Client Remarks

About Bob’s Personal Consultations:

“Bob, I’m someone who has studied astrology for years, has undertaken a series of paid professional lessons, and has received and given a number of readings. The insight, detail, and subtlety of your one-hour session displayed breadth of experience and mastery of your craft to the point that it was humbling.” -MEB, Austin, TX

“I have been listening to your tape and each time I find new information to think about. I have been in a rut for several years and I am determined to get back to a place where I feel very productive, active and happy with life in general. I really know what you do will help me do this. So I thank you for the advice and information that you give me.”  -Pat Wilkes, Phoenix, AZ

“Listening to us laugh on the astrology tape session made me very happy…that recent work has really stuck with me, I have been able to track behavior and….not take myself so especially seriously.  -Debra Smith, Charlottesville, VA

“Bob, I wanted to thank you for your time and expertise in relaying things to me from my chart.  Your energy is extremely nurturing and yet your mission for the work is clear that you will say what you are called to say.  Your words touched me on a very deep level,.  Your reading of my chart touches a truth that rings through my body (bodies) on many levels.  It seems somewhat profound.  I have heard things from you and perspectives of myself that I have not ever thought of before – patterns, interactions, and my way of dealing with people.  Much of it seems new to me (regarding touching my consciousness) but not new on the soul level.  And although you say difficult things for one to perhaps have to hear – you convey it with a love that allows it to land gently and lovingly.  So again, thank you for your expertise and more importantly, thank you for your way of interacting and dealing with me in such a caring and loving way.  It feels safe to do the work with you, so thank you.” -Janie Watson, NE

“Thank you so very much for sending the recent CD of our session.  I have been listening to it and feeling so grateful to you. Words cannot express how deeply I appreciate the generosity of spirit within you which is so genuinely committed to your work, both in this world and beyond. Though I have only known you for a few years, I have benefited tremendously from your profound guidance. You are amazing!  Your deep understanding of the soul, coupled with your efficiency in getting to the bottom line in a session, is a special and unique gift.  Of course you know this, but I just want you to know how much gratitude I feel for you.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart, along with great spirit, for the expansive, healing, and beautiful opportunity to cross paths with you on this amazing journey.”  -Anne E., CA

“Bob is very detailed, accurate and thought provoking with his information. He is one of the best astrologers and a great person to get to know. I would recommend his work to anyone wanting to know more about their life path.”  -Muni Bhambri, NC

“This afternoon I listened to the tape of our recent session.  I’m certain you don’t need an affirmation from me, but in 14 years your “reading” was surely the most brilliant, most useful, most loving, I’ve ever received.  Thank you.”  -Gary Mullins

“I had a consultation with you in Champaign, IL in 1973.  You taped our session, and I am writing to tell you that what you shared with me continues to be helpful.  I put the tape away for over a decade and then listened again about 7 years ago when my life was in more turmoil than I’d ever known.  Stuff you’d said was revelatory at the time and turned the key; I began to get a perspective and some understanding on the change going on in my life.  I put the tape away again until two weeks ago, and again I have found details in your interpretation of my chart that help me better understand a current source of confusion. I am so glad to see you are still at it!  As a teacher for 23 years now, I know how affirming it can be to hear from an old student.  I assume hearing from an old client is the same for you. Thank you!”  -Audrey

“Charles asked me to pop you off an email telling you how much we enjoyed your talk/work & insights! You are without doubt the greatest astrologer I have ever come across! The way you can read charts is nothing short of uncanny! You ‘know’ Charles just as deeply as I do – after 5 years of living with him.” -Dina

“I have been very fortunate to have an astrological reading done for me by Bob Mulligan.  Not only does Bob have tremendous command of the technology of astrological reading, but he brings to his expertise the discipline of Meher Baba.  He’s lives the teaching of this great yogi and thus brings tremendous insight to his readings…east west meets yet again!!! If you have ever considered an astrological reading, I encourage you to call or email Bob.”   -Renee

“Today’s session was really perfect in many respects. It gave some needed context to many of the things I observe happening. Thanks so much.”   -Mary W., HI

“I enjoyed your article in the OPA digest. One of our members has had her chart done by many astrologers. She said that you gave the best delineation and interpretation.”  -Marguerite