The Astrology Company: April 2021 by Bob Mulligan

April 2021

By Bob Mulligan

(a personal note is at the end of the newsletter) 

April begins with all planets direct. Pluto Retrogrades on the 27th.  Aries is the sign of action. The tone for the month will be “just do it”.   Our mood is generally positive, reflecting the great emphasis on air and fire at the beginning of the month.

Jupiter is Semi-sextile Pluto on the 20thThis is the first aspect of this pair, since their three Conjunctions in 2020.  Pluto rules viruses and Jupiter expands.  The virus took a significant jump with each coupling in 2020.  April 2021 is the harbinger of bad news; the virus is with us for a long time…But, we will adapt. It is important that we learn how we are all connected.  Yes, we are our brother’s keeper. 

Emotional involvements will soften as Mars enters Cancer on the 23rd and will be there until June 11th.   We reach for solutions in our personal lives. Larger environmental issues are the root cause of our current tension.  We all have some ownership in this, and it doesn’t help to play the victim. 

The New Moon on the 11th is at 10:30 PM EDT on the 22nd degree of Aries. Mercury is Sextile Saturn and Trine the South Node (the past); Saturn (discipline) Trines the North Node (dharma).  This shows only disciplined thinking and honest analysis bring progress.   Mars is Square Neptune and Trine Jupiter. Act we must, but where we put our energy will have long- term consequences.  Venus (goddess of diplomacy) Conjuncts the New Moon and Squares Pluto (lord of life and death), while being Sextile Jupiter (king of the gods).  Charting our own course leads us in circles if we are impervious to the larger picture.  Saturn (responsibility) Trines the North Node of the Moon (dharma); willingness to go it alone allows us to fulfill our duties.  The New Moon is Sextile Mars (the depositor); every step we take carries potency. Because Mercury (communication) and Mars (desires) are in Mutual Reception, we will be able to explain our way out of many complications, if we stay engaged.

The Sun Crosses into Taurus on the 19th at 4:34 PM EDT.  The Moon is Trine Neptune and Opposite Pluto.  The general public is bifurcated; we are confronted with both love and animosity. Mercury Conjunct the Sun shows minds are made up and dug in.  Venus Conjunct Uranus promises adventure, but also commercial instability.  Security is at risk.  In Washington D.C., Mars is on the MC and Trine Jupiter; this circumstance promises a month of energized unrestTimely exchange of pertinent information can defuse a delicate situation.

The Full Moon is on the 26th at 11:31 PM EDT on the 7th degree of Taurus/Scorpio, forming a fixed T-Square with Saturn in Aquarius. Although we need to let go of attitudes that hold us back, we find it difficult to relinquish old habits.  Uranus Conjuncts the Sun and Opposes the Moon. Both are Square Saturn, giving a T-square. There are seven planets in fixed signs making emotional change necessary, but difficult.  Saturn Trines the North Node, encouraging us to be measured in our expressions.  Mercury Conjunct Venus provides practical communication methods. Mars Trines the Moon and Sextiles the Sun guiding us to take care of our own concerns. The bigger picture is not our responsibility. 

From the 1st to the 4th we act.  Words will not substitute for putting our feet on the ground.  Personal initiative is required.  Stumbling blocks to future growth confront us, but consistent effort moves mountains.  Alternate solutions to long-developing situations appear, courtesy of our efforts. Acting empowers them.

From the 5th to the 11th ideas and passions can generate more potential paths than anyone could possibly follow.  We can’t do everything at once.  Our judgment matures when we choose to promote some things and let go of others. Even though our desire and general outlook may encourage us to keep driving forward, time spent in contemplation is more liberating. Our past disappears automatically. 

From the 12th to the 18th we are fired up and ready to go.  Disagreements surface as byproducts of old tensions.  We can have peace by listening to others, searching for truth, and relinquishing the need to be right.  Innovation brings hope and more positive responses to life.

From the 19th to the 25th we can know what is right.  Our conscience provides guidance.  Even missteps provide valuable clues.  Our journey is intensifying. Progress is made by acknowledging civilization’s direction. This is the time of dead reckoning.  

From the 26th to the 30th there is much stress in the world as tensions build between opposing sides of economic and political issues.  Anything we can do to reduce this divide may seem like an empty gesture, but will have a positive effect.  We are learning hard lessons.  We are one people, living on one planet.  Survival requires that we must learn to live together.

1st – Thursday – Mercury Contra-parallel Venus, Venus Contra-parallel Neptune, Sun Sextile North Node of the Moon –  Recent successes give a feeling of confidence.  What is really important now is to make sure that we are in concert with life’s natural path.  Artistic insight lifts our spirits, but hubris comes from mistaking what we want for what must happen.

2nd – Friday – Mercury Sextile Pluto – Belief in our own ideas propels us forward.  More research leads to new conclusions.  Our ideas have meaning when put into practical channels.  In order to be productive, we may need to keep our attention tightly focused on what really matters. 

3rd – Saturday – Mercury enters Aries – Our vision clears; words and actions carry more potency.  Time is best spent taking care of material necessities.   

4th – Sunday – Jupiter Contra-parallel Uranus –  A new perspective allows us to see more clearly what is possible, and what is just a nice idea that is best passed over for the time being.  Finances can change suddenly and dramatically.  The world is altering around us; the future is full of promise, if we can embrace what is being offered.

5th – Monday – We may not like everything that is happening now, but we can at least not be part of the problem.  Overcoming fear and anger helps others stay in some positive mind frame. 

6th – Tuesday – Sun Parallel Venus, Venus Sextile Mars –  Spirits lift and we can improve key relationships by spending time with those we care about most. We put energy into projects at the beginning of the month that start to show promise now. 

7th – Wednesday –  Venus Semi-sextile Neptune –  Past success can be a stepping stone to our adventure now.  Freedom from worry comes as our faith in life increases.  Our current limitations are only an illusion. 

8th – Thursday – We are motivated by something beyond our common experience of life.  To see our options clearly, we must be patient.  Too much information is coming to us to make intelligent and informed decisions.  This is one of those moments where our intentions are just, but our methodology is convoluted.  Obtaining a balanced perspective eludes us if we are in too big a hurry. 

9th – Friday – Mercury Semi-sextile Uranus, Mercury Semi-square Jupiter, Mars Square Neptune, Saturn Trine the North Node of the Moon –  Aspirations run high; inspiration comes from new information.  Insights are keen, but energy is lower than normal.  Actions should be minimal to be effective. 

10th – Saturday – Mercury Sextile the North Node of the Moon, Mercury Sextile Saturn, Venus Sextile Jupiter –  The path forward is crystal clear.  Our logic is solid and help is available at every turn.  When values are correctly sorted out, and our intentions are pure, we take a giant step forward. 

11th – Sunday – Sun Semi-sextile Neptune, Mercury Contra-parallel Neptune, Pluto Sesquiquadrate the North Node of the Moon, Venus Semi-square the North Node of the Moon, the New Moon is at 10:30 PM EDT on the 22nd degree of Aries,  Venus Square Pluto –  We can chart a new course, but there is apt to be some confusion.  Mentally we can be off balance and emotions are momentarily unstable.  This is a good time for being quiet, meditating, and organizing our intentions for the month. 

12th – Monday –  We are fired up and ready to go, but where?  Even though we know what we want in the long run, it is hard to see what our next step should be.  Ends and means don’t fit together easily.

13th – Tuesday – Sun Sextile Mars, Pluto Contra-parallel the North Node of the Moon –  Regardless of current difficulties, there is plenty of energy to move the ball down the field.  Once in motion, the way becomes clear, and it is better to do anything than to sit still.  Great amounts of energy come to us when we are on the right track. 

14th – Wednesday – Venus enters Taurus, Mars Semi-square Uranus – Harmless comments can provoke unmerited responses.  Just as we can be on edge, so are others in our lives.  Every problem has a solution, but it may begin by listening.  Stay calm. 

15th – Thursday – Mercury Semi-sextile Neptune, Sun Sextile Jupiter, Sun Semi-square North Node of the Moon –   With a few minor adjustments, we play a winning hand.  With an optimistic outlook, and hands reaching for the stars, we go far and fast.  Trusting our gut instincts bypasses a tendency to overthink the situation.

16th – Friday – Sun Square Pluto – Our energy is well used if we include everyone else in our plans.  Drawing maps for future adventures gives us something to share.  A setback comes if we are not listening to other people.  Inclusion requires self-reflection and reformation. 

17th – Saturday – Mars Trine Jupiter, Mercury Sextile Jupiter, Mercury Semi-square North Node of the Moon, Mercury Sextile Mars, Mercury Square Pluto – Take the initiative. It doesn’t get any better for problem solving.  Every obstacle is just another stepping stone.  A positive mental attitude works wonders.  Although putting pen to paper helps collect thoughts, feet moving on the ground are necessary to reap the full benefits of the day. 

18th – Sunday – Mars Quincunx Pluto, Sun Conjunct Mercury –   Growth comes by applying mental efforts in a most practical manner. By looking back at our past, we see the tangled path we have been treading. A new direction comes by following our heart. 

19th – Monday – Mercury enters Taurus, Mars Quincunx Saturn, Sun enters Taurus, Sun Parallel Mercury –  It is time to take stock of our life, and see it in the context of the new world that is unfolding around us.  Bold steps are not necessary; we must stand still long enough to gain balance, and adjust to circumstances as they are now.  The world we once knew is done and light gives direction.  We must have the courage to follow it. 

20th – Tuesday – Venus Semi-square Neptune, Venus Contra-parallel Jupiter, Jupiter Semi-sextile Pluto – If we have eyes to see, the way is clear. Not everyone can make the transition into the foundation of life now. A blending of our desire for security, and our pursuit of new knowledge, creates a platform to stand on.  We must be courageous in order to harvest the blessings of life.   

21st – Wednesday – Mercury Contra-parallel Jupiter – Making something useful in our current situation requires levity and true valuation.   When have we been truly happy?  Can we take the essence of our striving and create a plan for further progress? Building on our past success requires a fearless stance on universal goodness, and relinquishing all that has held us back. 

22nd – Thursday –  Mercury Semi-square Neptune, Venus Conjunct Uranus –  Faith in life means having trust in others.  Our assessment of current events can lead to a crisis in thinking.  It is time to take a leap into the unknown.  We have treasures that are yet untapped. Stimulating conversations reveal aspects of ourselves that have eluded us until now.    

23rd – Friday – Mercury Parallel Venus, Mercury Parallel Uranus, Mars enters Cancer, Venus Parallel Uranus, Venus Semi-sextile the North Node of the Moon –  Prose is translated into poetry when we focus on our own lives.  It is time for reflection.  We can embrace the good for our own life without having a clear picture of what may be good, or of use, for anyone else. 

24th – Saturday – Mercury Conjunct Uranus, Sun Contra-parallel Jupiter, Mercury Semi-sextile the North Node of the Moon –  The missing pieces of the puzzle miraculously appear and we take the next step.  Life improves when we give way to our insatiable curiosity.  Gathering new information creates a bridge to improved judgment. 

25th – Sunday –Venus Square Saturn, Mercury Square Saturn, Mercury Conjunct Venus –  Frustration that comes from not being able to get what we want is a blessing, when it leads to genuine self-analysis.  We are working out in microcosm the difficulties that confront the whole world.  We all succeed or all fail.  We are in it together. 

26th – Monday – Mercury Contra-parallel Saturn, the Full Moon is at 11:31 PM EDT on the 7th degree of Taurus/Scorpio – Concentration of effort takes us along a well-trod path.  We don’t have to invent something new; to utilize what we already have is sufficient.  Releasing our past means getting rid of that which is no longer useful.  Gratitude opens the door to abundance. 

27th – Tuesday – Sun Semi-square Neptune, Mercury Semi-square Mars, Pluto turns Retrograde – People around us seem more touchy than normal.  The building pressure needs to escape, but we need to be conscious of where our energy goes.  Avoid arguments by redirecting emotions toward something constructive (or at least not destructive). This method of self-control allows us to be part of the solution to social ills. 

28th – Wednesday – There is a disconnect between our personal desires and what others need. It is obvious, we won’t be satisfied in isolation. However, we can’t give to others what they don’t want, even when they need it.  Dialogue gradually opens the door to understanding. “Real happiness lies in making others happy.” -Meher Baba


29th – Thursday – Sun Parallel Uranus, Mercury Sextile Neptune – Clarity comes in fits and starts.  Destruction comes before construction.  Visions of events from our personal past help make sense of the unfolding world drama.  

30th – Friday – Venus Semi-square Mars, Sun Conjunct Uranus, Venus Contra-parallel Saturn –  Relationships generate friction.  When our desire is to be of use to others, we will find a way.  There are no simple solutions, but we can take a step in the right direction through exercising patience.  Love is never wasted. 

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Some newsletters are easy to write; they practically write themselves.  Some are hard.  A few are almost impossible.  April was one of the latter.   As a civilization, we have reached a critical turning point.  We are all dependent on each other.  The pandemic, global warming and political fighting are all symbols of how we have managed to bring ourselves to the edge.   We are either going to work together, or destroy our one planet.  We do have to emphasize the positive aspects of life in order to be of help. At the same time, we can’t ignore the severity of the world situation.  Love and understanding is the healing balm.  “True love is no game of the faint-hearted; it is born of strength and understanding.” – Meher Baba 

Instead of the usual Q and A session this month, I will give a one hour Zoom talk on Sunday, April 18th at Noon EDT.   My talk will cover what I have learned in 48 years in astrology.  Since I spent 25 years of my professional life working for the advancement of the profession, the majority of this talk will center around the founding of the Organization for Professional Astrology. I’m the only person left alive that knows the history, and so I give it out now. Request a link if you would like to attend.  If you have a burning astrology question, submit it anyway.  I will answer it by email or in next month’s Question and Answer session. 

Every year when the Sun is in Taurus, and the Moon is full in Scorpio, the Wesak Festival is celebrated. Many different schools of Buddhism have a special meditation at this time. The Buddha was born on this Full Moon, achieved Enlightenment on this Full Moon, and left His physical body permanently on this Full Moon. This has been a very important Full Moon for me every year since 1970. It is said by some to be a special meeting of the spiritual hierarchy, and a regeneration of life on earth. 

My close friend, Caroline Beebe, passed away last August and her daughter, Genevieve, is driving down from Indiana, and will be here on the 20th or 21st of the month.   She is giving me some of her mother’s treasures.  She had some important items from Meher Baba’s disciples, and I want to make sure they are taken care of properly. 

My dog “Teddy” was wounded by his groomer during a regular visit.  My daughter, Katie, and I took him to our vet at the animal hospital and he is recovering.  Our pets our like our children. 

The weather improves in much of the country as we are looking forward to summer.  Chances are slim that activities will be as most of us would like, even into the fall.  We must continue to do the right thing of wearing masks and socially distancing for a good deal of time yet. 

Each of us has changed over the last year.  Technology has entered our business and personal lives in new ways.  There are innovations that can help us.  I’m in the process of changing services for sending out my newsletter.  In the next few months, if you miss a copy, let me know.  I’m contemplating seeing clients on Zoom rather than the telephone. 

For more than a year I have not been able to get a new visa and go to India.  I have someone working on this for me, but it appears that it will take more time.  Two close friends of mine, Deborah and Phill, have been in India for a year and a half and have just been able to return now to the USA.  What a life.  

Here’s a new article about our life at home:

Even with hope on the horizon in this pandemic, what’s the point of ever leaving home again? – CNN

Be kind and do what you can to help others.


“It beats in my heart and churns in my brain,

The thrill of seeing the world explained.

 And the passion still drives me till the

Thoughts are expressed.

And then I can rest. Then I can rest.”   -Zipporah Pottenger


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