The Astrology Company: August 2022 by Bob Mulligan

August 2022

By Bob Mulligan

(a personal note is at the end of the newsletter)

During the month of August, we switch gears; the pace of life will pick up. Conflicting points of view become more strident. The good news is that information will move even more rapidly, and prevent much misunderstanding. We have a real opportunity to change our habits in fundamental ways. 


August Highlights 

Mars Conjuncts Uranus and the North Node of the Moon on the 1stThis is explosive and potentially a very violent release of energy.  Even though this takes place in Taurus, where both planets are out of sync with the sign, the force created will get us going in the right direction.   Mercury goes into Virgo on the 4th, then into Libra on the 25th.   Attention, thoughts, and communication will clarify things already set in motion.  Venus goes into open-hearted Leo on the 11thGenerous feelings for others and acts of kindness can set the tone for making our personal lives better.  On the 20th Mars goes into Gemini, where he will remain until March 25th, 2023.  This long sojourn of the planet of desire in the sign of communication can spin out reams of information. The cosmic purpose for us during this period will be to gain access to more information, but also learn from each other. When Uranus turns Retrograde on the 24th, all five of the outer planets will be Retrograde.  We both recognize and admit our past; if not, external circumstances will drag us into repeating patterns.


The Full Moon 

The Full Moon is on August 11th at 9:35 PM EDT on the 19th degree of Leo/Aquarius.  The Sun and Moon form a T-square with the North Node, Uranus, and Mars; all in Taurus. The pattern shows immense emotional tension extending across the entire culture; in our personal lives this shows up as frustration.  Mars is in Sextile to Neptune and Trine with Pluto, favoring slow steady application of energy along traditional channels; we harvest a bounty of practical results.  It is worth noting that our efforts may seem to go against the forward march of the year. But if we keep our head down and keep moving forward, there will be a convergence of paths down the road in a few months.


The Sun enters Virgo 

The Sun enters Virgo on the 22nd at 11:17 PM EDT. Mars in Gemini is Square the Sun and Trine Mercury; this shows lots of conversation and everyone seems to have the desire to be heard.  Just listening to others can give ventilation; we become a calming influence.  Venus in Leo is Square the Nodes and Uranus. We are faced with choices that either emphasizes sacrifice for the good of the larger community or self-indulgence.  The Moon at 13 degrees of Cancer is Trine the South Node and Sextile the North Node/Uranus.  The general public is thinking emotionally.  Reason is there, but may be disconnected from our imagined past.  This Moon is Conjunct the Sun in the founding chart for the USA.   Mercury is Trine Pluto which stresses focused work aimed at practical results. 


The New Moon 

The New Moon on the 27th is at 4:18 AM EDT on the 4th degree of Virgo.  Mars is Square the New Moon showing conflict of interests.  Mercury rules both Gemini (where Mars is) and Virgo (sign of the New Moon).  This suggests that more information can heal wounds created by conflict.  Mercury (communication and thinking) is Trine Mars (desire). Listening and reading is more beneficial than talking and writing. Venus (love) is Opposite Saturn (boundaries).  This Opposition occurs on the same degree as the Full Moon two weeks ago, reminding us that what we didn’t complete is still there to be done.  Mercury Opposes Jupiter and both are in easy aspect to Mars.  This indicates that we must put forward some effort in order to get our values and actions to agree with each other.


 The Weeks 

From the 1st to the 7th we seem to generate more work for ourselves. Impulses can lead us down new pathways, but this does not give new information; or even relief from everyday stress.  Relaxing with a cool drink and some personal time for contemplation can shift our attention to what is really important.  Slow and steady analysis creates a new perspective.

From the 8th to the 14th there are some things we have hung onto: positions, habits, people that it is time to let go of.  Fulfillment of life’s purpose is not possible if we drag everything from the past forward.  Relationships transform if they remain at all.  Habits are discarded in favor of more productive behaviors.  Items we cherish for their memories are now better served in someone else’s hands.  Only things of intrinsic value should survive the purge.

From the 15th to the 21st inspiration and energy comes via interest in exciting projects and ideas that capture our imagination. Time spent with loved ones allows us to revamp the flames of excitement that animated us in the past.  Of course, group participation in leisure activities can be a platform of self- discovery.  However, it is in the intimacy of one-on-one encounters that we experiment and experience new dimensions of self. 

From the 22nd to the 31st mental activity is exhausting unless it is measured. We learn to pace ourselves so as to promote right adjustment to life.  Self-criticism and self-reliance needs a beginning and an end.  An accurate appraisal of our current situation is required.  Some things are our own creation; some circumstances in the environment are just givens.  Separating the good from the necessary reshapes our perspective.  Life is simple when our preferences are few.


The Days 

1st – Monday – Mercury Quincunx Neptune, Mars Conjunct Uranus – Carefully crafted steps can further almost any project.  However, impulsive behavior will have unintended consequences.  Humility helps us refrain from some actions; we have the smarts to realize we don’t have enough information to act intelligently.  More will be revealed over the next week. 

2nd – Tuesday – Venus Sextile Uranus, Mercury Quincunx Pluto, Venus Sextile Mars – There are a few pesky tasks that require our full attention and discrimination. Even though reason guides our movements, it is the heart that knows the true answer to today’s questions.  Comfort and serenity have their place, as long as we include other people’s thoughts and feelings in our trip down memory lane. 

3rd – Wednesday – Rearrangement of common features in our environment help us gain a balanced perspective. Conflict and disharmony does not need to be a deal breaker.  To further our own goals, we need to concentrate on the good of Mother Earth.  Even when we don’t like other people’s actions, we can still respect them.

4th – Thursday – Mercury enters Virgo, Sun Parallel Uranus – Doing more with less is not just good economic sense; it allows us to be much more efferent with our energy.  Real progress comes by clearing the deck and using the things that have practical application.  Incremental progress shows up immediately and can lift our spirits. 

5th – Friday – Venus Quincunx Saturn – Where do we invest our time, money and energy today?  Limitations of time and opportunity may just be cloaking our fears.  Standing our ground does not require belligerence or passivity.  We can relinquish our dreams without damaging our underlying principles. Old desires can be fulfilled in a new way. 

6th – Saturday –  Sun Parallel Mars –  After suffering a setback and hitting boundaries, we may be reluctant to act.  It is time to act.  We just have to find a new way of expressing our needs.  Our nostalgia for friends, family, and past surroundings can limit us; but this doesn’t have to be the scenario that plays out.   Fond positive memories of love, safety, and nurturement are a positive foundation for a happy and healthy life.  These are the memories to invoke.

7th – Sunday – Venus Trine Neptune, Mars Square Saturn – We may feel out of step when we bring old tools to a new situation.  Yes, there are many possible ways our task for the day could be easier, and daydreaming can prompt our imagination.  Still we must move forward with what we have. Extra effort is required to be responsible to our station today.  But, focus on details and consistent effort wins the day.

8th – Monday –  The idealistic side of our nature leads the pack.  The visionary runs in counterpoint to our practical self.  Without balance we wake up with regrets or a hangover. Regardless of our direction, there is tremendous force behind our actions. 

9th – Tuesday –  Venus Opposite Pluto, Mars Parallel Uranus, Mercury Quincunx Jupiter, Mars Semi-square Jupiter –  The road to accomplishment in our personal relationships is fruitful; we make rapid progress, as long as the child isn’t in the driver’s seat of the car.  Ideas that may have just been entertaining are either, embraced and become habit, or they are tossed aside.  The heart paints a rosy picture, and it is up to our actions to materialize what we truly wish for. 

10th – Wednesday –  Sun Contra-parallel Saturn –  We work against ourselves when we are indecisive. We are dissatisfied when we “hide our light under a bushel”. Choose we must; even bad choices are instructive.  Both individual and group participation carries responsibilities.  Joy comes through embracing life even when it brings with it a harness.

11th – Thursday – Sun Square Uranus, Mercury Sesquiquadrate Pluto, Venus enters Leo, Mars Sextile Neptune, the Full Moon is at 9:35 PM EDT on 19 degrees of Leo/Aquarius –  A sharp turn of direction is possible.  The spirit of adventure guides our feet, even if our tasks seem accursedly mundane.  Even when our mind and emotions have different pictures of the good life, they are actually in tandem, which becomes obvious if we let our heart lead.  Generosity is overwhelming when we are open to the possibility that we have something of value to offer to others.

12th – Friday –  Energetic responses spring to life automatically; and at the same time, there is a certain reticence that holds us back.  Even with external chores in progress, the real work is inner.  There are some unresolved issues in key relationships that need attention.  We are on the road to closure but can’t get there just yet.  Patience! 

13th – Saturday – Good intentions are necessary, but not sufficient to accomplish what must done.  Our current journey is easy when we don’t take ourselves or life too seriously.  Having a good time doesn’t mean goofing off.  We accomplish more when we are light-hearted. 

14th – Sunday – Sun Opposite Saturn, Mars Trine Pluto – Ignoring the obvious reveals a hidden dimension of our world.  Limitations are our friend.  Our attention stops wandering when we see a big stop sign.  This is good; now we can look toward practical channels to gain greater access to our heart’s desire.  When we are headed in the right direction, our energy flows almost without restriction.

15th – Monday –  Sun Sesquiquadrate Jupiter –  A pioneering spirit dominates our thinking and actions.  Without an outlet for exploration, life seems congested.  When we have the spirit of love, whatever we do will be a blessing to the sender and receiver.  Initiating a project is easy; finishing it later on may not be to our liking. If we get the right rhythm between moving and standing still, what we touch opens a doorway. 

16th – Tuesday – Mercury Trine Uranus – Solving problems for others can bring satisfaction, even when it has no direct contact with our own situation.  Still, we need to be able to give help, but only when receivers recognize the need for an innovative intervention.  Conventional thinking is at rest; we must follow our intuition. 

17th – Wednesday – Sun Quincunx Neptune, Mercury Contra-parallel Neptune – Visual stimulation can spark a line of investigation, perhaps long overlooked.  When relaxed, we enjoy the free rein of imagination.  Indecision is not a bad thing if we aren’t forcing a plan of action.  To not worry is very hard; it is easier when we give up self-judgment. 

18th – Thursday –  Mercury Quincunx Saturn –  Listening to people is the best cure for an overly strict view point.  Discipline and responsibility may be easier than moving beyond the rational arena.  An obsession for material results of effort dampens the eternal joy which is near the surface and will appear soon.  Life is great when we acknowledge that we have enough data.

19th – Friday – Venus Parallel Mars, Sun Quincunx Pluto, Venus Sesquiquadrate Neptune, Mercury Parallel Jupiter – Change requires flexibility which is in short supply.  A steady course on the road ahead is useful, but curiosity will help us break the gravitational pull of old patterns.  We are ripe for innovation. 

20th – Saturday –  Mars enters Gemini – Higher insight operates as a check on our urge to communicate. To know what to share and when comes when we think before reaching out.  Is our information powered by a perceived necessity in others, or a reaction to a resurgent gregariousness? Life is best when we let others initiate. 

21st – Sunday –  Mercury Opposite  Neptune –  Information beyond the rational realm can be upsetting  Transcendent faculties beyond logic aren’t useful unless we take the time to check their veracity and integrate them into the greater stream of ordinary intellect.  For better or worse, a flood of information is available; now we must measure our thirst against the backdrop of the ocean. 

22nd – Monday –  Mercury Trine Pluto, Sun enters Virgo –  Just when we are coming down the home stretch, a new set of variables emerge.  Actually, there is a tendency to make things more difficult than they need be.  Practical inquiry shows us that the best and fastest way through the maze is to just ignore apparent, yet artificial, boundaries. 

23rd – Tuesday –  We are propelled into action.  The logic of the moment is to leave our comfort zone, and move on to our next project. The next chapter of life is waiting for us to turn the page.  A little kindness today pays dividends tomorrow. 

24th – Wednesday – Venus Parallel Uranus, Uranus turns Retrograde – Our personal contribution to the current crossroads in culture is our sincerity.  To try something new has merit and can help us appreciate the purpose of the more traditional approach to love and relationships.  

25th – Thursday –  Mercury Contra-parallel Jupiter, Mercury enters Libra –  Our trepidation over taking the next logical step disappears when we scale back our expectations and merely wait for the weather to clear.  So much of what needs to happen is a solo project, but today we can wait for others to catch up.

26th – Friday –  Ironic foreshadowing or just psychic intervention, we can see the next step landing in front of us.   It is helpful to show others what we have and see if they reciprocate.  Alliances assemble themselves in a short time when people are of goodwill.  Relationships are transitional, but should not be transactional if they are to have lasting meaning in our lives.  Our own bounty increases when we give without reservation. 

27th – Saturday – Venus Square Uranus, Sun Square Mars, the New Moon is at 4:18 AM EDT on the 4th degree of Virgo, Venus Contra-parallel Saturn – Difficulties come in relationships when we are impatient.  Just waiting and listening to people who are key players in our life has a potent remedial and immediate effect.  We are confronted with a new pattern of interaction. People are less receptive (as are we) to ordinary forms of interaction.  So much more is resolved in our private inner space.  Our thoughts and feelings have potency. We exchange energy and data with others on many levels of awareness. 

28th – Sunday – Venus Opposite Saturn, Mercury Parallel Neptune – Clarifying the fog from the factual is not so important if we are lying on our back and looking at the clouds.  It is different if we are flying a plane.  Today is more pleasant if we are recreating and resting.  We can be productive in a traditional sense, but to do so we have to move slow and take in outside guidance.   

29th – Monday –  Venus Sesquiquadrate Jupiter –  If we are observant and quick on our feet, we may snag a unique opportunity to get something we truly value.  The only caveat is that we have to stick to our initial goal when we reach out and grab the brass ring.  Winning can be addicting and cloud our vision.  Entitlement and loss of perspective can leave us with a painful lesson. A search for symmetry in our surroundings can help maintain mental balance.

30th – Tuesday – Mercury Sesquiquadrate Uranus, Sun Quincunx Jupiter – Expansion of basic resources brings peace.  Helping others is the key to finding contentment. Careful attention to detail, and close collaboration with work associates, allows much ground to be covered swiftly.

31st – Wednesday – Venus Quincunx Neptune – Even though much good has come in the last few days, it is easy to get swept up in a nostalgia for what might have been.  A poetic note drives the movement of big events. Only artistic expression can uplift the human spirit when we have reasoned ourselves into a corner.  It’s time to call on those who matter most.


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My Personal Note

My friend and colleague, Benjamin Bernstein, recommended me as a potential speaker at a conference in September; the organizer, Dallisa Hocking recorded a talk with me that will air at the conference.  Because I have stopped doing Question and Answer sessions, this is one of the few times I will be speaking live this year.  I’ll send you more information soon. 

My friend, Aswin Balaji Subramanyan, is offering free astrology readings.  I’ll send details and contact information soon.

 Traveling is difficult for me now.  I had to cancel a trip to Colorado to attend a conference with a special dinner for us early pioneers that created the field of astrology we have today.  It was tough giving up the opportunity to see old friends one last time.  Still I’m planning on going to the Meher Spiritual Center in October.  It is time for a recharge.  If I can’t make the trip, I’ll do it here. 

Many people have stepped up to help push my book over the finish line.  Leela Bruner, my long time soul sister has volunteered.  Will keep you posted on the progress. 

My daughter, Katie, sent me this video.  It reminded me of when I was in graduate school pulling an all nighter, preparing for a mid-term exam.  I said to myself, “Either you love this stuff or you should quit.”  I realized that I really loved my field, philosophy.  From that moment on I never pushed to complete a term paper or crammed for an exam. I studied and wrote because I was a student who wanted to learn.  My grades never suffered from making this switch in thinking and habits.    How To Stay Motivated & Break Bad Habits – YouTube


“And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.”  – the Beatles 

“This is my commandment: Love each other.” – John 15:17 

“We’re all just walking each other home.” – Ram Dass


Bob Mulligan is available for personal appointments, astrology classes, and astrological material.  Call him at 239-261-2840 or e-mail at  Visit our website,