The Astrology Company: September 2021 by Bob Mulligan

September 2021

By Bob Mulligan

(a personal note is at the end of the newsletter)


September Highlights

In the month of September, we conclude many things that have been in motion since early August.  We make personal changes as the seasons change; this month it is most evident at the Vernal Equinox on September 22nd.  Change just for variety is not so meaningful, but reasoned choices set us on a new path, and improve our lives.  On the 10th Venus enters Scorpio (Mars’s sign); on the 14th Mars enters Libra (Venus’s sign).  Mars and Venus are our inflow and outflow valves in our interpersonal lives.  With the receptiveness of Venus lodged in the intensity of Scorpio, and the assertive Mars being in the diplomatic sign Libra, both our loving and aggressive instincts adjust to accommodate each other.  This is a microcosm of the larger truth of life on our planet.  Either we all get healthy or we all die.  The second half of the month will show a flurry of negotiations, only intensifying on the 27th when Mercury turns Retrograde.  Venus and Mars are uncomfortable in their sign placements, but still Direct; all other planets are Retrograde.  Will we have militant kindness? Will we see the power of love in our daily lives?

This pattern will continue until the 10th of October when Saturn turns Direct.  This will be a time of last minute compromises and important legislation coming to completion.

The New Moon

The New Moon is on the 6th at 8:51 PM EDT on the 14th degree of Virgo.  The Sun and Moon are Trine Uranus. We try to innovate against the tide of set habits.  Mars is Trine Pluto showing great force of will, with tangible results for our effort.  Mercury, Saturn, and the North Node of the Moon form a Grand Trine in air.  This can show long-range planning, good ideas whose time hasn’t come.  Venus in her own sign (Libra) is Trine Jupiter and Square Pluto. Reaching out to others in good faith brings some positive results. We must accept the reality; some things we would like to change won’t; we need to know when enough is enough. With five planets in earth (practical analysis), and four planets in air (abstract intellect), we will try to think our way through conflicting circumstances in everyday life.  With no fire planets, energy will be measured, but more consistent than we might expect.  Neptune is the only water planet and he is Opposite Mars in Virgo.  Only compassion solves collective problems; if we see this we are on our way home.

The Full Moon

The Full Moon is on the 21st at 7:54 PM EDT at 28 degrees of Virgo/Pisces.  The Sun is Conjunct Mars and Trine Pluto.   Because these aspects are across sign borders, a lot of the energy is hidden.  Mars is Trine the North Node of the Moon and Saturn, forming a Grand Trine in air; this indicates common solutions to difficulties are applied in a systematic manner.  Mars Opposite the Moon supplies the trigger igniting the latent potency of the other planets; he gives release from current circumstances. Acknowledgment of the magnitude of what is happening now allows us to clean house and move forward. Mercury is Trine Jupiter and Square Pluto showing that we can see the bigger picture and the meaning behind events, if we care to look.

The Sun enters Libra 

The Sun crosses into Libra on the 22nd at 3:20 PM EDT. This is the Vernal Equinox, which in a general way, describes the next three months. Venus (ruler of Libra) is in Scorpio, and a Semi-square away from the Sun.  This is as far as Venus ever gets from the Sun, and does indicate that arguments may take the place of finding common ground.  Mars (ruler of Scorpio) is in Libra; Venus and Mars are in Mutual Reception; this doesn’t necessarily bring harmony, but does promise some mutual recognition, if not respect, for opposing views.  Stubbornness and abrupt change of circumstances become common place. Venus is also Opposite Uranus in Taurus, which is Sesquiquadrate the Sun in Libra.  Because Venus rules both Taurus (sign of Uranus) and Libra (sign of the Sun), the goddess of love (Venus) holds the key.  The Moon in Aries is Opposite Mercury in Libra, forming a T-Square with Pluto in Capricorn, which is Square both Moon and Mercury. T-Squares in Cardinal signs require physical action to maintain balance.  Jupiter in Aquarius is Trine Mercury and Sextile the Moon.  We are promised a way out of current difficulties by maintaining a positive mental attitude, being inventive, and communicating what we learn.  Jupiter is on the mid-point of Pluto/Neptune being Semi-sextile both.  Here, king of the gods (Jupiter) activates the long-standing Sextile between Pluto and Neptune.  Yes, we can build a better world. 

The Weeks 

From the 1st to the 5th we are looking for the middle way.  Lots of mental activity, conversations, and discrimination lead to finding solutions that are inclusive and without going to extremes.  Even though people’s minds seemed to be set on a given agenda and point of view, at least we are talking to one another, and this is good.  The long-term effect is curative.

From the 6th to the 12th being pleasant helps take the edge off of highly impactful events.  We keep going back to basic facts.  We may be driven by pressing circumstances in our lives, but careful attention to details can help us through otherwise troubling events.  Seeing what we can do that is truly helpful is an important step before entering the fray.

From the 13th to the 19th a crisis of faith may thrust us into a period of indecision. We do best to stay focused on what can be done immediately. It is possible to lose hold of commonsense as passions can throw us forward into disputes that are none of our concern.  Or alternately, we may shut down emotionally and lose the tread of compassion that has united us. Balance brings peace and effectiveness.

From the 20th to the 26th while we scurry to get a few lingering projects done, the world seems to close in around us.  The beauty is that we have plenty of time to accomplish what must be done if we prioritize.  Luckily we actually know what the right thing is.  Progress comes by advocating for the good, even when it doesn’t seem in our personal best interest. 

From the 27th to the 30th duty calls, but our druthers pull us away.  Time planning is critical to feel satisfied. At the end of the day, as we are knitting our sweater, we will notice a mistake back a few rows.  Do we go forward anyway, or correct the mistake?  If our error involves others directly, if we misspoke, or even lied, we must correct the wrong.  If we were the only one involved, then we may decide to just move forward. 

The Days 

1st – Wednesday – Mars Contra-parallel Neptune, Sun Contra-parallel Venus­ –  “Man does not live by bread alone.”  It is easy to do what our conscience dictates when circumstances support it.  Today the test comes when we must stand in our truth against the tide of life.  Love, harmony, and balance come through appreciation of others, even when they disagree with us. 

2nd – Thursday –  Mars Opposite Neptune – Facts and fantasy pull against each other; from a higher perspective we can see that what we thought were facts only conveyed a little piece of the entire picture.  Our fantasies are just a funhouse mirror distortion of our true higher values.  Harmony comes when we are patient and measured in the steps we take.

3rd – Friday –  Mercury Contra-parallel Mars, Venus Quincunx Neptune, Mars Sesquiquadrate Saturn –  Big ideas and a great expansive vision can lead us into either impulsive behavior, unrealistic expectations, or both.  We thrive by overcoming any fear of others, and by examining the facts within our current framework.  As the ancient Greeks would say, the Good, the Beautiful, and the True are all the same. 

4th – Saturday – Mercury Parallel Neptune, Mercury Trine Saturn –  Attaching our vision of truth to the practical concerns of the moment allows us to press on with something important to us.  Good ideas coalesce in stimulating conversations.  Suggestions shared without attachment receive more support than we would have imagined. 

5th – Sunday –  Venus Semi-sextile Mars, Venus Square Pluto –  Practice brings us closer to the standards we set for ourselves.  If we are kind to ourselves, we can let others off the hook as they struggle to get it right.  We are on the right track, and are successful, if we don’t try to accomplish too much all at once. 

6th – Monday –  Mars Trine Pluto, Venus Trine Jupiter, Mercury Sesquiquadrate Jupiter, the New Moon is at 8:51 PM EDT, Sun Trine Uranus, Mars Quincunx Jupiter –   It’s easy to get carried away with the force of what can be done.  Many things envisioned now will take time. Optimism and enthusiasm lift our spirits.  It is a new day.  Much is possible. We need to pace ourselves is order to harvest the good that is being offered. 

7th – Tuesday – Sun Contra-parallel Mercury –  Our picture of life is expanding. Details of daily living need attention.  Perfection is possible with practice, and when we are not distracted.  Even short-term goals have value in the overall scheme of things. 

8th – Wednesday –  Help is on the way.  If we pay attention to the circumstances others are going through, mutual benefit is achieved. Understanding the difference between what we must do for ourselves, and the beauty of other people’s struggle, clears our vision.

9th – Thursday – Creating harmony brings clarity out of confusion.  Isolation breeds limitation. Focusing on collective projects brings a good result.  Bountiful pleasure comes by taking care of others. 

10th – Friday –  Mercury Quincunx Uranus, Venus enters Scorpio –  Because we are easily led to reach for things beyond our grasp, we can pull back into a self-created pattern of limitation.  Boundaries are there to help us see what needs to be done first.  The Promised Land is coming to us soon.

11th – Saturday –  Jupiter Semi-sextile Pluto –  Events in the world are so big, we are  easily boxed into either running forward to participate, or falling back into ignorance of the larger picture.  Better to watch the changes, and appreciate the process, without direct involvement. 

12th – Sunday –  Far horizons can stimulate our interest in exploring things that represent freedom.  Painting our expectations on life with bold colors involves us in the collective good will.  Moving from concept to action is a lengthy process.

13th – Monday –  We may feel stuck in the mud.  What we want to do and what is necessary seem at odds.  Talking to others, being patient, and keeping an open mind can create a path to real harmony and joy.

14th – Tuesday – Mars Sesquiquadrate Uranus, Sun Opposite Neptune, Mars enters Libra, Sun Sesquiquadrate Saturn –  Everything moves forward with fits and starts. It is best to take interruptions as a gift from the Divine.  Evaluate new information with an eye for gaining a more comprehensive picture of current life goals.  Overlooked obligations can come back with a vengeance later.  Recognizing what we must complete, and then doing it, is liberating. Performing at our optimal level means to be willing to work with a new rhythm.  We are in a new paradigm. 

15th – Wednesday –  Venus Parallel Jupiter –  There is a stubborn tug of war between changes we have made in our personal lives to accommodate the changes in the world over the last year and a half, and the attitudes of what is possible now.  Threading the needle requires us to relax, then apply our energy where we can make a difference. 

16th – Thursday – The Sun Quincunx Jupiter, Venus Sesquiquadrate Neptune, Sun Trine Pluto –  We make great strides forward.  The exact form that the results of our actions take may seem out of step with expectations.  Long-forgotten goals come back to us.  With renewed vigor, we can take the next step. 

17th – Friday – Venus Square Saturn – How do we really show our concern for others?  It may be that our own determination reveals a certain stubbornness that is prohibiting the free flow of energy.  Freedom comes through allowing, then confronting, immoveable attitudes. We secure a new way of being. 

18th – Saturday – Mercury Quincunx Neptune, Venus Contra-parallel Uranus – An act of faith can leave us adrift.  Sometimes it takes a kick to get us moving.  Confidence in ourselves and in life circumstances is a good thing.  However, we need patience and the ability to accept the distance between our free fall into uncertainty and the results.

19th – Sunday –  It’s best to keep our head down and just move forward.  Daydreams and imagination get a healthy workout. In our quiet moments, after the work is done, we can take stock and see what is next.  If we take time to plan for eliminating unused things in our environment, we aid the larger process of the cosmos telling us to “lighten up”.

20th – Monday –  Sun Contra-parallel Mars, Mercury Trine Jupiter, the Full Moon is at 7:54 PM EDT on the 28th degree of Virgo/Pisces –  There is a disconnect between what seems like it should be happening, and what is actually going on.  Bright ideas and hard work move everything forward.  However, the best plans and highest aspiration can still leave us puzzled by the outcome of our efforts.  It’s best to be simple, straightforward, and relaxed.  Things are going to be very different from now on. 

21st – Tuesday – Sun Sesquiquadrate Uranus –  Let’s face it, the world is a crazy place right now.  Some of the chaos is self-created; much of it is imposed on us.  Interruptions come from people who are overly nervous.  Quick thinking and fast actions can still come from a calm mind.  We want to be efficient but without undue fuss. 

22nd – Wednesday –  Mercury Square Pluto, Sun enters Libra –  Being overly concerned with what others are thinking or doing is a big stumbling block.  We can waste time and initiative by trying to convince others of our cause or point of view. We can lead by example. Staying calm and adhering to our own path is the best approach. 

23rd – Thursday –  Venus Opposite Uranus –  Lighting strikes but it doesn’t have to hit us.  A shakeup in financial markets is rooted in unsettled emotions.  Love is always a good thing and is healing when expressed in a positive unselfish way.  We can alter important relationships, and rectify past mistakes, as the opportunity arises.

24th – Friday –  The tug between the conventional and the new mirrors the inner struggle between things that represent security, and symbols of freedom.  A new way is to go slow and ride the wave of excitement as it comes.

25th – Saturday –  Mars Trine Saturn –  There are friends we haven’t seen for a long time.  Giving them a call or getting together with them can be a delight.  There are some important tasks that got postponed over the last week, and now is a good time to complete them. 

26th – Sunday –  Curiosity leads us toward things unexamined.  This is a perfect time to get rid of papers we have set aside to read later.  It’s time to do our best to get through projects gathering dust.  Quick conversations with overlooked people in our lives, give us time to complete things that have lingered. 

27th – Monday –  Mercury turns Retrograde, Mars Sesquiquadrate Jupiter, Venus Parallel Saturn –  We need to look before we leap.  Competitive impulses need to give way to cooperation.  Much can be accomplished if we take a moment to get our signals straight.  Friends are made to work together on shared goals. 

28th – Tuesday –  Correcting past misunderstandings helps clear the atmosphere.  We can’t really move forward if we are chained to the past.  It is all about getting our relationships sorted out.  We are more creative when our mind is free.

29th – Wednesday –  Venus Trine Neptune, Sun Trine Saturn –  We can be most productive and achieve much if we reach out and unite with our co-thinkers.   Passions are running high and this can be the energy and the glue that pushes our inventiveness to new heights.  Joy comes as we complete something we have been working on. 

30th – Thursday –  Sun Sesquiquadrate Jupiter, Venus Square Jupiter –  Good will and positive feelings are infectious. We can be a channel for the light.  We are best at spreading joy when we see where our energy matters and what to express to others.  Generosity seems to emerge from many unexpected directions.

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My Personal Note

People I meet on my walk ask me, “What is happening?”  “What is going to happen?”  The world is in transition.  Many of the things that have happened recently: the pandemic, irreversible climate change, the chaos created by the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, it is easy to lose hope, to become depressed, to go numb or become indifferent.  Yes, these are all things that we would not wish.  They stem from our collective and individual history of ignorance, greed, lust, and hatred.  We are all confronted with the results of these forces in our everyday lives.   We have a few more years of painful results to endure.   However, as an astrologer, I say with complete assurance, we will come out the other side.  We can be more understanding, more loving, more tolerant, more generous, and yes build a better world.  It will happen.

My long time friend, Judy Luther, sent me this quite some time ago.  It never seemed like the right time to share it. Now, when mistrust is so high, this 4 minute commercial for Heineken is a powerful message and reminder. –take a moment and take a look –

The powerful New Moon on August 22nd gave us all a lift.  I hope you had the good fortune to be meditating at this moment.  With Jupiter Conjunct the Moon, and Opposite the Sun, we got quite a booster shot of Divine energy.

Thank you all for your interest and participation in my monthly Question and Answer session on Zoom.   This August session was engrossing.  If you missed it you can view it on my website, or just click on this line: Astrology & Voting Rights – YouTube.  After it was over, Katie suggested that this subject would make a good article. It will happen as soon as time permits.  I want to give a special thanks to Laurie Rosenthal for doing the original research; she asked the question about voting rights and the Uranus/ Pluto aspects.

Two people asked questions about climate change.  I will take these up first in my next Q & A scheduled for Sunday, September 12th at 1 PM EDT.  Submit questions and I will get to them.

 Credit card processing for all our business is going to be through our bank, PNC.  We have been using Merchant Express for more than 20 years.  This is a big and necessary change.

Mailchimp will be our new delivery service for our newsletter soon.  This is a change we have to make after being with Net Atlantic for many years.

My youngest child, Bailey, had Covid but she is better now.  I’m grateful for her recovery.  We have all lost friends to the pandemic, life is short, and this is the world of impermanence. 

Katie’s birthday was celebrated with just us and a friend, but several of her friends are planning a couple of other events.  She is in a period of transition as she is taking more courses at her college, is ending some of her yoga classes to have more time to study, and will be in the office here a little less.  Our plan at the moment is for her to be here Monday and Friday.  We will see how that works out.  My birthday is on September 24th, I am turning 73.  It has been a very full life.

We keep making changes to our website:  We have added some new videos and posted some of my old articles.  A long time subscriber to the Newsletter, Patricia Hope, asked if we could make articles voice activated.  Katie did it. Thank you, Patricia, for making this suggestion. 

Coming into this incarnation my central focus was, “get the job done and get out.”  My job has been to help as many people as karma dictated.  For many years I have felt that I’m drowning in an ocean of love.  Maintaining a connection to the finite is brought about through service to others.  This is a path to liberation.  When I know that I have done my best, I take comfort in the words of my Master:

 “Spiritual Freedom has to be won by oneself for oneself through watchful and unfailing war against the lower self and lower desires.” – Meher Baba


Bob Mulligan is available for personal appointments, astrology classes, and astrological material. Call him at 239-261-2840 or by e-mail at Visit our website,