The Astrology Company: September 2023 by Bob Mulligan

September 2023

By Bob Mulligan

(a personal note is at the end of the newsletter)


September Highlights 

Venus (goddess of love and beauty) is in Leo (sign of the heart); she turns direct on the 3rd.   This ends a period of emotional reflection that started on July 22nd.  We enter a time of expanded and direct expression of our true feelings.  Her energy shifts again when Venus goes into Virgo on October 8th. 

Jupiter turns Retrograde on the 4th, and the five outer planets will be Retrograde for the rest of the month.  This indicates two things: one, we will have more difficulty communicating our deeper thoughts; and two, we will either be stuck in current habits or have a tendency to wander. The key to success is to keep our focus narrow and unwavering.

Mercury (thought processes) Trines Jupiter (ethics) on the 4th.  Then, the messenger of the gods turns Direct on the 15th and makes another Trine to Jupiter (king of the gods) on the 25thConsequently, the whole month is under the spell of our higher and lower mind working together toward a practical end.  They are both in earth signs which require tangible results. 

Venus Square Jupiter on the 17th shows universal high expectations, as both planets are on 15 degrees of fixed signs.  This is the World Point and the effects are global. Optimism is on the rise.

The Sun (self) is Opposite Neptune (ideals) on the 19th then Trine Pluto (potency) on the 21st.  This shows the desire to manifest some higher vision of truth. However, diligent effort is indicated by Sun Contra-parallel Neptune on the 16th then Parallel on the 30th. Success comes because we change our approach.


The New Moon 

The New Moon is on September 14th at 9:40 PM EDT on 21 degrees 58 minutes of Virgo, and is Trine Uranus, and Opposite Neptune.  We benefit by using newly acquired utensils to improve our efficiency.  Mercury is Stationary turning Direct and Trine Jupiter.  Simple, natural, and wholesome movements in the outdoors comfort the mind and body.  Venus Square Jupiter reminds us that we need to be aware of how much we are sharing; does it match what we are accumulating?  Over-indulgence is the danger. 


The Sun enters Libra 

The Sun crosses into Libra on the 23rd at 2:51 AM EDT. This is the Fall Equinox.  The chart shows events for the next three months.  The dominant features are Mercury Trine Jupiter, the Moon being on the Mars Neptune Midpoint, and Venus Square Jupiter.  We vacillate between having the right answers to the questions we are confronted with, and lack of faith in ourselves to carry them forward. In order to fulfill our destiny, we need to push through any self-doubt and manifest what is truly positive and universal.


The Full Moon 

The Full Moon is on the 29th at 5:57 AM EDT on the 6th degree of Libra/Aries.   In Washington, D.C., Mercury in Virgo sits on the Ascendant and completes a Grand Trine in earth with Uranus and Pluto. This ushers in two weeks of intense negotiations; what will manifest is the promise of joint work, friendship, and practical solutions.  Venus Square Uranus shows a shift in critical alliances. Mental acumen (Mercury) threads the needle and helps Venus (receptive) Sextile Mars (active) bring home tangible results.  Mercury/Ascendant in Virgo (sign of analysis) is Semi-sextile both.  It is obvious we desire closeness and want to bring about real understanding.  


The Weeks 

From the 1st through the 3rd we are winding down after a period of intense activity. We get a leg up on the road ahead, if we can finish up any important long standing financial transactions. After this completion we see more clearly what has to happen next.   There are opportunities now that will disappear in a few days and will not be available again. Choices have consequences.  We are at the crossroads. What is really worth having? 

From the 4th through the 10th after some hesitation we plow forward.  With continuous effort, along the most practical lines of action available to us, we hit pay dirt.   Getting the right rhythm requires observation.  It is easy to let others do the heavy lifting, but then, what did we learn? Transportable skills can only be acquired through personal involvement and direct action.

From the 11th through the 17th we are in a quandary. Our instincts guide us to stay in our own yard and mow the grass.  However, the call of the wild is echoed by pleasant strangers passing by.  Fear of missing out on the things we can count on encourages us to stay in place.  Great or small, we take steps forward into our neighbor’s yard; then into the great unknown.  This comes after some reflection, but we are glad we took the steps. 

From the 18th through the 24th if we stay conscious, most of what we see is illusion.  Still, we can benefit by letting the dreamy imagery spark our imagination.  We are in a process of waking up. A mirage is only dangerous if we take it at face value.  When we are watching a movie, we can be inspired, but we don’t expect the actors to actually be the characters they are portraying.

From the 25th through the 30th knowing when to hold on, and knowing when to quit and go home, is a virtue.  Self-observation teaches us important lessons regardless of what we choose. Material gain or loving relationships are not mutually exclusive.  Prioritizing reveals our true values.  Is it time to change; or do we merely have to double down and roll the dice? 


The Days 

1st – Friday – Mars Quincunx Saturn – Immediate impulses propel us forward. Right actions do not automatically get approval.  We can suffer from the impression that others don’t understand us. Regardless of doubt, do something; even the wrong thing is better than standing still.  Corrections come in time. 

2nd – Saturday –  Mercury Contra-parallel Mars –  It is easy to get “lost in the weeds.”  When we are doing the right thing, others eventually come along.  Projecting self-doubt will not heal our inner vacillation.  Self-reflection is necessary at time, but this period is coming to an end.  In our heart, we know what is right for us, and for the moment. 

3rd – Sunday – Venus turns Direct – Life improves by paying attention to what is right in front of us.  It is easy to skate by the obvious when we are preoccupied.  Life cannot put something new and valuable in our hand when we are clutching our precious items from our history.  Physically letting go follows on the heels of mental release. 

4th – Monday –  Mercury Trine Jupiter, Jupiter turns Retrograde, Sun Semi-sextile Venus –  We have big ideas that come from an unclouded vision of a possible future.  The goal is to embrace the essence of the big expanse without aiming for more than we really need.  Success comes by recognizing the good in our lives. 

5th – Tuesday –  Mercury Contra-parallel Neptune, Sun Sesquiquadrate Pluto –  Mastering the day requires us to move deliberately; are we to eat crumbs from the table or to sit at it and eat a proper meal?  We want to land between indigestion and starvation.  Faith and facts do not immediately square with each other.  Each has something to teach us about priorities. 

6th – Wednesday –  Sun Conjunct Mercury –  It’s a reality check.  If our thinking is correct, our perceptions give real insight into life.  Our current situation needs some added attention.  There is a fine line between being dismissive on one hand, and over-thinking on the other.  It is best to put everything on the table and recalibrate our thought process. 

7th – Thursday –  Mercury Semi-sextile Venus –  Recognizing the love and beauty is half the battle.  Getting it into our lives is the other half.  Right words to express our experience of a higher light will come in time.  If we hold onto the memories of significant occurrences, they take root and eventually bear fruit.

8th – Friday –  Sun Trine Jupiter, Mars Parallel Neptune, Mars Sesquiquadrate Uranus –  We win the race if we hold onto our natural rhythm and pace.  Help comes when our cause is just. Selfish thoughts and actions steal the thunder and will limit progress.  A victory for one must be a victory for all.  Abundance must be all-sided to be real.  What makes us happy? 

9th – Saturday –  Sun Parallel Mercury –  There is still time to change our mind.  Every minor decision can be adjusted.  Major life altering patterns are pretty much set for the moment, but we can review our methods.  If we have been ignoring a basic issue, today is a reminder or a wakeup call.

10th – Sunday – Arranging all the particulars of the moment may not give us the answers.  The puzzle is still puzzling.  It isn’t that we need more data; what we need is a new alignment, a new perspective.  The inherent symmetry emerges with a few more turns of the kaleidoscope. Useful advice, if not assistance, comes by listening to others. 

11th – Monday – Mercury Semi-sextile Mars –  Passing along our observations creates an updraft, a doorway for new insights. After the initial rush of excitement, the windows are closed and we pay attention to the treasures in our own environment. There is much joy to experience within.  To count our blessings is more beneficial than being swept away by the allures of the environment.

12th – Tuesday –  Hanging on to the passing train carries us away from the familiar, and lands us somewhere that makes our place in life unduly complicated.  Alternately, we can walk to the station and catch the next train; it comes in a few days.  We will be ready to start on a new adventure then.

13th – Wednesday –  Sun Contra-parallel Mars – We hold all the pieces of the puzzle, but it has yet to be assembled. The right ideas are present, but we need to get moving. We have to be willing to fail on the road to success. Every step is tentative, but empirical inquiry carries us across the finish line. 

14th – Thursday –  The New Moon is at 9:40 PM EDT on 21 degrees 58 minutes of Virgo –  Traveling by trains, cars, or automobiles is favored.  Traveling by air brings delays.  The road less traveled is for another day.  Now we try to reduce stress and confusion by following what we believe will be the most predictable course of action. Regardless of preparation, all projects require modification in motion.

15th – Friday –  Mercury turns Direct, Sun Trine Uranus –  A serendipitous turn of events lands us on the right path despite our limited viewpoint, and inadequate decision making.  Rewards for our patience are tangible, practical, and continuous.  The harvest cycle has just begun.  Attention to detail has its place, and yes, we still have to be patient. 

16th – Saturday –  Sun Contra-parallel Neptune –  So, we are in third grade math class and our teacher announces a surprise.  A math teacher from high school comes in and tells about balancing a check book, amortizing a mortgage, and how to calculate whether it is cheaper to buy the 12oz can of peaches or the 16oz can.  We don’t understand him, but we are inspired; we suddenly see the relevance of the math we are learning. 

17th – Sunday – Venus Square Jupiter – The wisest among us knows this is a moment where real luck will find us. Our true path now is to take carefully measured steps. Obligations have a way of sneaking up on us.  What is really ours reveals itself through time. Separating the false from the true requires diligence. 

18th – Monday – What stays and what goes? Confusion is a byproduct of being faced with a series of uncomfortable decisions.  Every sentient being is required to make a shift; this is uncomfortable for each.  But when we see the real issue, the confusion disappears.  A shot of logic easily clears the deck.  Now we must translate our true perceptions into actions. 

19th – Tuesday – Sun Opposite Neptune, Mars Quincunx Jupiter –  Our natural inclination is to include others in our insights of the moment.  However, what is necessary is to commit completely to our own course of action, regardless of what others think, say, or do.  Self-reliance paves the way forward, and opens the door to a deeper mystery. 

20th – Wednesday – Our perception of the big picture helps heal the gulf between the two possible approaches to our immediate path.  It is easy to go numb and pretend that everything is fine, but this is not productive.  Each of us is required to face life’s challenges within our own sphere.  We have already crossed into a new world and now we have to find the rulebook. The illusion has changed, reality hasn’t. 

21st – Thursday – Sun Trine Pluto – We can’t ignore decisions made by others.  However, we have the energy and discernment to do what is necessary in our own lives. A clean and pure vision of our own positive attributes work together to create something beautiful.  We should be grateful to participate in the Divine plan; it rises to a new level of clarity. 

22nd – Friday –  Mars Sesquiquadrate Saturn – Where do we spend our time?  This limitation (we cannot be in two places at once) allows us to focus on the critical details that matter in the moment.  Too much is going on; daydreaming is not productive.  Enjoyment comes naturally by focusing on the small physical happenings. Enjoyment emerges in the process. 

23rd – Saturday –  Sun Sesquiquadrate Jupiter, Sun Crosses into Libra at 2:51 AM EDT, Mercury Sesquiquadrate Pluto –  Figuring out the appropriate time to act defies logic.  Our inner sense of what is right is veiled intuition pushing us forward.  If we capture the process of what we have just done, we have a valuable asset. Our memory can sustain us through rough patches that are just around the corner. 

24th – Sunday –  Sun Quincunx Saturn –  Finding the third way is where the sweet spot lies. We don’t want to wear ourselves out trying to complete everyone else’s half-done task.  Also we don’t want to throw up our hands in frustration as there is too much undone that we could ostensibly handle. Learning more about ourselves entails recognizing natural boundaries; where we end and others begin. Helping is no good when it comes at the expense of neglecting real responsibilities.

25th – Monday –  Mercury Trine Jupiter, Mercury Contra-parallel Mars –  Common sense wins the day.  Now, should we share our insights? It makes sense to help others with information, if they are receptive.  If we are looking for validation from others, we are on a long hike to nowhere at best.  Just because something is factually correct doesn’t mean that others will see it, or necessarily jump on board.  These are strange times we live in.

26th – Tuesday –  Real freedom of choice can be ours, if we are willing to give it freely to everyone else.  With insight, we can improve our love life and all manner of relationships.  Actions are more important than thoughts, but good thoughts promote good actions.  Innovation is good, but actually must come in stages. 

27th – Wednesday – Studying the political ramifications of our behavior can reveal something about our relationship to our society.  To develop a real sense of purpose, we need to be free from seeking approval.  Some of our ideas may be flawed and need modification, or even abandonment.  The True stands on its own legs; we can acknowledge it, ignore it, or even deny it.  Reality is there; our choice is to participate or not. 

28th – Thursday –  The price of truth is sometimes to be completely alone.  We are in a time period when the world is reevaluating the mindset of how we relate.  Today is an opportunity to translate ideas into genuine concern. The abstract becomes concrete.

29th – Friday –  The Full Moon is at 5:57 AM EDT on the 6th degree of Libra/Aries, Venus Square Uranus –  We may be tempted to derail our plans in order to help another; this sounds good, but will not have the desired effect.  Following our own path and perceptions brings us to a climax this is actually better for all concerned. 

30th – Saturday – Mercury Semi-sextile Mars, Sun Parallel Neptune, Mercury Trine Uranus, Sun Sesquiquadrate Uranus – An openhearted and sincere effort to be involved with our best mate brings us all forward.  Material gain is not the enemy of the spiritual life.  Everything has its place.  To learn something is the most important goal. 

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 My Personal Note 

After 42 years and one week, I have moved from Naples, Florida.  I now live in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  On Friday, August 11th the moving van came and loaded up my stuff and then went to Katie’s place, and loaded her things.  The next day, Katie and I flew to Myrtle Beach. On Sunday the 13th our movers unloaded our possessions.  Since then Katie and have been finding a place for the fragments of our last life that we brought with us to Myrtle Beach. We both agree that our moving company (ASAP) was unbelievably good, kind, and efficient.  We must write them a stellar review. 

We managed to get the office up and running enough for me to start seeing clients.  My first appointment was on the morning of the 17th and I have been going full throttle since then.  It should take months to be truly settled.  This would not be possible at all without Katie, and I’m truly grateful that she decided to move up here with me. 

Katie is staying with a friend about a 10 minute drive away from my place.  Katie is still in school and now has permission to finish her degree online.  She is here most days and still works for me.  We celebrated her birthday on August 28th with my son, Sylvan, my daughters, Hannah and Bailey, and my two granddaughters, Aiyara and Sylvia.  The Indian restaurant – Bombay at the Beach – was the perfect place to celebrate. 

I turn 75 on September 24th.  My oldest child, Hannah, turns 50 on the 28th of September.  Aiyara turns 13 on October 3rd.  Our family has lots of Librans. 

It will be a big fall.  On November 22nd I will celebrate 50 years in astrology.  Of course, this career has been a gift from my Master, Meher Baba.  He has worked his magic every step of my life through the many teachers he put in my path.   Every client shared an extended symbiosis; they made it possible to keep developing as an astrologer, spiritual aspirant, and as a person.  I get up each day wanting to do better astrology. 

This geographical move has changed my consciousness.  Myrtle Beach is the home of the Meher Center.  I’ve taken pilgrimages here since the summer of 1972.  And now I get to visit the Center, and Meher Baba’s home in the west, every Sunday, and sometimes on other days. 

My apartment building was just renovated.  I’m on the third floor and my office window looks out over a city park.  There is a lake, a playground, and a splash pad for the kids within the park.  There are speakers on the light poles that play soft music 24/7.  It is very pleasant.  Walking through the park every day is joyful; there are always families and lots of young kids.  There is even a Good Humor truck in the afternoon.  Talk about memories from my own childhood.  It is beautiful and most important, everyone is very friendly. 

On Saturday, September 16th, at 2:00 PM EDT I’m giving a talk, “The Hierarchy of the Planets” for the San Diego chapter of NCGR.  The cost for the talk is $10 for NCGR members and $15 for non-members.  Here is the link to register:  If you like my talk, let me know.  If there is interest, I will accept invitations from other organizations.  Every day is a potential game changer and time is limited. Once again, getting this newsletter out is a miracle. 

Here are a couple of short standup comic performances that I felt might lighten up your day:

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“There is greater pleasure in a desire overcome than a desire fulfilled.” – Buddha 


Bob Mulligan is available for personal appointments, astrology classes, and astrological material.  Call him at 239-261-2840 or e-mail him at  Visit our website,