The Astrology Company: February 2018 by Bob Mulligan

February 2018

By Bob Mulligan

 It may be easy to “write off” February as a less significant month, because major outer planetary interactions seem minor.  However, a few important celestial considerations in February foretell our future over the next few years. Pluto is crossing his own South Node (a planetary Node is the place where the planet crosses the ecliptic).  Every planet has a North and a South Node on the Ecliptic which has the same effect as the planet only more intense.  The North Node is always more progressive and the South node is always more habit bound. Next year Pluto will cross the South Node of Saturn.  In January 2020 Saturn and Pluto will Conjunct.  This will close a chapter of world history.  In February we are receiving some ironic foreshadowing of coming events.  Saturn is karma and Pluto is infinite power; we have entered a time where each of us will have a great responsibility to handle our own shortcomings without fanfare or regret.  The world is changing and we must change with it.  We have a Solar Eclipse on the 15th of February.  This is a cosmic reset and will place the globe on a more progressive course.  It’s a great time to reaffirm (or alter) what we wish to achieve during the next few years.  Just as Jupiter (planet of abundance) was entering Scorpio (sign of sexuality and secrets) in October of 2017, the story of Harvey Weinstein broke, setting off a firestorm of allegations of sexual misconduct.  Jupiter will be in Scorpio until November of 2018.  Jupiter Squaring the Eclipse is a messenger indicating that our striving for sexual equality has turned the corner; more good in this arena emerges over the next couple of years.

 The New Moon Solar Eclipse on February 15th is on the 27th degree of Aquarius at 4:06 PM EST.  Mercury is Conjunct the Eclipse.  This combination Squares Jupiter and Sextiles Uranus.  We are prompted to take some bold steps; but there is a danger that we can extend ourselves beyond our foundations.  Venus Conjuncts Neptune and Squares Mars; even with the best of intentions we still end up with uncertain results. Our higher values may be guiding our aim, but impatience, or an overblown sense of mission, may bring unintended consequences.  Saturn in Capricorn Sextile Venus in Pisces is an indication that practical goals must be the focus of our good intentions.  This Eclipse opens many doors, but a cautious approach is only prudent.  Still, with Mars Trine the North Node of the Moon, we must continue promoting the things we really believe in.  Even with the most accurate analysis we are left with some disturbing emotional imprints.  Common sense and optimism can help us balance uncomfortable feelings.

The Sun Crosses into Pisces on the 18th at 12:19 PM EST.  With the Moon in Aries as the Sun crosses into Pisces, and no air in the chart, things are likely to develop with great haste.  People seem unusually sure of themselves and we are willing to believe in many things unseen; but even with this, emotional satisfaction can elude us.  It is best if we are able to take every disappointment now as a chance to see deeper into our own motivation.  This month contains great joy if we are looking in the right place.

 From the 1st to the 4th it is easy to overlook new emerging influences as the month begins. We already have so many projects in motion, and there are tasks that absolutely must be completed.  However, we need to make time for new information which can give us a fresh perspective.  Unfinished business from last month creates a drag on our time.  Discrimination allows us to table some projects for awhile.

From the 5th to the 11th external limitations on our energy, time, and circumstances can dampen our enthusiasm.  We need to be creative and focus on the abundant good that is offered by the cosmos now.  We can build on our past; this is a time for learning.

 From the 12th to the 18th just because we can wipe the slate clean and start over, doesn’t mean we should.  This is a moment for gathering and sorting.  We have plans, and there is no reason to jettison them, even though circumstances have changed.  Still, the world is in a massive reset mode; by reflection, it may be prudent to wait until next week before taking irreversible actions.

 From the 19th to the 25th we will be stirred up both mentally and emotionally.  Artistic creativity as well as flashes of insight give sparkle to everything we do.  There is a spiritualizing influence to all our efforts now; with a little attention we can lift the vibration in every relationship.

From the 26th to the 28th both work related projects and key relationships get an added boost.  Romantic involvements have real potency.  Misunderstanding comes from misinformation and can result in outbursts of anger.  We create more joy and happiness by listening to others and remaining calm. 

1st – Thursday – Mercury Parallel Pluto, Sun Parallel Jupiter, Sun Semi-sextile Neptune –  Deep thoughts and some confusion can stop us from enjoying the bounty of the day.  Our past triumphs can show us a way forward, even though the circumstances in our lives and in the world have changed dramatically.  We can shake off the confines of past habits and establish some new, life supporting routines.

 2nd – Friday – Venus Semi-sextile Pluto, Venus Semi-square Saturn –  Innovation is fine but some past actions have consequences and come back to haunt us unless we can deal with them intelligently. Even when we can’t turn the tide of life, we are empowered to make things better.

 3rd – Saturday –  Mars Semi-square Pluto, Mercury Sextile Mars, Mercury Semi-square Saturn, Mars Semi-square Saturn –  Having patience allows us to get more done.  Trying to complete tasks through sheer force of will is apt to leave us disappointed.   Incremental progress is achieved when we take a reasoned, step by step approach.  Experiencing and implementing new procedures may be warranted, but we must keep our eyes glued to the practical results of our actions.

 4th – Sunday –  Venus Square Jupiter, Mercury Parallel Mars –  Reason is the magic gift that can lift us beyond the confusion of the moment. Does more joy come from commitment or from maintaining independence?  We can have the best of both through practicing honesty and employing good communication skills.

 5th – Monday –  We may try several things before we get a winning combination.  Our ideas may be impeccable and yet we still may find great difficulty translating theory into practice.  We do best if our plans stay simple.  Keeping our eyes on what is most essential can make this a successful time.

 6th – Tuesday – Venus Sextile Uranus – To the careful eye, a sudden change of circumstance presents us with a truly unique opportunity.  Changing course is ok if we stay true to our real values.  We can easily be pulled astray if we are hypnotized by a promise of rapid gratification.  This is an opportunity to check our motivation.

7th – Wednesday –   Luck is with us and lots of fun comes through simple acts.  An optimistic outlook can keep us humming along and having a great time.  Enjoyment increases and we feel a sense of expanse when we let others see our true feelings.

 8th – Thursday – Mercury Semi-sextile Neptune, Sun Semi-sextile Pluto –  Reason doesn’t always reveal the truth of a situation.  We need to rely on our intuition in order to see the value of people and circumstances arriving in our lives now.  Taking time to ruminate before acting will allow us to go further after we start our journey. 

9th – Friday –  Sun Semi-square Saturn –  It is hard to move forward when we are dragging issues with us that we feel should have been handled long ago.  Dealing effectively with current circumstances brings progress; facing life head on is better than denial.  Fantasy may look more enticing that rational behavior; but the latter takes us somewhere; the former only postpones the inevitable.

 10th – Saturday – Venus enters Pisces, Sun Squares Jupiter –  The door to adventure is right in front of us.  Having a pleasant rest in our day is great if we aren’t putting anything precious at risk.  Our time is valuable but sometimes we work more efficiently if we create space in our lives to just dream.

11th – Sunday –  Mercury Parallel Jupiter –  Energy builds up and we are blessed to be able to see further.  Having a positive mental attitude is the key to making the right choices.  Our own inner wisdom can light the path in front of us; all that is required is honesty.

 12th – Monday –  Mars Sesquiquadrate Uranus, Mercury Semi-sextile Pluto, Mars Parallel Pluto, Mercury Semi-square Saturn –   Basic impulses may not be in agreement with our common sense.  Outbursts of anger can cause damage.  Even if it means hearing and seeing some things we wish weren’t the case, we really need mental acumen.  Fear may be hampering our momentum, but at the same time telling us something important.

 13th – Tuesday – Mercury Square Jupiter, Sun Sextile Uranus –  It is good to remember that just because something worked in the past doesn’t mean it will work for us now.   It’s time to chart a new course.  Overly grandiose expectations can lead to big disappointments.  Some sacrifices are necessary in order to progress.

 14th – Wednesday – Venus Semi-square Pluto –  When we are overly sensitive, our feelings are hurt.  Being brave, and taking a bold step forward, can help us through a tough patch with others.  It is not easy to dissipate an all or nothing mentality but moderation is necessary.

 15th – Thursday – Mercury Sextile Uranus, the New Moon Eclipse is on the 27th degree of Aquarius at 4:06 PM EST, Venus Sextile Saturn –  Our own concerns can seem so small next to the circumstances in the world.  We all must decide how involved we will be in the big picture of life.  Theory and good sentiment is fine, but now we need to be able to render practical help to our troubled world or just stay quiet. 

16th – Friday –  Take a chance; extend yourself to others.  Love is never a bad thing.  There are people who are in a combative mood and not every act of kindness is well received.  Atmospheric turbulence in the collective psyche can promote misunderstandings; your motives may be misinterpreted.  Do good anyway.

 17th – Saturday – Mars Square Neptune, Sun Conjunct Mercury, Mercury enters Pisces –  We can be rendered helpless if we are overwhelmed by emotions.  It is good to empathize with others and with society in general.  However, in order to be part of the solution to the ills of the world, we have to be able to function effectively in our own lives.  It is necessary to channel our spiritual insights into tangible results in everyday circumstances.

 18th – Sunday –  Venus Contra-parallel Uranus, Sun enters Pisces –  Some separation from responsibilities, routines, and close friends and lovers may be required in order to see what is going on inside our own soul.  Self-exploration requires isolation (or at least insulation).  It is easy to be pulled downstream by forceful currents in the common society now. It is good to affirm why you are on the planet. 

19th – Monday –  Venus Semi-square Uranus –  A quick turn of events is matched by our rapid response.   Spontaneous impulses can get us into and out of trouble.  Emotional stability and detachment are the two ingredients that keep us floating when others are drawn into a whirlpool of uncontrolled activity.

 20th – Tuesday – Mercury Semi-square Pluto –   Not everything that we seek is obvious or immediately present; we have to dig to get truthful answers.  We don’t have to work in isolation but if others are involved in our projects, we should give them the benefit of the doubt and see what they have to say.  Distrusting others makes progress tedious and lacking in grace.

 21st – Wednesday – Venus Conjunct Neptune, Mercury Sextile Saturn –   Sharing the love and telling others how we feel is the road to happiness.  Artistic impulses and creative talents are surfacing in every aspect of life.  Making the most of the environment of faith and creativity can raise everyone’s spirit.

22nd – Thursday – Sun Parallel Mercury, Mars Parallel Saturn, Venus Parallel Neptune –  Taking the time to organize our thoughts and lifting the dialogue to a higher plane allows us to accomplish much in a short period of time.  Long range plans can be mapped out now.  Time easily slips away so we need to be mindful of where we put our attention.  First things first.

 23rd – Friday – Mercury Contra-parallel Uranus, then Semi-square Uranus, Sun Semi-square Pluto –  Mild irritation can follow brilliant insights, as we are not always able to communicate what we see to others.  Being patient is the key; some ideas now need time to germinate.   Life is hard enough; be forgiving of other people’s abruptness.

24th – Saturday –  Sun Contra-parallel Uranus –  It is an exciting time.  Our thoughts move faster than our feelings.  We can see more than can be accomplished in any reasonable time frame.  Conflict emerges when we try to force solutions.  Freedom doesn’t have to mean chaos.

 25th – Sunday – Venus Square Mars, Mercury Conjunct Neptune, Sun Sextile Saturn, Mercury Parallel Neptune –  Inspiration and mystical insight guide our thoughts.  Regardless of how stable we feel, we are changing.  Others in our lives are going through some form of grow.  Relationships can be under some stress primarily because we are not exactly sure what we want.  Lowering the voltage allows negotiations to go smoother.

 26th – Monday –  Love and luck surround us.  We just have to relax and accept what the cosmos is offering.  Emotional energy is powerful and all consuming.  We are happiest if we are able to spend time with those closest to us and enjoy the feeling of bonding.  We need to ask for what we really want.

27th – Tuesday –  Venus Sextile Pluto – Pushing the boundaries a little can be a good thing.  Relationships need to be reciprocal and symbiotic in order to fulfill the promise of the day.  There are intense feelings requiring safe expression.  Intelligence must guide our emotional impulses in order to be successful.

 28th – Wednesday –  Mercury Square Mars, Mercury Sextile Pluto –  Our thoughts are on fire and it is easy to get into arguments.  If we are able to correctly harness the energy of the moment we can take several giant steps forward.  When we communicate our thoughts in good faith, talking to others is a remedy, allowing us to corral our thoughts.

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We live in a world of duality, e.g., man and woman, black and white, rich and poor, citizens and immigrants, liberal and conservatives; none of these distinctions matter.  What does matter is our level of consciousness.  There are people of higher vibration and those of a lower one; this is a duality that actually does matter.

We have arrived at the end of a cycle of cycles.  We have reached the turning of the age.  To create this turning, we needed the polarization created by both the highest and the lowest souls present on the planet simultaneously.  It is important for people of goodwill (the higher souls) to uphold the truth, to think kindly of others who are different, who think differently than us.  Differences of religion, politics, gender, social station are all insignificant.  We have an obligation to uphold a higher standard, to tell the truth, to help others.  This may sound easy; it isn’t.  But it is simple; the truth is always simple.  “To understand all, is to forgive all”.  Lower souls are just younger souls.   The end result of this polarization in the world feels so violent; we don’t become part of the solution until we are able to love and accept even those who are angry, violent, stupid, and bigoted.  We need to be gentle and kind to them in the manner in which we are understanding of our own children as they are developing.  To become angry and fight them is to become one of them.  Only love can alter the trajectory of culture now.

For the last many years I have worked diligently on the material in my upcoming book.  During 2018, I will present this material twice publicly: in San Diego in March and in Chicago in May.   My trip to San Diego includes a Friday night talk, “Astrology, Karma, and Reincarnation” on March 9th, and a Saturday and Sunday workshop (March 10th and 11th), “Using Your Birth Chart as a Spiritual Roadmap”; this is interactive experience; each person will leave with an individual plan for raising consciousness.

In Chicago, on Sunday, May 27th I will present two talks, “The Five Gifts of Astrology” and “The Hierarchy of the Planets”.  If you are not registered for UAC yet, do it now.  Here is the link:  This is going to be a stellar event, with the best astrologers from all over the world.  There are some people who are just coming for Sunday (when I’m speaking).    If you would like to meet for dinner on Sunday night let me know in advance.

Detailed information is available on my website,   This material has greatly altered in the last years as my own consciousness has changed; new things have emerged on my own journey.  Come and be with me at these times.  It will be worth your effort.  This is a time of fulfillment for all of us. 

The Arc of history is long, but it bends toward justice.” – Martin Luther King