Indra Report

The Astrology Company features the INDRA report, a personal astrological birth report. A valuable tool for anyone wishing deeper insight into life, this comprehensive computer generated in-depth report describes the talents and complexities of each individual. An objective 30-35 page interpretation of an individual’s life situation based on the astrology chart at the time of birth, the INDRA report describes basic motivations, perceptions, inclinations and character from a number of different perspectives, giving a highly accurate composite of an individual’s life.

Therapists and astrologers find INDRA to be a valuable tool in the hands of their clients as it furthers the process of analysis and introspection and provides guidelines for personal improvement and self discovery. INDRA Reports are attractively packaged in a sturdy binder for years of use as a treasured reference.

The INDRA report is $35 and is available in English, Spanish and German. Please print and mail the order form, or call us at 239.261.2840.