The Astrology Company: May 2022 by Bob Mulligan

May 2022

By Bob Mulligan

(a personal note is at the end of the newsletter)

There was a mistake in the April newsletter: 

The eclipse on Saturday, April 30th is at 4:27 PM EDT (not 4:27 AM EDT). 

May Highlights

We start the month with high expectations as Venus Parallels Jupiter on the 1st, before she crosses into Aries on the 2nd. Excitement builds as Jupiter Sextiles Pluto on the 3rd bringing luck to the observant. A flash of inspiration comes as the Sun Conjuncts Uranus on the 5thWe finish the opening dominions of May with Venus Contra-parallel Jupiter on the 8th.

Our focus shifts as Mercury turns Retrograde on the 10th, turning Direct on June 3rdThese three weeks can be a time for reflection.

Jupiter enters Aries on the 10th ushering a period of expansive innovation.  Our direction will be challenged as Jupiter Semi-squares Uranus on the 14th. 

The Full Moon Eclipse is on the 15thThis is the Wesak Festival, which is a celebration of the Buddha’s influence on creation. 

Mars Conjuncts, then Parallels, Neptune on the 18th and 19thOur devotional impulses increase. 

Sun enters Gemini on the 20th increasing Mercury’s influence.  Within a few hours, Mercury Conjuncts the Sun.  Mental life stabilizes on the 22nd as Mercury Retrogrades back to Taurus.

May ends on fairly stable footing, as Mars enters Aries (his own sign) on the 24th, and Venus crosses into Taurus (her sign) on the 28th. 

Mars and Jupiter give competitive energy to all as they Conjunct on the 29th, Contra-Parallel and then Parallel, finishing on the 31st. 

The Full Moon 

The Full Moon is a Lunar Eclipse on May 16th at 12:13 AM EDT, at 25 degrees of Taurus/Scorpio. This is the Wesak Festival which occurs every year on this Full Moon.  The Buddha was born, obtained his enlightenment, and dropped his physical form at the time of this Full Moon.  Spiritually minded people celebrate this annual festival; it is said the Buddha returns to earth and gives a spiritual push.  Any Full Moon is a great time to meditate, Eclipses are hundreds of times more potent than ordinary Full and New Moons; this special festival is a great time to meditate, and an opportunity to boost your spiritual commitment.

With the Sun Conjunct the North Node and Uranus, we have an opportunity to try something new, to experiment. Saturn (Lord of discipline) is at the base of a T-square of the Sun and Moon which Oppose each other.  This promises an explosion if we feverishly hang on to past possessions; but if we let go, luck is with us all the way. Neptune Trines the Moon and Pluto Trines the Sun.  We receive information via our higher mental functions, and great potency comes to us as we set about our everyday activities.  Jupiter (king of the gods) is Semi-square Uranus (infinite knowledge); they are both on the World Point and we will see a great relief come to us as the human race steps back from a cliff hanger. 

The Sun enters Gemini 

The Sun enters Gemini on May 20th at 9:24 PM EDT.  The Sun/Mercury Conjunction is Sextile Jupiter and Trine the Moon.  Basically, this is a pleasant Solar Month.  The planets are tightly bundled into less than a third of the zodiac.  In Washington, D.C. they all fall in the bottom of the chart.  This favors working on one specific area of expertise, and hammering away at it until completed.

The New Moon 

The New Moon on May 30th at 7:30 AM EDT is on the 9th degree of Gemini.   With Mercury (ruler of Gemini) rising before the Sun, the month ahead will be focused on our mental activity, communication skills, and being able to see two sides to every situation.  Because Mercury is still Retrograde, in Taurus, and Square Saturn; we need to be mindful of the way we allocate our time. Saturn in Aquarius also Squares the Nodal Axis.  This indicates that we must decode the meaning of discipline, definition, and timing.  In order to make progress this month, we need to start here. Mercury’s Trine to Pluto and Sextile to Neptune can’t be fully implemented until we make right choices and fulfill our obligations.  Some may have been forgotten but resurface to haunt us and must be dealt with.  If we made promises, they need to be kept. 

The Weeks 

From the 1st to the 8th we are riding the winds of forced change, but what is really important is that through the chaos, this is an incredibly lucky time. Projects initiated this week have an extra boost of energy and the fortune of good timing.  Relationships are exciting but unstable.  Stepping forward and initiating contact is important. If there is someone on your mind, now is a good time to call.

From the 9th to the 15th smart people learn from their action regardless of the outcome.  This is a time of reversals.  There are winners and losers.  One virtue of the moment is we have the ability to see more clearly how we create our own results. The Truth needs no defense, it stands on its own legs.

From the 16th to the 22nd so much seems out of our control.  Standing firm on our collective experience of provable facts allows us to move forward without having to hold on with faith alone.  If we are patient and diligent in our observation, we get our feet planted on solid ground. 

From the 23rd to the 31st the war between our aggressive, competitive impulses and desire for peace and security reach the fever pitch of no return.  Even though the assertive side of all conflicts seems to be the more dominant theme, the feminine and receptive side of our nature will have her say.  This dyad will find a way of accommodating each other and our personal lives can become more interesting.

 The Days 

1st – Sunday – Venus Sextile Pluto, Venus Parallel Jupiter –  It is not too late to take advantage of the opportunities of the moment.  We are the only obstacle getting in our way.  Flashes of insight are present, we just have to seize them and overcome our own inertia.

2nd – Monday – Venus Semi-square Uranus, Venus enters Aries, Mars Semi-square Pluto –  Trouble comes when we get ahead of ourselves.  Still, it is hard to stick to a timeline and follow carefully laid procedures when others seem to operate with a different set of rules.  This is harvest time and we need to be busy even when others don’t catch the wave.

3rd – Tuesday –  Jupiter Sextile Pluto, Sun Parallel Uranus, Sun Semi-square Jupiter – Planning is more permanent if we have a longrange vision. With all the current activity, and so many demands of the moment, it is hard to remember that today’s activities will be more important later.

4th – Wednesday –  Mars Sextile Uranus – We are humming along and then a jolt comes.  Even when engaged in ordinary tasks, our actions are infused with a certain excitement.  Even though we are moving along what seems like a river of ever expanding experiences, a vague memory of days gone by brings us some halting moments.  We can have a breakthrough reminding us what is really important in life. 

5th – Thursday –  Sun Conjunct Uranus –  The familiar cannot hold us, but somehow we seem to favor procedures from our past anyway.  We are in a new car with old driving habits.  Life is out of balance and some symbol of security seems at risk.  Well, this mirrors the global insecurity.  If you are oblivious to the uncertainty of life at this moment, either you have transcended the impermanent world, or you’re a moron.

6th – Friday – Mercury Sextile Venus –  Quick thinking and fast talking can get us out of a fix, or propel us forward on our journey.   Tying up loose ends and showing appreciation for other’s efforts may not bring peace and harmony, but it is still the right thing to do. 

7th – Saturday – Sun Sextile Mars –  A little extra effort helps.  We need to make the next phone call; then reach out one more time to a subordinate or superior to smooth the water.  Clear sailing starts with feeling good about ourselves and the coming process.

8th – Sunday – Venus Contra-parallel Jupiter – It is not possible to accomplish everything we wish for today.  Some things are obvious, but we are also at the crossroads; do we take something for ourselves, or do we devote time to help others in need.  Donating time to assist those who really need our help is not only meaningful in itself, but will clear the way for our own future. 

9th – Monday –  Maintaining the status quo will not be satisfying, but leaping into a new adventure can be paralyzing.  Yes, resources are limited, but our thinking doesn’t have to be. Time, money, and energy are allocated most efficiently when we are honest with ourselves; what do we really need? 

10th – Tuesday –  Mercury turns Retrograde, Jupiter enters Aries –  Our usual mental calculus is radically altered.  It isn’t just that the winds of change force us in a different direction; there is a dramatic shift in the world temperament.  We are willing to take risks that would have been unthinkable a week ago, and we uncover recent past missteps.   Each of us will question, “How far are we willing to go?”

11th – Wednesday – Venus Semi-square Saturn, Jupiter Semi-square Uranus –   Fear can have us holding onto familiar territory, but our reasoning skills are best used when we focus on the big picture.  Shortsighted decisions can leave us out in the cold.  Unrolling a long- term plan is great if we accept the fact that it may not be perfect, and will have to be edited in motion.  What is important now is keeping our perspective on the greater good for everyone. 

12th – Thursday –  Mercury Contra-parallel Pluto, Venus Contra-parallel Neptune –  Comfort comes at the cost of ignoring the obvious.  It’s ok to be mildly irritated with the way that things seem to be unfolding.  If we correct our mistakes, the world will take care of itself.  We are not responsible for the great difficulties taking place, but we do have a part to play.  When we are heading in the right direction, we notice others are on the same path. 

13th – Friday –  When we act with confidence it may seem we are at cross purposes with others.  Standing on a higher truth doesn’t imply an affront to common sense or logic.  It all boils down to motive; when we have love, even abrupt actions can win a warm reception.  

14th – Saturday –   Overreach can spell trouble.  At the same time, it is important to overcome any feeling of guilt for wanting more than we have.   Setbacks are our friend.  We can take a hint from the environment; we need to check our facts, goals, and methods.  Grim determination will not get us where we want to go; creating harmony may mean letting go.

15th – Sunday –  Venus Contra-parallel Mars, Venus Semi-sextile Uranus –  It may be time to change partners.  The dance of life requires many nimble steps. If we are too addicted to our familiar patterns, we won’t hear the music, or even remotely be in sync with the larger party that is going on around us. 

16th – Monday – The Full Moon is a Lunar Eclipse, occurring at 12:13 AM EDT on the 25th degree of Taurus/Scorpio –  Keeping what is truly important means letting go of the unnecessary.   Proclaiming bright shiny ideas can be comforting, but without an emotional shift they are only fireworks, lighting up the night sky, and then leaving us in darkness.  Real illumination begins with conviction, then allegiance to our higher reality.  Releasing our past allows the possibility of a more nourishing future. 

17th – Tuesday –  Saturn Semi-sextile Neptune, Mercury Semi-square Venus –  The last glimpses of a bygone era stream across the horizon.  The world that we have collectively created is coming to an end.  This is all part of the larger Divine plan.  Words spoken in haste or anger can hurt others, and this is particularly perplexing when we damage cherished relationships.  We are all under mounting pressure and we need to be charitable and forgiving.

18th – Wednesday –  Mars Conjunct Neptune, Mars Semi-sextile Saturn –   Do we want to work hard or just escape into an imaginary realm?  Disciplined activity doesn’t have to be debilitating.  Creative imagination can find expression in the external world.  To enjoy the day means to take time to explore and free ourselves from all fear of public embarrassment and judgment. 

19th – Thursday –  Sun Parallel Mercury, Mars Parallel Neptune, Mercury Sextile Jupiter –  Ideas have potency when we personalize them.  Owning a good thought means putting it into action.  Physical activity can aid synthesis.  Our behavior has significance when it stems from our ability to be kind, as well as impulsive. We know what is right; now we must do it.

20th – Friday – Sun enters Gemini – Although we may feel liberated, there is nowhere to go. Ok, planning is always good, but joy and pleasure seem to come only through doing something.  There is a path in front of us and some forward motion can help us stretch our legs in preparation for a coming event.  Are we willing to give up our safe life for an uncertain adventure?  We are forging iron into steel and just need to be patient. 

21st – Saturday –  We may be tired of hearing the same old stuff, but there are some problems that we think we have solved, but are still a roadblock in our path.  Ignoring terrain doesn’t make it go away from anything other than our immediate awareness. Conditions in the world are going in the opposite direction than we would have chosen; it’s better to just face it.  Our contribution for the upliftment of consciousness is important.

22nd – Sunday – Mars Sextile Pluto, Mercury Retrogrades back into Taurus –  If we are determined, we make excellent progress; not so much because we put out large amounts of energy, but because we see what is working and what isn’t.  We grow in consciousness because we embrace optimistic and positive concepts, and put them into practice. 

23rd – Monday –  Sun Sextile Jupiter, Mercury Sextile Mars –  In our rush to get on with our lives, we stumble on some forgotten mementos.  The past is still with us for a reason, and we have an opportunity to clear up lingering misunderstandings. Certain things will be dealt with now or not at all. 

24th – Tuesday –  Venus Semi-sextile Neptune, Venus Sextile Saturn, Mars enters Aries –  A little nudge can push a treasured project through to completion. The ideal and the practical world can reinforce and clarify the alliance between these two aspects of human nature.  We need to be unafraid to go forward with our day, but to still be conscious of feedback from the larger world. 

25th – Wednesday –  Mercury Trine Pluto –  Movement for the fun of it is fine, and probably necessary, to reach the broad spectrum of possibilities today.  However, there have been a few nagging details following us from yesteryears; single-minded focus allows us to go deep on some problems that have seemed unsolvable.  We only need to earnestly try; we are stronger than we think, and closer to an endgame than we would have imagined. 

26th – Thursday –  Mars Semi-square Uranus, Mercury Semi-sextile Venus –  Interruptions come. The best way to feel successful today is to be patient with ourselves and just get back on the horse.  One step at a time wins the day.  We can get use to a trochaic rhythm with a little practice.

27th – Friday –  Venus Square Pluto –  A last binge can leave us depleted.  One way or another, we need to identify the source of our pain.  We need to go beyond symptomatic treatments if we want to make any real progress.  Expanded knowledge helps us learn how to provide food without damaging the planet. 

28th – Saturday – Venus enters Taurus –  Enjoying simple pleasures is difficult when turbulence swirls around us.  External manifestation of disruptions can keep our attention fixated on an end product.   However, if we want to make any real progress, we need to identify the root cause of our current difficulties.  Appraising the road ahead and the road behind gives us an appreciation for how far we have come in a short period of time.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        29th – Sunday –  Mars Conjunct Jupiter, Mars Contra-parallel Jupiter, Mercury Parallel Uranus –  To awaken from a deep slumber, sometimes we need a kick to start the process.  We get a lifeline from a higher source and can use it to our advantage.  We are in the midst of a multi-day process of taking care of personal issues.  There will be an immediate spillover into the collective if we choose wisely.  “Put on your own facemask first.”

30th – Monday –  The New Moon at 7:30 AM EDT is on the 9th degree of Gemini –  Mental focus and careful attention to practical results brings accomplishment to all our actions.  There is no reason to be in a hurry, but it is important to keep moving.  Life is too short to not take time to enjoy the world around us.  We must acknowledge our accomplishments if we are to see more of them. 

31st – Tuesday –  Venus Semi-square Jupiter, Mars Parallel Jupiter, Saturn Semi-sextile Neptune –  Are we onto something or just chasing a fantasy?  It is time to put our dreams to the test.  If we aren’t willing to walk the path less taken, and make progress on it by ourselves, we don’t have true commitment from our deeper self.  We have to believe in our own projects if we want others to ever take notice.

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My Personal Note

 Ukraine is still being invaded by Putin, the pandemic is still killing people, climate change is still killing Mother Nature and making the whole planet unlivable.  To go numb to these factors is very understandable, just like the Germans who went numb to the abuses of Hitler prior to and during WWII; but this is no defense.  Each of us, in our own way, need to be brave enough to step up and be counted; we are all part of the solution and we are all part of the problem. 

Every person is given a certain number of days on the planet.  How we spend our time is extremely important.   I had the good fortune to spend an afternoon with my dear friend and longtime colleague, Georgia Stathis.  We met at my sister’s home in Sarasota, Florida.  Georgia lives in Tampa; I live in Naples; Sarasota is a short drive for each of us.  Many times in recent years a student has informed me one of the books I recommend is out of print and unavailable.   This is a real urgency.  Everyday priceless astrological information disappears.  Astrology is a group project and we all need each other’s contributions.  Georgia started and spearheads the Alexandria Project which is working to preserve priceless astrological literature.  I asked her to write something I could send you about this work. 

From Georgia: 

“For the last seven years an international effort to catalogue astrological books by subject, author, publisher and location has grown.  It is known as the Alexandria iBase Library Project and supported by various organizations such as The Urania Trust, the AOA, Kepler College, Starcycles, and is in need of further support so that we may continue our work.  

The purpose of this global effort is to preserve and locate astrological materials, which over time are being forgotten or lost. The team, headed by Georgia Stathis, currently has 4 paid librarians and 2 project managers working diligently to catalogue as well as preserve copyright free materials. This unique database can be used for research and study and to find subjects in your own libraries as well as in other private libraries or locations. A 501 C3 Non Profit Educational foundation, please support us by going to

If you order from Amazon, go to and look for The Alexandria iBase Library Project LLC and a small percentage of your order supports this project.- Thank you, future astrologers also thank you. “

Here is the website link: 

The discussion group on the book “They Will Inherit the Earth” which meets via Zoom on Tuesday nights is going well.  It is heartwarming and inspiring.  Amongst the bevy of old friends in the group, it’s particularly nice to visit with Alice Kashuba, a long-time colleague whom I haven’t seen in person for several years. 

My book is in the final editing stages.  It seems my health will hold up to get it across the finish line. 

Here is the link to my Question and Answer talk on April 10th, 2022: –  Title : Astrology, Karma, and Reincarnation.  Our next Question and Answer session on Zoom will be May 22nd at 1 PM EDT.  Have astrological questions?  Submit them.  Ask and I’ll send you a link. 

Our 16 and a half year old dog, Teddy, has had some difficult health challenges.  I love documentaries; I love videos about animals.  I stumbled on this one and loved it so much I wanted to pass it along.

The Special Bond Old Dogs Have With People | Seniors: A Dogumentary | Pets & Vets – YouTube

 My dear soul sister and long time friend, Leela Bruner, sent me this quote from the Buddha.  It seemed an appropriate ending message – 

“If an egg is broken by an outside force, life ends.  If broken by inside force, life begins. Great things always begin from inside”. – Buddha


Bob Mulligan is available for personal appointments, astrology classes, and astrological material.  Call him at 239-261-2840 or by e-mail at  Visit our web site,