Client Remarks

About the INDRA Report:

“I wanted to thank you for sending INDRA. It has been extremely helpful in articulating and focusing on areas of both assets and debits, so to speak. I have read it a number of times, and I feel that you have caught and said things that I knew within, but had never articulated before. I really liked the set-up of explanation and then interpretation, because it was also an educational tool for me. I thought the report was most helpful, professional, and accurate on many levels, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually.”
-Cheryl Longo

“INDRA uses sound astrological principles and the unique and insightful thoughts of Bob Mulligan to produce an interpretive product that will most definitely offer readers something new about themselves.
-Deborah Burrell

“Dear Bob, The Indra Report….has remained a constant port of serenity and peace, to truly understand Who I Am…how I feel about and react to life matters, yet there is still so much to learn, to understand, to handle differently. There is a higher level, which you have brought me to and so often I am in amazement to think I will ever completely understand it all as placed in the report”.
-Margaret, Bonita Springs, FL

About the INDRA Software and Workshop:

“I’m ecstatic to have met you! The INDRA Workshop was pure bliss for me – delightful, informative, and (as promised) very transformational. I love what you’ve created out of astrology, but even more, I love what astrology has created out of you. Being with you made me want to do more, reach farther and aspire to a vision grander than anything I’ve dared dream before. Thank you.”
-Jill Roscover, Boulder CO

“I experienced a plethora of feelings during the workshop, so many positive incidents have come to me since. I learned so much, but as I see it, the more one learns about astrology, the more one realizes how much there is to learn! It’s really awesome! Thank you, Bob.”
-Lynda Goldberg, San Diego CA

About The Mastery of Astrology correspondence course:

“The material is extremely well-organized, continually revised and updated, and represents a synthetic approach. The tapes are very clearly recorded, and there is extensive support material, including a study guide for each class. The course arrives complete with colored pens, a three-ring binder with illustrations and graphics, and even memory-enhancing incense.”
-The Mountain Astrologer

About Bob’s Personal Consultations:

“Bob, I’m someone who has studied astrology for years, has undertaken a series of paid professional lessons, and has received and given a number of readings. The insight, detail, and subtlety of your one-hour session displayed breadth of experience and mastery of your craft to the point that it was humbling.”
-MEB, Austin, TX

“I have been listening to your tape and each time I find new information to think about. I have been in a rut for several years and I am determined to get back to a place where I feel very productive, active and happy with life in general. I really know what you do will help me do this. So I thank you for the advice and information that you give me.”
-Pat Wilkes, Phoenix, AZ

“Listening to us laugh on the astrology tape session made me very happy…that recent work has really stuck with me, I have been able to track behavior and….not take myself so especially seriously.”
-Debra Smith, Charlottesville, VA