The Astrology Company: November 2021 by Bob Mulligan

November 2021

By Bob Mulligan

(a personal note is at the end of the newsletter)


November Highlights

For all November, Mars (god of war, desire, and energy) is in his home sign, Scorpio. Many projects rise to completion; some will fall but not for lack of drive and intensity; we have both in abundance.  Venus (goddess of love and beauty) enters Capricorn on the 5th grounding our love of beauty and harmony into tangle expressions.  The brothers, Jupiter and Pluto, were Conjunct at the beginning of the Pandemic in January of 2020.  In 2021 these two were Semi-sextile in April and September.  Now they make their third and final one on the 27th.  This pattern reveals an opportunity to reach global consensus.  Our collective challenges are mighty; Covid and climate change could easily devastate human life on the planet.  Jupiter (king of the gods)  Semi-sextile Pluto (lord of the underworld) doesn’t promise a miracle transition, only a few carefully crafted and measured steps toward world continuity.  Slowly we move forward to arrive at collective action to remove boundaries.  We need to work together.  The Lunar Eclipse on the 19th is so powerful it will be a game changer for the next two months.

Mercury (god of change) is hard at work, moving with incredible speed.  Mercury moves from 22 Libra at the beginning of November and ends at 9 Sagittarius. He marks significant changes in attitude when he moves into a new sign. Mercury enters Scorpio on the 5th, strengthening a point of view.  He lightens the atmosphere when he moves into Sagittarius on the 24th.

The New Moon

The New Moon is on the 4th at 5:14 PM EDT on 12 degrees and 40 minutes of Scorpio.  Uranus is Opposite this New Moon and Jupiter and Saturn Square it.  Uranus promises an abrupt change of circumstance; with five planets in fixed signs it may be fairly dramatic.  Fixed sign placements don’t move easily, but when they do, the changes are usually deep and lasting.  Mercury (ideas) is in Libra (sign of compromise) Sextile Venus and Trine Jupiter.  Mars (desire) is Square Saturn (barriers).  Progress is made, but requires great effort.  Saturn in Aquarius is Trine the North Node of the Moon in Gemini. Careful application of proven methods applied in innovative ways brings accomplishment.  General agreement amongst all interested parties promises progress. We are learning how to work together for a common cause despite our differences.

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

The Full Moon on the 19th is at 3:57 AM EST on the 27th degree of Scorpio/Taurus. While Pluto is Sextile the Sun and Trine the Moon, Jupiter Squares both.  Venus Trines Uranus and Sextiles Mars; Mars and Uranus Oppose each other.   Mercury (messenger of the gods) is close to the Sun and makes several significant aspects: Sextile Pluto, Square Jupiter and Trine Neptune.  We may struggle with our perception of others; communications will be idealistic, but fraught with overly-optimistic expectations.  The big problem is that we tend to believe that we understand the world, life, our circumstances when in fact; we are just scratching the surface.  The big problem for all of us is discrimination.  What to hang onto and what to discard?  Each of us is required to reach a positive outcome in our lives by: being more tolerant, listening to others, and having faith in traditional institutions and structures.  This is a time when we are required to rebuild.  There has been enough hatred and destruction. Saturn at the base of a T-Square with the Mars/Uranus Opposition challenges us to be patient and go it alone when necessary and beneficial.

The Sun enters Sagittarius 

The last month of fall promises to be a doozy. The Moon is Void of Course on the 29th degree of Gemini, promising that we will finish up what we have in motion, but raising our vibration will require time spent alone.  With the Moon in Gemini and Mercury (ruler of Gemini) in aspect to Pluto, Jupiter, and Neptune; we will be receiving information, advice, and fantasies from multiple sources.  We find what is reliable by following our heart to rise above the internal tension of Mars (self-will) Opposite Uranus (spontaneity). Venus in Capricorn (love of duty) is Trine Uranus and Sextile Mars.  Actually, if we do what we are supposed to do, we find this month to be quite enjoyable, even thrilling. 

The Weeks

 From the 1st to the 7th even though we approach this week with great enthusiasm, not everyone in our life has the same aptitude for comprehending the abundance that is all around.  At times, it can be like talking to the fish of the sea and explaining to them that water does actually exist.  When we are resolute without being overbearing, we can bring others along.  There is a rhythm of luck pulsating through all that happens if we just tap into it. 

From the 8th to the 14th the trick is to make decisions, then act.  Simple but effective rules of the road make this week very productive.  Signs along the way appear just when we need them.  Positive mental attitudes give us the eyes to see the usefulness of what is right in front of us.  Determination carries us so far, but we need to keep our eyes open for road blocks.  Some of the warning signs are worthy of our attention.  Some limitations save us.

From the 15th to the 21st dynamic tension is building up; we have some choices to make.  Are we willing to follow our path toward consciousness, or are we going to be caught up in the anger and excitement of the transient concerns of the world? Yes, there is violence and seemingly injustice in the world, and the ubiquitous social media has a way of shoving it right in our face, even when we try and turn away.  The good news is that we have the power and wisdom at our finger tips to take immediate and appropriate action.  

From the 22nd to the 30th freedom is our battle cry.  True freedom comes by expanding our horizons, establishing firm and unrelenting inner peace, and having right relationships.  This is a week to deepen all love relationships and have fun.

The Days 

1st – Monday – Mercury Trine Jupiter – We are caught between the urge to plunge forward or to play it safe.  Ambitious planning can have us seeing off into the wild blue yonder, while our feet are still stuck in the mud.  While answering the call of our responsibilities, we can still have fun and squeeze joy from the day. 

2nd – Tuesday – Mercury Square Pluto, Sun Parallel Jupiter – It requires real levity to look beyond the limitations inherent in our present circumstances.  Even though the world seems to be a serious place, there is no reason for any of us to be oppressed by the gravity.  When we work with the current situation and put it in a larger context, we suddenly strike gold in our own back yard. 

3rd – Wednesday –  Venus Sesquiquadrate Uranus, Sun Contra-parallel Uranus –  Talk about the “tail wagging the dog”.   Just when we thought our priorities had laid a clear path going forward, all of a sudden a new ingredient is introduced to the formula, and it isn’t back to the drawing board, it is off to the races. Changes made now are permanent or transitory, dependent on our level of consciousness.

4th – Thursday –  The New Moon is at 5:14 PM EDT on 12 degrees and 40 minutes of Scorpio, Sun Opposite Uranus –  Sitting still doesn’t seem to be an option.  We can embrace the future, after we let go of the past.  We are in an explosive time.  We all participate at some level.  Changes are inevitable, but we can surf on the current wave of the culture.  If we take the time to commit our intentions for the month in writing, they will contain tremendous potency.

5th – Friday –  Venus enters Capricorn, Mercury enters Scorpio –  We set the stage for a new pattern of relationships.  Difficulties that have plagued us for awhile are now seen in a new light.  We have the energy and opportunity, now do we have the courage to take the jump into a new pattern?  Love requires commitment; thoughts need continuous repetition to bear fruit.

6th – Saturday –  Mercury Sextile Venus –  Talk, others will listen.  And by the same token, listen to what others offer up. “Out of the mouths of babes come words of wisdom.”  Also, this is a seminal moment to record your thoughts.  As our values shift, we condense our demands on life and expand our awareness. 

7th – Sunday –  Mars Sesquiquadrate Neptune –  Our passions are stirred up and we either put energy into something we believe in, or drop into a period of escapist fantasy.  Facing life’s challenges head on is noble, but sometimes more energy is not what is required.  Love is always the answer to calm a disturbed mind. 

8th – Monday –  Even though we have many new ideas and much enthusiasm, we need to focus on our more routine tasks and let our recent experiences gestate.  Growth in consciousness is present and progressive for everyone in the world, and actually for all creation.  Regardless of the excitement for a new adventure, we still have to water the plants in the garden, and return Aunt Mable’s phone call. 

9th – Tuesday – Mercury Sesquiquadrate Neptune –  Sometimes we have an inner compulsion to act without any apparent reason.  Our common sense is grounding; this prevents us from getting into trouble.  Clarity of thought is not what is needed, only clarity of intention. 

10th – Wednesday –  Mercury Conjunct Mars, Mercury Square Saturn, Mars Square Saturn –  The message doesn’t get any clearer.   The universe is on our side helping us at every step of the way.  We are given the time to prioritize. The natural unfoldment of circumstances prevent us from self-inflicted harm. 

11th – Thursday –  With a little effort we can turn over a new leaf and put on a happy face.  Our good intentions and high-minded spirit assist others to achieve some long-awaited goal.  If our definition of freedom requires us to be a slave to our primitive impulses, happiness is short-lived.  Sticking our neck out for the benefit of another strengthens core principles.

12th – Friday –  Sun Trine Neptune, Mercury Parallel Mars –  Believing in the goodness of life, and faith in other people, contributes toward building a better world. We take risks on each other, but hopefully we encourage the higher side of everyone’s nature to emerge.  We are past the time for the armchair mystic; if we believe in something, we need to make sure we have lead in our pencil. 

13th – Saturday –  Mercury Opposite Uranus, Mercury Parallel Jupiter, Venus Semi-sextile Saturn –  Flashes of inspiration can open doors.  It’s ok that we see things that others around us are not aware of.  We need to have faith in our own perceptions without becoming a closed system.  When we embrace our responsibilities with love, a more inclusive future comes closer to reality. 

14th – Sunday –  Mercury Contra-parallel Uranus, Venus Semi-square Jupiter –  Too much of a good thing is bad.  This is a moment where we are apt to do something harmless on the surface, just to escape what looks like tedium.  However, once the genie is out of the bottle, we can’t put it back.  We are best to take in innovative ideas but wait to act.  The way will be clear shortly.

15th – Monday –  Mars Parallel Jupiter, Sun Square Jupiter –  Our wish list gets longer, and we are energized to go after what we really want. Our only difficulty is some struggle to see what has to happen initially.  For better or worse, we jump in head first to every activity. 

16th – Tuesday –  Sun Sextile Pluto – Consistency pays off.  Progress comes through effort.  We are on the move; and one carefully crafted procedure brings something to completion and opens a new door. 

17th – Wednesday –  Mars Contra-parallel Uranus, Mars Opposite Uranus –   Immediate circumstances encourage us to act.  Our common sense tells us we don’t have enough data to make an intelligent decision.  Getting our timing right can be a stumbling block.  Overcoming fear and urgency lets us move forward in a calm state of mind. 

18th – Thursday –  Mercury Trine Neptune –  We can’t move forward unless we lighten up.  Our higher images of an improved life lights our path and we see which way to go.  We are offered something that deviates from the material world and its rewards; life prepares the way for us to take on a new attitude, a new approach, a new persona. 

19th – Friday –  Venus Trine Uranus, the Full Moon Eclipse is at 3:57 AM EST on the 27th degree of Scorpio/Taurus –  Both heart and mind are given an opportunity to rise to a new level of consciousness, so we can see the world from a higher perspective.  We do not have to learn to swim to stick our toe in the water.  Even when we are trapped by our material world situation, and find ourselves victimized by our desires, we can still look up and recognize there is more to life than external circumstances. 

20th – Saturday –  Mercury Square Jupiter –  Too many opportunities can leave us nervous and confused.  Following the dictates of our conscience can cut against the grain of our perceptions.  Habits from earlier in life can comfort us and help make judgments that in the long run, bring us to a harvest. 

21st – Sunday –   Mercury Sextile Pluto, Mercury Parallel Saturn –  Regardless of our station, assignment, or worldly activities; careful attention and close focus on what is most important is necessary to remain cheerful and effective.  The tasks needing our efforts are clear, right in front of us, and long-standing.  On the other side of work is family. 

22nd – Monday –  Our project is the same, but now we have a new toolbox.  It is easy to get lost in an emotional crosscurrent.  If we are grounded in our real feelings, and are willing to let go of transitory ideas, steady and regular progress guides us toward our destination.  With losses mounting physically and emotionally, it requires persistence and a belief in life to keep going. 

23rd – Tuesday –  When we can’t contribute to the upliftment of the culture, at least we can take in an art exhibit or a dramatic performance.  Art helps us remember our finer qualities.  Music helps us “tune in” to the love that surrounds us.

24th – Wednesday –  Mercury enters Sagittarius –  High octane  fuels conversation; we are more animated than usual.  If we were waiting for a moment to ask for a raise, pop the question, share a new design program; the moment has arrived.  Take others on an adventure; also we can ride along with others on their excursion into the unknown. 

25th – Thursday –  Sun Parallel Mercury, Mercury Semi-square Venus –  All the enthusiasm and pressure in creation will not change some people’s way of thinking.  Hard evidence doesn’t penetrate.  Conversation can move with the precision of bumper cars.  Life is smoother if we don’t take confrontations too seriously.


26th – Friday –  “Two men say they’re Jesus, one of them must be wrong”.  We do ourselves a favor by being well-informed, and this means understanding things that cut against the grain of our values and intuition.  Mundane tasks can be programmed to be self-regulating. 

27th – Saturday –   Jupiter Semi-sextile Pluto –  The bridge between one reality and another is found through exploring common ground.  Even though it seems out of reach, compromise is possible and even healthy.  We learn from each other as we are on familiar terrain.

28th – Sunday –  When we are narrowly focused on basic issues, we stay meaningfully occupied while we clear out our mind. As long as we don’t get lost in trivia, a day spent organizing is beneficial.  We can heal some aspects of long-standing relationships; it is better to wait for others to approach us than to initiate contact.  When the time is ripe we must respond. 

29th – Monday –  Sun Conjunct Mercury, Mars Trine Neptune –  As long as we have thought through our options, we are on fairly solid ground.  The big danger here is that we jump, and then see where we are going.  It’s better to choose our target with aim and forethought before pulling the trigger.

30th – Tuesday –  Mercury Sextile Saturn, Mercury Parallel Pluto, Venus Sextile Neptune, Sun Sextile Saturn –  We are happiest if we tie up loose ends and bring our major tasks to conclusion.  We can relax and enjoy life on the other side of fulfilling our obligations.  Artistic expression takes tangible form and we thrive in a natural environment. 

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My Personal Note

For the last 7 years I have focused almost exclusively on my inner life.  In the final analysis we will build a better world only if we have more people of higher consciousness.  It is for this reason that I have put my attention on raising my own consciousness, and doing what I can to help others: in my personal life, through my work with clients, and through my newsletter.  I’m making critical decisions this year. My hands will be freer next year.  My reading matter is mostly spiritual and astrology books.  I do keep up with some of my personal and professional interests through magazines. I get a smattering of local, national, and international news from a wide variety of sources.  Most recently I have started live streaming German television in English. This is DW on YouTube. When Angela Merkel stepped aside as her country’s leader, I went on a search for more information.  Yes I listen to BBC, but it is always healthy to get perspective on our world from reporters outside our immediate arena.  It is for my clients and my newsletter that I stay up on conditions in the world.

Katie helped me finalize “The Five Wishes” document which details out the end of life circumstances.  We are discussing where my worldly goods will go.  There are still a few undetermined factors.  My astrology library is very large and probably more than anyone in my current network could handle or want.  Also, even though I have given away thousands of rare books of an esoteric nature, the biographies of famous people, etc., here is still a small library of rare books that I kept.  Cleaning the deck of material things is an external manifestation of just finishing karmic responsibilities regarding other people.

A group of my friends will join me, Katie and Teddy at Sugden Park on Thanksgiving for a potluck. Being outdoors eliminates the need to check if people are vaccinated.  Everyone is welcome without reservation.  Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday going back to early childhood. 

I’ve been reading a book by John Dear called, “They Will Inherit the Earth”.  He reminded me that the night before he died, MLK said  “The choice is no longer violence or non-violence.  It’s nonviolence – or nonexistence.”

If you use the internet browser “Edge” which comes with Microsoft Windows 10, you can right click on your mouse, a menu comes up, select read aloud and a voice starts turning any text into voice.  This eliminates any difficulties of having my articles on my website read to you.

If you have Amazon Prime you can watch this video for free, it is well done and narrated by Richard Gere: Watch The Buddha | Prime Video ( 

There are many things we can each do to help Mother Nature.  Much of the time we support things with our money that we do out of ignorance. Here are two short articles that illustrate this point and give company and brand names:


You may be an using old-growth tree in bathroom – The Columbian

 On another front, here is a video that paints the big picture: Can YOU Fix Climate Change? – YouTube 

“Conflict exists strictly as an opportunity to raise our consciousness.” C.G. Jung 


Bob Mulligan is available for personal appointments, astrology classes, and astrological material.  Call him at 239-261-2840 or by e-mail at  Visit our website,