The Astrology Company: March 2022 by Bob Mulligan

March 2022

By Bob Mulligan

(a personal note is at the end of the newsletter)


March Highlights 

War begins with Putin ordering the invasion of Ukraine on February 24th at 5 AM in Moscow.  Obviously the aspects of March are colored by the planetary configurations as the war begins.  In effect, the world is at war and will be for some time.  Climate change, the pandemic, and now war; how many reminders do we need that we are all connected? 

With the Sun, Jupiter, and Neptune all in Pisces until the Equinox on the 20th; we will be dealing with illusion, delusion, and catastrophic losses that will only come to the surface later. Things are hidden.  With Venus (love), Mars (war), and Pluto (life and death) all Conjunct in Capricorn (sign of hierarchy), we will see the drumbeat of war as a dominant theme.  This is strongest from when the Sun entered Pisces on February 18th until Mars and Venus go into Aquarius on March 6thHowever, once the genie is out of the bottle, he won’t go back. 

The war is off to a rough start. The whole world will be affected by this struggle. Mars and Venus Conjunct Pluto on the 3rd giving a climax of warrior energy. We have a lot of emotion going out and great difficulties channeling it constructively.  When the Sun Conjuncts Jupiter on the 5th, the world searches for peace; it is a ways off. 

Both Mars and Venus enter Aquarius, then Conjunct on the 6th.   This begins a new phase of life; this Conjunction happens exactly where the Jupiter/Saturn Conjunction took place in December of 2020.  As I said at the time, we are going into a new era, but the growing pains can be immense. 

With Mercury entering Pisces on the 9th , information will get muddier as many people believe what they want to believe without looking beyond their own prism. 

With the Sun Conjunct Neptune on the 13th purity of heart can lift any one’s perspective. 

The Sun enters Aries on 20th. This is the Vernal Equinox and will be a dramatic turning point; each of us has a role to play in lifting the world spirit.  With Mars Square Uranus on 22nd we may see a sudden eruption of violence. 

Mercury Conjuncts, and then Parallels, Neptune on the 23rd and 24th.  Plans are hatched but no progress to bring about peace. Still this will be much more than just wishful thinking. 

Saturn Contra-parallel Uranus on the 25th. The strife between democracy and dictatorship intensifies. The struggle to filter out fossil fuel, and replace it with green technology, will suffer yet another setback; in May, when Jupiter enters Aries this flow of energy will reverse. 

The New Moon 

The New Moon on the 2nd is at 12:35 PM EST on the 12th degree of Pisces, Conjunct Jupiter and Sextile Uranus. The New Moon is a time of planting, and it usually takes a while for noticeable results to show up after this day; however, with no fire in the chart, and the Sun/Moon Conjunct Jupiter, results will materialize quickly.  The New Moon is Semi-square the triple Conjunction of Venus, Mars, and Pluto adding to the seriousness of the international drumbeating.  Neptune is Trine the South Node of the Moon, and the triple Conjunction of Venus/Mars/Pluto is Trine the North Node.  This would seem to indicate that the way out is through. We will not benefit by putting on the blinders and pretending that difficulties of the world are not happening.  Mercury is Conjunct Saturn in Aquarius encouraging us to face hard truths, but to develop true detachment.

The Full Moon 

The Full Moon is on the 18th at 3:19 AM EDT on 27 degrees and 40 minutes of Pisces/Virgo; the Sun is Conjunct Neptune which is Trine the South Node of the Moon. The Moon in Virgo is Trine Pluto in Capricorn and the North Node of the Moon in Taurus. This is a Grand Trine in earth (substance); we need to plant our ideals in good soil and be willing to fight for their survival.  Releasing the past is curative at a personal level, but this will be difficult between nations. Venus is Conjunct Mars, both are Square Uranus. We are ready to try something new in our intimate relationships, and this may be a key to what we need to do internationally.  There is no appeasement with tyranny. Love is, and always will be, the answer. 

The Sun enters Aries 

The Vernal Equinox is on the 20th at 11:35 AM EDT, when the Sun moves into Aries. We reach a balance point of equal hours of daylight and darkness. At this moment, the Moon is very Void of Course at 29 Libra 55.  This indicates lots of hidden negotiations and lack of cohesion.  With Neptune Trine the South Node and Pluto Trine the North, world destiny is in the balance. However, Venus and Mars are Conjunct and Square Uranus, which points a new direction in everyone’s personal life; this new direction eventually spills over into the collective. Venus and Uranus are in each other’s sign (Mutual Reception); this strengthens their influence promising rapid transformation. 

The Weeks 

From the 1st to the 6th with the world in crisis, it is difficult for us to go on with our everyday lives.  Still, our attention needs to be on things we control.  There is much to be concerned about, but we will get through this time together. Yet again, we are able to put our own needs in the back seat and see what we can do for humanity as a whole.

From the 7th to the 13th there are changes we would like to make, but new and conflicting information floods our senses. Taking the long-view of our choices attunes us to our higher needs. Where did the coffee we drink come from?  How much are the coffee workers paid?  Ignorance of the consequences of our actions is no excuse, and the affects are still there.  We can be better.

From the 14th to the 20th we deal with the results of actions we took last month.  So many things left undone can be completed now.  Duty and pleasure are in tandem. True benefit comes by focusing on the most urgent area of life, and not letting up until the job is done.  Sitting loose in the saddle, with eyes on the road, we make progress.

From the 21st to the 27th we start the week with right ideas, but can easily get distracted.  Luck is with us if we persevere. Just because we have a good idea and proper motivation, doesn’t mean everyone else has to come along.  The vanguard is always ahead of where the world is going.

From the 28th to the 31st putting the brakes on and taking inventory is prudent.  We need to be aware of our own impulses, and use our analytic skills to decipher fact from fear-generated imagination.  Caution doesn’t mean stopping.

 The Days 

1st – Tuesday – Mercury Parallel Venus, Sun Semi-square Venus –  People talk in muted tones and even when we put on a brave face, anxiety is in the air and will not be completely disguised. We do our part by being kind, and when we feel fear, to not pass it along.  We have to treat each other with love and respect if we want to see a better world. 

2nd – Wednesday – Sun Sextile Uranus, Sun Parallel Jupiter, Mercury Conjunct Saturn, the New Moon is at 12:35 PM EST on the 12th degree of Pisces – We are off to a quick start. New ideas, new opportunities, and an optimistic attitude can make this an adventuresome day.  The New Moon day is always a great time to set intentions for the month, to say prayers, and meditate.  It is a helpful act to rise above the worldly circumstances. 

3rd – Thursday –  Mars Conjunct Pluto, Sun Semi-square Pluto, Sun Semi-square Mars, Venus Conjunct Pluto –  No matter how much we love someone or something, our energy has to be channeled correctly to be of any enduring value.  Even when our attitude is correct, and our aim is true, there is still the matter of knowing how much is enough.  Disciplined thinking and practice brings positive results.

4th – Friday –   Mercury Parallel Saturn, Mercury Semi-sextile Neptune –  Constructive reasoning is necessary, but only carries us so far.  There is another rung on the ladder waiting to be recognized, then embraced.  Courage to take a leap of faith helps, but it doesn’t secure a smooth drive forward.  Obstacles will still distract us; we need to keep our mind on the goal.

5th – Saturday – Sun Conjunct Jupiter –  Making peace with others begins by being at peace with ourselves.  We can’t share what we don’t have.  We are in a hurry; this is alright; we just need to see where we are going before putting our feet on the path.

6th – Sunday – Mars enters Aquarius, Venus enters Aquarius, Venus Conjunct Mars, Venus Semi-square Jupiter, Mars Semi-square Jupiter, Mercury Contra-parallel Uranus –  By the time that our wishes come true, our attitude has changed.  We get what we want only to find that the chase was more important than the possession at journey’s end.  We learn and grow. 

7th – Monday –  We are caught between clinging to the rapidly disappearing security, and our need for a change.  Yesterday is gone. If we face facts objectively, we can see how tensions in life, at times, have us acting against our own best interests.  The welfare of all must come first or the ship of culture will sink.

8th – Tuesday –  Mercury Semi-sextile Pluto –  Actions we take in our personal lives contribute to the collective good.  We get another chance to correct misunderstandings, and improve the tenor of life by focusing on our primary relationships.  We need to be patient. 

9th – Wednesday – Mercury enters Pisces –  When our motivation is pure, big ideas can lead to innovative actions.  It is easy to lose hope and fall back into self-absorbed fantasy.  However, when we find the emotional glue that binds us with friends, family, and all of life; important sharing can create a wider canvas to paint our picture of a happier world. 

10th – Thursday –  Sun Semi-sextile Saturn, Sun Parallel Neptune –  With a little poking around, we uncover tools that allow us to manifest something truly worthwhile and beautiful.  The journey in front is long, but we can find joy in the steps we take right now. 

11th – Friday –  A longing for the familiar, and the way we remember life in our past, comes into confrontation with what we must do now in order to be included in important movements within society.  Intuition may overpower reason.  High mental faculties do not have to be disconnected from logic, but sometimes this is how things appear.

12th – Saturday –  A lucky combination of circumstances can give us a day off.  We might go surfing, or just relax and reflect.  Happy or sad, make the most of this special moment which stands as an oasis in the desert.  Friends based on long-standing emotional bonds take an important step forward. 

13th – Sunday – Mercury Semi-sextile Mars, Sun Conjunct Neptune –  Other people’s imagination and personal biases have them seeing what they want to see. The only thing that sets us aside from our deluded brethren is a desire to genuinely help others achieve a calmness of mind.  To get angry or disheartened is to go over to the dark side and become part of the collective problem.

14th – Monday – Venus Semi-square Neptune, Mercury Semi-sextile Venus –  What we want is out of step with the cultural preferences of the moment.  To be part of the vanguard is to take one move forward in the right direction.  There is no way to create harmony in the current cultural paradigm; however, we can help elevate human consciousness by asserting a higher truth without holding back. 

15th – Tuesday –  Momentary slowdowns, obstacles in our path, disappointment in other people, are all an opportunity to re-evaluate what we are doing.  Instead of being stumped or frustrated, we can downsize, and become more self-reliant.  A short pause in our efforts gives a chance to catch our breath and move forward, energized. 

16th – Wednesday – Venus Parallel Saturn, Mars Semi-square Neptune –  Narrowing our scope of activity brings pleasure and productivity.  A picture of what we are doing can alter dramatically if we just let it.  Dissipation comes when our attention wanders from thing to thing. One-pointedness conserves energy. 

17th – Thursday –  Mercury Sextile Uranus, Sun Semi-square Uranus, Mercury Semi-square Pluto –  Out of the blue, inspiration comes.  We can take a giant step forward in our life plan if we cultivate the habit of working on our selves before sharing with others.  It is easy to see the difficulties in the world, other people, or our own past behavior.  All of this is meaningless unless we take a fearless inventory of our current mental health.  What we see “out there” mirrors our own journey. 

18th – Friday –  The Full Moon is on 18th at 3:19 AM EDT on 27 degrees and 40 minutes of Pisces/Virgo, Sun Sextile Pluto, Venus Contra-parallel Uranus –   It is so easy to get lost in detail, but  this is a distraction.  We must eliminate what is not useful.  This includes letting go of choices in direction we made recently that didn’t work out as planned.  Sometimes we make mistakes.  If we admit them and move on we don’t have to repeat them. 

19th – Saturday –  Venus Square Uranus –  It’s complicated.  Our attraction to love and beauty should be freeing. When our entanglements get locked up in other people’s lives, we can be on a long detour, or on a fruitful adventure of service. Choices now are not fool-proof, but if we can promise ourselves to connect with the current situation without any regrets, we have indeed done our best. 

20th – Sunday – Sun into Aries – The Vernal Equinox is at 11:35 AM EDT –  The balancing of the forces of light and darkness, the conscious and the unconscious, are mirrored at the equinox by equal hours of day and night. Selecting the right people to focus on has never been more immediate.  Yes, we need to be right with ourselves, but today is all about being with like-minded people so we strengthen the good in us all. 

21st – Monday –  Mercury Conjunct Jupiter – An apropos expression is, “don’t write a check with your mind that your body can’t cash.”  If we have harbored right ideals, we can start taking tangible steps. The lessons are so clear: we all get better or we all die.  Translating this into practical terms in our daily lives will only have significance when we do our part, stay calm, and accept incremental progress. 

22nd – Tuesday – Mercury Semi-sextile Saturn, Mars Square Uranus, Mercury Parallel Jupiter – Spontaneous, brash, and uncultured intrusions can be stimulating (and even useful) if we are detached, and keep a higher vision of who we are, and what we are doing.  Self-imposed mental guard rails keep us safe.

23rd – Wednesday –  Mercury Conjunct Neptune –  If you think you can then you can, if you think you can’t then you can’t.  Holding the image of what you are trying to do before your mind’s eye, will bring amazing and immediate results.  These next few days are ripe; if you put forth the effort, harvest follows shortly.

24th – Thursday –  Mercury Parallel Neptune, Saturn Contra-parallel Uranus –  Tension builds, but this can be put to good use if we stay present. Pacing ourselves, and getting the right rhythm going, can make complicated procedures feel like fun.  We have to keep our eye on the goal, find the middle way, and keep moving.  The day is an adventure because we get to use skills that ordinarily stay hidden.

25th – Friday – Mercury Semi-square Uranus –  Regardless of our angle of view, we need to be confident in our vision of true and lasting values, but humble in our assessment of our facts.  Much is going on and information comes from many directions.  Do we want to know the truth, or merely reinforce our preconceived prejudices?  It is easy to vilify people who see it differently, but we will build a better world by having respect for each other and listening. 

26th – Saturday – Mercury Sextile Pluto, Sun Contra-parallel Mercury –  Consistent effort and hard drive gives birth to a new perspective.  Our efforts can upend our presumptions.  The world is changing.  Not every innovation will be our cup of tea; it is important to be truthful with ourselves.  We need to separate fads worthy of exploration from circumstances requiring a wait and see attitude.  This stops us from making a regrettable mistake. 

27th – Sunday – Sun Semi-square Saturn, Venus Semi-sextile Jupiter, Mercury enters Aries, Mercury Semi-square Mars – Fear can imprison us, and a hastily made decision can put us in a bind.  We need to be self-sufficient in many things in our lives, but we don’t want to prohibit others from participating in our projects.  Being too quick on the trigger (even when not angry) can turn others off, and make dialogue impossible.

28th – Monday –  Venus Conjunct Saturn –  Fear of rejection or fear of loss can keep us bottled up in a secure but empty world.  Dedication to a worthwhile cause, and focusing on a larger picture of a better world for all, can be a source of joy.  If we find a practical application for our desire to serve others, we are worthy of the joy that comes to us. 

29th – Tuesday –  Sun Contra-parallel Neptune –  Self-doubt can come to us as we rehash recent decisions.  Meditation and expression of the love inside of us is always a good thing, but there is a special meaning to our introspection now.  When we have seen a higher way to live, we need to hang onto that vision of truth, regardless of what those around us might think. 

30th – Wednesday – Venus Semi-sextile Neptune – If it isn’t broken, don’t try to fix it.  Recognition of the beauty and symmetry of nature will not make us a great artist, but can help us appreciate what has gone on before, and has always been there to sustain us.  Let the world liberate you.

31st – Thursday – Sun Contra-parallel Jupiter – We don’t really need more of anything.  We don’t need less.  What we can benefit from is acceptance of the world and of our own circumstances.  Stand still and look around; we have much for which to be grateful. 

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My Personal Note 

Katie and I celebrated Meher Baba’s birthday on February 25th with a luncheon with our friend Heidi and Curt who live in Cape Coral, about an hour north of us. 

Like all of you, I was sad to see Russia invade Ukraine. 

My dear friends Tobey, Patricia, and Wendy came to have dinner with me.  My sister, Mary Alice, drove down from Sarasota and took a hefty supply of DVD’s back with her.  I have so many CD’s, DVD’s, even VHS, cassette tapes and Vinyl LP’s.  I’m looking for good homes for all of them as I’m purging in preparation for a big change. 

The price of gasoline and all fossil fuels are going up.  The financial astrologer, Grace Morris, predicted this last year saying that money could be made in this sector of the market when Jupiter went into Pisces.  She is right of course.  Will this expire when Jupiter goes into Aries in May?  I think so, and here is what I think it means: a resurgence of sustainable energy. 

I’m sponsoring a study group on “They Will Inherent the Earth.”  My interest in this book prompted me to think on the breakdown between what we say we believe and what we actually do.  I thought that some of us likeminded people could discuss one chapter a week.  We will meet in person and simultaneously on Zoom for those who aren’t local.  It’s happening on Tuesday nights starting April 5th at 7:30 PM, for one hour.  This discussion group is free.  Call me if you would like to join in.

The February Zoom Q&A talk centered on the truckers’ strike in Canada and the Russian invasion of Ukraine.  Here is the link:  The next Question and Answer session on Zoom will be on March 20th at 1 PM.  Submit questions early and we will take them up in the order that they come in. Write for the link.

Why don’t we have a day in grade school where all the children are taken to the local recycling plant so they learn what happens to the things they have been told to put in the recycling bin?  Why do high school children have to take a class in Algebra, but are not taught how to balance a checkbook or amortize a mortgage?  There is a disconnection between theory and practice.  We need to learn basic facts for living in the 21st century. We can all become better informed human beings and citizens of our various countries.  We can build a more conscious world together.

Susan Quinn and Judy Luther have continued helping with the editing of my book.   The process is coming along slowly, but we are making real progress, and the book is better for their efforts.

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“Love is but a song we sing – fears the way we die

You can make the mountains ring or make the angels cry

Though the bird is on the wing and you may not know why


C’mon people now

Smile on your brother

Everybody get together

Try to love one another

Right now


Some may come and some may go and we shall surely pass

When the one that left us here returns for us at last

We are but a moment’s sunlight fading in the grass




If you hear the song I sing you will understand,

you hold the key to love and fear all in your trembling hand

Just one key unlocks them both it’s there at your command.”




Get Together – The Youngbloods – with lyrics – YouTube