The Astrology Company: March 2021 by Bob Mulligan

March 2021

By Bob Mulligan

(A personal note is at the end of the newsletter)

Minor adjustments to the blueprint laid down in January, and implemented in February, go on all of MarchThree things of note are occurring in March: 1) renewed interest in our personal lives, 2) broader interest in travel and communication, 3) a strong feeling of hope returns to the atmosphere; we have more faith, trust, and excitement for life.  Mars goes into Gemini on the 3rd where it will be until the 23rd of April.  We will see legislation affecting social media.  Other methods of communication will occupy our attention. This interest is given a boost on the 4th as Mercury (god of information) is Conjunct Jupiter (lord of values and ritual) in Aquarius (sign of universal good will).  On the 10th the Sun Conjuncts Neptune (ruler of culture).  The whole world will be looking for the implementation of values that have been the subject of concern during the last two years.  With Venus Conjuncting Neptune on the 13th (right after the New Moon), we see tangible signs that we are getting somewhere.  This becomes even more apparent on the 20th as we have the Vernal Equinox, followed by the Semi-sextile between Jupiter (king of the gods) and Neptune (lord of civilization). Venus enters Aries on the 21st; much that we have worried about leaves our minds; we are attracted toward things that really matter.  Mercury Conjuncts Neptune on the 29th making it easy to achieve mental clarity, if we are able to hold on tenaciously to a higher vision of Truth.   

The New Moon is on the 13th at 5:21 AM EST on the 23rd degree of Pisces. Venus and Neptune are Conjunct the New Moon rising just before it. With these four in the sign of inner work, we can find a shift in this period of personal isolation. With Mercury sitting on the Ascendant and ruling the North Node of the Moon in the 4th house in Washington D.C., we can expect new legislation. Day to day conversation will become more animated.  Mars (effort) is Trine Saturn (work) indicating that there is genuine effort to get something done.  Jupiter (abundance) Trines the North Node (dharma) showing optimism based on what has already been accomplished.  Mercury Semi-sextile Pluto suggests that we take measured and necessary steps, we are promised a brighter future; it is within reachWith four planets in air (abstract intellect) and four in water (empathy), we can look forward to much new bonding during the coming month. Even with this, relationships can be confusing.

 The Sun enters Aries (the Spring Equinox), March 20th at 5:38 AM EDT. This is the map for the next three months.  With the Moon applying to a Trine to Jupiter sitting on the Ascendant in Washington, we can expect real progress along advanced lines of thinking during the next three months. Saturn (the old way) will not be in Square to Uranus (the new way) again until June 14th; we are not likely to see as much belligerence between opposing views for awhile. With Mars (ruler of the Equinox Sun) in Square to Mercury but Trining Saturn, open hostility is likely to be with words, but perhaps set aside in favor of accomplishing some important goals. Jupiter (optimism) is Semi-sextile Neptune (bliss).  A renewed belief in the inherent goodness of life subtly but consistently keeps lifting our spirits.  

The Full Moon is on March 28th at 2:48 PM EDT on the 8th degree of Aries/Libra. We have a Grand Trine in air: Mars Conjunct the North Node of the Moon in Gemini is Trine the Moon in Libra, which in turn is Trine Saturn; this shows we can achieve balance and harmony.  But with Venus/Sun Opposite the Moon, initiative is necessary to reassure others that their needs have not been forgotten.  Mercury is Conjunct Neptune in Pisces; this is the time for all of us to reassert our higher aspirations. The meaning of life can get lost when our vision is short term and aimed at the transitory. 

From the 1st to the 7th we are moving at an incredible pace.  Great ideas seem to come from every direction, and it is easy to get lost in an enticing mental kaleidoscope.  There is no need to change course or to examine personal preferences; applying innovative solutions to the task in front of us brings completion to things set in motion last month.

From the 8th to the 14th if we take care of our spiritual life, everything else will fall into place.  But what does this mean?  For most of us this means to be willing and available to serve others.  This is not a moment for mountaintop spirituality; instead we need to be involved in worldly pursuits, but with our eyes focused on what is good for all.  Motivation is more important than technique. 

From the 15th to the 21st a higher love frees our creativity.  When put into practice, a more beautiful world is born.  We all have some great ideas, but for others to benefit, these ideas have to be put into practice.  We all need self-confidence to feel that we can genuinely make a difference.  Each of us has a role to play, and no one else can adequately do your job. 

From the 22nd to the 31st we enter a new season with gusto and determination. Once established clearly in our own pursuits, it is time to see where others fit in.  It is a balancing act to really help others without surrendering our own center of gravity, but this is necessary.  Regardless of success or failure, this is a watershed moment; we will learn and grow.

1st – Monday – Sun Semi-square Pluto –  Others are the key to getting us moving.  Great ideas and plans need to be executed. It may be “hit or miss” initially.  When we create harmony with our close ones, the door opens and we accomplish much in a short period of time. 

2nd – Tuesday – We may not feel responsible for the boundaries that keep appearing, but we can find their origin in recent history.  Ignoring a problem keeps us from finding a solution.  Some long standing structural problems in the world have outlived their usefulness, but can still be annoying.  Going deeper may not be an option. 

3rd – Wednesday –  Venus Sextile Uranus, Mars enters Gemini –  Freedom seems just around the corner.  A new approach to our life situation not only frees us from the ruts of our past behavior, but can also ground our wonderful ideas.  Lofty values find tangible form. 

4th – Thursday – Venus Semi-sextile Saturn, Mercury Conjunct Jupiter –  Finally the conflict between perceptions and beliefs finds harmony by expanding each other’s horizons.  We drink in new information by augmenting the way we search for truth.   Head and heart are on parallel tracks which will eventually converge.

5th – Friday – We need to bide our time.  When duty wins out over pleasantries, we pass through a troubling time with grace.  Spending quiet time in contemplation may not seem very exciting, but it helps calm the antsy urge to do something just for the hell of it.

6th – Saturday – Venus Semi-square Pluto –  Taking a bold leap into the great unknown can be salutary.  However, escapist activities, especially with drugs or alcohol, can create problems beyond the moment. 

7th – Sunday – Mercury Semi-sextile Neptune –  Things transcendent seem fanciful, but they are obtainable for everyone if we are willing to follow our heart and be steadfast in our thinking.  We are all meant for a higher calling than the concerns of everyday life.  Shifting responsibilities makes more freedom possible.

8th – Monday – Sun Parallel Neptune –  Love and service to others helps build a better world, but also makes us happier individuals.  We are gathering a more vibrant vision of eternity, if we are willing to let go of our more mundane attachments. 

9th – Tuesday – Mars Contra-parallel Pluto –  When our efforts are harvesting the crops we expected, it is good to look at where we have been spending our time.  Even though so much is happening spontaneously, it is our consistent efforts that bring reward.  An hour a day doesn’t mean seven hours on Sunday. 

10th – Wednesday – Sun Conjunct Neptune –   The last two months have built a springboard into a more glorious future.  Some people are not able to make the leap into the new expanded consciousness.  This is representative of the whole realm of duality.  Love is always the answer.

11th – Thursday – Our underlying nervousness veils fear of what the next step might mean for us personally.  We may be completing a project that requires some finishing touches.  Once done we need to rest and be patient.  

12th – Friday – Venus Semi-sextile Jupiter, Mercury Semi-sextile Pluto –  It doesn’t get better than this for meditation, artistic pursues, or rendering service to the less fortunate.  This is a golden opportunity to take a giant step forward in anything having to do with expanding consciousness. 

13th – Saturday –  The New Moon at 5:22 AM EST on the 23rd degree of Pisces, Venus Conjunct Neptune –   Setting intentions means making promises to ourselves.  Integrity is won or lost by our ability to commit and then fulfill.   Lingering enrichment from the higher regions of consciousness brings us to the edge of a new vision of truth.

14th – Sunday – Venus Parallel Neptune –  We are fortunate to be able to put our values into practice.  Self-correction comes naturally if we are honest with ourselves. Inner certainty can root us in our own perception of the world.  Even so, others can still be a useful mirror. 

15th – Monday – Sun Semi-square Saturn, Mercury enters Pisces, Venus Semi-square Uranus – It’s time to take stock of where we have been and where we are going.  We each have preferences of what we would like to see happen in the larger world.  We are happiest if we package our time in a way that allows us to make a real contribution to the good in the world. 

16th – Tuesday – Sun Sextile Pluto –  Implementing changes in our personal lives gets a lift when we have the good grace of recognizing how things from our past can be repackaged and repurposed for meeting the challenges of our significantly altered environment. 

17th – Wednesday – Venus Semi-square Saturn –  Adjustments are made to accommodate the needs of others.  We benefit by asking ourselves, what is real help?  Real assistance can be rendered without a lot of fuss.  Taking a detour on our own path may be necessary to bring about a satisfactory conclusion. 

18th – Thursday – Mars Semi-sextile Uranus, Venus Sextile Pluto –  Although our values may not have changed, our approach to the challenges of life certainly have.  We may not be thinking clearly, but the heart knows what it wants.  Responsibilities are there, but energy needs to go toward the things we truly love. 

19th – Friday –  An explosion of energy takes the form of seemingly important information.  Tremendous mental stimulation compels us to seek out unfamiliar territories. For all the bizarre twists and turns, we have a feeling that we are headed in the right direction.

20th – Saturday –  Sun enter Aries, Jupiter Semi-sextile Neptune –  Our picture of what is possible expands.  The desire to communicate can be responsible for a spat of phone calls, messaging, and zooming. There is a healthy blend of tools and content.  We are on the verge of this new age of technology and consciousness. 

21st – Sunday – Venus enters Aries, Mercury Sextile Uranus, Mars Trine Saturn – Not only is rapid achievement a realistic goal, we can be instrumental in getting other people moving.  All sincere effort brings results, and there is joy in accomplishment. Our thoughts automatically move toward innovative methods that promise a tangible outcome; however, their practical manifestation is still a long way off.

 22nd – Monday – Sun Contra-parallel Venus – Raring to go but a little unclear of our direction.  Music, art, inspirational reading can quiet the heart and stimulate the mind.  Relationships are a little rough. We have a choice to make. We can either go it alone, or be on the edge of excitement; this brings us revelations, but may be disturbing. 

23rd – Tuesday – Mercury Semi-sextile Saturn, Mars Sesquiquadrate Pluto, Mercury Semi-square Pluto, Mercury Square Mars – When our own desires are at loggerheads with critical reasoning, arguments manifest.  We only grow when we take responsibility for our personal shortcomings. Disciplined thinking may not be pleasurable, but only by “holding our feet to the fire” are we able to take the next step. 

24th – Wednesday –  Obstacles are our friends because they limit our options.  This is important because a wandering mind would leave us spread too thin to achieve anything of personal significance.  Through the synthesis of several current interests, we are able to accomplish what is important.

25th – Thursday –  For all of our big ideas and plans, we don’t get very far until we break things down into practical steps, and then implement them.  The world has a way of waking us up if we wander too far from espoused values. 

26th – Friday –  Sun Conjunct Venus –  We attract attention from others by letting our natural charm emerge.  Giving and receiving basic love and affection reminds us of who we are.  Sharing positive feelings has a way of building a stronger allegiance to Truth.

27th – Saturday –  Venus Semi-square Jupiter, Sun Semi-square Jupiter –  We can lose what we have if we expand too quickly.  What we do affects others. Incorporating other people’s ideas into our own can lead to a productive collaboration. Big dreams are not the answer, but can be a good foundation. 

28th – Sunday – Venus Semi-sextile Uranus, the Full Moon is at 2:48 PM EDT –  Putting the finishing touches on some aspect of our life can create the space to just relax and enjoy.  Appreciating the apex of life is more fulfilling if we are in a quiet place and meditate.

29th – Monday –  Sun Semi-sextile Uranus, Mercury Conjunct Neptune  –  Consecrating our mind and life to a higher cause brings meaning.  We have reached a point of either mental maturity or momentary confusion.  Either has meaning in its own way, and some progress on the path of life comes to all.

30th – Tuesday – Venus Sextile Saturn, Mercury Semi-sextile Jupiter –  Following the heart’s lead allows the slow mental alignment with what we are supposed to be doing now.  Reflection on what our own journey has been like allows us to feel compassion for what others must go though.

31st – Wednesday –  Sun Contra-parallel Neptune, Mercury Semi-square Uranus, Sun Contra-parallel Mercury, Mercury Parallel Neptune –  If we are very still, we can see the reflection of where we have been and where we are going.  Appreciation for where we have been helps us feel grateful for our next move forward.  Although the ability to share our lives with others is there, some things need to be kept private for the moment.

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Astrology Q and A will be at Noon on Sunday, March 14th.  Submit questions in advance. BTW, you can ask me a general astrology question any time.  Remember, Daylight Savings Time begins on this day which is a little more than 24 hours after the New Moon. 

Paul Liboiron, a long time friend, passed away February 18th.  He was Canadian, but along with his mother, had been living in India at Meherabad for many years.  He died of dengue fever.  His passing is a good reminder that our days in this life are numbered, and each one of them is precious. 

On February 25th, Meher Baba’s 127th birthday was celebrated.  Many years I have been in India physically at His feet for this event.  This year I was able to say His prayers at 5:00 AM with His followers here in the USA and elsewhere.  Zoom allowed us to connect in real time at the sight of His home in the west, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. 

On February 28th at 11:00 AM EST, Ray Merriman sponsored a tribute to Chris McRae.  As you remember, she passed away in December.  She had been a leavening in the world astrology community over the last 70 years or so.  Her presence made a huge difference in my life and practice.  Ray asked Arlan Wise and me to present a short talk on her contribution to OPA.   Arlan and I conferred via Zoom to prevent overlaying each other.  I will speak about her gigantic impact on the founding and expansion of the Organization for Professional Astrology.  This meeting was limited to 500 people because of the limitations of Zoom.   In a different time certainly thousands would have attended. 

Years ago I recommended people see this video “The Story of Stuff”.  I was talking to a long time reader of this Newsletter a week ago, and they hadn’t seen the video.  If you haven’t ever seen it please take a look.  If you saw it a long time back, believe me it is worth 20 minutes of your life to view it again.  Here is the link: 

We live in a world now where some people are caught in a mental trap and refuse to look outside of their own preconceived notions.  Be on the right side of history; this is a moment for active intelligence and critical thinking.

 “When one’s experience of this world is sufficiently mature, however, the repeated disillusionments in life set one on the right track to discover what is missing. From that moment the individual seeks a reality that is deeper than changing forms.”   Meher Baba

Bob Mulligan is available for personal appointments, astrology classes, and astrological material.  Call him at 239-261-2840 or e-mail  Visit our website,