The Astrology Company: June 2024 by Bob Mulligan

June 2024

By Bob Mulligan

(a personal note is at the end of the newsletter)


June Highlights 

June cements changes that happened when Jupiter moved into Gemini on May 25thThe first week is really explosive as Jupiter (king of the gods) asserts a more carefree and spontaneous influence with the help of Mercury and Pluto.  Jupiter Trines Pluto on the 2nd.   Mercury enters Gemini (his own sign) on the 3rd then Trines Pluto.  On Tuesday the 4th Mercury Conjuncts, then Parallels, Jupiter.  With Mercury ruling the other planets in Gemini (Sun, Moon, Venus, and Jupiter) his message and information is king for a moment.  This can set the tone for a long time to come through rapid transfer of information. 

On the 9th the energy and focus changes as Mars leaves Aries and enters Taurus.  The rest of June is more plaintive, plodding, and practical. 

On the 17th both Venus and Mercury enter Cancer then Conjunct.  Our thoughts and feelings move in tandem for the rest of month.  This makes it easier to get things done, but also sets a pace which is more backward looking, so it’s easy to drift into reminiscing. 

The New Moon 

The New Moon is on the 6th at 8:38 AM EDT on the 16th degree of Gemini. Venus (goddess of love) is only 30 minutes of arc away from the exact Conjunction to the New Moon.  The atmosphere is pregnant with overwhelming curiosity.  Saturn in Pisces is Square to Sun, Moon, and Venus; we may shadowbox with imagined limitations, but as we confront our fears they evaporate.  Mercury brings good news as he separates from a Conjunction to Jupiter and a Trine to Pluto.  We activate the good fortune that Mercury brings when we remember what we have learned over the last week, and maintain harmony with others.  Mars in Aries is Square Pluto in Aquarius. This is a reminder that we might get caught in troubles of our own making if we try to power our way through everything that looks like resistance.  Setting our sights on achievable goals allows us plenty of time to explore new horizons all month. 

The Sun enters Cancer 

This is the Summer Solstice as the Sun crosses into Cancer on June 20th at 4:41 PM EDT. This chart describes world events until the Autumnal Equinox in September. Sun, Venus, and Mercury are Conjunct and also linked by Declination. This shows a softening of the energy, but the Sextile to Mars in Taurus shows a determination to carry through with projects undertaken a while back.  Because Jupiter in Gemini rises before the Sun, we expect quick results from our actions, and look for shortcuts.  Moon in Sagittarius Trines the North Node; wishing to expand our thinking, we have a vision and desire for faraway places.  But the Moon applying to the Square of Saturn suggests we may be traveling alone. It is important for all of us to be able to communicate vital information to people closest to us, even if they seem unresponsive.  The Sun Square Neptune and Quincunx Pluto manifests external events that serve as a constant reminder that our higher vision of a better world is not in vain.  To be of use to the revolution, we must relinquish attachments to current methodologies. 


The Full Moon 

The Full Moon is on the 21st at 9:07 PM EDT on the 1st degree of Cancer/Capricorn. Both Sun and Moon Square Neptune (the final dispositor). This very potent T-Square tends to undermine the forward thrust of the action-oriented Cardinal signs; Neptune is in Pisces, a mutable sign. This is important because the wisdom side of mutability teaches and raises awareness of our real situation. The Mercury/Venus Conjunction Sextile Mars promises some healing in the relationship department.  Understandings come by slowing down and listening to others.  Jupiter in Gemini is the planet of Oriental Ascension; he Trines the South Node of the Moon in Libra (sign of one to one relations). We make extra effort to accommodate the wishes of those closest to us. Quick talk with lots of enthusiasm moves the needle toward real diplomacy.   

The Weeks 

From the 1st to the 9th the most dominant feature in this long week is the need to act, or even act out.  Everyone has something to say.  Is this innovative or are we just filling the air?  Tossing ideas around can open up new avenues of exploration.  To relish in the joy of just having fun is fine.  At the same time, if we listen, other people can be instructive for future exploration. 

From the 10th to the 16th opportunities come to us; we don’t need to go on a scavenger hunt.  Now the problem is discernment. What, if anything, needs to change? Restlessness can encourage us to relinquish things we actually want; we can recognize this when the flow of energy surrounding us is disturbed.  Sitting still is not so easy; but contentment is the foundation for being in tune with the divine plan.

From the 17th to the 23rd an abiding peace falls upon us when we accept the grace of our higher wisdom that has been with us our whole life.  Our history keeps us company when we stop and let our past enjoy the present moment. Our memory combines with the instance of time we inhabit. The outer husk that packaged our perceptions of factual truth has fulfilled its mission. 

From 24th to the 30th there are a number of tasks that must be completed by the end of the month.  Keeping track of time, planning, and staying on schedule seems daunting.  The abstract world of inner life can seem so much more inviting. So why do we have to pay attention to the pedestrian concerns of this life?  No matter how basic, our actions matter, they create karma; they wound or heal. 

The Days 

1st – Saturday – Mars Semi-sextile Uranus – To stay true to our own perceptions requires us to rely on some layers of self-knowledge: do we know what we are trying to achieve? Are we willing to follow our impulses when they limit our options going forward?  A habit of accommodating others scatters our energy.  The good news is this splintered approach endows us with a perspective and brings cohesion before the next Full Moon. 

2nd – Sunday –  Mercury Parallel Uranus, Jupiter Trine Pluto, Mercury Sextile Neptune –  Determination, luck, and faith all have a role to play in getting us back on track.  When the dust settles it is that extra burst of energy that gets us over the finish line.  Single-mindedness and spontaneous bursts of energy make a productive day from what could have been just a pleasant period of relaxation.

3rd – Monday –  Mercury enters Gemini –  New information sparks curiosity.  Life is always changing; but seismic shifts are coming.  Even though changes in the environment are incremental, we can make bold changes in our personal lives; however, we should still pace the execution of these changes over the coming week.  Timing is critical; shyness gets in the way.  We see what needs to be done, and should take opportunities as they appear. 

4th – Tuesday –  Mercury Trine Pluto, Mercury Conjunct Jupiter, Sun Conjunct Venus – Supreme confidence powers people’s actions and utterances.  We need to take a moment; are we aligned with our higher values? Commonly held beliefs are not necessarily wrong, but the winds of favorability are only in the corner of short term gains. Investments in projects that are expected to have a gigantic return in some mythical future probably point to inflated optimism overruling reality.  Doing something is necessary; stepping off a cliff is not. 

5th – Wednesday –  Sun Parallel Venus –  While there are a spat of email, phone calls, and social interactions, there is also time to navigate our inner space, to take notes, journal, and dream about coming possibilities.  Even talking to our best friend can become tiresome.  Messages from the cosmos, even though they seem random, are meant to be captured, sifted through, and evaluated before even thinking about sharing them.  Meditation is a private act, but it does have a universal, as well as a personal, result. 

6th – Thursday – The New Moon is on the 6th at 8:38 AM EDT on the 16th degree of Gemini, Venus Contra-parallel Pluto, Venus Sesquiquadrate Pluto, Sun Sesquiquadrate Pluto –  Whatever it is that we have to say, now is the time to say it; putting our message out to others is cleansing.  When we really hear ourselves as an outside observer, what needs to happen next is obvious.  Abundance comes by cleaning out our closets.  Thoughts, preferences, opinions that we sit on are not necessarily worn out beyond use.  However, the truth is there is sludge in the carburetor that makes us less efficient; there are barnacles on the ship of life slowing us down in the water. When our impulses move beyond greed, we experience the joy of freedom.  

7th – Friday –  Nervous anticipation burns up energy without any forward motion.  Even a little energy put to good use will start an unstoppable process. The good in us gathers momentum.  Exploring options is healthy as long as we know this period of adventure ends in a couple of days as we get stationary, practical, and return our aim to specific goals. 

8th – Saturday –  Venus Square Saturn, Mars Semi-sextile Neptune –  We picked up some bruises bouncing off the walls.  Minor adjustments make a big difference going forward. Emotional intelligence must guide the ship of fate.  Home, family, and friends are more important than our career at this time.  We can appreciate our mobility without actually going anywhere.  What we have right now is much more important than what we might accumulate in the future. 

9th – Sunday –  Mars enters Taurus, Sun Square Saturn – Slowing down happens naturally.  To fight the inertial energy of the moment is to pelt a stone wall with marshmallows. And at the same time, we STILL must remain true to our quest. Laying down and falling asleep in a field of poppies will prevent us from getting to the Wizard of Oz. Patience, an eye on the road, and a steady hand on the wheel sets the stage for a regimented acceleration. 

10th – Monday –  Mercury Contra-parallel Pluto, Sun Parallel Mercury –  By listening to that still and silent inner voice we are pulled back to the core of our being and purpose.  Personal realignment is the spirit of the day. Self –assertion is necessary, but clarity of purpose brings a deeper look at the foundation and cause of our existence.

11th – Tuesday –  Mercury Semi-square Mars, Mercury Sesquiquadrate Pluto, Mars Square Pluto –  Our ideas are refined by actions.  Our direction is set and obvious enough. Still, ideas are fragmented and at the most practical level, it makes sense to get consistency. Potency comes when we accept our internal contradictions.  The pieces of the puzzle get scattered, but a process of resembling them augments an overlooked order.  We find a symmetry that we had missed. 

12th – Wednesday –  Mercury Parallel Venus, Mercury Square Saturn, Venus Semi-sextile Uranus –  Planning, projecting goals, think about what we should do next is fine, but the game of life is won or lost in the doing.  We need to produce some tangible results if we are to be at peace.  Inner turbulence is the prompting to get our hands in the soil, plant seeds, and commence with the watering.  Harvest may be a ways away, but at least let us take the first step. 

13th – Thursday – Gaining clarity out of confusion requires honesty and commitment.  To see the working of the divine in nature and in our own lives is a double blessing: we have appreciation for what is going on in the big picture; we stop beating our head against the wall and find a doorway to the other side. 

14th – Friday –  Sun Conjunct Mercury, Mars Semi-square Saturn, Mercury Semi-sextile Uranus – With careful eyes we can see clearly the obstacles that have impeded our progress.  Efficiency of effort is a natural byproduct as we see what must happen.  Attention to detail turns the key.  Making one more phone call, writing one more email, taking the time to source our information, all of this makes the difference. Success is built on persistence. 

15th – Saturday –  Sun Semi-sextile Uranus, Mars Semi-sextile Jupiter –  Right sizing is essential for time, money, and expectations.  Opportunity explodes around us, and our task is to decide what is worth having and what is obtainable. Illusions, inflated expectations, lack of self-confidence can undermine our progress. The way forward is step by step.  We must keep moving.  Our tempo and rhythm adjust frequently; circumstances change unpredictably and we must sit “loose in the saddle”. 

16th – Sunday –  Venus Square Neptune –  Because there is a flood of information, it’s quite difficult to see what is important.  It is important to remember that it isn’t that life has given us a 1200 page book telling us we have a test on its contents tomorrow.  Instead, our higher wisdom is handing us cliff notes and the answers are at the back of the book for the next chapter of life. Further, our master teacher is telling us, there is no test but we can study this material and pass onto others what we enjoy or find useful. 

17th – Monday –  Venus goes into Cancer, Mercury Square Neptune, Mercury into Cancer, Mercury Conjunct Venus,  Mercury Quincunx Pluto –  The task today is to make sense out of the mountain of data that overwhelms us.  Making words meaningful so that they actually connect with others is an interactive process.  Sometimes we expand our knowledge by going to a lecture, concert or reading a book or newspaper.  However, this is a time where knowledge comes through interaction. At this time, ideas become knowledge through collaborative animation. 

18th – Tuesday – Venus Quincunx Pluto –  Even when our emotional impulses are genuine, we can’t go from the safety of childhood to adulthood without going through the intermediate process. Learning to develop our ways of sharing is a lengthy journey; one we all must take.  To gauge what is appropriate before we reach out is an invaluable interactive skill. Today can be a step in this development.   

19th – Wednesday –  Mercury Semi-sextile Jupiter –  We are lifting our mind out of a well worn rut.  Some experimentation is necessary before trying to establish new habits.  But when we see what is working and what isn’t, adjustments are obvious.  This is rewarding and pleasurable, but there is still work to be done.  We don’t lose heart if we just keep at it. The world is beautiful and worth exploring; some security is sacrificed when we venture out. 

20th – Thursday –  Sun Square Neptune, the Sun crosses into Cancer (Summer Solstice) at 4:41 PM EDT –  Mother Nature has reached an important turning point. By the same token, we can turn our attention to the good things from the past that we would like to pack in our suitcase going forward.  We take a new journey regardless of whether our feet move.  The only thing to be decided is are we going to open our eyes and look out the window at the countryside passing by, or are we going to keep our focus on our cell phone?

21st – Friday –  Mercury Sextile Mars, the Full Moon is at 9:07 PM EDT on the 1st degree of Cancer/Capricorn –  Our habits and dedication carry us to a high point and we finish something important.  Our new direction looks surprisingly like the road we just traveled on.  It isn’t.  We are on new footing, but we have a similar set of tools and memories from the past to guide us.  The softer side of our nature keeps trying to assert itself.  Do we listen and augment it, or suppress the child inside?  Do we want to be part of a positive foundation for the new world or not? 

22nd – Saturday –  Mercury Semi-square Uranus, Venus Semi-sextile Jupiter, Sun Quincunx Pluto –  Promises we have made in the past bring results both excellent and problematic.  The most important examination of our past is to see what we have done with the promises we have made to ourselves.  Since we drive our own car, it’s necessary for the driver to know where they are going.  The roadmap to our destination is self-honesty. 

23rd – Sunday –  Satisfaction is lodged in acceptance of our position and circumstances.  The big picture is revealed; we can easily observe it.  Our job today is to know what our involvement is supposed to be.  We must find our spot and sit.  Position and timing unlock our true destiny. 

24th – Monday –  A good thing at the wrong time is a bad thing.  What looks most pleasurable today is probably ungrounded, but still inviting.  Smart people will get down to what has to be done.  Okay, this may require planning and organization to even know what has to be done, how to accomplish it, and what is the meaningful timeline.  But, we have to be in the garden and not spend the whole day in Home Depot evaluating rakes, hoes, and seeds. 

25th – Tuesday – Venus Semi-square Uranus –  Confusion emerges between what we think we are feeling, and what is actually going on.  Sentimental imagery climbs into our thoughts, and yet a revelation is forced upon everyone. It is possible to hide away and go unconscious, but civilization is taking a leap forward.  Resistance comes via the negative emotions of hate, anger, and fear. Higher life is available to all; we just have to let go of the negativity. 

26th – Wednesday –  Mercury Trine Saturn –  To be emotionally attuned to our work promises to keep us on task until our efforts pay dividends. Discipline keeps us focused, but it’s the love for the craft that supplies the energy to move us forward.  When the heart is warm, rain brings as much joy as sunshine.  Imagining a better world brings it one step closer to actuality. 

27th – Thursday – Mercury Parallel Venus –  The trick today is to grab a piece of our vision of life, something inspiring, and give it some tangible form.  A small step may seem only vaguely symbolic, but who are we to limit the amount of goodness an act of kindness can do for someone else?  We are here to love each other and to help carry each other’s burden.  Salvation comes for all, or not at all. 

28th – Friday –  Mercury Semi-square Jupiter, Sun Semi-sextile Jupiter, Sun Parallel Mercury –  Luck is within reach- the price is right, it’s free.  We can enjoy the sunlight, the trouble comes when we try to capture it, put it in a bottle and sell it.  We get it for free and we can share it in the same spirit.  Thinking about self and life in a different way requires using a different mental tool. Instinct and intuition are both outside of the boundaries of intellect. All our conscious tools have significance and uses. 

29th – Saturday –  Venus Sextile Mars, Mars Semi-square Neptune, Saturn turns Retrograde, Mercury Contra-parallel Pluto, Mercury Sextile Uranus –  You know you’re with the right lover when he washes you clean and lessens the burden of your faults and shortcomings of your personality.  The inner prompting to please him leads to becoming a better person.  This is how it is with GodIt is time to do something real with our lives. Or, maybe just coasting, biding our time and waiting to share the love is enough.

30th – Sunday – One last push, then we can relax. We have been running in small circles.  Inspiration is there, but we need to keep plowing the field in front of us for a little while longer.  Some people projects we have been working on will bear fruit right at the beginning of next week. 

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My Personal Note 

Monica Dimino died in the night of May 18th.  She would have been 90 on June 3rd of this year. I have deep gratitude for the impact she had on my life.  Her contribution to my personal life supplied the backbone to shape my career. Thank you to Arlan Wise for finding that Monica was in Brazil with her daughter Isabel.  Monica was such an exceptional astrologer and human being it is no surprise that her daughter is beautiful, gracious, and unbelievably kind. Isabel kept me in contact with Monica through telephone calls, putting Monica on when possible. Isabel, thank you for letting me spend a little time with you and Monica. 

I’ve written a memorial for Monica, it will be published by the AA in England and OPA here in the states.  I share it here in case you don’t belong to either organization.

In Memory of Monica Dimino

By Bob Mulligan 

Astrology is a community based science; many astrologers will say this but few actually live it.  Monica did. She was a great astrologer, she helped many people, was incredibly insightful, was an incredibly kind and humble human being. 

We met at a NASO conference at Virginia Beach, June 1st 1977.  We liked each other and stayed in contact.  Monica supplied valuable insight and support while I traveled around the country convincing other professional astrologers that we needed our own organization to discuss issues important to the profession.  We were charter members of Prosig (which later became OPA).  After the first meeting on July 14, 1989, I was voted president and Monica became treasurer.  Neither of us wanted the jobs but someone had to do the work. 

A few years later, there was a very argumentative person on the organization’s board.  They asked me to resign.  I asked Monica to be interim president until new elections could be held, she reluctantly agreed.  In my letter published in The Career Astrologer, I told the story of a Native American Indian tribe who needed a new chief.  The old chief had this big bundle of sticks and said the person who breaks the bundle will be the new chief.  After every strong man in the tribe tried and failed to break the sticks, a young warrior came forward, untied the bundle and proceeded to break the sticks one by one.  The tribe had a new chief.  Monica understood the value of unity within the community.  I asked her what she wanted from me; she said, “Write”.  I have done that since then.  And by the same token, Monica did what the community asked of her, performing the tasks at hand without attachment.  Bravo, for a life well lived, as a consummate astrologer and human being. 

My book “The Heart of Astrology” is coming along.  Five competent astrologers, who have not previously been involved with the editing process, were sent the manuscript on May 17th.  Each person agreed to turn it around quickly with commentary.  So far only one person has gotten back to me, Hope Pantazis.  She was quite positive and complimentary.   Paula Belluomini received a copy of the manuscript for editorial comments; she has made diagrams and will now design the book cover.  She is also translating the book into Portuguese.  Kathleen Burt and Arlan Wise are also going through the book and hopefully will get back to me soon. 

When I was in high school, the music director said “music is God”.  My first real girlfriend was a musician and singer.  She would say, “I’m trying to induce God through music.   In the May newsletter I shared a song, and since then I have found an even more profound version of this song.   ‘There is a balm in Gilead’. (

Everyone knows this song, I thought you would find this version interesting and uplifting. Elton John – Your Song (Million Dollar Piano) (

When Bob Dylan was given the Nobel Prize for literature, Patti Smith sang this song at the ceremony: Patti Smith performs Bob Dylan’s “A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall” – Nobel Prize Award Ceremony 2016 ( 

Back in the day, starting in 1975, a magazine called “Yoga Journal” published articles every month on Yoga and related subjects.  I subscribed to it. Now is in only available in digital format.  In the August 1996 issue there was an interview with Dr. Larry Dossey, M.D.  The title of the interview is “Prayer is Good Medicine”.  The good doctor outlined the vast amount of research showing the effectiveness of intercessory prayer. As a hardnosed researcher, he gives lots of data showing the value of intercessory prayer.  Praying for someone at a distance has measurable improvement on the patient’s health.  Of course, there have been skeptics in the “scientific” community.  But, it is a fact that praying for someone has a positive effect.  If you read this and feel so moved, remember that your prayers for others are not in vain.

If you aren’t getting the Newsletter, look in spam.  This happened to me with the May Newsletter.  My Newsletter went into my spam account.  It could happen to any of us.  Unconfirmed members are about 450.  These are people who signed up for the newsletter but didn’t respond to the NetAtlantic email to acknowledge that they were actually requesting to receive it.  This is necessary spam protection.  If you don’t get a Newsletter, let us know right away.  It should always be out by at least the 1st of the month. 

We all know that Joe Biden is a decent man; I’ve followed his long career.  He was recently interviewed by Howard Stern, of all people.  You might enjoy it as much as I did and you will certainly learn some things that you didn’t know.

President Joe Biden on the Howard Stern Show (FULL INTERVIEW) (

“Gravity, it keeps you rooted to the ground. In space there is not any gravity. You kinda leave your feet and go floating around. Is that what it is like, Holly? Being in love?”  – Northern Exposure 

“Live every day as if it is your last and some day you will be right.” – Ronald C. Davison


 Bob Mulligan is available for personal appointments, astrology classes, and astrological material. Call him at 239-261-2840 or e-mail him at Visit our website,