The Astrology Company: June 2021 by Bob Mulligan

June 2021

By Bob Mulligan
(a personal note is at the end of the newsletter) 

June Highlights 

The first part of June is always a mentally active time as the Sun is in Gemini until it enters Cancer at the Summer Solstice. This year Gemini’s ruler, Mercury (the planet of communication, information, and transportation), is in Gemini along with the Sun, and Retrograde.  This is Mercury’s second Retrograde period this year. A backward look provides instructions for forward movements. 

On the 3rd, Venus is Trine Jupiter and on the 5th, Mars Opposes Pluto.  This is a time for measuring our values against the road ahead.  We have choices: do we go it alone, do we reach out to others, do we work to repair frayed relationships?  On the 11th, Mars enters Leo; we grasp a more realistic picture of what needs to be done; we put away wishful thinking. 

The ever present Saturn Square Uranus reaches another exact aspect on the 14th, solidifying the battle lines between the energy of the past, and the desire for a future.  The conflict between our urge for freedom, and our need for security, reach a breaking point.  Freedom from attachments brings both.  In the collective, we only survive by working together.

Jupiter turns Retrograde on the 20th providing a key opportunity to solidify our core values in light of overlooked information. 

Venus Trines Neptune on the 21stThis is a flowering of the good luck and positive emotions we experienced starting back in the first week of the month. 

Mercury turns Direct on the 22nd at 16 degrees of Gemini; this brings to a close the three week period of reviewing, then editing, the residue of our past. 

On the 23rd, the Sun Trines Jupiter while Venus is Opposite and Contra-parallel Pluto; we must let go of our past hurts.  This act of releasing supplies the energy to cross over the next bridge. Love and luck power our journey when we are on the road to our inner light.

A creative and self-assured energy unfolds on the 27th as Venus enters Leo.  A wholesome side of our nature can help others by simply being visible.

The New Moon 

The New Moon on the 10th is a Solar Eclipse, occurring at 19 degrees 47 minutes of Gemini at 6:52 AM EDT.  There is tremendous energy as Mars in Cancer is Opposite Pluto in Capricorn; all other planets are contained in half the chart demarcated by this Opposition.  This is a harbinger of future violence and discord, creating much turbulence in the next couple of years.  However, for right now, Venus Trine Jupiter will bring us some individual and collective peace.   Retrograde Mercury is Conjunct the Eclipse which is Squared by Neptune.  Both Mercury and Neptune are strongly placed in their own signs.  Immediate struggles for factual data is at cross purposes with wishful thinking and fantasy.  On the whole, this is a time for tending our own garden, and helping others where appropriate.

 The Sun enters Cancer 

The Sun moves into Cancer on the 20th at 11:33 PM EDT.  This is the Summer Solstice which is the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere.  A Grand Trine in water: Sun/Jupiter/ Moon promises optimism, good luck, and a strengthened faith in our ability. A Grand Cross in fixed signs: Mars/Moon/Saturn/Uranus will force us to do the hard work of overcoming our own inner conflicts, or falling into the abyss of blaming and self-delusion.  Mercury (thinking) is still Retrograde in Gemini and Trine to Saturn (discipline) in Aquarius; we will have to be detached and consistent in our quest for truth in order to make any real progress. Venus Opposite Pluto and Trine Neptune shows that we are able to let the love and beauty in us rise to a new level, if we are able to transcend our addictions.  Uranus is on the 4th house cusp in Washington, D.C., with Saturn Squaring it from the 12th house.  This shows some deep unrest and a profound shaking of the very roots of the country. 

The Full Moon 

The Full Moon is on the 24th at 2:39 PM EDT at 3 degrees Cancer/Capricorn 27 minutes.  Jupiter is Trine the Sun and Sextile the Moon.  Whatever is needed to complete the tasks at hand has a way of showing up, just in time.  Saturn Trines the North Node and Mercury while Opposing Mars.  Hard work and continuous effort brings results, but we must still adhere to one course of action to be effective. With Venus Opposite Pluto and Trine Neptune, we need to access the gentler and forgiving side of our nature in order to break through the tough exterior of our personal challenges.  Our love nature’s expression needs attention.

The Weeks

 From the 1st to the 6th we switch gears as more meaning and excitement comes through our family and emotional life in general.  It is a good time to solve some enduring problems, but it is important to carefully pick our issues and battles. We have luck, but can be subject to over-extension and fantasy.

From the 7th to the 13th differences between people boil over into outright hostility.  Good pressure release can prevent us from doing or saying things that we might regret later.  There is still time and space for something very good and beneficial for all to happen.  We each must do our part to stay calm while taking an inflexible stand on our principles.

From the 14th to the 20th we may find that there is more pent up emotion in others than we would have guessed.  All we can do is to check our own temperature.  There are brief gaps of sunshine that appear periodically within the otherwise continuous downpour.  Our job is to leap into the openings and stay out of the way of the currents of history that are now upon us. 

From the 21st to the 27th we get a chance to do a redo.  When we don’t put our “best foot forward,” we end up on the sideline of our own life. The kindness we have shown to others comes back to us.  Once again we must let go of people, circumstances, and ideas in order to move forward. It is ok to think about the past, but we certainly don’t want to live in it. 

From the 28th to the 30th “Good things come in small packages.”  Our job is to see what is being offered.  Poor decision making is often powered by bad communication or faulty information. Checking the sources for our facts can help us unravel some pressing issues.  How we listen to others and express ourselves matters. 

The Days 

1st – Tuesday – Venus Sesquiquadrate Saturn, Sun Sesquiquadrate Pluto –  We expect good things to happen and they do.  Barriers arise in our path; if we treat them as part of a larger game, rather than impediments, today is most enjoyable. 

2nd – Wednesday –  Mercury Semi-sextile Mars, Mercury Parallel Mars, Venus enters Cancer, Sun Semi-sextile Uranus, Sun Contra-parallel Pluto, Sun Parallel Mercury – We already had clarity of thought and vision, now we need to have warmth and commitment.  A straight path through the day is easy when we stay focused on the bare facts. 

3rd – Thursday –  Mercury Contra-parallel Pluto, Sun Trine Saturn, Sun Parallel Mars, Venus Trine Jupiter –  Emotional currency opens more doors than straight talk.  It is a time of acknowledgement. If we give courtesy and respect to others, we automatically feel better; it will eventually come back to us. 

4th – Friday –  Mars Contra-parallel Pluto –   Our enthusiasm can get the better of us.  The real issue here is we must find a way to put aside worry and fear.  Blindly acting out can put us in a danger zone, “out of the frying pan into the fire”. Apparent threats to our security are here to teach us what is truly important. 

5th – Saturday – Mercury Square Neptune, Mars Opposite Pluto –   It is best to just shut up and exercise.  Physical activity that is harmless releases stress and gives us a clearer picture of what we are really doing.  We need to feel secure enough in ourselves that we don’t worry about what others think about our behavior. 

6th – Sunday –  Lingering resentments can undermine our task at hand. One step at a time reveals hidden gifts and tools we haven’t used.  A careful inventory can allow us to artfully finesse the people and circumstances in our current situation.

7th – Monday –  Relish in the delights of the day.  The natural world offers a smorgasbord to our five senses.  By simply allowing experiences to come to us, we experience being fully present.  Peace and harmony with the universe follows when we stay completely engaged with the moment.

8th – Tuesday –  Perfect timing demonstrates what keeps us ticking.  We all have passion and commitment.  Decoding our values shows how they apply to our day to day tasks.  This understanding becomes the source of our joy.   

9th – Wednesday –  With a vise-like grip, we feel world circumstances closing in around our personal plans. The last year and a half of relative isolation has made many of us partially numb to the difficulties confronting us all.  Meditation and prayer brings inner strength and solitude.

10th – Thursday – The New Moon Solar Eclipse is at 6:52 AM EDT at 19 Gemini 47, the Sun Conjunct Mercury –  Connecting with others is compelling and necessary, but can also be fracturing.  Deep insight into our own inner spaces can uncover some universal truths about life.  The voltage is turned up too high; we all suffer  from information overload.  Everything improves by staying calm. 

11th – Friday –  Mars enters Leo –  Rituals and practices from an earlier period of our lives come back to us.  Habits from our life before can be comforting because they are familiar.  However, this is just a moment in time that we must encounter in order to go forward.

12th – Saturday – Home, family, and familiar faces can be comforting.  Relaxing and just taking time to recharge is the key to happiness for right now.  Swimming against the tide can leave us exhausted without much progress.

13th – Sunday –  Venus Sextile Uranus, Venus Quincunx Saturn, Sun Square Neptune –  Problems dissipate when we place  our current world view and value system into a larger context.  Attachment to a definite outcome causes us to suffer. A sense of accomplishment follows emotional steps in the right direction. 

14th – Monday –  Saturn Square Uranus, Mars Quincunx Jupiter –  Although there is turbulence in the world at large, this is a mirror image of the inner conflict that we are feeling in our collective consciousness.  Maturity comes when we accept our own unhappiness as a fact; now we can see its origin.  Meaningful knowledge brings detachment. 

15th – Tuesday – Mercury Semi-square Mars –  Overlooked details surface; we can revisit circumstances that have not been entirely satisfying.  Small corrections can usher in harmony and a sense of relief. 

16th – Wednesday – Venus Sesquiquadrate Jupiter, Mercury Semi-sextile Venus –  By following our heart, we are able to take a giant step forward.  However, if we wish to improve some aspect of our relationships, we need to focus on our own inner space first.  Then sharing insights and listening to our partner will have useful consequences. 

17th – Thursday – Sun Quincunx Pluto –  Critical items in our experience catch our attention.  Some areas of our lives just seem off.   Concern can turn to worry and anxiety.  Some things are too big to manage or even approach.  We are smart to put attention on the things where we actually have influence, and then not worry.

18th – Friday – Sun Sesquiquadrate Saturn – We are way ahead of the curve, if we correctly aim our attention.  Mental turbulence interferes with our ability to decipher what is important.  The onslaught of news, messages, and world events has a way of unbalancing us. Gaining mental equilibrium is difficult, but necessary.

19th – Saturday –  Sun Semi-square Uranus – When our direction is guided by intuition, new ways of being, new methods, new approaches to old problems come to light in a flash.  Unexpected people and circumstances interrupt our activities.  Our flow is altered; this is uncomfortable but not a bad thing.  Someone in our life offers up a suggestion we discarded a while back.  We see this perspective with new eyes. 

20th – Sunday – Jupiter turns Retrograde, Sun enters Cancer which is the Summer Solstice –  Some things we envision may have to be postponed for awhile  This may not be so easy when we have put time and effort into a treasured project.  Our relationships deepen if we speak with our feelings and listen with respect.  Hope emerges along with a picture of a better world. 

21st – Monday –  Venus Trine Neptune –  Even when we aren’t recognizing it, our quest for love and beauty propels us forward.  This is the time when it makes sense to see that we all want to be free of our self-imposed illusions. Starting or expanding a romantic relationship now can be auspicious, but despite the good time, we still have to do the hard work.

22nd – Tuesday –   Mercury turns Direct – Too much enthusiasm can frighten others away.  Capturing the energy of the moment, and using it for planning, will pay big dividends very soon.  The spirit of adventure helps us explore beyond our ordinary horizons.  Soon it will be the time to act. 

23rd – Wednesday –  Sun Trine Jupiter, Venus Opposite Pluto, Venus Contra-parallel Pluto –  Moving forward is easy because we expect success.  Too many times we have stepped forward with confidence and fallen short of our goal.  An inventory of self reveals that there are some people, circumstances, and attitudes that must go.  We are in the process of breaking a pattern of addiction.  This comes in stages.  On the other side, we are free.           

24th – Thursday –  The Full Moon at 2:39 PM EDT is at 3 degrees Cancer/Capricorn 27 minutes, Mars Sesquiquadrate Neptune –  Public life and personal life pull against one another.  This tension provides opportunity to examine our values.  Our faith in the goodness of life is on the line.  Choices clarify our commitments and bring us closer to our Real Selves. 

25th – Friday –  Neptune turns Retrograde –  The sign that we are headed in the right direction is that our energy builds a little bit with each step. Experiences we accumulate now can be the source of inspiration for the rest of the year.  We may be stymied in the expression of the love that we feel.  Clarity comes in a couple of days. 

26th – Saturday –  We may not know how to get the affection we crave from others.  This is instructive; ignorance is a prelude to knowledge; awareness of our limitations emerges.  We instinctively pass onto others the fruits from how we have been nurtured. 

27th – Sunday –   Venus enters Leo –  Overcoming our innate fears is meaningful and useful; however, after we have accomplished this task, we do need to calibrate our liberated feelings.  Using our power of reason helps us choose our next move wisely.  A critical eye on important details helps us be efficient with our time, we can avoid blind alleys.

28th – Monday –  Mercury Parallel Mars, Venus Quincunx Jupiter –  Even though our fire and energy can look like overreach to bystanders, determination and stick-to-itiveness can carry us far and fast.  Don’t discard a conclusion just because it comes without effort.  We are learning to trust our intuition.

29th – Tuesday –  Mercury Semi-square Venus –  The wind is at our back.  We know what will be appropriate.  Now is the time to tell those we care about most how much they mean to us.  Who knows when we will get the next opportunity?  We feel the connection with everyone if we are brave enough to just tune in.

30th – Wednesday –  The more we are unafraid, the bigger risk we feel like taking.  Even though we may be working hard at what we are doing, when we are honest, we have lots of unacknowledged help.  We have an inner treasure that is just waiting to be recognized. 

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My Personal Note 

Our experience of the Pandemic is somewhat dependent on where we live.  In the UK and the USA, so many people have been vaccinated that there is a return to semi-normal.  Even though I wear a mask less frequently now, I still have it in my car and wear it whenever I go into a store.  Actually, I still prefer having food delivered.  Other than picking Teddy up in the morning, going for a walk with him three times a day on the Greenway, I don’t drive very much and I don’t think I’ve left town since September of 2019.  People in India, and the whole continent of Africa, are suffering greatly from the Pandemic.  We must all get well together for the world we want to live in. 

At the time of the Eclipse on the morning of May 26th, I said my prayers and meditated.  Later in the morning I went to the dentist and found out that I needed to have some work done.  At Noon, I was in session with a client in person.  Yes, the Pandemic is lessening.  We took a break half way through a two hour session and I stubbed my toe on my left foot badly, then couldn’t walk very much for two days.  Mostly better now. Teddy and I are able to walk our usual three times a day in the woods. 

What you think, feel, and do has meaning and an effect on the world at large.  This is very important to understand.  As your consciousness expands, there will be people who will tell you this can’t be done.  We need to bring them along with us anyway.  Kind thoughts, words and prayers have an effect well beyond what see on the material plane.  For many years I have gotten up in the middle of the night, usually at 4 AM and meditated on my Master, Meher Baba.  This is my doorway to helping.  A proven fact, intercessory prayers heal.  There are hundreds of examples from my life which I have seen with my own eyes.  You matter. 

I’ve changed the format of the Newsletter slightly.  This, hopefully, makes it easier to read. 

I enjoyed our time together on May 16th for my talk on “Astrology and Politics.”  This time is set aside for Questions and Answers on anything astrological.  I gave this talk because people wanted to attend, but no one asked any question, at least until the end of the talk.  If you have questions for the June Q and A, please feel free to submit them.  The time for June Q and A will be June 20th at 1 PM EDT.  This is the day of the Summer Solstice and happens right after it.  If you missed last month’s talk and would like to catch it, here is the link: 

“ I’m searching for the dolphins in the sea” – Tim Buckley

The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep. –  Robert Frost


Bob Mulligan is available for personal appointments, astrology classes, and astrological material.  Call him at 239-261-2840 or by e-mail at  Visit our website,