our way to take care of the unborn. 

26th – Sunday –  Diplomacy is good, necessary, and helpful.  However, compromise will only take us so far.  Too many of us are stuck on one point of view.   Finding common ground with everyone in our environment allows us to live together. 

27th – Monday – Jupiter Sextile Neptune, Venus Square Neptune, Mercury Square Mars, Sun Parallel Venus –   Today is sweet; we want to share ourselves with those who are willing to let go of negative thinking.  Even though these are nervous and polarizing times, we can just forget it all and enjoy each other as people.  A little kindness goes a long way.  We should rejoice in each other’s creativity and be a blessing to all we meet. 

28th – Tuesday –  Sun Sesquiquadrate Neptune –  Seeing the options in every situation allows us to really enjoy our most basic routines.  It is invigorating to conclude that much of what has disappeared is gone forever.  A higher synthesis emerges in every interaction when we are open to the possibility that something good will happen.

29th – Wednesday –  We can just enjoy life.  The fire of real enthusiasm ignites the latent energy in us all.  So where do we put this inspiration?  External doors are closed in the conventional sense.  We can look for new forms of self-expression, or just meditate. 

30th – Thursday –  Mercury Opposite Jupiter, Mercury Trine Neptune –  The lucky ones will see the silver lining.  Making the most of the day means latching on to our happy thoughts and putting them into practice.  There are people we have been meaning to tell how much they mean to us.  Now is the moment. 

31st – Friday –  Venus Quincunx Pluto, Sun Semi-square Venus –   Having compassion for others is instrumental, allowing us to smooth over rough patches in key relationships.  Our preferences and creative impulses are at the crossroads and don’t easily align with our current direction.  By taking stock of our available resources, we see what we can contribute to the overall good in the world. 

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Some of you have found the Question and Answer session on Zoom to be informative, or at least fun.  Our next one is on Sunday July 5th at Noon EDT.  If you would like to attend, let me know and I will send you the link.  You can ask any astrological question you wish.  Time permitting, you can ask questions on the spot, but if you submit a question in advance, I answer them in the order that they arrive. 

My long time companion and pet dog, Teddy, had a series of health problems.  He turns 15 in October.  Katie and I had to take him to a special dog dentist for surgery.  He had to undergo the removal of 21 of his teeth on June 23rd.  He is healing and is in good spirits. 

On Monday the 22nd of June, I got a letter from the Social Security office saying they got my change of address.  Since I hadn’t moved in the last five years, I realized the eclipse was bringing me some news.  The next day when I got home from Teddy’s surgery, I called Social Security. Someone had hacked and stolen my Social Security account.  A few hours on the phone with the Social Security office and it was fixed again. 

A few thoughts about the newsletter are in order.  As long as people let me know that this monthly offering has meaning to them, I will keep sending it out.

During the last year I have been reviewing books for Celestial Vibes magazine.  These reviews are about books that are often overlooked, but that I feel every astrologer should read.  In the last issue I reviewed the book, “Mundane Astrology”.  It is currently out of print but the editor, Aswin Balaji, let me review it anyway.  It is simply the best book on the subject.  After reading the review, Aswin asked me to send it to Nick Campion, the only living of the three authors.  He loved the review, sent it to the publishers and asked them to reissue the book. They said they will.  Good thing too because used copies of this brilliant book are selling for more than $450.

 July 10th is the anniversary of the day that my Master, Meher Baba, started keeping silence.  Every year his followers around the world keep silence for 24 hours.  I observe “Silence Day” every year.

 Many months ago I shared a documentary film on Netflix called “Accidental Courtesy.”  The author, Daryl Davis gave a short TED talk recently.  If you didn’t see the documentary, this talk is worth 20 minutes of your time:

“Start by doing what’s necessary then do what’s possible and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”  ~St. Francis of Assisi

Bob Mulligan is available for personal appointments, astrology classes, and astrological material. Call him at 239-261-2840 or by e-mail at Visit our web site,