The Astrology Company: February 2023 by Bob Mulligan

February 2023

By Bob Mulligan

(a personal note is at the end of the newsletter)


February Highlights 

With Uranus (democracy) reaching the 15th degree of Taurus (sign of his fall), we reach the apex of the struggle between dictatorship, and government by the people and for the people.  Globally, we see a brighter future approaching; it will take several years to get there.  The Sun Parallels Saturn on the 12th, then Conjuncts Saturn on the 16th.   To relax, re-evaluate, and engage with the larger society: this is the best use for this time of self-discipline.  This happens just prior to the Sun entering Pisces on the 18th, and the New Moon on the 20th.   Both events provide steps to a better future.  Neptune offers silent rewards during the last week.  On the 24th, Jupiter Contra-parallels Neptune; on the 28th, Venus Contra-parallels Neptune.  If we know who to ask, and what to ask for, the gifts are bountiful.   

The Full Moon 

The Full Moon on the 5th at 1:28 PM EST is at 16 degrees of Aquarius/Leo. Uranus Squares both Sun and Moon, forming a  T-Square in Fixed signs. The basic tenor of life is shaken. Our personal lives require an emotional shift to stay reasonable and relevant.  Fixed signs store karma and emotional energy. Change is time consuming and difficult.  We have decisions to make; do we go for a Band-Aid or a cure?  Do we go for short term expediency, or dig in for a long drawn out struggle over values?  A week later will tell the answer.  Karma comes home to roost.  There will be another challenge to democracy.  Disquietedness of the T-Square is echoed in Mars Square Venus; internal conflict between our urge for freedom and our desire for harmony spills over and partnerships may suffer.  However, because Venus is Sextile Uranus, and Mars is Trine Sun and Sextile the Moon, the nervousness and change of direction is not confined to our individual lives, but will play out in public life. With Mercury Conjunct Pluto and Sextile Neptune, calmer voices maintain balance. Mercury plunges deep and finds harmony in a higher truth.

The Sun enters Pisces 

The Sun enters Pisces on the 18th at 5:35 PM EST.  The Sun is Conjunct Saturn at 28 degrees Aquarius. This is a stabilizing factor that will help everyone be more productive when we keep the history of our current situation clearly in focus.  Venus is Conjunct Neptune and Sextile Pluto; love, recognition, personal satisfaction grounds us.  Our better nature rules this solar month.  Mercury (data) Conjuncts the Moon (public) and Squares the Nodes; factually true information getting out to the public is crucial. The collective mindset will move forward.   

The New Moon

 The New Moon on the 20th is at 2:05 AM EST on the 1st degree of Pisces.  Saturn Conjuncts the New Moon from 28 degrees of Aquarius; this is a huge stabilizing influence.  With Neptune and Venus in Pisces, along with the New Moon, there is an overwhelming desire for peace.   Mercury Sextile Jupiter and Trine Mars shows a rash of new ideas promoted with much enthusiasm.  In Washington D.C., Mars is the only planet above the horizon and in the 7th house (open enemies).  The peace that is longed for will not come easy. Venus is Sextile Pluto, both on the 29th degree. We finish up something long in the works. In Washington, Venus is Opposite the MC and Pluto is Trine. Economic negotiation will reach a climax. This will play out in people’s personal life as well as government. 

The Weeks 

From the 1st to the 5th just when we think that we have outrun the controversy, surprise after surprise upsets our rhythm. We can acknowledge the validity of the interruptions, and still keep moving forward.  Even though stormy weather comes to important relationships; this is a blessing because it is time for a change in attitude, appraisals, and maybe even partners. 

From the 6th to the 12th longstanding problems find solutions.  The world is in a hurry but we don’t have to be. The tempo of change is perfect.  Winter is a necessary season and we need to brace ourselves for a climate we wouldn’t choose.  Expanding our vision to the horizon, looking into the future, we can see the steps it will take to get the end result we will inevitably need.  Concern for each other builds community. 

From the 13th to the 19th we can transcend.  Ok, so there are some things that must be done: deadlines to meet, grocery shopping, emails to answer, fulfilling our job responsibilities.  However, this is a wonderful time to fix our gaze on something higher than the mundane, and to embrace artistic pursuits.  Most of us will not write a great symphony, or paint a beautiful picture, but in some realm of our life, rearranging the living room furniture, sending a valentine to our spouse, loved one, friend, or child; at some level we need to release the inner fragrance of love for life’s beauty. 

From the 20th to the 28th there is a fine line between stubborn resistance and having a lack of resolve.  Luck follows us when we are able to gather new information without having to let it descend on anyone else.  Sometimes a new insight is just for one person.  Sparks of enthusiasm follow appropriate changes of plans.  Some things we alter may seem cuckoo to others.  We must follow our own insights. 

The Days 

1st – Wednesday –  It’s a time to share.  We are planting seeds.  If the soil is fertile, something beautiful will emerge before the end of the month.  If the land is rocky, try anyway, but then just move on.  Share without thought of reciprocation. 

2nd – Thursday – Reward comes by turning our attention to familiar surroundings and associates.  At the same time, someone else’s feeling of entitlement may drag us down.  Responding to others asking for help may feed an entrenched habit that is bad for everyone.  Honest appraisal brings better solutions. 

3rd – Friday – Sun Square Uranus – Leisure time is more fun when we involve others.   Immediate gain is at odds with long range investments.  Time, money, and energy can be governed without being stingy in the present moment. The cry of conscience can pull us toward rethinking steps already taken. How far back do we want to go?

4th – Saturday – Venus Square Mars, Sun Contra-parallel Uranus –  Consensus is hard when all seem to have too much nervous energy.  We need to check our pulse; are we afraid to involve our friends with personal projects?  Caution may stop us from fulfilling our destiny.  Hanging out with likeminded souls takes the edge off an overly ramped up day.  The earth moves in its orbit without us having to push. 

5th – Sunday – The Full Moon is at 1:28 PM EST on the 16th degree of Aquarius/Leo – Complete what is at hand and let the rest go.  Physical tension can be the response to circumstances we didn’t make and can’t control.  Standing in the way of events can be unpleasant. Concentrating on our long range goals relieves the pressure.  Nothing has to happen until it stops snowing.    

6th – Monday – Mercury Sextile Neptune, Venus Semi-square Pluto –  As we come down from the mountaintop of inspiration, we can fashion a plan of action.  Practical material results are not only beneficial; they are literal proof of concept.

7th – Tuesday – Criticism is very helpful if we don’t take it personally.  Things that go wrong are just a rung on the ladder to getting it right.  When we are in a disagreement, solutions can come if we can stay calm and keep talking.

8th – Wednesday – Venus Sextile Uranus, Mercury Semi-sextile Saturn –  When we take a bold departure from the ordinary, we get an emotional lift.  We are not on new territory, but it can seem so because we have been given new tools, and a new perspective. 

9th – Thursday –  Mercury Sesquiquadrate Mars – We need others.  It is a good time pick up the phone, to reach out, ask questions, then listen. To explore friendships might mean to suggest a new activity.  Contributions others make to our lives are important, but the contributions we make to others are even more fulfilling. 

10th – Friday –  Mercury Conjunct Pluto –  With the right attitude, repetition builds strength.  Winning is not as important as giving everything we work on our best shot.  This is one of those moments where we must be willing to go it alone.  Others may join us later.

11th – Saturday –  Mercury enters Aquarius –  A new approach can make even the most routine tasks seem more exciting.  The shortest distance between two points may be a straight line, but that doesn’t necessarily make the journey interesting or rewarding. Innovation and limitation go hand in hand. 

12th – Sunday –  Sun Parallel Saturn, Sun Semi-sextile Neptune –  If we stay on course with the choices we have made, there is victory in a few days.  Discipline is a godsend; it is the mental need of the moment.  Kindness comes packaged in unexpected ways.

13th – Monday –  It’s the past against the future.  We struggle to embrace new and innovative styles of being.  Success comes when intentionally or unintentionally, we weave the fabric of our history into our current situation.  The collective attitude of the culture imprints itself on our action.  We become more aware in the process.

14th – Tuesday –  Mars Sesquiquadrate Pluto –  When circumstances right in front of us match our principles it’s smooth running.  When we share our insights with others, even close friends may push back.  It’s a good moment to check our perceptions.  The truth does not damage anyone.  What we express as truth sometimes does.

15th – Wednesday – Venus Conjunct Neptune, Venus Parallel Neptune –  Our likes and dislikes are our individual subjective truth.  This fact however, doesn’t invalidate them.  Examination of our preferences is a good use of mental energy, and will reveal something new.  We must not “throw out the baby with the bathwater.” 

16th – Thursday –  Sun Conjunct Saturn, Venus Contra-parallel Jupiter – The current slowdown has meaning, not just that we need a rest, which we do, but also we can build up steam pressure to climb the next mountain.  Will worldly success derail our real journey?  How much involvement with the material world is necessary, and how much is just an imaginary obligation?  We need to get our emotions to agree with our insights.17th – Friday –  Mercury Semi-square Neptune, Mercury Sextile Jupiter, Sun Semi-sextile Pluto –  Sacrificing a fantasy is necessary in order to see more clearly.  Although we have to make our own decisions, conversation helps expand our vision.  Some adventures that have seemed long out of reach come into view as real opportunities.  

18th – Saturday – Mars Semi-sextile Uranus, Venus Semi-sextile Saturn, the Sun enters Pisces on the 18th at 5:35 PM EST –  Others have a lot to say. We need to listen.  To think we understand what the back-story is in anyone else’s life can be a big mistake.  Even when people seem entrenched in a point of view, we can still make a difference if we really listen and then compromise.  For all of that, assertion is still necessary.

19th – Sunday – Venus Sextile Pluto – Mawkish sentimentality only slows down the inevitable. Caring for people, values, and outcomes doesn’t give us permission to rain on anyone else’s parade. You can eat jello with your hands if you keep your fingers relaxed.  We may have incorrectly determined that there was no water in the well if we have been there several times and come back empty.  There is a trick and this time can be different. 

20th – Monday – The New Moon on February 20th is at 2:05 AM EST on the 1st degree of Pisces, Venus enters Aries, Venus Semi-square Uranus –  Our ideas may not be completely formulated, but the emotional impulse is strong enough to carry us forward.  The jolt we feel propels us into action. We may be required to help someone in need, but unless this is the case, we must stay within the guidelines of our own expertise. Interruptions and upset of plans is unavoidable, but with the right spirit, they can be integrated into this eventful day.  

21st – Tuesday –  Mercury Square Uranus – Forces at work may be plowing a field we had just as soon lay fallow.  It is all part of the Divine Plan.  Our best strategy is to see where the parade is going, make an assessment as to its worth, and get on board or stay away.   These are the times when we find out what is at the core of our beliefs.

22nd – Wednesday –  Mercury Trine Mars –  With a burst of enthusiasm we may feel like a snake shedding his skin.  The past difficulties are still there, even if dormant.  We aren’t responsible for parochial biases of our culture.  We do our part when we see what must be done, do it, then relax. 

23rd – Thursday – Even when we know we are winning, it is prudent to know when to pull back.  Not out of fear of loss, but because we have enough.  Consolidation comes without having to do too much.  Excess energy can be channeled into exercise, or helping others.

24th – Friday – Jupiter Contra-parallel Neptune – Good things are happening; we must acknowledge them.  To be grateful is a gift.  To push the envelope now will not end well.  There are at least 250 ways to express joy in this moment; choose one and express it.  We may start something that concludes right at the turning of the month. Wishing for something that will be really good in the long run is a blessing, but also gives us our marching orders.  

25th – Saturday –  Mercury Contra-parallel Uranus,  Mercury Semi-square Venus –  What good is it to head down a blind alley?  Even a mistake can tell us something valuable.  To follow a hunch against the grain of reason is not necessarily a bad thing.  Rather than being frustrated with our disappointments, or feeling that we have wasted time, it is better to learn lessons by sharing.  Other people make these mistakes as well. 

26th – Sunday – Sun Semi-sextile Venus – Baby steps in the right direction help our overall mood remain light and positive.  If we are patient, good things find us.  It’s time to reconnect with those we have been out of touch with.  Simple reaching out can be very uplifting and validating.

27th – Monday – Mercury Semi-sextile Neptune – We can reclaim a more positive outlook by inspecting the results of our past actions.  Ideals we have embraced in the past are calling out to be reenergized.  It is time to take a stand.  Even though we are in a difficult time on the planet, there is some very good news; we just have to look for it. 

28th – Tuesday – Venus Contra-parallel Neptune, Mercury Semi-sextile Jupiter, Venus Parallel Jupiter –  What is most important now is to feel worthy of the help being offered, and to recognize it.  Our feelings pave the way; this is why it is important to be happy and to express joy.  We are finalizing an important step of our journey.  We do not have to revisit recent events, they have their significance, but they are over. 

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My Personal Note

The Christmas cactus on my lanai blooms only on Christmas, often right to the day.  This year they are blooming again at the end of January.  This may be because we had a cold snap, then it got warm again.  How warm? Today the high is 83.  Going 10 days out, the high is still 83.  I’ve lived in Naples since August 4th 1981. We are now the fastest growing part of the country.  This is an omen.  My life is getting ready to change in a fundamental way.  For one thing, I’m going to India, sometime soon.  This is a necessary recharging of my spiritual battery. 

Tomorrow is the 31st of January.  On this day in 1969, my Spiritual Master, Meher Baba dropped his physical form.  There is a big celebration in India and other places each year on this day.  The last time I was in India for this celebration was in 1982.  Perhaps in the future I will be in this celebration in India again.  

There will be important news on my book next month.  It is not possible to have question and answer sessions just now.  However, people have expressed interest. So, if you have a general information astrological question, ask me by email. If you have questions about your own life, book an appointment.

Several friends have passed away in the last month.  Each of us is taking a position for the next turning point in consciousness.

The seemingly senseless beating death of Tyre Nichols reminds us of just how far we still have to go to reach the Promised Land.  We will get there, hand in hand, as each one teaches one.

The war in Ukraine grinds on, just as Covid, climate change, and so many other things.  It is easy to become disheartened, to give up, to become numb.  It is important to remember that all of this suffering is for a higher purpose, and that each of us has a specific job to do.  When we do our job (whatever that may be) with the spirit of love, God is present.  

George Harrison, an eastern soul in a western body, reminds us what it is all about.  This video is really uplifting.

This Video Will Leave You Speechless – George Harrison’s Search For A Higher Truth – YouTube

Those of us born into a healthy democracy need to be reminded every now and then of how fortunate we are, and what we owe for the privilege.  Elijah Cumming gave this Ted talk shortly before he passed away.

Wake Up America — We Are Better Than This! | Elijah Cummings | TEDxMidAtlantic – YouTube

My long time friend, Mary Weiss, sent me a list of Rumi quotes. Here is one of them. “Do not feel lonely; the entire universe is inside you.  Stop acting so small.  You are the universe in ecstatic motion.  Set your life on fire.”  – Rumi


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