The Astrology Company: December 2023 by Bob Mulligan

December 2023

By Bob Mulligan

(a personal note is at the end of the newsletter)


December Highlights 

Much happens in December, but on the surface it looks understated and low voltage.  Even year’s end looks undernourished, but this lull sets the stage for an over-productive January.  Neptune turns Direct on the 6th, having been Retrograde since June 30thThe god of the sea intensifies the struggle between provable facts and wishful thinking.

Mercury rules perception and data collection. Jupiter rules values.  They make Trines three times during the next month and a half.  The higher mind, Jupiter, with the lower mind, Mercury, encourage each other to be truth telling.  The transportation system, which has had problems, will improve.  Mercury Trines Jupiter on the 7th. When both are Retrograde on the 18th, they Trine again.  They turn Direct and make one last Trine on January 19th, 2024.  There is substantial potency as they are in earth signs.  This last Trine will fulfill promises.

Mercury turns Retrograde on the 13th and Direct on January 1st 2024.   Since Mercury is in Capricorn (sign of hierarchy), this period of review uncovers errors, but also reveals remedial steps that are obvious, incremental, and achievable.  Lucky us.  Jupiter Contra-parallels Saturn on the 15th reminding us of what we have been working toward over the last 3 years.  Our vision clears. Mercury Retrogrades back into Sagittarius on the 23rd.  This inaugurates three weeks of retraining our vision and logic; we see a better, more inclusive world, free from fear and prejudice.  This is wonderful as long as we recognize our vision as aspirational, and not accomplished fact. Jupiter turns Direct on the 30thCommerce improves across the board and confidence goes up. 

The New Moon 

The New Moon is on the 12th at 6:31 PM EST on 20 degrees 40 minutes of Sagittarius.  The New Moon Trine the North Node of the Moon in Aries suggests impulsiveness.  The fact that there are no planets in air signs shows everything happens immediately.  The New Moon is Square Neptune in Pisces; this can indicate confusion and wasted effort. The abundance given by a New Moon is Sagittarius is amplified by Mars just a few degrees away.  Venus Opposite and Contra-parallel Jupiter could lead to pursuing two unrelated goals simultaneously.  However, the ever practical Mercury in Capricorn is Sextile Venus and Trine Jupiter; pressure is reduced through physical actions that prevent overextension. Mars Parallel Pluto shows that there is plenty of energy to complete necessary tasks.

 The Sun enters Capricorn 

The Sun enters Capricorn on December 21st at 10:28 PM EST. This is the Winter Solstice.  The Sun is heavily aspected.  He is Conjunct Retrograde Mercury and Sextile Saturn in Pisces and Trine Moon/Jupiter in Taurus. World growth will be positive and sustainable.  It will take time to get on a positive footing as the inertia from the past period leaves us all a bit sluggish. Gradually, we get moving. Venus in Scorpio is Semi-sextile Mars in Sagittarius. Emotions tend to be at the extreme, but harmony and progress is possible if we are patient and don’t expect too much from others. Mars Square Neptune shows that sustained effort will be difficult except for the most idealistic.

 Venus Trines Neptune and is Opposite Uranus.  Banning together for common causes is difficult.  Work in isolation can create the good, the beautiful, and the true. 

The Full Moon 

The Full Moon is on the 26th at 7:33 PM EST at 4 degrees 58 minutes of Capricorn/Cancer.  Sun is Trine Jupiter and Sextile Saturn. This points to good temperance.  We are able to balance the need for joy and duty.  The Moon (public) is also in the mix as she is Sextile Jupiter (expanse) and Trine Saturn (contraction).  We instinctively hold on to what is important, and let go of what is not needed. Mars is Conjunct Mercury; both Square Neptune.  Reasoning is sideways as perception and logic are less reliable.  We can learn to think in a new way, but it is important not to take our own ideas too seriously. Venus is Trine Neptune and Sextile Pluto.  Our love life can take a step up, but is only healthy when we aim at something higher than the ordinary life. 

The Weeks 

From the 1st through the 3rd we start this weekend with great hope.  Plans need to be altered as circumstances dictate adjustment to environmental changes.  With diligent effort, we are able to separate fact from wishful thinking.  The world is spinning; we all have to navigate through a sea of people who actually drank the Kool-Aid.

From the 4th through the 10th even when our feelings are on the right track, their expression can bring a deficit. This moment calls for moderation, not for its own sake, but because the middle of the dial is the correct speed to get anywhere. There is magic in the air.  Luck is present, but it must be intelligently shared if we are to “bring home the granola.” 

From the 11th through the 17th new hope is brewing.  Even when mistakes are made, we have great opportunities to learn, correct, and try again.  Fear has a grip but ignorance, misinformation, and hidden agendas are the stranglehold that must be overcome.  Growth comes when we face the negative emotions that power poor choices. An open mind can find the truth.

From the 18th through the 24th looking to the past we can easily develop nostalgia for how things used to be at this time of year.  But why is this year so different?  The wisest of us will recognize the uselessness of past rituals.  It is time to slim down and move on.  We can’t have something new if there is no place to put it.  What used to be a pristine temple has morphed into the Bates Motel.  It’s time for serious house cleaning.

From the 25th through the 31st there is no easy path forward and no quick solutions to what must happen now.  There are a few yearend details that each of us should complete.  Other than the obvious though, we do ourselves a favor by keeping our head down and just going forward.  There is tremendous rage expressed and more lying beneath the surface.  We can release our energy if we know for sure exactly what we are doing.  Moving on impulse, or with corrupted data, we become part of the problem.

The Days 

1st – Friday –  Mercury enters Capricorn –  “Thank God it’s Friday” but what does that mean for each of us?  It is easy to get carried away with the emotion of the moment, but actually, we know better.  Balance is difficult to obtain, but if we find the middle road between duty and delight, we can move forward and have fun. 

2nd – Saturday –  Mercury Sextile Saturn –  Enthusiasm and common sense work hand in glove.  Diverting our attention to incomplete projects leads us to a long sought after goal.  If we do the work we cross the finish line.  Negotiations can move smoothly if we take the time to get personal and avoid attacking other people’s motives. 

3rd – Sunday – Venus Square Pluto, Mars Quincunx Jupiter –  “Beautiful theories murdered by cruel facts”.  Regardless of how hard we push, the world will not bend to our wishes.  However, this is a great day for learning from others and taking stock of where our time goes.  What is really worthy of our attention? Peace comes by realizing that our idea of perfection isn’t perfect.

4th – Monday –  Venus enters Scorpio –  Look for wiggle room.  Plenty of reasons present themselves; we could ignore the larger world; we could pass our tasks off to others.  This is one of those moments when we must act in accordance with our higher power, regardless of other people’s indifference or opposition.   Excitement is tempered with realism. 

5th – Tuesday –  Venus Trine Saturn, Sun Semi-square Pluto – Empathy is the glue that holds relationships together.  Battle lines are drawn and we have a role to play.  What we do is not so important, but how and why we do what we do is.  Some problems are solved as conditions change over the next day or so.  We may not recognize our casual relationship to what we are experiencing. We are making more progress than we realize.  Belief in ourselves may be intermittent and illusive, but steady application of effort brings results. This too shall pass. 

6th – Wednesday – Mercury Sesquiquadrate Uranus, Neptune turns Direct –  Brilliant insights are real, tangible, and readily applicable.  However, we are only seeing half the picture.  There is a volume of important information that is just out of view.  Humility tames the beast of stupidity.  When we share what we know in all candor, someone is bound to step up that has the other half of the message.  Decoding is a community effort. 

7th – Thursday — Mercury Trine Jupiter –  Our sense of adventure sets the tone for a fun-filled time.  Going the extra mile to include others makes the pace of our work irregular, but very instructive.  Information comes when we disregard theory and experiment.  All empirical explorations have a certain amount of hit or miss.   Lighthearted interventions into ordinary patterns bring new insights into what would otherwise be rather humdrum tasks. 

8th – Friday –  Relationships can take some polishing.  Our people skills are lodged inside our self-image.  There are no habits that are so wonderful that they can’t take some transforming.  Kindness, confidence, and courage must go hand in hand.  Who knows, we may find ourselves in a brand new relationship with the same old people.  Let the love shine. 

9th – Saturday – Venus Opposite Jupiter –  Just because we had a winning day in relationship roulette doesn’t mean we should go for double or nothing.  Incremental gains in the people category should be sufficient to warm our souls for the moment. Ok, we are really lucky when we know when to walk away from the table and be satisfied. 

10th – Sunday –  The currency of the day is emotions.  Sweeping the floor is more useful than looking for a new house.  Fixing what we have is better than looking for a replacement. Intensity or innovation doesn’t help. To stay calm, patient, and at peace with the world opens doors that eventually lead to something brand new.  This is a time for ground clearing. 

11th – Monday –  Mercury Sextile Venus –  Words can wound or heal; in either case, today communication carries extra potency.  To stay positive and contribute to the collective good, emotional honesty is necessary. Correcting ourselves later on is hard.  Think before making an assertion. 

12th – Tuesday – Sun Quincunx Uranus, Venus Contra-parallel Jupiter, Venus Parallel Saturn, Sun Parallel Pluto, the New Moon is at 6:31 PM EST on 20 degrees 40 minutes of Sagittarius, Venus Sesquiquadrate Neptune –  The cards are shuffled and reshuffled.  We are in a quagmire. The way out is to try something new, then to take a different approach yet again.  All movement that is intelligently designed to obtain liberation guides us in the right direction.  Regardless of our commitment to good causes, it is time to reflect on our core values. 

13th – Wednesday –  Mercury turns Retrograde, Sun Sesquiquadrate Jupiter, Mars Semi-square Pluto –  Building on the foundation already laid is more profitable than abandoning what we have to start a new enterprise.  However, if there are notable mistakes at the beginning, now is the time to rectify them.  The path in front is lengthy; but all we must do now is take the first steps. 

14th – Thursday –  We can see the same old problem, the same world, with new eyes.  When we look at pictures of ourselves, we are reminded of what we used to look like.  But what is more important is to uncover the truth behind the things that prompted our enthusiasm, the joy we once felt, and the things we once believed in.  A journey down memory lane CAN spark us to get back on track. 

15th – Friday –  Jupiter Contra-parallel Saturn –  It’s time to put teeth in our beliefs.  Realignment brings cohesion and authenticity.  When we draw outside the lines, we take note, not only of what the results are, but how we feel.  Freedom is not just around the corner, but it is achievable.

16th – Saturday –  Mars Parallel Pluto, Mercury Parallel Mars, Mercury Parallel Pluto, Sun Square Neptune –  Behind the scenes negotiations can put us on a straighter path.  Economy of effort is achieved if we put on our thinking cap before we jump into action.  If we eat our vegetables first, we may not have room for dessert.  That’s ok. There are some routine tasks in the environment requiring our attention.  These need to be done first, then a retreat into fantasy can give our mind and body a well deserved rest. 

17th – Sunday –  Shaking free of old habits is meaningful if we replace them with something useful.  When a snake molts his skin, the one that replaces it is almost a carbon copy of the old one.  We are human and can actually discard the old and create something new.  We are at the time of year where a new vision is easily within reach. 

18th – Monday –  Mercury Trine Jupiter –  The higher wisdom is present, practical, and practicable.  We can’t wait to be without sin to go to church.  Each person that you meet is struggling with the same issues, even though the packaging is different.  When we move forward without shame or pride, a helping hand is always there.  Our job is to recognize it. 

19th – Tuesday – Mercury Sesquiquadrate Uranus – Unexpected and unannounced data arrives.  When we embrace the divine gift in this serendipitous circumstance, our day is brightened.  The flower blooms and fades, but the aroma lingers and lives in memory. 

20th – Wednesday – Mercury Semi-square Venus, Venus Semi-sextile Mars, Sun Parallel Mars, Sun Semi-sextile Pluto –  Are we tongue-tied and hidden in our shy self, or do we have the courage to express our true feelings?  We have been here before.  Now we are given a second chance.  Our day is important to us, even though it may seem insignificant in the eyes of the world.  It still matters.   

21st – Thursday –  Venus Opposite Uranus, Mercury Sextile Saturn, Mars Quincunx Uranus, Sun enters Capricorn at 10:28 PM EST –  Doing nothing is better than doing the wrong thing.  The pot is being stirred.  To stay reasonable and observe the whirlwind around us makes more sense than to respond in haste.  To be emotionally balanced we need to be tolerant and forgiving.  Others will come around eventually. 

22nd – Friday – Sun Conjunct Mercury, Mars Sesquiquadrate Jupiter –  We know what to do, we need the will to take the steps forward.  The first step is easily followed by more.  The difficulty is getting into motion to begin with. Self-satisfaction or gloomy thoughts prohibit the flow of the ever present progressive energy.  Happy thoughts bring stability. 

23rd – Saturday –  Mercury Retrogrades back into Sagittarius, Mercury Semi-sextiles Pluto –  Reality tempers enthusiasm.  When we struggle with a difficulty for a long time, we need a new approach.  A change in perspective makes a difference.  The distance between our two inner pictures demands a compromise between microscopic analysis and grandiose vision; this adjustment puts our attention exactly where it needs to be. 

24th – Sunday –  Sun Sextile Saturn –  Hard work pays off.  Luck materializes when we correctly sequence every intermediate step.  We have ideals that are worthy of our attention and can shine through every routine occurrence.  When we pack for our next journey, much of the stuff we would like to take needs to be left behind.  We can start by eliminating those items from our lives now. 

25th – Monday – Venus Trine Neptune –  The fire is raging, but we can find peace and joy with each other.  The first step is to find it within ourselves.  The process of gathering information and communicating what we have learned to others is great, if we do our job without expectation. 

26th – Tuesday –  Mercury Semi-sextile Venus, Sun Sesquiquadrate Uranus, Venus Contra-parallel Uranus, the Full Moon is at 7:33 PM EST at 4 degrees 58 minutes of Capricorn/Cancer –  Good ideas need energizing in order to move from being a whim to a fact.  There is plenty of time for both work and family.  Choices are wonderful; we see what is most important, and what has to happen first.  Our most significant assets aren’t tangible.  We need to make the time to reflect, appreciate, and re-embrace.  Visiting with family and close ones is almost as important as journaling. 

27th – Wednesday –  Mercury Square Neptune, Sun Trine Jupiter, Mercury Conjunct Mars –  Our picture of life is not big enough.  Expanding our idea of what is possible comes on the back of recognizing what is real.  When we open our eyes, we see how we have sold out.  Life will give us so much more if we know what to ask for. 

28th – Thursday –  Mars Square Neptune –  Only faith in something beyond our own selves has the power to lift us into the light.  Sacrifice is most meaningful when it is born of love.  When we have done our part we must wait.  We have come to the river; in time we must cross it. 

29th – Friday –  Venus Sextile Pluto, Venus enters Sagittarius –  There are a few loose ends to be tied up, then we can have fun.  Some problems are not solved but just go away.  A short mental vacation can exorcize our demons.  We are preparing for a new adventure. 

30th – Saturday –  Jupiter turns Direct –  It is like waking up and realizing that we were only dreaming.  There is a certain kind of freedom which can be a springboard to higher consciousness. Will we squander our talents or invest them wisely?  Decisions made now have lasting effect.  Are we fast or slow learners? 

31st – Sunday – Separating from the unpleasantness of the immediate past is symbolic. Promises made to ourselves carry weight.  Pursuing the positive in our imagined future is a tonic.  Even though we can only be at one place at a time, our good wishes for everyone else allows us to enjoy their experiences vicariously.

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My Personal Note  

My book is coming along.  Many people have helped along the way.  I want to give a special thanks to Leela Bruner, for her special contributions over the last month.  Deborah Smith, who years ago edited chapter one too many times to count, came for a weekend visit.  We watched three movies.   In the morning I made her blueberry pancakes for breakfast and then out of the blue she asked to see the book.  She put her professional editor’s hat on and worked for a couple of days going through the preface, the introduction, chapter one and chapter two.  Her penetrating insights gave new life to the beginning of the book. 

My talk on 2024 will be posted in the last part of December.  Dalissa Hockings asked me to do an interview style talk on expectations for 2024.  We will meet on December 18th; the talk will be recorded and will go live a few days later.  I’ll send out a link as soon as I have one. 

A friend and Indian astrologer, Aswin Balaji, is helping me reach a decision for a day and time of my talk “50 Years as a Professional Astrologer: What Have I Learned?”  This talk will be live in the first few days of January.   This is something I promised to do a few years back; my actual anniversary was November 22nd. 

Here is some good news:

Do Germans Talk About World War II? What Do They Teach About the Holocaust? | Feli from Germany – YouTube

In the American sector of West Germany after WWII, one of the first things that was done by the American Government was to visit every newspaper office in the country, repair their printing presses, and buy paper for them.  They were told to hire reporters and print anything they wanted, without censorship.  Democracy is built on a free press.

Wouldn’t it be cleansing for the United States if we finally came to terms with our own past?

I saw this news item and it made me long for this same spirit to be present in our state and national elections.  Like you, I’m so tired of hearing competing political candidates vilify each other:  After all, we are all just working our way home.  Together we can do anything. 

Republican William Cogswell has been elected as the new mayor of Charleston, South Carolina, marking the first time since the late 1800s that the city has had a Republican mayor. “There’s a competitiveness to it of course but we ran a positive race and I think people responded well to that,” Cogswell told reporters.

“I wish John all the best, it’s nothing personal,” he continued. “It’s time for the next generation, it’s time for the next chapter in our city, and I am excited to usher that in,” declared the new Mayor.

“I ask each and every Charlestonian, everyone out there, to give him your support,” encouraged Tecklenburg (Charleston’s current mayor). “Because starting tonight, when Mayor Cogswell succeeds, we all succeed. And that’s something we’re all in favor of,” added the Democrat.

The election was a run-off with no other mayoral candidates on the ballot, and Cogswell won without resorting to rancor and name-calling.

He will take office in January.

A song for you:

Arlo Guthrie/ City Of New Orleans – YouTube

John Cleese starts his own church:

John Cleese – Church of JC Capitalist – YouTube 

“The path to bhakti is one tenth of a mustard seed; the mind is an elephant run mad. How can it cross through that door?” – Kabir


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