The Astrology Company: January 2022 by Bob Mulligan

January 2022

By Bob Mulligan

(a personal note is at the end of the newsletter)


The year of 2022 

We experience the year of 2022 like a day where we struggled to get our work done; then when finished, we realize that we are only about halfway done, and out of time.  Welcome to 2022. 

Jupiter in Pisces is relaxed and passive; whereas Aries Jupiter is active, impatient, and impulsive. Jupiter will be in both signs in 2022.  Jupiter is in Pisces at the beginning of the year, and provides some calm assurance, even optimism.  Jupiter Conjuncts Neptune in Pisces at 23 degrees on April 12th; inflation yes, but inflated expectations for sure. He moves into Aries on May 10th and we will see an uptick in activity and pioneering in all areas of life.  On May 29th, Mars Conjuncts Jupiter, propelling everything that is already in motion into overdrive.  When he goes back into Pisces on October 26th, we will be in a more relaxed phase of activity, but he ends the year in Aries, entering on December 20th.   Jupiter’s movements reflect vacillating cycles of passivity and aggression.

The North Node of the Moon transitions into Taurus on January 18th and will be there all year. Taurus is earth and material activity will take precedent over last year’s mental gyrations when the North Node was in Gemini. 

From August 20th 2022– March 25th 2023 Mars will be in Gemini.  Mars is Retrograde from October 30th 2022 until January 12th 2023.  Travel and exchange of information will be favored and emphasized with Mars in Gemini. The Retrograde cycle is a time to embrace what we have already set in motion. 

We have two Eclipse seasons in 2022.  The first one has a Solar Eclipse on April 30th and then a Lunar Eclipse May 15th.  The second pair starts with a Solar Eclipse October 25th and then a Lunar Eclipse November 8th. 


January Highlights 

Mercury turns Retrograde on the 14th then turning Direct February 3rdWe will back up and undo some things that seemed promising, but will now have to wait.  The True North Node of the Moon moves into Taurus on the 18thThis shows our attention shifting to rest, acquisition, and peacefulness.  The Node will be in Taurus all year.  Mars enters Capricorn on the 24th and ushers in a time of our energy being more focused.  Venus turns Direct on the 29th and will bring our time of emotional reflection to a close.


The New Moon 

The New Moon is on the 2nd at 1:34 PM EST on the 12th degree of Capricorn. The New Moon is Trine Uranus. Innovation will be favored.  Mars is Sextile Saturn and Square Neptune. We have decisions to make; staying on task and being guided by our obligations promises more than escaping into wishful thinking.  The Venus/Pluto Conjunction is Sextile Neptune.  All of our passion finds release when we concentrate on long dreamed of goals.


 The Full Moon 

The Full Moon is on the 17th at 6:48 PM EST on 27 degrees and 50 minutes of Capricorn/Cancer.  Pluto is Conjunct the Sun and Opposite the Moon. What stays and what goes now will set our course for the next couple of weeks. Retrograde Mercury is Conjunct Saturn and Square Uranus, triggering our struggle between the new world and the tangible benefits of what we are used to seeing in our lives. Being willing to go into new territories is very beneficial.  

The Sun enters Aquarius 

The Sun crosses into Aquarius on the 19th at 9:40 PM EST.  Both Venus and Mercury are still Retrograde. This whole solar month will have a ponderous flavor. The Moon is applying to a Trine to Mars, providing confidence and enthusiasm to accomplish what we have set in motion last month.  


The Weeks 

From the 1st to the 9th we look for options. There are clear indications that something in our lives must change, and we must do something different in order to avoid a repeat of last year’s limitations.  Separating the things we can change, from the circumstances that are just given, provides both hope and power.  The promise of a new day has arrived. 

From the 10th to the 16th we may be tempted to strike out in a whole new direction.  Steps we take now may have to be reappraised later in the year.  However, trouble in the future can be foreseen and guidance comes by overcoming fear and obstinacy. Reevaluation doesn’t mean we have made a mistake.  Practical clues as to our new direction emerge. 

From the 17th to the 23rd assistance comes by paying attention to our companions. Knowing who develops our positive qualities comes through honest sharing.  We don’t have to do everything by ourselves.  We have treasured associates that have a valuable contribution to make.  Our life progress hinges on our ability to give and receive help. 

From the 24th to the 31st there is plenty of time, money, and energy to accomplish our necessary tasks.  Directing our efforts in conservative and responsible ways carries us further than we would have guessed. Patience is required to see tangible results.  What we are looking for is on its way. 


The Days 

1st – Saturday – Sun Trine Uranus –  Inspiration abounds, but planning activities and assessing what needs to be done is more fruitful than direct action.  We are envisioning our goals for the year in front of us.  Meditation and still time may be more beneficial than partying.  

2nd – Sunday – Mercury enters  Aquarius, Sun Semi-sextile Saturn, Mars Parallel Pluto, the New Moon is at 1:34 PM EST on the 12th degree of Capricorn, Mercury Semi-sextile Jupiter –   It’s time to take a step forward, take some risks, and extend ourselves into new environments.  Even though we must do some things by ourselves, this is a great people time.  Low key social activities have a purpose. 

3rd – Monday –  Sun Parallel Mars –  Having a blind eye to outside influences can have a positive manifestation.  Energy released in a constructive way with single-mindedness ensures useful results.  When we concentrate on the greater good for everyone, we are not only effective, but happy. 

4th – Tuesday – Sun Parallel Pluto, Venus Parallel Saturn – It is easy to feel bored, stuck in a rut, like we have been doing the same thing for a long time.  However, something new is emerging from what can seem like drudgery.  Hard work pays off if we have our vision clear and keep our spirits light. 

5th – Wednesday –  Venus Sextile Neptune –  Love and creativity work hand in glove.  Directing our feelings toward things of lasting value opens our hearts to the inevitable.  Suffering is a byproduct of attachment to the transitory.  We are happiest when we channel our effort inside the limitations that are so very clear to us now.  It is time to color, but inside the lines.

6th – Thursday –  Mercury Semi-square Neptune, Sun Semi-square Jupiter –  Each of us is designed for a special mission in life.  It may not seem grand or grandiose, but it is ours nonetheless.  We are in the middle of a wakeup call.  If we respond to our higher aspirations and truthful insights, we can free ourselves from a self-created prison. 

7th – Friday –  Dreaming is the first step of planning a better future and setting goals.  Each of us has some capacity for creating harmony.  Artistry can present itself through the most mundane tasks.  Enjoying the day can help us participate in the creation of more beauty. 

8th – Saturday –  Venus Semi-sextile Mars, Sun Conjunct Venus –  Being professional and appropriate doesn’t have to mean being stuffy.  The day is more fun if we live a little and lighten up.  Putting our best foot forward can assist others.  We make progress on major projects, not just by being charming, but by letting others come out of their shells. 

9th – Sunday –  Sun Semi-sextile Mars –  The spirit of adventure is coaxing our sense of duty into action.  We can vary our daily routines without going completely nuts.  Overcoming fear and being willing to experiment provide entertainment without incrimination.  This is one of those moments where we shouldn’t  let the self-judgment that we are wasting time prevent us from enjoying the day. 

10th – Monday –  Venus Semi-square Jupiter –  Expanding our vision to where it will absolutely do us some good will feel a little unnatural, maybe even unsafe.  This may be confusing as every choice seems like some kind of compromise.  We will be stepping outside of our comfort zone, but the rewards are great.  We are making an investment in our own future.

11th – Tuesday –  Sun Sextile Neptune, Mercury Parallel Saturn, Mars Square Neptune –  Mental agility and determination are in counterpoint.  Our driving passions actually open some new doors.  Right adjustment to other people (and to their points of view) enriches our lives.

12th – Wednesday –  An inner prompting can alert us to the fact that we don’t have all the information that we need. Some important ideas can be overlooked when we are in a hurry.  At the same time, the inertia of old habits can trap us into repetitive behavior. Sitting still is better than acting rash.

13th – Thursday – Finding our spot and given position in other people’s lives means expanding our search.  But this is not to cast a wide net, oh no, as a matter of fact, news, conversations, letters, emails spell out exactly what we need. When we pay attention to the obvious we grow, find our spot, and have some modicum of inner peace. 

14th – Friday – Mercury turns Retrograde – How much of our mental life is taken up with concerns involving others?  It is not a one person world, and yet we do have to take responsibility for our own thoughts and actions.  Acts of kindness can change the dynamics between us.  Even problematic relationships can improve when our motive is to seek genuine accommodation.

15th – Saturday –  We get comfortable in our new shoes, new circumstances, and the warmth of our more intimate associates.  A lot of mindless chatter can just be familiar background noise and more comforting than disruptive.  Sharing good feelings helps everyone. 

16th – Sunday –  Sun Conjunct Pluto, Mercury Semi-square Mars –  We have choices; do we bury ourselves in the long-standing project, or do we spend time with family and friends?  We can’t have our attention fully on more than one thing at a time.  First things first means taking care of the more important category of life, then see what is left over. 

17th – Monday – Venus Semi-sextile Saturn, the Full Moon at 6:48 PM EST is on 27 degrees and 50 minutes of Capricorn/Cancer –  Letting go of the past means forgetting and forgiving. Old habits die hard and a deep inner struggle may emerge now.  Long forgotten people from our past may return and we may be prompted to invoke the glow of old relationships.  Reformulating our life now requires honesty and commitment. 

18th – Tuesday –  Uranus turns Direct, Mars Sesquiquadrate Uranus –  Taking care of our own affairs can give us a chance to see things in a new light.  We make abrupt steps forward.  Our haste has unintended consequences.  When we reach for the gold ring on the merry-go-round, others benefit from our actions. 

19th – Wednesday –  Mars Semi-sextile Pluto, the Sun Crosses into Aquarius at 9:40 PM EST –  Newfound strength propels us.  We need faith to see that much can be accomplished, but not everything needs to be done now.  It is difficult to prioritize because circumstances, when correctly seen, defy logic.  Intuition is our surest guide. 

20th – Thursday –  If we have something ready, now is the time to show it to others.  If what we want to give is not ready for prime time, best to take a seat in the audience and see what others are putting forward.  Self-correction is in season; not so much for letting others know what they need to improve.

21st – Friday –  Mercury Semi-square Neptune, Mercury Semi-sextile Jupiter-  The sky is the limit if we take time to appreciate what has gone before, and what we have done.  Just being able to enjoy the beauty of the natural world helps us find our place in it.  Recommitting to the volume of goodness in life helps us remember ideals of our past and what they mean now. 

22nd – Saturday –  Do our words and actions match?  Achieving inner harmony, and being at peace with ourselves, means being truly comfortable that we are walking our talk.  It is so easy to know the right words without putting them into practice. Good thoughts are circulating, we just have to grab hold and live them. 

23rd – Sunday –  Sun Conjunct Mercury, Mercury Parallel Venus, Mars Semi-square Saturn –  It is a moment of backing up.  Apologies go a long way to smoothing out difficulties from the past.  To be authentic, we need to make sure that our heart is attached to our words, and that we are committed to staying with a labor-intensive project until it is done. 

24th – Monday –  Mars enters Capricorn –  Our efforts matter.  Even when we don’t see results or are frustrated, when our intent is correct, there is a long-term good.  It is a virtue to please others, but not when it is at the cost of going against our own conscience. 

25th – Tuesday – Mercury Semi-sextile Mars, Mercury turns Retrograde – We may have premonitions of things to come.  Friends we may have forgotten step up to help us if we ask.  Even though we are in a time of reflection and correction, it is also a time of reaching out.  Something comes to us now that has the aura of a last opportunity, or a lost opportunity. We are happiest when we take the initiative and jump. 

26th – Wednesday –  When we accept limitations as a gift from the Divine, we are able to reorganize our material life and our ever active thought process.  It is ok to dump our distractions so we can get on with the important issues. 

27th – Thursday –  Mercury Parallel Saturn – The sky is wide open and so is our imagination.  It’s fine to look for alternatives, take a break, to daydream; but at some point, we need to clarify what we want for real, and stick to it.  Even if we feel that we are swimming in mud, we are moving forward if we stay present.  This is only for a short time. 

28th – Friday –  Mercury Conjunct Pluto – There was a difficulty that had troubled us before; we thought we dealt with it (or ignored it), but now is the time of reconciliation. A little research presents clarity.  We can move swiftly as long as we are thorough. 

29th – Saturday –  Venus turns Direct – We find comfort in the familiar. Love and duty can move hand in hand.  Placing faith in the obvious and predictable will reward us.  Placing everything behind the people and circumstances that are in our ultimate best interest, allows us to rest assured.  At the end of the day we have done our best. 

30th – Sunday –  Sun Parallel Mercury, Sun Square Uranus, Sun Semi-sextile Venus –  Unconventional ideas and practices make the day enjoyable, or at least interesting. We have a creative bent, and will want to express our artistic self somehow.  Music, poetry, film, painting all will take on an avant-garde appearance. It’s time to escape the known world and unfold the spirit of adventure.

31st – Monday –  It is a time for reflection and meditation. The new world is taking form and we all have a role to play.  There is hope and we are approaching real innovation. Patience, coupled with the fortitude to act, allows us to achieve the necessary.


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My Personal Note 

Katie, Teddy, and I went to Myrtle Beach for a spiritual retreat at the Meher Center.  We left on December 14th and got home on the 22nd.  Katie had reservations to stay on the Center from the 15th and stayed to the morning of the 21st.   Teddy and I stayed at a friend’s place across the street.  Deb Smith, a long time friend, had arranged this place for Teddy and me.  Spiritually this trip was very fulfilling.  Physically it was exhausting for all of us. 

All of my five children were together while in Myrtle Beach, and I did get some pictures.  We shared a meal, and visited for quite a while.  I took notes on what each one of my children want of my physical possessions.   

Several people have stepped up to help with the final preparations of my book.  My first wife, Susan Quinn, has been doing careful editing.   A job she volunteered for, and her professional skills and insight are most helpful.  The list of people who have helped me with this book is vast. I’m grateful for all of you who have encouraged me. 

The next Question and Answer session is on Zoom Sunday, January 9th 2022 at Noon to 1 PM EST.  I’ll give you some thoughts about 2022 and answer questions.  Submit them in advance if you have some. Here’s the link to the November Zoom talk: Astrology and Enlightenment: 

Meal times growing up were always a treat.  Our family ate together and it was a time for sharing.  Like many of you, I was born at the time of transition, with a Sextile between Saturn and Uranus.  We were meant as a bridge between the old world and the new.  My parents were liberal, meaning that everyone was included – Black, white, young, old, Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, gay, straight, everyone and everyone’s friends were welcome at the table. 

When growing up, everyone listened to the same radio station, WLS. There were only three television stations: ABC, NBC, CBS.  Everyone saw the same news, and watched the same programs. The 50’s and 60’s was a time of cohesion in traditional structures of government and family life.  Still, there was brewing winds of change that would eventually separate us into different camps, cultures and preferences.  This is all for the larger common good and will continue to raise consciousness on the planet.  We experience birth pains now. 

I’ve been in a long process of getting rid of what I don’t need.  Thousands of books, half done research projects that are destined to be incomplete at the end of my life, keepsakes from early in life, have slowly found their way out the door over the last 10 years.  Now is the final roundup. 

I have three cacti that bloom at Christmas each year. 

I became a vegan in 2021. 

Of my three computers, two are on the casualty list. Also my printer needs to be replaced. 

“Preach the gospel at all times, if necessary, use words.” Saint Francis 

“The Universe unfolds in God, who fills it completely.  Hence there is a mystical meaning to be found in a leaf, a mountain trail, in a dewdrop, in a poor person’s face.  The ideal is not only to pass from the exterior to the interior to discover the action of God in the soul, but also to discover God in all things.” – Pope Francis


Bob Mulligan is available for personal appointments, astrology classes, and astrological material.  Call him at 239-261-2840 or by e-mail at  Visit our website,