The Astrology Company: February 2024 by Bob Mulligan

February 2024

By Bob Mulligan

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Highlights for February 

 Mercury, Venus, and Mars will all Conjunct Pluto as they cross into Aquarius. This will be for Mercury on the 5th – on the 14th for Mars, and the 17th for Venus.  In this two week period, our personal life is placed on a new footing; we finally say goodbye to some old habits.  With Mercury moving into Pisces on the 23rd, we shift to a more centered and emotionally gratifying state of mind.  On the 28th, Mercury is Conjunct and Parallel Saturn; also on the 28th, the Sun Conjuncts Mercury and Saturn.  We can settle all outstanding accounts.  Affirmation requires action, attention to details, and an understanding of a large scale process that is ongoing.  We help bring a positive outcome by staying calm and working toward harmony. 

The New Moon 

February 9th the New Moon is at 5:59 PM EST on 20 degrees 40 minutes of Aquarius.  The New Moon is separating from the Square to Uranus.  The world attempts to act in concert; we want to initiate big plans.  This chart forms a tight configuration: all planets are contained between Venus in Capricorn separating from a Trine to Uranus in Taurus.  In order to be successful in our personal plans, as well as the collective activities of groups and society as a whole, we need to choose our goals narrowly.  Earth and air are the dominant ingredients; these are the mental signs.  If plans are to produce a positive end, ideas need to be innovative and aim at tangible results for everyone.  Further, since Mars in Capricorn separates from a Sextile to Neptune in Pisces, we need to dig deep into our reservoir of creative inspiration to see our efforts reach fruition.  Mercury applies to the Semi-sextile of Saturn and the Square of Jupiter.  We are mentally stirred up and see potential, but we are in peril if we ignore the timeline.  Prioritizing and sequencing are necessary in order to avoid overextension.  In Washington, D.C., all planets are setting with Uranus Conjunct the Midheaven.  This suggests that the USA government will go through great turbulence, but will land on its feet.

The Sun enters Pisces 

Sun enters Pisces on the 18th at 11:14 PM EST.  Sun Trine the Moon (the public) shows emotional balance amongst the general population during the Sun’s journey through Pisces. Pluto, in his new home in Aquarius, is Quincunx the Moon and Semi-sextile the Sun; forces beyond our control move people and circumstances in our environment.  We have to keep rebalancing in order to stay emotionally relevant. With Venus Conjunct Mars and Pluto, all loosely Square Jupiter, the urge to seek relief through relationships is powered by magnetic attraction.  This is a factor all month.  Mercury Square Uranus points to insights arising in the near past, and reemerging in the near future.  For the moment, logic will not persuade others of anything.  While the emotional arena remains open, the mental realm is misfiring.  

The Full Moon 

The Full Moon is on February 24th on 5 degrees of Pisces/Virgo at 7:30 AM EST.  With no Cardinal planets and no Fire planets, progress is slow, but releasing ballast makes us lighter. Jupiter in Taurus plays a large role as he makes so many deciding aspects.  The Sun/Saturn Conjunction is Sextile Jupiter and the Moon is Trine Jupiter. Also, the Venus/Mars Conjunction is Square JupiterEven though we are finishing up and eliminating many things, this is supposed to be a time for relaxing.  Good food and substantial social life contribute to the overall feeling of well-being. This can set the tone for our life during the next two weeks. 

The Weeks 

 From the 1st to the 4th everyone is hard at work, even though we all need a rest.  January was exhausting, but the cleanup must happen now.  If we play our cards right, we can simplify our schedule for February.  At the very least, we should give ourselves rest during this weekend.  Next week has opportunities that require energy to fulfill.

From the 5th to the 11th mental horizons expand.  Opportunities emerge when we allow ourselves to see the world through new eyes.  What has always sounded like platitudes, now ripen into realities.  New romantic or business interests can spawn innovative ways of relating that bring us closer to our own essence.

From the 12th to the 18th creative expression and enthusiastic interaction make this meaningful, slightly chaotic week a joyful adventure.  Plans have to change to keep up with the currents of energy swirling all around us.  Getting the correct pace for even the most pedestrian and preprogrammed tasks seems out of place. Not everything has to be spontaneous, but being tied to routine is counterproductive.

From the 19th to the 25th circumstances force us to try something new, so why not turn over a whole new leaf? Our energy and time is better spent in acting in accordance with a plan of self change. Something and someone we believe in is calling us.  Our conscience is reminding us of where true happiness is found. 

From the 26th to the 29th personal freedom comes through fulfilling obligations and seeing what we can do to help others.  We have to stand still for awhile before going further. This moment of reflection is helpful.  As we see the possibilities in our near future, our imagination takes flight and lifts us into new realms.  

The Days 

1st – Thursday –  Mercury Parallel Venus, Sun Contra-parallel Uranus –  Knowing what to say, and when to say it, can make the day go smooth, even fun.  An abject nervousness seems to be ever present, but only semi-conscious. It is helpful to realize that our activities don’t need to be productive.  We need to listen to our deeper impulses. 

2nd – Friday – Mars Semi-square Saturn, Mercury Sextile Neptune – Planning is a more important task than what we would call “being productive”.  Still, some items are timely, and ours.  Not everything that lands on our plate is an assignment; but we feel more fulfilled if take the time to answer emails, return phone calls, and take care of our real responsibilities. 

3rd – Saturday –  We have earned a rest.  Time spent alone indexing and categorizing personal possessions allows us to get rid of lots of things we don’t need.  Social interactions are less satisfying than we want or expect. Unanticipated changes are stalking us.  We can feel it but don’t quite see it yet.  Let’s say this weekend is ground clearing. 

4th – Sunday – Faraway places are calling us. And at the same time, washing the dishes and doing the laundry is a great way to get a head start on coming events.  Routines calm the mind.  There is at least one unfinished task that needs completion, so finish it or eliminate it.  This is a simple exercise in tidying up our mental contents and relaxing.

5th – Monday –  Mercury enters Aquarius, Mercury Conjunct Pluto –  We turn over a new leaf.  Thinking is clearer and more detached.  Things that seemed urgent now fade into memory.  Each new discovery leads to another starting point.  Most important now is to keep in mind what we are really doing, and focus on the consequences of our actions. 

6th – Tuesday –  We strike gold by keeping on our daily routines, and preparing for a breakthrough.  Consistency is the key to personal fulfillment now.  Humility is the cure for hubris.  Material progress is important, but doesn’t have to burden us with added accumulation of stuff. 

7th – Wednesday – Venus Trine Uranus, Mars Sextile Neptune – Magnetic charm wins the day.  Harmony is easily achieved when we truly wish for everyone’s happiness.  Friendly people are awakened by generosity and forgiveness.  Goodness multiplies by reaching out.  Love flourishes when we free others to actively be themselves.

8th – Thursday –  Sun Square Uranus – Like a bolt out of the blue, something we have seen coming suddenly materializes.  Even though we may be traveling alone, others are in our wake and in our lives.  Detachment and curiosity help us see the road ahead.  We may not be charting a new course, but the road we are on just became a lot more interesting. 

9th – Friday – The New Moon is on 20 degrees and 40 minutes of Aquarius at 5:59 PM EST, Mercury Semi-sextile Saturn –  Resolutions made now carry weight.  Seeds planted now will grow and bear fruit, provided our reach doesn’t exceed our grasp.  This is not a time for wild speculation or dramatic innovation.  We have our marching orders and a well-marked map.  In our heart we know what is right, and where our real allegiance lies. 

10th – Saturday – Mercury Square Jupiter –  Faulty information coupled with self-assurance spells trouble.  Mistakes in thinking stem from lack of information.  Expensive decisions are best postponed.  On the other hand, journeys into fiction can be most rewarding; writing, storytelling, or just daydreaming can be fulfilling.  We just don’t want to mix telling a joke with accounting.

11th – Sunday – Skid marks on the road of life are telling us something important.  Those in front of us have entertained slowing down, changing directions, or maybe they encountered the unexpected.  Imagined difficulties won’t give us a flat tire, but a nail on the road might.  Fear doesn’t win the foot race. But courage alone is not enough.  Peace comes when we chill out. 

12th – Monday – Mercury Semi-square Neptune – We are ready to take the next step.  In order to be in tune with the demands of life, we must unwind old entanglements.  There are only a few things that hold us back.  Real obligations must be fulfilled; imaginary ones must be relinquished. 

13th – Tuesday –  Mars enters Aquarius, Sun Contra-parallel Jupiter, Venus Sextile Neptune –  What is set in motion has long lasting effects and unintended consequences.  When we are giving others a nudge in the right direction, we can easily use more force than we wished.  Freedom is a nice sounding word, but to put it into action will bring much responsibility. 

14th – Wednesday –  Mars Conjunct Pluto –  Violence in the world seems to take on a new twist.  Collectively, we have trouble controlling our impulses.  The more we think of other people’s happiness, the less we are burdened with our own desires. Creating some distance can help reduce tension.  To step back is better than pushing others away.

15th – Thursday – Sun Semi-sextile Neptune –  Real ingenuity is closer than we think.  Simple remedies solve difficult problems.  Once we see our way through the challenges, we look back.  How did we miss the obvious for so long?  We have an opportunity to learn something important about ourselves and about life. 

16th – Friday – Venus enters Aquarius, Mercury Contra-parallel Uranus –  In every category, relationships get a lift because we are tired of doing things in the same old way.  Conversations between open-minded individuals can bring us closer to deals that profit everyone.  The magic in our hands has probably been overlooked.  It is time to get on a new footing by reaching out. 

17th – Saturday –  Mercury Square Uranus, Venus Conjunct Pluto –  Lots of conversation can just lead us around in circles until we understand that we don’t have to have agreement or victory in order to make progress.  We must remember what progress looks like, and use objective measurements in order to live fruitfully in a multilayered society. 

18th – Sunday – Sun enters Pisces at 11:14 PM EST –  Constant overtures to new found friends will eventually bring positive connections.  So many dimensions of mistrust color world patterns of interaction.  A new world, as well as brightness in our own lives, arrives through an attitude of inclusiveness.  Sincerity and patience are necessary to get us on the right path.

19th – Monday –  Sun Semi-sextile Pluto –  Our memory might have to stretch back a bit to remember the list of promises we made.  A list of bullet points is not as important as remembering the person we were when we made these commitments. A change of heart or attitude may bring relief, but it doesn’t free us to break our word.  There is a way out.

20th – Tuesday –  Home, family, the comfort of the familiar is the nest where we get our rest.  We are halfway up the mountain, and a break is necessary.  The pressure of the moment will bring us around to productivity soon enough. Right now, just to relish in the positive atmosphere is recharging at a primal level. 

21st – Wednesday –  Mercury Semi-sextile Neptune –  Careful attention to the temperament of the audience of people in our midst can show us the careful way to take the next step.  The best is to get our mind and emotions singing the same tune. Our feelings know the melody and tempo is set by a progression of bass ruled by our thinking. 

22nd – Thursday –  Venus Conjunct Mars, Mercury Contra-parallel Jupiter – A little friction can ignite a spark that becomes a landing pad for a higher love.  The beauty of really positive feelings for one another is that their expression doesn’t have to be physical. Nonetheless, these feelings do have to be expressed in some way, or they die. 

23rd – Friday –  Mercury enters Pisces, Mercury Semi-sextile Pluto, Venus Semi-sextile Saturn –  Higher forces are afoot, and it is easy to be overwhelmed, or to let someone else do all the thinking.  In the final analysis we are responsible for what we do, think, and say.  Even when our choices seem limited, we must do our best with what we see. 

24th – Saturday – Sun Parallel Saturn, the Full Moon is on 5 degrees of Pisces/Virgo at 7:30 AM EST, Venus Square Jupiter –  Probably the best idea is to sit still today and meditate.  Traveling can be on our mind, but is this an escapist fantasy powered by fear or boredom?  Miracles happen when we believe in the basic goodness of God, creation, and other people.  Our balloon rises when we dump the ballast. 

25th – Sunday –  Mars Semi-sextile Saturn, Venus Semi-square Neptune –  Reevaluation of our situation is a good idea.  We may be over-extended. Getting our feet back under us before we go forward can save us from future grief. Opportunity is all around us; we need to take some of what is offered.  There is a limit to how much we can consume, and it is good to find out without having to get a belly ache.

26th – Monday – Helping others makes the world a brighter place.  Achieving harmony today will require us to take a path through under-explored territory.  We don’t have to work to move forward if we are sitting on a sled heading down a snowy mountain.  What seems unfamiliar to us can still be unbelievably supportive.  Strangers can actually be long lost friends.  We need to treat them accordingly.  

27th – Tuesday –  Mars Square Jupiter, Venus Contra-parallel Uranus –  We want to move, we want to relate.  Bonding with others is a great way of draining and transforming surplus energy.  Going it alone is very slow; including others or joining in with other people’s projects, gets the car hitting on all cylinders.  We are at the end of a pattern and we just have to see it through to conclusion. 

28th – Wednesday –  Sun Conjunct Mercury, Mars Semi-square Neptune, Mercury is Parallel and Conjunct Saturn –  Too much information can numb us to where we feel a lack of what we already have too much of. Confusing? Yes, but physical motion can help our mind move and straighten out thinking.  Too many options can feel like none at all.  We succeed by measuring our steps and to stay in motion. 

29th – Thursday –  Mercury Sextile Jupiter –  A moment of truth arrives, and if we are true to our calling, our feet meet with the perfect rhythm for what we are doing. Commitments made now will feel natural and right.  It isn’t just that we are in tune with our higher values, we can see and feel how the path behind us proves the worth of the one in front. 

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My Personal Note 

I posted this video a few years back and I decided to post it again because it is so moving:

The Alternate Routes- Nothing More Live on Craig Ferguson ( 

My longtime soul sister, Leela Bruner, sent me this YouTube video:

Bridge Over Troubled Water | Simon and Garfunkel | VoicePlay A Cappella Cover ( 

I’m giving a talk, “Unlocking Your Spiritual Potential” for the Astrological Society of Kentucky on March 8th at 7:00 PM EST.  You can register and see it online.  I’ll send the link for it in the March newsletter.

 It has been my practice for many years to say my prayers at the time of the New and Full Moon.  This helps in the alignment with the Cosmos.  Of course, Eclipses are the most potent times spiritually, and are always worthy of our special attention. 

My longtime friend, Deborah Smith, came over to my house and watched the movie “Vitus” with me.  The last time I saw it was about 15 years ago with my friend and fellow astrologer, Alan Oken.  This 2006 Swiss film is in German with English subtitles.  It is a beautiful and uplifting story.  In 2006 “Vitus” was the Swiss entrance to the Academy Awards; it won several other awards.  It is worth seeing.  You can rent it on YouTube or other places for less than $4. You can buy it on eBay for less than $4. 

My dear friend, Kathleen Burt, sent me, “When The Stars Align” by Ray Grasse.  This happened right as Ibis Press was deciding to publish my book.  She thought I needed something new to read.  It is a wonderful book written by a profoundly insightful astrologer.  Ray had studied at the Temple of Kriya Yoga in Chicago, with Swami Kriyananda.  Kathleen and I had also studied with him in the early 70’s.  It is amazing to me that I have never met him or read any of his books before.  Hopefully we learn more as we age.  

Three signs I saw recently caught my eye:

“It amazes me how much exercise and extra fries sound alike.”

“Running feels great unless you compare it to not running.”

“Whoever said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend never owned a dog.” 

For some time I have been watching the organization “Sisterhood of Salaam Shalom” which was formed initially between two women, one Jewish and one Muslim in 2010.  They wished to understand each other and build a bridge between their two communities.  Venus (women) can sometimes get the world out of trouble started by Mars (men).  Ok, it isn’t that simple. This organization has blossomed in many communities over the last ten years and with this horrific war going on between Israel and Gaza, we each have a voice and should speak out.  Take a look. It is worth two minutes of your time.

Sisterhood of Salaam Shalom® – Enriching Women’s Souls, Shattering Stereotypes (

Here is the link to my talk about the astrology of 2024. It was released on January 1st:

“I’m selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best.”
― Marilyn Monroe

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