The Astrology Company: July 2022 by Bob Mulligan

July 2022

By Bob Mulligan

(a personal note is at the end of the newsletter)


July Highlights 

Mars Squares Pluto on the 1stViolence will reach a crescendo.   Mars enters Taurus on the 5th, the same day that Mercury goes into Cancer. This is a real turning point and we will see some relief.  Mercury enters Leo on the 19thWe are preparing the ground for a new pattern of commitments. Right or left, our positions are hardening.  Jupiter in Aries is Semi-square Saturn in Aquarius on the 21stEven though we are in the midst of a genuine testing of our commitment to a new world, a new perspective, the dye has been cast; we will reach the Promised Land.  Jupiter turns Retrograde on the 28th.   We can use the next few months constructively by monitoring how we allow our values to form the structure of our lives. 

The Full Moon 

July 13th at 2:37 PM EDT we have the Full Moon on the 21st degree of Cancer/Capricorn.  With Mercury Conjunct the Sun and the Moon Conjunct Pluto, there is a new wrinkle in the tug-a-war between two sides of our security needs.  One aspect of our nature is reflexively clinging to our past habits, and another is pushing for incremental change.  With Neptune Trine the Sun, Uranus Trine the Moon, we will all be lifted beyond the common-place in our everyday lives.  This mirrors some large scale social change going on globally.  “Live and let live” is not just a hackneyed expression, it is basic instructions as to how the world will survive. Venus Trines Saturn and Squares Neptune indicating that we struggle to get the lighthearted, fun-loving side of our nature functioning.  This is a necessary counterbalance to the weightiness of the moment. 

The Sun enters Leo 

The Sun enters Leo on the 22nd at 4:08 PM EDT. The Moon is in Taurus separating from a Square to Saturn, and applying to a Trine of Pluto. During this month, spending habits will be conservative, even though innovations and necessities will put pressure on us.  Mercury’s Trine to Jupiter and Square to Mars indicates the conflict between reason and impulse.  We all have wonderful ideas but run into difficulties when we translate them into action.  Impatience is the enemy of perfection, yet we do need to meet in the middle in order to accomplish very much.  With Neptune Trine the South Node, and Uranus Conjunct the North, it is easier to slip into the comfort of past habits than it is to blaze new trails. This chart has six planets in fixed signs and four in Earth. Personal security takes charge of major decisions.

The New Moon 

The New Moon is on July 28th at 1:54 PM EDT on 5 degrees and 38 minutes of Leo.  When setting our intentions for the month, it is helpful to remember Mercury (thoughts) is Square Mars, Uranus, and the North Node.  Our well thought out plans are likely to be upended, or at least dramatically altered, as unforeseen changes in the natural world emerge.  The Sun, Neptune, and Saturn rule everything in this chart. These three rule Leo, Pisces, and Capricorn which are considered the three signs of synthesis. Out of great pain we will see a coming together of people from different countries, backgrounds, and needs.  More and more, we are starting to arrive at the correct conclusions.

The Weeks 

From the 1st through the 3rd home, family, the familiar, all provide comfort and emotional security.  At the same time, the new world around us is enticing.  Most of the time during this weekend, we will attempt to bring the ordinary into our new unfolding adventure.  The blending of the two creates an extraordinarily versatile platform.

From the 4th through the 10th relationships can only grow in a positive direction when we share our true selves.  Do we sacrifice our uniqueness to fit in with the crowd, do we strut our stuff regardless, or do we choose to just go it alone?  There are many reasons to keep our private life private, not the least of which is economy of effort.  Thoughtful sharing builds bridges. 

From the 11th through the 17th everything we dream about and admire has a role in our inner life.  If we follow up every opportunity, we are exhausted.  But if we don’t take in new information life becomes stale. Emotional insights can stabilize our thoughts.  We must travel through a rough patch to reap the harvest of a better world. 

From the 18th through the 24th emotional comfort and mental stability are within reach.  All we have to do is relax and allow the good of life to approach.  If we solve our own problems this eases the burden on those around us.  To be disconnected from the arena of cause and effect is beyond us most of the time, but at least we can use our energy to help others.  Small gestures of concern matter. 

From the 25th through the 31st differences of opinion lead to friction.  We are either confronted with the most outrageous suggestions, or we live in a bubble.  There seems to be several versions of reality circulating.  This is all part of the cleaning process. We can break out of the gloomy feelings when we realize that everyone gets to the truth eventually.  Some people just have further to go; that doesn’t make them bad.

The Days 

1st – Friday –  Mars Square Pluto –  Everyone seems to have a short fuse. We feel an urgency to finish things in motion.  This is a good thing, but we need to be conscious of how we go about winding up long-standing issues.  Old problems did not magically disappear. “What you do is not important, how you do it is.” – Mani Irani 

2nd – Saturday –  Mercury Trine Saturn, Mercury Contra-parallel Pluto, Mercury Square Neptune –  Mental gymnastics can be refreshing and entertaining, but most of all, we have a chance to discover new dimensions of our own life.  We need to take the hint from the cosmos and open up to new possibilities.  At the same time, it is discipline and consistency that are ultimately the two champion characteristics that get us to the finish line.

3rd – Sunday – Venus Sesquiquadrate Pluto, Sun Parallel Mercury, Mercury Quincunx Pluto –  It is easy to lose perspective, and patience may elude us.  Just when we think we have it all figured out, or when we are about to lose heart, a new doorway opens.  Self-confidence is necessary to take the next step. 

4th – Monday – Practical concerns dominate our thinking.  Pleasure comes in little doses.  When we help others in their simple tasks, we cement a friendship and increase the joy of the day.  Love for others can be romantic, but doesn’t have to be.

5th – Tuesday –  Mars enters Taurus, Mercury enters Cancer, Mercury Sextile Mars, Venus Semi-square Mars, Sun Contra-parallel Pluto –  We redirect our energy.  World circumstances have changed.  We can’t do what would have seemed reasonable a week ago.  We say what we mean, and let the preponderance of good manifest. 

6th – Wednesday – Mercury Semi-square Uranus –  Other people can unintentionally upend our thinking.  Unique events change our routines, but not our preferences.  It is a grand art to take in new information and still stay on track with what must be done.

7th – Thursday –  Venus Semi-sextile Uranus –  There is conflict over time allotment and our emotional needs.  Do we hurry to get things done or do we include others which will definitely slow progress?  Are our sensitivities to others within reasonable boundaries?  Do we want to explore inclusiveness as a new frontier of family?

8th – Friday –  Others may seem to act out our thoughts.  Observation and patience grant us the privilege of learning by other people’s actions.  Their success instructs; we grow.  When we see others falling short of the mark, their actions teach also.  A new foundation is in the works.

9th – Saturday – Mercury Square Jupiter, Mercury Sesquiquadrate Saturn –  Our feelings can be a great source of joy, but also our undoing.  When we act impulsively, and this runs counter to our higher values, we suffer.   Moments of intense activity are punctuated by periods of calm.  When activating a plan, it is essential that we don’t skip intermediate steps.  There is an unusual rhythm to the day, and we benefit by taking control of the obvious. 

10th – Sunday –  Sun Sextile Uranus –  We look forward and try something new.  Real progress comes when we modify our security needs to meet life changes.  We can follow the dictates of intuition without abandoning basic reasoning.  It is time to let others into our world.  In turn we must enter theirs.  There is great fluidity between people when we open our hearts.  There is darkness in our collective consciousness; but, by in large, we are able to emphasize the positive in others. 

11th – Monday – Trouble on the home front needs to be addressed.  Too much time either chasing rainbows or hard at work on practical matters both leave us depleted. To take care of the ones we say we love focuses both our ideals and our intuition on our current drama. 

12th – Tuesday –  Our desire to get ahead will only bear fruit if we are able to get in motion.  Confusion over what has to happen first can stymie us.  Reason isn’t always a reliable go to resource when we need to act.  Theoretical certainty is nice but not always with us.  Yes, we will make mistakes, but we do learn. 

13th – Wednesday – Venus Trine Saturn, the Full Moon is on the 21st degree of Cancer/Capricorn at 2:37 PM EDT, Mercury Sextile Uranus –  If we are calm our chances of making good decisions increase.  We have reached a period of heightened activity.  If we find the middle way, we increase our effectiveness. We compromise to reach a new understanding.  There is a channel of action between extreme outrage and superficial complacency. 

14th – Thursday – Venus Square Neptune –  An image of beauty guides the day, but are we overlooking the grit of what has to happen?  The potential for improvement is always present, but real development is incremental. Glorious symmetry, seen as a higher truth, adds seasoning to any adventure.  It takes time to ground potential into actual. 

15th – Friday –  Venus Quincunx Pluto –  The quest for pleasure can be consuming.  Sticking to a well-crafted and time honored set of guidelines keeps us on the straight and narrow.  When we color within the lines, we create something noteworthy, even if no one notices. 

16th – Saturday –  Mercury Quincunx Saturn, Sun Conjunct Mercury, Mercury Contra-parallel Pluto, Mercury Parallel Venus –   To rely on old tricks to complete tasks can leave us in a crises of values.  What are we really responsible for and what is someone else’s?  Too much information can keep us dancing with no music.  We can question our perceptions and change.

17th – Sunday –  Mercury Trine Neptune, Mars Semi-sextile Jupiter, Sun Trine Neptune, Venus enters Cancer, Venus Contra-parallel Pluto –  Visions and memories create a pattern of options.  Clinging to the familiar gives us a foundation, but letting go of old behaviors frees us.  We can translate our picture of perfection into our immediate environment.  Kindness for our close ones is a virtue in its own right, but is also a testing ground for our next moves. 

18th – Monday –  Mercury Opposite Pluto –  Too much or too little information can make any project unnecessarily difficult.  Research before any new endeavor is good, but it is easy to be intimidated.  Regulating our impulses can keep us focused on what matters.  Some of the things that occur now seem too big to actually be fodder for action.  Inspiration can eventually turn into a life direction.

19th – Tuesday –  Mercury enters Leo, Sun Opposite Pluto –  Determination is a good quality and can pay dividends.  At the same time, to be authentic, we must leave others to figure out their reality.  Advice unasked for misses the mark. Real opposition is a great clarifier.  Beliefs are put through a strainer if they are to infuse our life with meaning. 

20th – Wednesday –  Mars Semi-square Neptune, Venus Semi-square Uranus –  Outside influences come by way of other people.  Our basic relationship pattern is being shaken up.  We are prompted to take a few quick turns in the way we deal with everyone else.  Something important is happening, and we need to be patient and selective. 

21st – Thursday –  Jupiter Semi-square Saturn, Mercury Semi-sextile Venus –  A few lucky breaks move us down the road a bit.  Savoring the day enriches life.  Our situation may seem to alter at lightning speed. Everything seems to be going so fast.  Our responses to circumstances that we didn’t initiate or control identify us as a problem or a solution.  We can embrace the changes and even enjoy them. 

22nd – Friday – The Sun enters Leo at 4:08 PM EDT –   Gradually, the tight imprisonment of fate is loosening his grip.  We have more options, but we have to exercise our inborn self-confidence to reap the real benefit.  What we must do isn’t a mystery; how we are to accomplish what we must complete is also not some vague confusing chimera. Our time has arrived. 

23rd – Saturday –  Sun Parallel Mercury, Mercury Trine Jupiter –  We speak with the voice of confidence.  What has been brewing for a while comes to the surface.  We have to reach out and share.  Most governors are at rest and the engine percolating full throttle.  The best of us can come out if we know where to look and what to express. 

24th – Sunday –  Mercury Sesquiquadrate Neptune, Venus Sesquiquadrate Saturn, Venus Contra-parallel Pluto –   To relax and take the day off is a wonderful idea.  Are we able to control our desire to do something productive?  This is no small task.  Our mind is overactive and unless we are relaxed, we have the tendency to worry.  This dissipates psychic energy with no appreciable payoff. 

25th – Monday – Feelings dominate the landscape. It’s only through our emotional clock that we can get closer to the truth.  So many things are left unfinished, but we can get satisfaction by acknowledging that there is time to get the important things done.  We blend recent events with things we know for sure. 

26th – Tuesday –   Mercury Square Mars –  Relationships improve when we are honest.  At the same time, harsh words can spark unnecessary conflict.  Finding common ground allows us to establish harmony.  A blast from the past can remind us of what we are really here for.

27th – Wednesday –  There is a kind of self-satisfaction that puts others at peace.  Even though each of us has a different history, we have all had success and failure.  Compassion for what others go through enriches our own lives. 

28th – Thursday –  Mercury Parallel Uranus, the New Moon at 1:54 PM EDT is 5 Degrees 38 minutes of Leo, Jupiter turns Retrograde, Mercury Square Uranus, Mars Contra-parallel Saturn –  Inspiration comes in spurts.  We plan our next creations carefully. There are some real obstacles, but we need unrelenting faith in life to be effective.  To be practical we must start by eliminating fear. 

29th – Friday –  We put in motion ideas that have been brewing for the last couple of days.  We work against ourselves when we try to embrace two conflicting goals.  It is time to make choices and feel comfortable with our decisions. 

30th – Saturday –  Mercury Parallel Mars –  Elusive as harmony has been, we can have our say, be authentic, without creating conflict.  There is turbulence, but we can be calm and enjoy helping others get some peace of mind. 

31st – Sunday –  Mercury Opposite Saturn, Mercury Contra-parallel Saturn, Mercury Sesquiquadrate Jupiter, Sun Trine Jupiter –  Barriers are a blessing; it was time to redirect our efforts.  When we take the hint, we invest energy toward more productive projects.  This requires a change in awareness, a change of consciousness.  Luck is with us when we head in the right direction.

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My Personal Note 

This is a difficult time for all of us.  One thing I have learned is that we need each other.  When we isolate we rot.  It is the fluidity of relationships, friendships, social life, that keeps us on the sane side of creation.  I’m blessed to have a few close friends that give my life flavor and help me focus on the positive things.

Writing and editing my book has brought me into close collaboration with a number of people. And of course, being involved in the details of the lives of my clients always gives meaning to my passage through so many chapters.  

We live in an information short fall.  My house keepers come in once a week.  We talk; they have been buying lots of Covid tests.  They use several a week which they purchase at the drugstore for $27 each.  They were missing the information that the government makes them available for free.    I gave them some of mine.   If you have this problem, here is a useful link:  COVID Home Tests | USPS.

Many government programs are under used because people don’t know they exist.  Both homeowners and renters can get help.  Money is available to help people through a time of high expenses and reduced income. 

I declared my major as music when I entered college.  Sound has played an outside role for me through many lives.  From time to time I have shared music videos that have special meaning for me.   My taste in music is varied but ultra specific.  I only share what might possibly find a sensitive and receptive ear.  If one person is uplifted, that is enough.  Here are some songs I thought you might find pleasant. I’ve listed them in an order that moves from a few followers, to a large number, to the masses.

Jana Stanfield  – Butterfly – YouTube

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Jason Mraz – I Won’t Give Up (Official Video) [4K] – YouTube

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Maroon 5 – Memories (Official Video) – YouTube

Views 841M

My Internet was down for almost 24 hours.  My God, I do so much reading, writing, and research on line.  For the time it was down I just read books, a pleasant break from the usual daily routines.  For three days I was living without water.  The landlord told me I could check into a hotel until it is fixed.  It would be a major disruption to my life but I actually contemplated it.

Here is the link for the Q&A from June 19th:

This session was mostly devoted to Astrology and the Buddha’s Path to Liberation.  I won’t be doing a Q&A on Zoom again until the fall; it is necessary to take some time off. These sessions are always enjoyable, however until my book is at the printers, working on it is my priority.  My monthly newsletter should continue without interruption. Thank you for your support and understanding. 

“There is no such thing as ‘failure’ on the journey towards Truth or God.  It is merely a question of time.” – Meher Baba


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