The Astrology Company: June 2023 by Bob Mulligan

June 2023

By Bob Mulligan

(a personal note is at the end of the newsletter)


June Highlights 

Pluto Retrogrades back into Capricorn on the 11th, Squaring the Eclipse point from April 19th, and will be in this general vicinity until early next year.  This indicates that we will be dealing with turmoil boiling over from the divisions between groups of people separated because of religious and political beliefs. It is possible that we could actually go through some healing.  Each of us can do our part.

Saturn in Pisces turns Retrograde on the 17thThis will be a period of reflection until November when he turns direct. This can be a time where plans change or are canceled. Progress in projects aimed at material results will slow down and require patience. 

Jupiter Sextiles Saturn on the 19th.   We take tentative and positive steps toward the creation of a new culture.  This was promised by their Conjunction at zero Aquarius in 2020.  Early signs of this uplift us as we remember our dedication to our cause.  Jupiter in Taurus brings growth in the material arena; Saturn in Pisces defines our aspirations.  Linking these two makes the  mystical tangible.  Ideals find practical expression, strengthening as we energize our beliefs.  As we put them into practice, we ground our aspirations. Saturn is ruled by Neptune in Pisces which is faith; Jupiter in Taurus is ruled by Venus in Leo, which is love. We can take a giant step forward; self-worth grows through faith (Neptune) and love (Venus).

Neptune Retrogrades on the 30th and turns Direct 159 days later on December 6th.  Most of the rest of the year, the world will integrate the cultural changes we have been observing through the last few years. For each of us, this will be a time of connecting to our intuition, if we want to remain as effective in our lives as we have been.  Our own relationship with this planet is shown by his placement in our birth chart. 

Mercury starts the month at 15 Taurus and ends at 6 Cancer. Mercury is in Gemini, his own sign, from the 11th until the 26th.   Mercury rules transportation and communication.  Because Mercury is moving so fast, how information is evaluated and integrated becomes a more pressing issue.  Near the end of the month, when Mercury crosses into Cancer on the 26th, this becomes more natural.


The Full Moon 

The Full Moon is on the 3rd at 11:41 PM EDT on the 13th degree of Gemini/Sagittarius.  Jupiter (ruler of the Moon) is Conjunct the North Node of the Moon and Mercury (ruler of the Sun) is Conjunct Uranus. This indicates that this will be a time of expanse and acquisition.  Knowing what is worth hanging onto is most important at this time. Venus (ruler of Taurus) is Trine Neptune and Opposite Pluto.  The danger here can be eliminating the wrong things and holding onto past treasures that have no use.  It is difficult to see beyond the pattern of current habits with half of the planets in fixed signs.  Patience and a calm mental attitude land us in the right spot. 


The New Moon 

The New Moon is on June 18th at 12:36 AM EDT on 26 degrees 43 minutes of Gemini.  Mercury is in his own sign of Gemini which rules the New Moon.  Mercury is Sextile Venus helping us see ways for everyone to win.  The New Moon in Gemini is traditionally a time for growth and branching out.  This particular one has a Square to Neptune and Quincunx to Pluto which can be inspirational, but we need to be careful that we don’t get impulsive.  Responding too quickly to changes in the environment complicate circumstances unnecessarily.  Conversations designed for problem solving are most fruitful. 

The Sun enters Cancer 

The Sun enters Cancer on the 21st; this is the Summer Solstice. It happens at 10:59 AM EDT.  Jupiter Sextile Saturn indicates we are taking the next step forward, and that our ideals are destined to bear fruit.  Mercury Sextile Mars shows that we need confidence in all our assertions.  Because the Moon is in mutual reception with the Sun, we can assume our truthful insights will be well received. The next three months will require constant mental adjustment.  If we stay in honest alignment with our higher truths, we will always see our way through.

The Weeks 

From the 1st to the 4th enthusiasm, confidence in one’s self, and faith in life manifest miraculous achievements.  Fear promotes bad decisions.  Regardless of how tentative worldly circumstances seem, a little kindness and concern toward others will smooth out rough feelings. 

From the 5th to the 11th even when we know what we want, it is helpful to have a trained ear for the cries of others.  Postponing our own progress to assist another has its own rewards.  Opening our hearts allows the generosity to multiply.  Freedom comes by helping others and staying detached.

From the 12th to the 18th by seeing missed opportunities in a new light we are able to reframe our current situation.  It isn’t just judgments that need to go; it is the mental garbage following us from the past. Life is fun when we learn to travel light.  We are preparing for new experiences. 

From the 19th to the 25th we land on our feet when we dream big, and translate vision into productive actions.  New options appear.  To take advantage of the current wave of possibilities, we need faith. Not everything that we plan on doing must be done now, but we do need to take tangible steps.

From the 26th to the 30th pent up emotions burst forth.  Violence and misunderstanding cloud the picture of what is truly possible.  There are inner resources that are not at our disposal, but with effort and practice they will open.  This is the last gasp of an old way of being that must pass.  Our personal life mirrors the larger world.

The Days 

1st – Thursday –  Mars Quincunx Saturn –  Our gut instincts are powered by past experiences of blocked passageways.  Our goals are different now.  We are apt to take on duties that aren’t ours, or to neglect tasks that are our given responsibilities.  As long as we aren’t in a hurry, we can find the way through the obstacle course. 

2nd – Friday – Venus Trine Neptune  –  Relaxing and enjoying the world around us is more fulfilling when we relate our emotional impressions to our past experiences.  The desire to receive harmonious reinforcement allows us to straddle two worlds: here and now, and events of personal significance from our frozen past. 

3rd – Saturday – The Full Moon is on the 3rd at 11:41 PM EDT on the 13th degree of Gemini/Sagittarius – Isolation is not a good option; however, there are some personal observations that require direct action.  For all of this we don’t need to be in a hurry, we just have to see where we are going and move.    

4th – Sunday –  Mercury Conjunct Uranus –  Mental activity precedes movement.   Planning comes on the tail end of new insights.  We are getting ready to take action; it is alright if our behavior is momentarily sedentary.  As Stephen Covey said, we need to take time for “sharpening the saw”. 

5th – Monday – Venus Contra-parallel Pluto, Venus enters Leo, Venus Opposite Pluto, Sun Sesquiquadrate Pluto –   Compulsions are strong.  Self- analysis can reveal an underlying inner war.  Do we believe that we can’t get, or don’t deserve the things we crave?  In either case, no outer world activity will bring peace or satisfaction.  Only transformation works, and this is an inside job. 

6th – Tuesday –  Sun Contra-parallel Pluto –  Others step up to help us when we are on the right track.  We may be tempted to go outside the boundaries of common sense or even common decency.  Generally, we are better off staying within the confines of convention.  We are experiencing the last gasps of things put in motion long ago. 

7th – Wednesday – Tension can build if we are not able to establish the harmony we envision.  Our capacity to tolerate other people’s shortcomings is tested. Freedom comes by disconnecting from the cycle of change going on around us.  Popularity and recognition are nice, but don’t take care of basic requirements of life.

8th – Thursday –  Other people’s distemper and unsettledness doesn’t need to ruin our day.  Yes, we all affect each other in the process of just existing, but we can channel circumstances in the environment.  Repurposing anger, violence, and anxiety only requires forethought and determination.  The extra energy is nice.

9th – Friday –  Mercury Sextile Neptune –  Even when our memory is porous, valuable insights stream into consciousness.  Integrating our rational thought process with psychic perceptions is fairly easy when we stay relaxed.  Detachment helps when our mind moves slow but events keep speeding up. 

10th – Saturday – Mercury Parallel Uranus – Milking last week’s insights for more information is actually rewarding.  So much has happened so quickly that it is worth backing up for a second look.  We may have forgotten the feeling of exhilaration and hope that earlier insights brought us. 

11th – Sunday – Mars Sesquiquadrate Neptune, Pluto Retrogrades back into Capricorn, Mercury Trine Pluto, Mercury enters Gemini, Venus Square Jupiter, Mercury Parallel Mars –  Timing is everything.  But, how to get it right? Even though we have an eye for the future, what we need and want right now has most value.  We can’t “have our cake and eat it too.”  Conflict between professed ideals and the method for fulfilling them can place us in a dilemma. The ends don’t justify the means.  The ends are the means. 

12th – Monday –  Exhilaration powers our forward steps.  We must move.  Regardless of our emotional state, it is hard to bypass the enthusiasm of the moment.  Balance is gained while staying in motion.  Problems are solved with one step at a time like a series of geometric equations.  

13th – Tuesday –  Venus Quincunx Saturn, Sun Semi-square Venus –  We can actually do something about emotional bondage.  Escaping the confines of difficulties in partnership may mean nothing more than stepping back and observing.  If we really want to change our pattern of relating, we must change ourselves. 

14th – Wednesday –  Mars Parallel Uranus –  Confidence brings action.  This, in turn, brings positive results.  It is easy and understandable to be impatient.  Others are not moving as fast as we think they should, or they are pushing too hard.  The proper tempo is hard to acquire.  Getting on the same page with others may be out of reach, but we make personal progress when we simplify. 

15th – Thursday –  Mercury Semi-sextile Jupiter, Mercury Parallel Venus, Mercury Square Saturn –  When something is inhibiting us, we need to identify the culprit, and slow down.  Our attention is out in front of where our feet are actually placed.  It is easy to project all kinds of things that aren’t imminent.  We need to be cautious, but still move. 

16th – Friday –  Curiosity prompts exploration.  Even though we are winding up and concluding current tasks, we may be forced to look at new material just for the adventure.  Head and heart can link together for a common purpose.  It is good to take time to communicate positive thoughts to our companions near and far. 

17th – Saturday –  Mercury Sextile Venus, Saturn turns Retrograde –  When we take the time to look a little deeper, the light goes on.  Understanding our own motives and intuitions allows us to use our energy more efficiently going forward.  Meditation, rumination, and planning are all favorable.  Introspection is ground clearing.

18th – Sunday – The New Moon is at 12:36 AM EDT on 26 degrees 43 minutes of Gemini, Sun Square Neptune –   Antsiness can have us fidgeting.  It is difficult to relax when there seems to be so much motion in the world, inner and outer.  Calming our mind allows us to see more clearly what is ahead.  New information is all around, but we don’t have to gather it all in.  Discrimination and abundance reinforce each other.  

19th – Monday – Jupiter Sextile Saturn, Mercury Sesquiquadrate Pluto, Venus Sesquiquadrate Neptune –  Emotion and logic don’t automatically agree. It is as if powerful strangers intercede in the family, and we are drawn in two directions at once.  Hidden inner conflict surfaces and there can be a swift resolution – if we are brave enough to face our own inconsistencies.  The higher logic of our true life path is harmony, and it calls us now.

20th – Tuesday –  When we recognize that we are being badgered by old issues, we can either roll up our sleeves and get to work, or we can assess the situation these issues foster in our lives and determine that it is not time to “lance the boil”.  In either case, the friction didn’t start today and will not reach conclusion now. Maturity shows us the way to listen and wait.

21st – Wednesday – The Sun enters Cancer (the Summer Solstice) at 10:59 AM EDT –  We are getting our second wind today.  Self-assurance is plentiful.  There is no need to argue or fight.  Also, there is no need to convince others of our intention, mission, or viewpoint.  What is important is that we express ourselves; we need to see what has been brewing inside.  Writing thoughts down is the first step to taking real action.

22nd – Thursday –  Venus Parallel Uranus, Mercury Semi-sextile Uranus –  We need some careful attention to our own thought process before opening our mouth.  Impulsive but transient thoughts have a way of sticking in other people’s minds when uttered in haste.  When we share ideas over common ground, friends are likely to contribute useful ideas. 

23rd – Friday – Mercury Semi-square Jupiter –  The quest for information seems to be unquenchable.  Equally compelling is a desire to make sense of new data.  Sorting, labeling, and organizing are preliminary to any reevaluation of our direction.  Changing course is not called for but a reality check, starting with our own temperament, is helpful.

24th – Saturday –  Frustration arises when we feel blocked by circumstances.  Concentrating on the procedures that are within our control brings clarity.  Understanding that our progress is slow is helpful.  Completing our given tasks supplies a sense of meaning.  Eliminating extraneous things makes prioritizing easier, more productive, and fun. 

25th – Sunday –  Mercury Square Neptune –  If the world seems a little out of focus, stepping back and taking the long view of life helps.  We dream. The imaginative aspect of thinking puts gathered pieces of historical data in suspension for a while.  There will come a time when true integration between the factual and creative side of thinking can occur. 

26th – Monday – Mars Square Uranus, Mercury Quincunx Pluto, Mercury enters Cancer –  Impulsiveness can spell trouble.   Ideas come to us that are familiar, but mildly unpleasant.  The good news is that we can challenge our own assumption, gather further information on well-trod ground, and come up with new insights. It is good to find common ground and share emotional impressions with all.  Listening can be healing. 

27th – Tuesday –  It is all about connecting, sharing, and putting our best foot forward.  A happy face can help others.  There is a wellspring of inner joy that grows when expressed.  Little bursts of reinforcement can brighten our day.  Something good is coming.  We can feel it. Now must be receptive and patient. 

28th – Wednesday –  Sun Semi-square Uranus, Sun Trine Saturn, Mercury Semi-square Venus – Unconventional actions put us in a place of needing to corral our energy and enthusiasm. We can’t be all things to all people, so it is helpful to our own progress that we don’t waste time explaining ourselves to others.  Even without trying, we will be with those that count. 

29th – Thursday –  Mercury Semi-square Uranus –  This is one of the moments when electrically charged ideas pierce the veil of our self-created illusions.  When we pay attention we gather the strength of the insights being offered.  At the same time, we can’t share our experience, but we can demonstrate any real change in life through our actions. 

30th – Friday – Mercury Trine Saturn, Neptune turns Retrograde –  Intimate thoughts can be shared if we choose our audience carefully. Self-reflection, in partnership with the observation of our close associates, allows us to see their concerns more clearly.  When we reconstitute our pattern of acknowledging commonality, we deepen our appreciation for each other. 

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My Personal Note 

It finally comes down to the long predicted move.  Naples, Florida has been my home for a long time.  I moved here in August of 1981.  So many new places and ideas have called out to me.  Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is a logical choice since Meher Center is there.  Also three of my children, two granddaughters, and many long time friends live in the nearby community.  It isn’t clear yet.  My last day in my current location will either be July 4th or September 1st.   It might not be possible to write a Newsletter at the time of moving.  I want you to know that I care for each of you, and writing this newsletter is not just something else I do. 

I saw a few heart specialists today.  I’ll be taking some medications and getting some new tests.  We will see what Joel, my GP wants me to do next. 

My eye sight has improved some through cataract surgery. I get a new prescription tomorrow. 

There is movement with the book.  More editing; the book cover is receiving some help from my California friends, Annette and Roger.  They are professional designers. 

My first trip to India in January of 1976 was memorable for many reasons. First and foremost, I was in the physical presence of Meher Baba.  There were thousands of people coming and going during our many months stay.  Before leaving the USA, I made arrangements for my wife and I to stay at Villo Villa .  Her home was a beautiful Victorian mansion that no longer exists, on the outskirts of Ahmednagar.  This neighborhood  is  very pleasant, quiet,  and well manicured.  Of the hundred of westerners that were there, less than a dozen of us were residing at Viloo’s sumptuous mansion.  (We all sat at the same table for meals so there couldn’t have been many of us).    Being there was stepping back 50 years into the time of the British Raj.  One of the other pilgrims staying there was Peter Townsend.  We visited at meals and every night we went into the living room and he played music for us…he also required everyone else to share some music.   It was great fun and very intimate.   There was an Australian television crew that made a movie of the events around Meher Baba’s celebration of Armartithi and His birthday.  I was in a number of shots in the film.  I ran with a torch from Meher Baba’s bedroom in Meherazad to his final resting place at Meherabad, a distance of about 15 miles.  We left at 5 AM.  

Often songs have secret meanings.

Everyone remembers the Who performing “Tommy” but you may have forgotten this one:

The Who – Join Together – YouTube 

I wanted to share this song from the Grateful Dead’s last concert, just before Jerry Garcia passed away.

Grateful Dead – So Many Roads – 7/9/95 – YouTube

The Lord willing, I will see you next month. 

“The dawn of love facilitates the death of selfishness. Being is dying by loving.”  Meher Baba


Bob Mulligan is available for personal appointments, astrology classes, and astrological material.  Call him at 239-261-2840 or by e-mail at  Visit our web site,