The Astrology Company: October 2021 by Bob Mulligan

October 2021

By Bob Mulligan

(a personal note is at the end of the newsletter)


October Highlights 

Let’s face facts. With six planets Retrograde at the beginning of the month, we are in a time of retrospection rather than forward motion. It is very difficult to get anything done in the material world.  There were only 51 days within a hundred year period (1880-1980) with six planets Retrograde. The famous astrologer, John McCormick, researched this in “The Book of Retrograde,” published in 1980.  Four of these planets turn direct in the course of the month: Pluto on the 6th, Saturn on the 10th, Jupiter then Mercury on the 18th.   We should see some forward momentum with Saturn Stationing direct on the 10th.   Jupiter and Mercury Stationing direct on the 18th will bring some much needed mental clarity.

Mars is in Libra (sign of his detriment) until the 30th and will create obstacles and opportunities.  He is Conjunct the Sun at the New and Full Moon.   Mars Squares Pluto on the 22nd and finally Mars enters Scorpio on the 30thWith Mars being so active, you may find yourself with more anger, turbulence, or even violence. Also, you may feel yourself being victimized by other people having a short fuse. Mars in this placement is like we are riding a wild horse. It is not your fault or the horse’s fault.

The New Moon 

The New Moon is on the 6th at 7:05 AM EDT on Libra 13 Conjunct Mars and Mercury.  Pent up aggression and combative spirits collide.  With Mercury Retrograde and in Trine to Jupiter, there is real potency if we can see and admit our mistakes. The close Quincunx of Uranus to Mars and the New Moon indicates some outside influence appears during the next two weeks to present us with a higher overview of current events. Mercury Square Pluto suggests we are still trying to solve problems that started at the beginning of the pandemic.  Saturn Trining the New Moon and the North Node of the Moon shows us that we need to be patient but determined in our efforts.  New challenges and old problems are at loggerheads, in the process of accommodating them, we discover new solutions.

The Full Moon 

The Full Moon is on the 20th at 10:56 AM EDT on the 27th degree of Libra/Aries.  Mars is Conjunct the Sun and Opposite the Moon and Square Pluto.   Pluto is the base of the aggressive T-Square showing tremendous violence having built up over a long period of time.  Because Pluto is in Capricorn (sign of hierarchy), there will not be a quick resolution.  However, with Jupiter Trine Sun/Mars and Sextile the Moon, it is possible that cooler minds will prevail. Jupiter in Aquarius represents freedom.  More information doesn’t help as much as we would like it to. What does help is agreeing on which values are most important.  Mercury in Libra (sign of diplomacy) Trine Saturn, the North Node of the Moon and Sextile Venus, indicates we may be able to strike some compromises and avoid all out conflict.  With Venus and Mercury both Quincunx Uranus (forming a Yod), some divine intervention or act of grace can help us shift painful dynamics. 

The Sun enters Scorpio 

The Sun crosses into Scorpio on the 23rd at 12:52 AM EDT. The Moon is Void of Course at 28 degrees of Taurus, showing a wandering quality this whole solar month.  Being air and earth dominated, the mind tends to override the heart.  With half the planets in fixed signs, people’s opinions are pretty dug in. With Mercury (god of communication) Sextile Venus (goddess of love) and Trine Saturn (lord of discipline) staying in conversation with others is good and maybe even necessary; planning can wear us out, especially if we must get other people’s buy-in to move forward.

Mars is separating from both the Square to Pluto and Trine to Jupiter.  There is a strong competitive mood in the air; still lack of cohesion prevents us from getting a game going.  Much that had to happen has already occurred. 

Venus applies to a Square of Neptune showing both love and money are illusive, but Venus is Sextile Jupiter (king of the gods) pointing to a promise that there is a winning strategy for everyone.  Jupiter in Aquarius (sign of freedom) rules both Sagittarius and Pisces. We may run away from problems rather than confront them head on.  This is really ok as some difficulties don’t have a resolution now. 

The Weeks 

From the 1st through the 3rd it may be difficult to keep a light- hearted attitude toward issues in the outer world.  However, if we stay focused on the big picture, comprehensive strategies will emerge.  Some ideas are brilliant, even though they can’t be planted and will not take root immediately, in due time they will have an impact.  Revising things put in motion early in September will be a big help now.

From the 4th through the 10th a positive mental attitude builds bridges.  Every significant relationship can improve with effort and patience.  Some people will be determined to get quick results.  This can lead to many complications.  Watching from the sidelines makes more sense that plunging ahead without clear direction.  There is a winnowing away of people whose agenda doesn’t really agree with our own.

From the 11th through the 17th our involvement with others, with life, with our inner world makes a big difference.  Not everything we touch turns to gold, but this week it is a heck of a lot more productive than the last period; and we are having more fun.  It was time to lighten up and live a little.  Get the heavy lifting done, then get to know the people around you.

From the 18th through the 24th our enthusiasm can run away with us. So much is happening right now it may not be possible to pace ourselves. Relationships are key to world survival; this week makes that evident, personally as well as globally.  Violence hangs in the air intermittently. Redirecting our energy is crucial if we want to see another year with society holding together.

From the 25th through the 31st some doors close in front of us. As some options are off the table, we can see what is left.  It is a decisive moment.  We can stay put, get rest, and energize ourselves.  Or, we can pick up our possessions and go home.  Regardless of our decisions to stay or go, the circumstances have changed; life has changed.  We will need all of our energy over the next few weeks. 

The Days

1st – Friday –  Mercury Square Pluto, Mercury Semi-sextile Venus –  Last minute compromises can avoid conflict and allow everyone to make some incremental progress on things that matter.  More than we would have guessed can be accomplished, if we keep working on what is right in front of us.

2nd – Saturday – Venus Sextile Pluto – Past mistakes are clearly evident. The distance created by time is an aid to see more clearly what needs to be done.  Taking notes and assessing our responsibilities is more meaningful than plowing forward.  This is a moment to reevaluate. 

3rd – Sunday –  Sun Parallel Mars, Mercury Trine Jupiter –  An injection of mental enthusiasm propels us forward.  Action is needed, but of course it is important to know where we are going and why. We have changed during the last couple of years and even the dullest of intellects can see beyond the concerns of daily life, if we just look.  Taking time to include others not only brightens our day, it lays a positive groundwork for the future. 

4th – Monday –  Sun Parallel Neptune, Mars Parallel Neptune –  When we feel down because of what others have or have not done, we can break through the funk by concentrating on our own actions, and the thoughts and feelings that prompt them.  We can reconstitute our own lives now, regardless of what others do. 

5th – Tuesday –  Mercury Quincunx Neptune – High ideals and faith in life is good, even necessary, for society to exist.  However, it is possible to chase a mirage thinking it will solve our current dilemmas.  Progress comes by using our own resources and seeing what we actually have to bring to the party.  When we are honest with ourselves, it is clear today that some of the things we dream about would not actually make us happy. 

6th – Wednesday –  Mars Quincunx Uranus, the New Moon is at 7:05 AM on the 13th degree of Libra, Venus Semi-square Mars, Pluto turns Direct –  The gloves come off.  Even though waiting makes sense, refusing to act might be counterproductive.  We must do something.  Being dormant isn’t an option.  For each of us, it is important to refrain from saying or doing things from anger, even though there is plenty to go around.  The New Moon is a great time to meditate and set intentions.  We do this, but may want to remember what we set in motion last month at the time of the Equinox.  We are on a rollercoaster and reacting to momentary changes may harm us.  Stay calm. 

7th – Thursday –Venus enters Sagittarius, Venus Parallel Pluto –   We have the opportunity to do something great even though circumstances may seem limited.  Small acts of kindness can brighten up other people’s day and this may be enough.  This is the time of year, and a moment in the century, where we all feel connected.  When we concentrate on this interdependence, we all benefit. 

8th – Friday – Sun Conjunct Mars – An explosion of energy has been building and releasing for the last few weeks.  We have reached the center of the cyclone.  Physical exercise, listening to music, and anything that calms the nerves is something good.  There are mountains to climb and we need to be ready.  We all get better or we all die. 

9th – Saturday – Mercury Semi-square Venus, Sun Conjunct Mercury, Mercury Conjunct Mars – Getting angry is counterproductive and counterintuitive given the reality of current circumstances.  Having positive alignment between ideas and actions requires commitment to things beyond our personal lives.  We can be brave and stand on a principle, and still be patient and kind.  Everyone has a different story and different strategies, but we are all riding on the same bus. 

10th – Sunday – Saturn turns Direct –  What we must do and what seems obvious aren’t in always in agreement.  Personal integrity requires us to do what we say we will do.  Crawling back into a shell and pretending that the larger world doesn’t exist is futile.  Being overwhelmed by the suffering leaves us impotent.  Once the necessary is done, we need to enjoy life. 

11th – Monday –  It may seem impractical, but faraway places are calling us.  Planning a vacation is different than taking one.  Keeping an eye on the future and having a dream can be empowering.  And yet, the dishes still need to be washed and we don’t want to be late for work.  Still, we need to make time for our life. 

12th – Tuesday –  Mercury Parallel Mars, Mercury Quincunx Uranus –  Thinking outside the box is great, as long as we acknowledge the existence of the box, and see why it exists in the first place.  Who are our heroes and what would they do?  Going in a bold new direction is possible, but not advisable right now.  Wait a few days. 

13th – Wednesday –  Venus Sextile Saturn, Sun Quincunx Neptune –  Love and responsibility can go hand in hand.  What does this mean in practical terms?  We can refine our taste in all the things we enjoy in life, food, clothing, shelter, etc.  However, we have an opportunity now to genuinely see what is viable for the long haul; what makes us happy; what makes others happy?

14th – Thursday –  Mercury Parallel Neptune –  Taking the dust off some secret vision of a perfect life allows us to reevaluate what we ultimately are looking for.  A better future begins by having a clear picture of what is truly meaningful.  Some forgotten goals still have value, if we analyze and energize them.

15th – Friday – Sun Trine Jupiter, Venus Semi-square Pluto – Harmony is here and we can use it appropriately with forethought and effort.  It is time to connect the dots and tie all the pieces together.  We need to make sure that we are functioning from the center of our own lives. 

16th – Saturday – Mars Quincunx Neptune, Mercury Sextile Venus –  Taking life easy, and taking time to exchange pleasant thoughts with those most close to us, brings residual benefits.  A little adventure can soothe the mind and make us more efficient.  We all have a gentle side of our nature, and this is the time to let it out. 

17th – Sunday –  Sun Square Pluto – We can’t be in two places at once, so we need to be specific as we choose our involvements. Luckily, world circumstances limit our options, so one way or another we are likely to end up in a productive and happy place. 

18th – Monday –  Jupiter turns Direct, Mercury turns Direct, Mars Trine Jupiter –  This  day is a clear demarcation point in human thinking.  For less sensitive folk, this will only be seen as profound in retrospect.  For us in the vanguard, a new heightened awareness of the possible will inspire us to take steps to improve lives for everyone.

19th – Tuesday –  Venus Quincunx Uranus – The power of love can flip us on our head.  Where does happiness lie; in security or freedom? For all the output of energy we can rightfully ask, what has all this activity been worth?  Even though a great clash is brewing again, there is a way out by looking up.  Even the most stodgy among us can see we need a change. 

20th – Wednesday –  The Full Moon comes at 10:56 AM EDT on the 27th degree of Libra/Aries – Fighting amongst ourselves profits no one.  But how to stop the discord? There is so much energy with nowhere for it to go.  Releasing the attachments that cause so much suffering is really the only answer.  Everything externally that can be done to foster a better world has already been tried. Inner peace starts with each one of us; we can pass it on if we have it.

21st – Thursday –  Turmoil is the dominant theme. Adjusting to all the distractions in the world is problematic. The best strategy is to keep remembering what we are really trying to accomplish, and to keep moving forward.  Circumstances are getting ready to change.  Although conflict surrounds even common place occurrences, something good will emerge from the chaos. 

22nd – Friday –  Mars Squares Pluto –  There is still time to bring a positive outcome to our current circumstances.  We don’t have to participate in the present storm, but we still must do something.  Our future is bright, but rising above the conflict in the world requires focusing on what is common for everyone.  A new day is dawning. 

23rd – Saturday –  The Sun enters into Scorpio – Things undone are in front of us again.  Gathering new information, and the ever- present material from our daily routines, have a purifying effect on our thinking.  There are projects that must be discarded and papers that need completion. Getting rid of what we don’t need is liberating.

24th – Sunday –  Mercury Quincunx Uranus –  When we have taken care of our responsibilities, we can see clearly that we have what we need.  We can relax and take a breather.  Getting sufficient rest now can keep us energized for the next week.  Not every innovation in the last period will take root.  Still, even missteps have something to teach us.

25th – Monday – It’s a chatty day.  Serendipitous interruptions invite us into a world unexplored.  Confidence in ourselves and our own process makes life relatively easy. Surprisingly, our routine chores are completed with little fuss or attention.  The allure of information tangential to our normal life path actually ends up helping us more than just lifting our spirits, which it does. 

26th – Tuesday –  Venus Square Neptune –  Dreams for a better future are necessary if we want to create a better world.  However, the picture of a better life has to be right-sized in order to come into existence.  The ability of art to purify our minds can open the door so we can see a more sustainable future. What others do affects us, but we must remember, what we do affects them as well. 

27th – Wednesday –  Mercury Parallel Neptune – There are genuine opportunities and then there are mirages.  Luck is with us if we put our attention in the right place.  We are at mental crossroads; we can hold back or take the next step forward.  Progress requires action. Others may need our permission to change their minds.  Real change requirres giving others the space to choose. 

28th – Thursday – Venus Semi-square Saturn, Venus Sextile Jupiter, Sun Sesquiquadrate Neptune –  Building consensus is not necessary in all things, but it helps break through walls of isolation.  Patterns are changing in key relationships. This reflects the basic openness of the current world mood.  Truth emerges naturally when we all speak it.  Nothing enduring is built on falsehood.

29th – Friday –  We accomplish some things on our own.  Letting others into our inner world can be exhilarating, and may even present new options we hadn’t seen.  When we have a receptive audience, it is just fine to “strut your stuff”.  There is a world of difference between wearing every item of clothes we own, and wearing nothing at all.  But both are inappropriate.  Balance is necessary to find common ground for the truly important things. 

30th – Saturday –  Sun Square Saturn, Mars enters Scorpio, Venus Semi-sextile Pluto, Mercury Quincunx Neptune –  Our heart sees a path to harmony, but the mind is apt to intercede with questions.  In the name of love, we often do the unthinkable.  Sometimes this is a good thing. All the little pieces of the puzzle eventually fall into place, and we will be glad that we acted spontaneously. 

31st – Sunday –  If we remember what we are really doing, we can close the gap between theory and practice.  Others left behind are catching up.  Procrastination can put us in the camp of the ones left behind.  Inaction is better than doing something stupid that causes difficulties that have to be undone later.  Still, with positive feelings for everyone, we can safely thread the needle.

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My Personal Note

We go through all four seasons in a single day here in southern Florida in the transition times: it is spring in the morning, summer midday, fall in the evening and winter at night.  There can be 20 degrees or more fluctuation between Noon and Midnight in October and in April.  We had the mildest summer I can remember in 2021.  I’ve been living in Naples since August of 1981.  We are not out of the woods yet as hurricane season lasts until November, but we have been blessed so far this year. 

If you missed my monthly Question and Answer session on Zoom in September, and would like to see it – Astrology and Climate Change – here is the link:

The next Q&A will be October 10th at 1 PM EDT.  There are two questions already submitted:  “When will we see the end of challenges to our democracy?” “When will we be on the other side of the pandemic?”  I liked these questions because there is an implicit optimism in them: that democracy will survive and that the pandemic will have an end.  We will have a lot to discuss. If you have other questions please submit them in advance. Email me for the Zoom link. 

Ongoing changes to our website continue.  If you have suggestions let me know.  Katie has worked with our tech guy (Olivier) to have the articles speech-activated; as it turns out, the software is available to make it possible for you to access anything printed on line through  This makes more sense than us continuing it at this end. 

We were starting to use Mailchimp as our new delivery service for our newsletter.  Something happened.  I got an email from the founder of Net Atlantic asking us to reconsider.  I was impressed that he read my newsletter and that it would matter to him.  He reminded me that we have been with them since 2006; he shares our goals: to raise consciousness on the planet.  The people working for Net Atlantic have been so gracious, knowledgeable, and helpful that we decided to stay. I’m glad.

 Katie is settling into her new schedule with The Astrology Company, and with school.  She is usually here on Monday and Friday. We are both busy to the max.  She is taking Spanish and Macroeconomics.  I see clients, write my newsletter, research the material for the Question and Answer call on Zoom.  This doesn’t leave much time for answering emails.  Also, I’m committed to completing my book by the end of the year.  There is lot of midnight oil being burned.

 India is reopening for tourists and I talked to the man with my passport in NYC.  He will get a visa for me as soon as it is available.

I celebrated my birthday over dinner with my sister, Mary Alice, two friends, and Katie.  I’m still not comfortable with more people in my space. 

On the 24th (my birthday), German television broadcast (Fridays for the Future rally) Greta Thunberg (one of my heroes) speaking in front of the German Parliament to a large gathering of climate activists.  Here is the link if you care to take a peek: Fridays for Future calls global climate strike | DW News – YouTube

A long time friend of mine, Daniel Stone, is presenting a seven-session live online program –  Journey in Consciousness –  It is an introduction to Meher Baba, and is being offered free of charge – here is the link –  

Daniel is an excellent presenter; I have attended other presentations that he has given.  I highly recommend making time for this.  It will be for 7 weeks on Sunday nights at 8 PM eastern time.


Bob Mulligan is available for personal appointments, astrology classes, and astrological material. Call him at 239-261-2840 or by e-mail at Visit our website,