The Astrology Company: October 2022 by Bob Mulligan

 October 2022

By Bob Mulligan

(a personal note is at the end of the newsletter)

October Highlights

Mercury turns Direct on the 2nd which signals a shift in focus. Even though we are interested in plowing new fields, we still have to accommodate and store the harvest of our efforts from the last period.  With Mercury moving from Virgo to Libra on the 10th, we start to make sense of all the chaos and disruption from the last year.

A New Moon Eclipse at 2 degrees Scorpio on the 25th will certainly shake things up, but collectively we may feel in a fog for three days on each side of it. This will make for a week where it is more problematic to adhere to a strict schedule.  Time spent in meditation is very beneficial.

Retrograde Jupiter backs into Pisces on the 28th.  This will help recall memories of how others have helped in the course of life.  Faith in life strengthens and we finalize a commitment to well digested values.  We can make them the powerhouse of our behavior.  This inner reflection goes on until Jupiter once again moves into Aries on December 20th, at which time we will be prompted to act more immediately and without reflection.

Mars turns Retrograde in Gemini on the 30th and will remain so until the end of the year.  We will have several months of observation.  Mars in Gemini is very verbal.  Retrograde Mars lacks potency in the material world, but this can be an expanded opportunity to see what our words create.

The Full Moon

The Full Moon is on the 9th at 4:54 PM EDT on the 16th degree of Libra/Aries.  The time of the Full Moon is always a time of completion.  Mars is the dominant force at this time.  Mars is in a Grand Trine in the air element with Saturn and the Sun/Venus Conjunction.  This aspect pattern favors close attention and lots of rapid fire innovation with key personal relationships.  Much information is shared with the intention of establishing more sustainable emotional bonds.  But also Mars is at the base of a mutable T-Square with the Mercury/Neptune Opposition.  At their best, mutable signs raise our vibration. The expressed intent of this pattern helps us attune our minds to higher levels of consciousness.

The Sun enters Scorpio

The Sun enters Scorpio on the 23rd at 6:37 AM EDT.  So many aspects are past exact that this solar month is likely to be an echo of things already transpired.  Because Saturn is Stationary Direct, we can expect a resurgence of respect for order and predictability.  With the Sun Conjunct Venus we can anticipate a focus on beauty as an essential ingredient of a good life.  Mercury in Libra is separating from the Trine of Saturn in Aquarius and applying to the Trine of Mars in Gemini.  As the month matures we can hear the din of many points of view vying for our attention.  The smartest strategy is to be detached.  Many of the things people argue about will be moot by next month.

The New Moon

The New Moon on the 25th is an Eclipse on the 2nd degree of Scorpio (sign of life and death).  This sets the stage for very potent events next month.  The intensity of this Eclipse is magnified by the Conjunction to Venus (goddess of love).  We push things to extremes.  This finalizes the conflict between the forces of chaos and order.  This fight between freedom and security is shown by Uranus Conjunct the North Node of the Moon in Square to Saturn.  We have reached the conclusion of this multi-year struggle.  Mercury (god of perception and thinking) in Libra (balance) is in a Grand Trine with Saturn (harvest) and Mars (planting) and on the mid-point between the two.   For the spiritually-minded, this is a unique moment to observe the cause and effect of events in life.  Because Mercury is also Square Pluto – we can observe how our attitude shapes our world.

The Weeks

From the 1st to the 9th we change our minds on some critical personal and practical issues.  We will work our way through many options and perseverance actually matters a lot.  If we are able to admit our mistakes and learn from them, REAL progress can be made in all areas of life.  Practical considerations come first, but these tasks must be in step with the long-term objectives.

From the 10th to the 16th we have the wind at our backs and can make real progress after suffering a few setbacks.  Facts and theories don’t agree on basic criteria so we are moving without cohesive methods.  For all the confusion we are able to separate fact from fantasy.  This is the time where we are acting without forethought and correcting our direction in motion.

From the 17th to the 23rd a few kind words heal misunderstandings without having to work through the details of the history.  Boundaries and fences can help clarify where we stand.   All relationships can improve by taking time to listen, contemplate, and share.

From 24th to the 31st it is possible to turn over a new leaf.  Stubbornly held positions stand in the way of real progress.  To achieve some sense of peace and happiness, compromise is necessary.  We all get better together.

The Days

1st – Saturday – Venus Contra-parallel Jupiter, Venus Opposite Jupiter, Venus Sesquiquadrate Uranus – Accomplishment comes as we scale back our demands on life and reappraise what we really want.  To be open to the offerings of others forces a modification in our own attitude.  Preferences and matters of good taste change with the circumstances.

2nd – Sunday –  Mercury turns Direct, Sun Parallel Neptune, Venus Sesquiquadrate Saturn, Venus Parallel Jupiter –  Little disruptions can bring new possibilities and we find joy in the simple pleasures of daily life.  Caring for others liberates our energy. As relationships deepen, many take on new meaning.

3rd – Monday –  Slow incremental progress is made on the most mundane tasks.  Grand gestures and expansive plans are set aside to just relish in the small intricacies of everyday life.  To the observant, the true meaning of God’s plan on earth is revealed through the most common place.

4th – Tuesday – Even when we feel that we come up with some large idea of change, it is just our imagination responding to larger movements in the common environment.  We are often so wired to be productive; it is hard to just relax.  To move in harmony with the rhythm of the moment is not only prudent, it is in the long run, quite beneficial.

5th – Wednesday –  This is one of the moments when we must journey on alone even when others are close at hand.  The people who are really important in our lives are with us without any explanation; for everyone else, no explanation will be of any use.  Home and hearth will be waiting for us when we have a chance to be there.

6th – Thursday –   Mercury Trine Pluto –  It is hard to accept that we have everything that we need.  When we narrow our focus to the essentials, we notice lots of factors that we have overlooked.  Even walking around the block as we see the same scenery that we have observed for the last 20 years, unique factors flood our senses when we allow it.  Pacing ourselves is so important to complete our duties and to be in good health.

7th – Friday –  Mercury Contra-parallel Venus –  Are we going to dive deep into our own projects or enjoy the company of other people’s ideas?  A mingling of information from several sources leads us around in circles, but we can come to a more perfect understanding of our values.   Even though reaching consensus is allusive, joint projects are invigorating.

8th – Saturday –  Pluto turns Direct –  That extra push is needed to get completion.  Even when the road seems well trod it is important to feel that each of us makes a difference.  No one instrument composes the whole orchestra, and a conductor without musicians cannot create beauty.

9th – Sunday –  Venus Parallel Neptune, the Full Moon is at 4:54 PM EDT on the 16th degree of Libra/Aries –  Comfort comes through satisfaction with what has already occurred.  To relax and enjoy the moment may mean meditation, sleep, or just a quiet time with friends.  To be content with what we have is a great gift.

10th – Monday –  Mercury enters Libra –   We work under some new limitations.  Actually this can be a blessing as we accept help from others and this enriches our lives.  There is tremendous energy going into relationships.  Everything from garden variety gregariousness to romantic interests captures our attention.  All of this points to a basic underlying feeling of incompleteness.  Others do complement us and it is a time for us to share and participate in other people’s interests.

11th – Tuesday –  Sun  Quincunx Uranus, Sun Trine Saturn –  Situations develop that feel like they are not of our making.  Prudent actions require a balance between gathering information and making commitments.  Other people’s opinions and help are essential, but all pertinent data needs to coalesce at some center.  Finally, we need to take a stand and clarify a position, even when it is only tentative.

12th – Wednesday –  Mars Square Neptune, Mercury Opposite Jupiter, Mercury Contra-Parallel Jupiter – We are ripe for change.  New ideas can be disruptive and not all that valuable in themselves.  However, when basic assumptions are shaken up, our mind can move into a mood of self-questioning.  When we are committed to self-improvement the way is clear and we make real and permanent progress.

13th – Thursday –  Mercury Sesquiquadrate Uranus,  Venus Quincunx Uranus, Mercury Sesquiquadrate Saturn –  Our civilization has big problems and our difficulties can seem so insignificant next to all the war and strife.  Still, we are at a unique moment where we can make a separate peace with the world.  To correct our own attitudes is time well spent.  To wish that anyone else should do something different than what they are doing is not only a waste of time, it is stupid.

14th – Friday –  Venus Trine Saturn, Mars Contra-parallel Pluto –  Lots of talk without much action, at least not fruitful action.   There is inevitability to the events unfolding.  Forces set in motion long ago are reaching a climax.  Others may not come on board joint projects as fast as we would like, but patience and faith will see us to a consummate conclusion.

15th – Saturday – Mercury Parallel Jupiter –  For the last few days we have been pulled in several directions.  Today we get clarity.  There are some tasks that are beyond the routine that must be completed.  Working in concert doesn’t mean telling others what to do.  When you ask someone to dance, and they say yes, they will probably follow your lead if you are a good dancer.  Real leadership is earned and works well for all when not coveted.

16th – Sunday – Decisions keep being recycled.  Why is that?  Actual growth in consciousness is slow.  Sometimes we must make the same choices over and over again.   At a mental level we are going though something akin to isometrics.  We may be at an amusement park or a torture chamber.  This is not so much a matter of geography as it is a matter of attitude.

17th – Monday –  Venus Quincunx Neptune, Sun Trine Mars –  We have our own ideas, talents, and values. At the same time, we can see what looks like the cultural preferences of the masses at the moment.  Now, how to get them to match up, or at least complement each other? To be a real spiritual aspirant is to be a member of a counter culture.  The world improves through love and it must start with each of us.

18th – Tuesday –  Venus Trine Mars –  If there is a shortcut for clearing up misunderstanding, dialogue will reveal it today.  If there is something you have wanted to suggest to others, but have been waiting for the right moment, it is now.   A genuine wish to care for others coupled with a desire to nurture them, can morph into demands; we must give others the freedom we want for ourselves.

19th – Wednesday –  Sun Square Pluto –  Action is necessary even though it seems inappropriate.  Others may not come along with what our lives require, but taking a stand on our principles is always a good thing.  At the same time, hard work is undone if we become bitter or judgmental.  Others are doing exactly what is appropriate for them.

20th – Thursday – Venus Square Pluto, Mercury Parallel Neptune –    Others have options that elude us.   Sitting loose in the saddle allows us to cover some distance quickly.  Tension is the sign of inner conflict.  We can move beyond the difficulties of the moment if we relax and let the ideas of the cosmos impregnate our normal thought process.  The future pioneers of culture are learning to think in a new way.

21st – Friday –  There are a hundred and one small tasks we have set aside, at least mentally, for a later time.  Well, now is the time to take them up.  Our life actually rests on the shoulders of things that look unimportant.  Even though, by necessity, we must prioritize, there is a place for everything, and there are no insignificant people.  We need to honor the multiplicity of the universe.

22nd – Saturday –  Mercury Quincunx Uranus, Sun Conjunct Venus, Mercury Trine Saturn, Saturn turns Direct –  There is some confusion and unique information seems relevant but is just a distraction.  We can complete the tasks at hand and be gratified to have finished another round of something important.  At the same time, our actions now can look like boring habits repeating themselves automatically.  Common place things done today will carry significance in the future.

23rd – Sunday –  Venus enters Scorpio,  Sun enters Scorpio,  Venus Quincunx Jupiter, Sun Quincunx Jupiter  –  Impulsiveness can move us out of our comfort zone before we realize what we have done.  We are fortunate if we are satisfied with what we have and are willing to let sleeping dogs lie, so to speak.  There are many things we could do but lots of these things actually belong to someone else.  This is all part of gaining self-definition.

24th – Monday –  Energy is running low.  Time spent in meditation is useful.  To deny the world is changing is to be very short-sighted, and to ignore the obvious.  The beauty of this inner moment is that we can rest on a plateau of consciousness before the next big push.

25th – Tuesday –  The New Moon is a Solar Eclipse on the 2nd degree of Scorpio, Mercury Quincunx Neptune –  Our commitments, preferences, and addictions intensify or evaporate.  Vastly creative imagery of how life could be at its best continually stirs the mental pot.  It is easy to make commitments under the heat of fantastical events. However, it will be very difficult to fulfill the promises we wish to make.  It is prudent to set goals with the long view in mind.

26th – Wednesday –  Mercury Trine Mars – Energy, enthusiasm, and a flood of information propel us forward against the norms of society, as well as the ones we have created for ourselves.  Until we are free, we don’t have any idea of the nature of our bindings.  To be free from the past doesn’t mean we are leaving behind the law of gravity; lessons of life come with us.

27th – Thursday –  Mercury Square Pluto –  When we add things up the picture looks pretty much the same.  We are caught between a desire and belief that if we understand our situation perfectly, everyone would agree.  And on the other hand, the circumstances in life seem fairly cut and dried; the facts are the facts and no amount of spin can make them different.  The first step in establishing lasting harmony now may be silence.  Eventually we will reach a higher mental synthesis.

28th – Friday –  Jupiter Retrogrades back into Pisces –  We take a new approach to an old problem.  In the process we discover the wisdom in some ideas we earlier discarded as folly.  Through the softening of intentions, the beauty and relevance of alternative methods come to light.   It turns out that our elders were a lot smarter than we thought.

29th – Saturday –  Venus Sesquiquadrate Neptune, Mercury Quincunx Jupiter,  Mercury enters Scorpio  –  We may have been shy in expressing belief in things unseen.  In a flash of inspiration we “let it all hang out.”  A deep love of others can be generalized so that we feel at one with the universe.  At the same time, we keep shifting weight from one foot to another in order to gain balance.  Finally, we find peace through patience; equilibrium comes after awhile.

30th – Sunday –  Mars turns Retrograde –  Even though we take our foot off the accelerator, the momentum of our past actions still propels us forward.   Well-trod ground looks like innovation from a higher perspective, and we move in tandem with the unified structures of established protocol.   Inner satisfaction comes when we do the right thing, even when our offerings are unrecognized.

31st – Monday –  Sun Sesquiquadrate Neptune,  Venus Sesquiquadrate Mars, Sun Parallel Venus –  It seems that everything important has to happen at once.  Prioritizing sounds nice, but circumstances develop so fast that it feels like we just deal with what lands in our in box.  Learning to trust the wisdom of nature is a long process.  Love is never out of fashion, but the expression of feeling can sometimes create misunderstanding.  The more that we let the inner fragrance of love penetrate our interior world; the faster our heart is purified.

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My Personal Note

On the 28th of September, the hurricane Ian was dead center over Naples, Florida.  I lost power.  I called my daughter, Katie, who lives about ten minutes south of me; she had power so I got in the car with my laptop and some notes and drove down to finish my newsletter.  The storm surge and flooding was so great that I would have been trapped if I hadn’t left when I did.  Instead, I got trapped at Katie’s place. It is one of those continuing miracles that this newsletter got written and out.  We are trying to edit and then send it with a neighbor’s internet.

“Try to be always happy.  Never think, ‘life is dreadful,’ ‘I’m tired of life.’ Such thoughts make life miserable. But if you think, ‘life is worth living,’ all difficulties will appear insignificant. I will help you try to develop love. Never think, ‘I am alone, I have so much to do, I am poor, and so on.’ All are poor. The whole world is poor. Even millionaires are poor because they have greed and want more. Love someone and I will help you. Do not worry, My blessings.”   – Meher Baba

“When there is love in your heart, everything outside of you also becomes lovable.”  -Veeresh


Bob Mulligan is available for personal appointments, astrology classes, and astrological material.  Call him at 239-261-2840 or by e-mail at  Visit our web site,