The Astrology Company: April 2017

April 2017

By Bob Mulligan

(a personal note is at the end of the newsletter) 

The whole month of April 2017 is one of transition.  Venus activity plays a key role this month.  She Retrogrades back into Pisces on the 2nd, turns Direct on the 15th, and finally re-enters Aries on the 28th.  Venus rules matters of the heart and her wanderings between Pisces and Aries give us latitude to explore the matrix of our emotional life.  This is meant as a time to reflect on our life’s purpose.  With Mars entering Gemini on the 21st, the last ten days of April will give us an opportunity to rectify past actions, and especially to heal relationship wounds.  This will require honestly admitting our mistakes, which may be easier since Mercury turns Retrograde on the 9th and continues moving backwards for the rest of the month. Mercury Retrogrades back into Aries on the 20th, thus giving more power for legitimate self-probing. Venus in Pisces turns Direct on the 15th and re-enters Aries on the 28th, adding momentum to our quest to get right with our personal feelings.  As I said, Venus’s motion is key to understanding April.

 This Full Moon is on April 11th at 2:09 AM EDT on the 21st degree of Aries/Libra.  Both Sun and Moon are at right angles to Pluto forming a T-Square, showing the need for physical expression.  There will be big changes on the earth at this time, evident to all.  The Moon is Conjunct Jupiter indicating personal self-confidence; the Sun is Conjunct Uranus pointing to our spontaneous need to act.  The impulsive and revolutionary direction of the release of pent up energy at this moment will be channeled practically, by virtue of Mars (god of desire) in Taurus Trining Pluto (lord of life and death).  Pluto has been transiting through Capricorn since 2008  (sign of stable security structures). This was the beginning of our current financial crisis.  Even though Mars in Taurus is slow acting (sometimes to the point of being passive/aggressive), the nascent prompting of this Full Moon will unleash power on the physical plane of existence.  However, even though the Uranus/Pluto Square between Aries (spontaneous revolution) and Capricorn (vested interests) is once again being triggered, Saturn (lord of karma) is Trining the Sun/Uranus Conjunction, promising to direct the needed transformation into activities that teach us ways to balance our need for revolutionary change with the pre-existent laws of gravity that the old guard also represents.  It is quite difficult to build consensus as bringing others on board our projects can seem out of reach (Jupiter Retrograde in Libra and Venus Square Saturn); we can still do the right thing and make practical advances in our personal lives as Mercury in Taurus (practical thinking) is Trine the North Node of the Moon in Virgo (dharma).  We need to be moving in an inherently traditional manner, assimilating what we can use while discarding worn out material from the past.

 The Sun Enters Taurus April 19th at 5:28 PM EDT. Saturn (lord of restriction) plays an inordinately large role in this Solar month, as he is Trine Sun, Mercury, and Uranus, while being Square Venus (ruler of Taurus) and Quincunx Mars (also in Taurus).  Traditionally, the month of Taurus is a time of consolidation and this month will fit the scenario. Even though our culture, as well as our personal lives, may be taking a small breather, the underlying tension and profound need for progressive change will not go away.  Still, we should all take time to relax as the opportunities present themselves.

 The New Moon April 26th at 8:16 AM EDT is on the 6th degree of Taurus. Halleluiah, with Venus on the 29th degree of Pisces Sextile Mars in Gemini we are able to put to rest some misunderstanding from the past and build a more solid foundation for our relationships going forward.  However, with Mars Square the North Node of the Moon (both being ruled by Mercury) there is a danger of wrecking a good situation by saying too much.  Mercury is Retrograde in Aries and Conjunct Uranus; we may feel impelled to explain every little past indiscretion.  Mercury is also Trine to Saturn (lord of discipline) showing we can be conscientious.  We need to be truthful yet remain on the minimalist edge in every discussion.  Patience with ourselves and others is essential. 

From the 1st to the 9th is a “come to Jesus” moment.  Nothing seems to take the place of honest self appraisal.  Letting go of things, people, circumstances, projects, and ideas that served us once but hold us back now, is necessary.   We need to “clear our plate”‘ so we can be open to the new.

From the 10th to the 16th we need to review our past in order to move forward effectively.  Old loves, old visions, and past experiences encourage us to make promising resolutions.  Fashioning goals for the immediate future is fruitful, especially when we take time to align them with our life plan.  Relationships can improve exponentially if we invest our time and energy in the right places.

From the 17th to the 23rd we may feel that we are caught in an endless pattern of “hurry up and wait”.  It’s really ok to be just an observer and let the world come to us…or not.  Outer world activities may come to a standstill so we do best to just keep our head down, and stay on our traditional proven path with our “shoulder to the plow”.  However, our rich inner lives become even more joyful. 

From 24th to the 30th it’s “ready, set, go”.  We are off trying to do everything at once.  Prioritizing is the only way to use this week effectively. Since we must act now, the only way to really “blow it” is to get caught in indecision or to keep changing our mind or direction. Act affirmingly, but most of all, act.

 1st – Saturday – Venus Semi-square Mars, Mercury Semi-sextile Venus – Nothing has to be discarded but, we need to be open to forming new relationships.  Man/woman interchanges can be most beneficial. We can learn something about our unconscious and unexpressed self.

 2nd – Sunday –  Sun Semi-sextile Neptune, Venus Enters Pisces –  Emotional stirrings of the moment can move us toward feelings of compassion for those less fortunate.  We need to take care of others in order to feel comfortable in our own lives.

 3rd – Monday –  Family and domestic concerns can lead us to make some compromises with our professional lives.  Security is a powerful motivator when we feel our foundations are needing some attention. 

4th – Tuesday – Sun Contra-parallel Jupiter, Sun Parallel Venus, Venus Contra-parallel Jupiter, Mars Quincunx Jupiter –  Good goals are in sight but just out of reach.  Some steps toward future objectives hover in front of us and we can take some meaningful steps provided we don’t overcommit our time and energy.  Keeping expectations in line with what is possible brings happiness.

 5th – Wednesday – Mars Trine Pluto –  Motivating ourselves to take action is the key to getting our fire lit and keeping our spirits soaring.  Productivity is attached to our history.  This is the time take stock, not just of our beliefs, but how we put them into practice.   

 6th – Thursday – Saturn turns Retrograde –  Bold statements in both words and actions from our immediate past can be retooled to fit the unique moment we find ourselves in now.  Energy correctly utilized can fix difficulties, and bring us to a point of satisfying two sides of our personality. 

7th – Friday –  Sun Opposite Jupiter –  Real opportunity is opening in front of us.  However, we can be too easily swept away in situations that are not as they appear.  This occurs  mostly as a byproduct of rapidly changing circumstances which will continue over the next few days.  We should be willing to commit to some new course of action.  It can be great fun but the details aren’t coming into view for a few days yet.

 8th – Saturday –  Sun Contra-parallel Neptune, Venus Square Saturn, Sun Square Pluto – Getting the right fit in our relationships is quite difficult.  Frustration can emerge through lack of cohesiveness with others.  Make amends for past actions that have brought others pain; avoid any situation that percolates explosive emotions.  “Stirring the pot” right now can make matters worse.  Better to go it alone unless we are able to act with the spirit of love.

 9th – Sunday –  Mercury turns Retrograde –  Editing our actions can open the door to real self insight. The energy is building toward a crescendo.  Check plans carefully.  It is easy to make a mistake that can upset our timetable.

 10th – Monday –  Watching carefully for hidden opportunity can be a game changer, provided we act with joy and enthusiasm.   Faith in ourselves and in life can lay the groundwork for intelligent action.

11th – Tuesday – The Full Moon at 21 degrees of Aries/ Libra comes at 2:09 AM EDT –  It’s a wild ride trying to get the positive feelings of the moment to translate into a lasting adventure.  Maturity is needed to harvest the meaning of external current events.  Our world is changing and we must be free of past preconceptions to directly benefit from the upheaval occurring now.

 12th – Wednesday –  Sun Parallel Uranus –  Can we communicate our insights to anyone else?  The challenge is to hold on to a sense of the collective while being on our personal quest for freedom. 

13th – Thursday –  Mars Semi-sextile Uranus – Some small jolt of excitement colors our perspective.  We need to focus on sharing our joy with others so we don’t get lost in personal insights.  Our ordinary life will be too boring to hold our attention;  change routine, even if just for the opportunity to experience something unique.

 14th – Friday –  Sun Conjunct Uranus –  Tradition goes out the window as we spontaneously embark on a new and innovative path.  It’s tricky but important to find a way to make brilliant inspirational insights of the moment have enough gravitas to actually change our lives for the better.  But, this we can do.

 15th – Saturday –  Venus turns Direct, Sun Semi-sextile Mars –  Our skills match the magnitude of the task in front of us.  However, it is necessary to find the balance between our desire to sit still and our enthusiasm to do everything at once.  Carefully measured steps bring success. 

16th – Sunday –  Sun Semi-sextile Venus, Venus Sextile Mars –  Romantic thoughts and feelings need to be expressed through the lens of our past history.  There is a sensual attraction to our romantic partners now.  Compatibility is  grounded in our familiar past connections.  All relationships can improve.

17th – Monday –  Sun Trine Saturn, Mars Quincunx Saturn, Sun Semi-square Neptune – Steady disciplined approaches to every problem bring not only success but satisfaction.  The allure of the mystical higher aspirations must be interpreted in the context of our external world to be relevant to our inner progress in advancing consciousness.  Checking our facts can help us be honest with the measurable results of our actions.

 18th – Tuesday –  Grand plans are made and we navigate the areas between our responsibilities and the territory that belongs to others.  Finding common ground means listening to others and tempering our own expectations.

 19th – Wednesday – Sun Enters Taurus – How much work do we want to carry on our own shoulders?  Our idealistic and spirited support of various causes can gather strength and recognition if we are patient and non-threatening.

 20th – Thursday –  Sun Conjunct Mercury, Pluto turns Retrograde, Mercury Retrogrades back into Aries, Mercury Semi-sextile Mars – Reorganizing our thoughts comes by taking time to explain our ideas to others and then listening.  Are we communicating?  Do we need to review our thought process for reaching conclusions?  It’s time to take stock of our mental life.  Self editing can lead us to a new conception of what we are doing.

 21st – Friday –  Mars Enters Gemini, Venus Square Saturn, Sun Parallel Mercury –  There is a lot to say but it is hard to clarify exactly how words will translate into action.  We need to be careful that we don’t promise more than can be done.  Others may present exciting ideas that are best taken with a “grain of salt”.  Yet, we also must be open to receiving new information.

 22nd – Saturday –  Mercury Semi-square Neptune –  Our mind can wander into interesting and provocative channels.  Separating fact from fantasy is easy when we have a clear outlet for our very productive imagination.

 23rd – Sunday –  Mars Sesquiquadrate Jupiter, Mercury Semi-sextile Venus –  Building a bridge to other people’s reality is fun and meaningful when we are clear about the viability of our own plans.  Sometimes the best ideas are just below the surface of consciousness and conversation can help them become part of our world picture. 

24th – Monday –  Venus Trine Saturn, Mars Contra-parallel Pluto –  Carefully structured thoughts can be lifted to a new dimension of inclusion.  Enthusiastic pronouncements have a way of working themselves into our awareness.  Understanding the impact of media on our outlook is a prudent first step in learning how to benefit from the general culture.

 25th – Tuesday –  Promising new developments allow us to press forward with long standing projects.  Disciplined actions give us the opportunity to bring our ideals to a larger audience.  Taking a look around and harnessing possible allies to our methods can make this a deeply satisfying moment. 

26th – Wednesday – The New Moon is on the 6th degree of Taurus at 8:16 AM EDT –  Developing a more sustainable picture of our genuine value to the world reminds us to ask for what we are really worth.  Long standing problems in our basic pattern of relationships can be cleared through earnest effort and cooperative interactions.

 27th – Thursday –  Mars Sesquiquadrate Pluto –  Knowing what we really want is the first step in corralling our energy in a promising manner.  Too much energy can be expended trying to accomplish tasks that don’t really matter.  Patience is a virtue but perhaps difficult to establish and maintain.  Be kind and forgiving of other people’s shortsightedness and the gift will be returned.

 28th – Friday –  Mercury Parallel Uranus, Venus Re-enters Aries, Mercury Conjunct Uranus –  Quick changes move us off the mark.  We are mentally active with new insights and opportunities.  A flood of inspiration can be overwhelming.  Interruptions are veiled requests from the cosmos to be unafraid and embrace the freedom of the moment.

 29th – Saturday –  Some tension develops as we try to navigate the work/home balance.  Our immediate interests and our beliefs don’t exactly match.  Compromise is not as important as getting to the root of inner and interpersonal conflicts.  This is infinitely possible now. 

30th – Sunday –  Mars Contra-parallel Saturn –  Nothing can be as debilitating as putting good energy after a bad cause.  Sometimes a lost cause is a blessing in disguise if we have the wherewithal to recognize it.  Our real challenge now is to discriminate and decipher the Truth hiding, deeply embedded, in the midst of old and unproductive habits.

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What can I meaningfully share with you?  This last month has been so big I can’t get my arms around it.  After having completed my 56th pilgrimage to India, my heart is full to overflowing.  “There is a river of love that flows through all times.”  Now, to translate new insights and gifts into the current of everyday life; this is the challenge.  Both Katie and I had a very powerful, even life altering, journey to the feet of the Beloved.

 While in India an old friend, Al Grasso, approached me and asked me to speak in Myrtle Beach to the local Meher Baba community.  So, on May 14th (Mother’s Day and my son, Sylvan, and my granddaughter, Sylvia’s, birthday), I’ll speak to a group called the Circle of Friends.  The talk,  “Meher Baba, Astrology, and the Spiritual Path” will be on this day between 3-5 PM.  Although I have spoken publicly on astrology since 1973, this is the first time that I have spoken to the Baba community about my work.

 While in India I mostly just sat at the feet of my Master.  When not in His physical presence, for the most part I was in my room writing.  Many mysteries were revealed to me and large sections of my upcoming book were completely rewritten.  God help me.  This project started back in 2004 will finally be done…Soon.

 On the 31st of March, Friday night, I meet with the seven participants for the Saturday and Sunday (April 1st and 2nd) workshop, “Your Horoscope as a Spiritual Guide”.  My dear friend, Lynne Hyde, organized this workshop and she is hosting it at her home.  This is the third time I have given this workshop, in Naples last December and in Ft. Lauderdale in February.  I’m excited.

 Make plans to be at UAC in Chicago between May 24th and the 29th 2018.  Registration is now open.  I’m giving two talks at what promises to be the biggest and best astrology conference in the world.  The two talks I’ve been asked to deliver, “The Five Gifts of Astrology” and “The Hierarchy of the Planets” have been completely reconstituted.  Regardless of your level of involvement with astrology, this is a must attend event. 

My new format for living now includes two trips to the Meher Center in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and two trips to Meherabad, India, every year.  I’ll be in Myrtle Beach mid-May and early December;  India trips will be in late February and in early September.  From time to time people have asked to accompany me on my journey to India.  If you feel inwardly prompted to make this journey, just ask.  I’ll help you make all arrangements.  It is much less expensive to make this trip than you would imagine, and it will be the best investment you could possibly make.

 All five of my children are healthy and doing well in their lives.  What more can a parent ask, or hope for?  My oldest children (Hannah and Sylvan) live in Myrtle Beach and work together in Sylvan’s company.  Both Bailey and Juliana live in Brooklyn and work in Manhattan.  Juliana is pursuing a PhD. in Psychology as well as working full time in a restaurant as a server.  And, Katie is settling down to being back in Naples where she has many friends and a large collection of yoga students and Esoteric Healing clients.  I’m glad she is home.