“Between Astrologers and Clients” is a detailed, in-depth look at the joys and pitfalls of this pivotal relationship.  Although written specifically for the unique interactions that astrologers have with their clients, the concepts explored are universal to any therapeutic dialogue. These ideas are a condensation of my first quarter of a century in professional practice.

Here is the book’s outline:

In the Beginning

The astrologer/client relationship is a transformational tool which aids personal growth for both.  Before examining the various issues, we need to understand the stages of development for a professional.  It is through technical proficiency, business acumen, and self-understanding that groundwork is prepared. We need a genuine empathetic bond and good communication skills to effect positive changes in our client.

The Twelve Issues –

1) Boundaries – describes the magic of how the work with clients is strengthened or weakened by the use of boundaries.  Guidelines and explanations are given for promoting safety, nurturing and self-reliance.  Correct definition empowers the relationship.

2) Money – shows how this energy affects practical issues.  Money clarifies commitment.  We work toward making it a non-issue.

3) Communication – demonstrates the role that listening, pacing, and understanding play in connecting with clients.  We develop strategies for achieving harmony through the process of conveying information.  We discuss the importance of achieving consensus.

4) Dependency – gives methods for addressing unfulfilled needs in either astrologer or client.  Dependency recognized and handled correctly strengthens the relationship.  Misunderstood or handled poorly, this ingredient can undermine the work.

5) The Value of the Work – explains why it is important for astrologers to respect the science, as well as their own practice.  This attitude inspires clients to value their astrological sessions.

6) Prediction – takes up the question of how we view the future.  We examine how astrologers play into their client’s expectations, as well as shaping their future.

7) The Practical Issue of Time – suggests ways of using the limits of time to make the work more powerful.  Time, correctly spent, gives strength and clarity to dialogue.

8) Confidentiality – addresses the client’s right to privacy, as well as the responsibility this places on the astrologer.  This privacy creates a psychological and emotional restraint which greatly enhances the work.  The rules and procedures of confidentiality are necessary in order to insure purity of each session.

9) Ethical Considerations – reveals how our differences in experience create difficulties.  We discuss what ethical behavior is, and why it is necessary for the astrologer.

10) Control – addresses the use of personal power as a defining limit in astrological relationships.  We see why it is important for clients to feel in control of their lives, and why astrologers generally need control of the content of the sessions.

11) The Human Issue – shows how your personal chart influences how you approach clients.  Transcending the traditional “rules” governing our work allows us to transform consulting into an art form.

12) Hidden Agendas – shows how unconscious or withheld information can misdirect a session. We explore ways energy trapped in the unconscious mind can be refocused for personal growth.

Concluding Thoughts – We take up some summating points in our work with clients.  We look at the role the astrologer plays in the lives of clients. We compare different therapeutic models. Further, we examine the guiding principle of motivation in the life of the astrologer.

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Reviews of “Between Astrologers and Clients”:

“What a great read!  As I experienced parts of this material being presented at the various ProSig/OPA Conferences and through the Newsletters, I realized I was experiencing profound insights into one of the most vital components of being a successful consulting astrologer.  I am very pleased to see it now in book form.  As I delved into the pages, felt I was privy to all the years of experience and growth of one of the most respected astrologers and consultants in our field.  It should be in every astrologer’s library and referenced often.”  -Chris McRae

“This book, while an easy read, challenges the reader to consider one’s personal philosophy and practice.  This is a book that the serious counseling astrologer will return to often.  It belongs on the astrologer’s reference shelf.  One final note about this book: Bob leaves us with the idea that in the midst of all this keeping a sense of humor is important.”  -From Book Review…Between Astrologers and Clients, Reviewed by Alice Kashuba, in the Career Astrologer, Volume 13, Issue 1, July 2002

“I got your book, read it, and loved it. I think you did a great job dealing with a very necessary subject for anyone thinking about developing a professional astrological practice.”  -Ray Merrimen

“I’ve been reading your book “Between Astrologers and Clients” and I am very impressed. It is an excellent book and one that needed to be written. I am recommending it to my students and several professionals I know for whom it would be most helpful. I have found it so for myself.”  -Mitch Lewis

“Setting out to read a horoscope casts beginners and professionals alike into uncharted waters, often with not much guidance. In this important book, Bob Mulligan has opened to creative discussion the entire area of the consulting experience. He brings clarification, thoughtfulness, ethical soundness and emotional literacy to bear on the powerful interactions that occur ‘Between Astrologers and Clients’.”  -Melanie Reinhart

“I have read the book I got from you at the AA conference; Between Astrologers and Clients, brilliant! It should be a must for all advanced astrology practitioners. Very good, very clever.”  -Alejandro Diaz Quiroz

“One of the great finds for me at the UAC conference was an astrology book that I found so good, that I have already started discussions with the author to have it translated in my language (Dutch).  It is a book I can  recommend to all advanced CHTA students (and other astrology students of  course:-), namely those contemplating an astrology practice in the future, or for those who are already counselling others with astrology.”  -Joyce Hoen – Dutch Astrologer