Indra Software

INDRA Software allows you to create your own INDRA astrology reports any time from your personal computer. Fast, fun and easy to use, the INDRA software is available in English, Spanish and German. INDRA software is for those who see the value of the INDRA report and wish to generate reports on their own. It is the perfect accompaniment to an astrological or counseling practice. Licensed owners of the software are able to sell the astrology reports and receive periodic free upgrades. Includes version 1.7 of INDRA software. The INDRA Software is $300.

The INDRA Workshop series teaches detailed step by step procedures for using the INDRA Astrology Report to advance your personal goals in life, resolving conflicts and building strengths within the core of your personality. An invaluable teaching and learning tool The INDRA Workshop includes:

  • “Using INDRA” Handbook complete with text and graphics to assist you in understanding astrological terminology.
  • Two (2) video tapes (12 hours) featuring information on using INDRA.
  • Seven (7) audio tapes (12 hours) featuring INDRA details and use.

The INDRA Workshop is $185.00

To order either the INDRA Software or Workshop please print and then fax or mail the order form, or call us at 239.261.2840.