The Astrology Company: January 2023 by Bob Mulligan

January 2023

By Bob Mulligan

(a personal note is at the end of the newsletter)


2023 Highlights 

There are three important astronomical circumstances that shape the events of 2023. 1) Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, and the Nodes of the Moon all change signs showing alterations in external circumstances.  Public opinion shifts profoundly. 2) Venus Retrograde happens for 40 days every two years.  This time around will be a period of self-reflection. And 3) Four Eclipses which have great potency and tell a detailed story of the next few years. 

Pluto moves into Aquarius March 23rd and stays until June 11thThis is a preview of the tremendous change in life potency.  This will be permanent next year, when we will see the final destruction of obstructing forces. 

Saturn enters Pisces March 7th where he will be until May 25th, 2025.  Saturn rules boundaries, and in Pisces they will be less pronounced.  The rules in many hierarchies will shift into more open-ended individual honoring patterns. 

Jupiter enters Taurus May 16th, where he will remain until May 25th, 2024.  This will usher in a deeper appreciation for the earth herself.  It will be during this period that real strategies develop for reversing climate catastrophe. 

The Nodes of the Moon move into Aries/Libra July 12thIn January of 2025 the Nodes move into Pisces.  This 18-month period will favor high voltage involvement and direct action.  Many problems will be solved and new ones created. 

Venus Retrogrades in Leo from July 23rd to September 4thThis forty day period will give us a time to reflect on how we express our deeper love, and give us an opportunity to open our hearts. 

The Four Eclipses of 2023

The first two Eclipses are on the World Point, and will have a vast and lasting effect.  The last two Eclipses consolidate gains we have made during the last couple of years.  We will have much to discuss as we get closer to them.

The Total Solar Eclipse on April 20th is on the 29th degree of Aries.

The Lunar Eclipse on May 5th is on 14 degrees 58 minutes of Taurus/Scorpio.

The Solar Eclipse on October 14th is on the 21st degree of Libra.

The Lunar Eclipse on October 28th   is on the 5th degree of Scorpio/Taurus.


January Highlights 

In the Winter Solstice chart last December, the Sun was Square Jupiter; Venus Trine Uranus; Mercury Sextile Neptune with Saturn on the Midpoint Semi-sextile both. This shows both fear and faith working together; with Mercury in Capricorn slow, practical outcomes are expected. Mercury, Mars, and Venus will manifest the mental side of the Solstice chart in January. 

Mars turns direct on 12th.  Mercury turns direct on the 18th, Uranus turns direct on the 22ndThis shows great physical output, and carefully focused energy toward long languishing  projects. 

Venus starts the month in Capricorn, enters Aquarius on the 2nd, and enters Pisces on the 26th.  With Venus (goddess of love) in the last three signs of the zodiac, social unrest is certain. In the progressed USA chart, Venus Opposes Saturn and is Sextile to her natal position. The voice of the Divine Feminine demands to be heard. Transiting Venus Conjuncts the Midheaven and Moon of the USA chart.  During January the release of feminine energy will be felt throughout the globe.


The Full Moon 

The Full Moon occurs on January 6th at 6:07 PM EST on the 16th degree of Capricorn/Cancer.  Mister Mercury is over active; Sun Conjunct Retrograde Mercury, which opposes the Moon and Trines Uranus. We will throw away a lot of valuable ideas as well as material objects; through this process, what is most important surfaces. Alternatives are unacceptable, but the good news is bad choices will be lodged in the unconscious for a long time. Uranus Trine Sun and Sextile Moon raises dialogue to a higher level. Venus Trines a Retrograde Mars and Sextiles Jupiter. This challenges us to put aside our narrow view of what must happen. We must cooperate with others until we really understand them.  Jupiter separating from the Sextile to Pluto gives added panache to the inner war between self and others.


The Sun enters Aquarius 

The Sun enters Aquarius on the 20th at 3:31 AM EST. The Moon (the public) Conjunct Mercury (information); they are in Capricorn; material results will be required, even if it brings pain.  This Conjunction is Quincunx Mars in Gemini; all month more information will be required to satisfy everyone’s insatiable curiosity.  Sun Conjunct Pluto between Aquarius and Capricorn showing that even as we move forward, the results of a scorched earth policy will dog us all solar month. In Washington, D.C. the only planet above the horizon is Mars.  Because Mars is in the 7th house, it is suggested that lots of confrontation will be seen over policy, money, and natural resources.  Stressful, but the conclusion will be beneficial. 

The New Moon 

The New Moon is on January 21st at 3:53 PM EST on 1 degree 33 minutes of Aquarius. Jupiter is Sextile both the New Moon and Mars.  This gives a progressive push to all our projects.  Mercury Trine the North Node of the Moon and Uranus secures the success of forward looking activities provided we stay grounded.  Oh yes, Mercury is Square Jupiter and Quincunx Mars promising trouble if we get too stuck on our own ideas.  Arrogance is the enemy. Venus Conjunct Saturn in Aquarius gives us permission to enter into collaborative enterprises.


The Weeks 

From the 1st to the 8th introduces a period of regrouping.  Our natural impulse is to innovate, to try something new.  However, the real juice is present in the earth that our plow has recently turned over. Rummaging through the results of our actions will eventually reveal the insights and data we are after.

From the 9th to the 15th the inclination to run from one thing to another is not the byproduct of our insatiable curiosity; it is our attempt to be thorough. Juggling too many interests and obligations bring exhaustion.  Life is easiest if we finish what we can, without starting anything new.

From the 16th to the 22nd writing, talking, and all forms of communication have the potential to bring closure.  With effort, logic and unclouded perceptions replace fuzzy thinking.  So many things have been solo enterprises.  Collective action is more powerful and possible. 

From the 23rd to the 31st luck comes through social interaction. Vibrant opportunities emerge because we have done our homework.  Gain is commensurate with time and energy we have invested. Enthusiasm builds over the next few weeks.


 The Days 

1st – Sunday – Venus Conjunct Pluto –  The world pace is slow, even, and definite.  The only real mistakes now are doing nothing, or acting without deliberation. In all the confusion it is comforting to believe that all the circumstances in life will soon make sense.  It is as if we were asleep, thrown in a pool, and wake up swimming. 

2nd – Monday – Mercury Sextile Neptune, Mercury Semi-sextile Saturn, Venus enters Aquarius –  As we pick up the pieces, we see embedded symmetry that we may not have noticed. Envisioning a better world is the doorway to creating purity of mind. Hard work is necessary, but it is much easier when we have clarified what is ours and what is not. 

3rd – Tuesday –  Sun Parallel Pluto – We can make big strides forward if we read the foreshadowing.  The world is experiencing a speed-up of climate change; our past collective actions reach a new level.  We win if we accept the inevitable and keep on task. 

4th – Wednesday – Venus Sextile Jupiter – We can innovate successfully, as long as we stay within the parameters dictated by the environment.  A propensity for unique ideas and methods take us away on an imaginary journey; a love of life sparkles and meaning emerges from the chaos.

5th – Thursday – Sun Trine Uranus – Inspiration must be practical, tangible, and immediate if it is to be relevant.  Daydreaming about a distant happy ending is not useful for today’s thought process.  Paying attention to changes in other people’s lives can be a guide.  If others think something is important, it’s important.

6th – Friday –  Saturn Semi-sextile Neptune, the Full Moon occurs on January 6th at 6:07 PM EST on the 16th degree of Capricorn/Cancer – Prophetic intuitions about the future are the foundation for action.  Materializing ideals requires two things: letting go of good things that clutter our day; and two, be willing to go it alone to find the truth.  This is a brave step to take if there is no guarantee that we can ever share our discovery.   

7th – Saturday – Sun Conjunct Mercury – A reality check means counting how many chickens have actually hatched.  Time hanging out in a higher space, ruled by our ultimate values, is perfect inspiration for the road ahead.

8th – Sunday – Mercury Trine Uranus – While looking for a new approach, we can analyze our circumstances from a different angle.  Brilliance is sometimes found in the ordinary.  Boredom is not in the circumstance, but comes from attitude. When we are flat broke, we need to examine what is in our pocket. 

9th – Monday –  Venus Semi-square Neptune, Venus Trine Mars, Mercury Parallel Venus –  Happiness is based on love and synthesis. What we love and who we love should fulfill us.  To make our values and our thought process like each other is the synthesis of various ingredients of our current life experience. 

10th – Tuesday –  Do we need to have things go our way?  There is room for other people in our life; they have different points of view.  We can compromise without surrendering our principles.  Besides, very little is at stake; tomorrow all will be forgotten. 

11th – Wednesday – Mercury Semi-sextile Venus – Appreciation for our own past can be an act of personal liberation.  A change of heart can free us.  Whatever past mistakes haunt us, they have done their job if we learn. 

12th – Thursday – Mars turns Direct –  There is light at the end of the tunnel, but it is too soon to see the source of illumination. One step at a time can carry us forward.  The only danger is that our enthusiasm can lead us into precipitous behavior; this creates unnecessary complications.  Next week we can act with gusto. 

13th – Friday –  Sun Sextile Neptune, Sun Sesquiquadrate Mars –  Although our faith is strong and determination is present, we need to pace ourselves.  Too much outpouring of energy can leave us depleted.  New found abilities give greater scope of action; still, our energy has a limit. Pacing and balance is the key to satisfaction. 

14th – Saturday – Sun Semi-sextile Saturn, Venus Square Uranus – If we paint inside the lines, our progress is gradual but significant.  An act of kindness comes via the new people we let into our lives.  We have much to be thankful for; our bounty is preparing to increase. 

15th – Sunday –  We suffer emotionally if we make today all about work.  Personal relationships are a source of continual enjoyment; they open our lives to what some call luck.  When we are relaxed and silent, the fish bite. Yes, we can find our spot, then wait for the good life to find us.

16th – Monday –  We may have a vague feeling that we have overlooked something important.  This is just another sign that we are in tune with the cosmos. Changes are with us; see, hear, and feel the world differently now. 

17th – Tuesday –  Mercury Quincunx Mars, Venus Semi-square Jupiter –  Nervous energy and restless sentiments add spice to the day.  The origin of our discomfort is unclear.  The disruption is real; our difficulty comes because what we make of it.  If we are blamed for things we didn’t do, chalk it up to simple mistaken identity.

18th – Wednesday –  Mercury turns Direct, Sun Conjunct Pluto –  We may be tempted to plan ten steps ahead; this is ok if we use our God given vision to see what is right in front of us. This is where we need our attention.  Besides, what we imagine is likely to evaporate, or manifest later in a completely different form. 

19th – Thursday –  Sun Parallel Mercury, Venus Contra-parallel Uranus –  Corrections originate from unlikely people.  Truth may pour forth from the mouth of a pathological liar.  The source doesn’t matter.  Inspiration is in the air; we can pick it up by osmosis.  Notes taken now will have significance later. We are getting to know ourselves. 

20th – Friday – Sun enters Aquarius on the 20th at 3:31 AM EST, Mercury Quincunx Mars –  Cautious optimism colors our surveyance of possible future landscapes.   All activities aim at a single objective.  Whatever conflict we experience is rooted in the desire for something new; safety is jettisoned.  One way or another, we are breaking out of our bubble.

21st – Saturday –  Venus Semi-sextile Neptune, the New Moon is at 3:53 PM EST on 1 degree 33 minutes of Aquarius –  Even though our path is measured, realistic, and vigilant; we are still on the road to new frontiers.  Substantive gains do not have to be sacrificed in order to innovate.  Good traditions will be restored.   As our consciousness moves to a higher plane, our values shift to uncover deeper meaning. 

22nd – Sunday – Mercury Semi-square Venus, Venus Conjunct Saturn, Uranus turns Direct –  To follow our heart’s desire, we need to release ourselves from fear.  Layers of incrusted habits can be discarded if we have the courage to act on our finer impulses.  Although our activities are solitary, others are there to assist us when we take life affirming steps. 

23rd – Monday –  Venus Parallel Saturn, Mercury Semi-square Saturn – Limitations are self imposed.  Initially, this may not seem true, but when we examine how these circumstances developed, we find ourselves in the mirror. Frustration and conflict are just a way to wake up. 

24th – Tuesday –  Sun Sextile Jupiter –  By embracing the positive opportunities in front of us, we are able to make rapid progress.  The cheerfulness of the day can be spread around. Joy grows only when it is shared. “You can’t be rich if your neighbors are poor.” 

25th – Wednesday – Venus Semi-sextile Pluto –  Freedom of expression should reflect an inner awareness of the oneness of all.  This is a time of radical transformation.  Our worst attributes can be repurposed. The love for all will eventually power a revolt against selfishness.

26th – Thursday – Venus enters Pisces –  Time to slow down and take a bow.  The curtain drops; this important act comes to conclusion.  To face the higher truth of our existence is what really matters.  Concerns of the world dwindle in importance through time. 

27th – Friday –  We chomp at the bit against the sternness of circumstances.  Disappointments and setbacks are just stepping stones across the troubling waters of the unconscious.  We enter a new vehicle; it takes time to get our sea legs.

28th – Saturday – Sun Semi-square Neptune – We are reminded by the  stress in the environment that our higher values need attention.  The most important things in our lives need immediate reaffirmation. “First things first.”  We each have a job to do. 

29th – Sunday –  Sun Trine Mars, Mercury Trine Uranus –  The cannons are blazing and the insights are flying high.  We are on the road to great accomplishments; we just have to be willing to go the distance.  Tangible results are guaranteed by hard work, coupled with a series of unique opportunities. 

30th – Monday –  Overreach can spell trouble.  Knowing when enough is enough brings peace of mind.  Knowing what is right for us doesn’t mean that we know what anyone else should do.  Nerves are frayed and can become externalized when unrecognized. Anger doesn’t heal. 

31st – Tuesday – Venus Semi-sextile Jupiter – If we have been patient and use our good fortune to help others, the path in front is joyous. Pleasant conversation and relaxed exchanges allow us to prepare for the next leg of the journey.

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My Personal Note 

My daughter, Bailey, and I talk once a week. She asked me to mentor her in her chosen profession as an astrologer.  When I started into astrology in 1973, I made a promise to myself that I would not leave anyone without a roadmap that entered the field.  In almost 50 years in the field, after having mentored many other astrologers, after having written dozens of articles on the subject; I have something to offer.  If someone asks, I help. 

The list of people who have helped me with my book is lengthy.  There is still some rewrite to be done on one chapter.  I’ll have some better news next month. 

I’ve been asked to have question and answer sessions again.  If people are interested, I will make the time for it.  Let me know.  Dallisa, who organized the Summit, has asked me to do something online with her.  There is only so much time.  I’m at a decision point; everything is on the table. 

When I was 5 years old in 1953, Bobby Osborn released his first album.  A few years ago, I heard his recent album on NPR.  When I searched out one of his songs on YouTube, there was a video with it that I also enjoyed. It is a song about contentment:  Bobby Osborne – “Kentucky Morning” – YouTube 

My oldest child, Hannah, was a professional surfer living on Maui. Every time I would visit her, I could feel the body of God through nature.  In 1995, when I was in Hawaii as the astrologer for a seminar, I was inundated by this song.  Everywhere I went on the Island (stores, gas stations, arenas) this song was playing.  I looked it up on YouTube recently and it has a video.  The song and video describes the sacredness of Mother Nature. Hawaiian Style Band – “Heiau” Video – YouTube

This can help you have more productive mornings and explain why:  The Optimal Morning Routine – Andrew Huberman – YouTube

There is a candle in your heart ready to be kindled.  There is a void in your soul ready to be filled. – Rumi


Bob Mulligan is available for personal appointments, astrology classes, and astrological material.  Call him at 239-261-2840 or by e-mail at  Visit our web site,